Chapter 108: Quest Completed

Mystery went silent once again.


“Seems like you know some stuff.” Mystery said to Blue Maple after pausing for a moment.

“Aiyo? Is there anything special?” Blue Maple wore an astonished expression on his face as he asked.

Mystery: “…”


Mystery glared at Blue Maple fiercely before turning around and walking forward.

Blue Maple regained his indifferent exterior as he watched Mystery’s back figure.

“What else can there be in this game? It’s just killing.” Blue Maple muttered to himself as he stood in position. After this, he followed Mystery as they wandered aimlessly.

However, his expression wasn’t as natural anymore.


“Oh? It seems like these two fellows aren’t simple. Interesting. Hehehe…” The old man’s chuckle echoed within an unknown region of space.


After Blue Maple finished his food and had two drinks, a Flaming Ghost finally appeared.

It had been a whole 2 hours!

If not for the fact that Blue Maple was worried about Mystery going crazy, he wouldn’t just have eaten this little.

However, Mystery wasn’t as tense as before as they were wandering. Perhaps it was because of something he said.

On the way, Blue Maple had roughly made out the structure of the cave. It should be on the hillside of a huge mountain. This cave was long and wide, and slowly sloped up at a pretty gentle angle to form a spiral structure.

The Flaming Ghost that they encountered earlier should have been very far below where they were now.

As for the Flaming Ghost now…

Why aren’t they appearing yet? Blue Maple wondered where the other two Flaming Ghosts were.

It felt as if this was about time they snuck attack both of them. If they didn’t, the Flaming Ghost in front of both of them would be doomed. Once that happened, the quest wouldn’t be difficult anymore.

Ordinary players wouldn’t be able to fight off even one Flaming Ghost. The task would be more difficult with Blue Maple around too…

Blue Maple wasn’t serious at all. Even when he avoided the Flaming Ghost, he was still playing around. He was caught more than once. Although he didn’t die, his attitude left Mystery very unhappy.

Mystery would furrow her brow every time that happened before shooting him a cold glare. Behind her glare was a strong killing intent.

Blue Maple was always fooling around and letting Mystery do all the work. On a few occasions, she almost lost her cool and attacked him instead after he was caught.

“I knew it. This rascal isn’t putting in any effort. Let’s see how I’m going to deal with you. Hehehe…” The old man observed from one side and was also unhappy with Blue Maple’s lazy performance.

After a while…

The Flaming Ghost’s HP wasn’t even 20000. Mystery only needed two waves of her skills to kill it.

At this moment, Blue Maple’s body suddenly turned rigid.

“This isn’t fun.” Blue Maple helplessly thought to himself, but he suddenly erupted.

Three moves of his Airborne Somersault!

Blue Maple quickly shot up. The moment his feet left ground, two sonic attacks arrived from two different directions.

The attacks flanked both of them – Terror Cry!

If they were any slower, they wouldn’t just be killed after being controlled by the Terror Cries. Their bodies would even be completely dismembered.


Blue Maple took out his simple hook in mid-air and hooked it to a huge rock at the roof of the cave. He hanged for a while before deciding to land on the ground.


Blue Maple gracefully landed and did a forward roll before stopping beside Mystery.

He couldn’t retrieve the hook and left a long rope hanging from the roof of the cave…

To leap up more quickly, Blue Maple jumped straight up. Without using the hook, he would land back down where he was. The two Flaming Ghosts weren’t going to wait for him to land before attacking.

“Are you still fooling around?”


As Mystery spoke to Blue Maple, she also wounded the Flaming Ghost. At the same time, she shot him a killer glare.


Blue Maple was much more aware this time…

However, those two Flaming Ghosts disappeared after using their Terror Cry. They concealed themselves in the dark.


A claw swept past Blue Maple’s face. It was the dying Flaming Ghost. It was putting up its final resistance and unleashed whatever it got on Blue Maple.

“It’s going to be more troublesome this time.” Blue Maple helplessly thought to himself as he easily dodged the attack.

It was easy to dodge this Flaming Ghost’s attack, but it wouldn’t be easy when it came to the remaining two Flaming Ghosts. He couldn’t use his Airborne Somersault temporarily too.

“Hehe, rascal, let’s see how you fare this time.” The old man was quietly watching from one side and chuckled to himself.

Blue Maple didn’t pay close attention to his surroundings and only realized when the Flaming Ghosts attacked. But he already used his Airborne Somersault thrice to shift his position. He was at a disadvantage now!

Hidden Attack, Dual Lightning Chain Strike, ten seconds…Blue Maple quickly calculated the skills he could still use. Also, his Airborne Somersault needed to cooldown.

He finally got serious. However, he was forced. Right now, even a fool could guess that the three Flaming Ghosts were targeting Blue Maple as his Airborne Somersault cooled down.

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh…”

At this moment, Mystery suddenly spun her dagger a few rounds before…

Keeping it…

How are you going to avoid them? Mystery was curious as she thought to herself. At the same time, she also watched Blue Maple, who had just avoided the Flaming Ghost’s attack.

Mystery had been displeased with Blue Maple for quite some time. Now, she could watch something interesting unfold. At least it helped to relieve some of her displeasure.

This woman is really…if I knew, I wouldn’t have gone near her. Blue Maple helplessly thought to himself. At the same time, he also realized something.

Hell hath no fury than a woman scorned!

It was a wonderful opportunity for her to pile on his misery.

“Hmm, this is exactly how a Thief should behave. Wonderful scheme. Just like this! This rascal should have been punished a long time ago.” The old man was getting more and more impressed with Mystery.

“If this is the case, little ghosts, get rid of him!”

Just as Blue Maple was about to avoid the dying Flaming Ghost’s attack, another two came for him. And they were even coming from different directions!

Flaming Ghost Claw!

Flaming Charge!


Blue Maple made a sound with some displeasure. The ghosts’ attacks were almost flawless. It was as if they had rehearsed this beforehand. They couldn’t be avoided!

In fact, the old man had trained these ghosts before. They were a team!

Lightning Chain Strike!

Blue Maple could only resort to this skill to dodge the attacks.

He wanted to use his sword to block the attacks. After all, Mystery was just watching him. If he used his sword, it wouldn’t be considered a violation of the rules.

However, Blue Maple couldn’t even summon his sword right now. He couldn’t use his Heavenly Fire too. They had been sealed by the old man.

Ding! Announcement: “The Looming Shadow has temporarily sealed your backpack and Heavenly Fire.”

This also meant that Blue Maple couldn’t use his Dual Lightning Chain Strike. He needed to have a weapon in hand to unleash his skill at the same time. Even a small blade would suffice.

Earlier, he had used his Heavenly Fire to form a small blade so that he could unleash his Lightning Chain Strike. However, the blade immediately dissipated after he unleashed it. Now, he couldn’t even use his Heavenly Fire.

He also couldn’t use his Hidden Attack…

Blue Maple appeared behind the dying Flaming Ghost. However, the dying Flaming Ghost quickly turned around.

The other two also leaped over!

“Cheh, you want me to be serious?”

Blue Maple squatted down behind the dying Flaming Ghost. His expression couldn’t be seen at all.

“I shall grant you your wish then!”


Blue Maple’s eyes flashed, and he suddenly jumped up!

He turned around and faced the attack of the dying Flaming Ghost!

At the same time, Mystery and the old man’s eyes brightened. Their attention was all on Blue Maple.


Blue Maple was about to be hit, but he performed a deft turn just as the attack was about to strike him. The Flaming Ghost’s claw just about swept past him, and he avoided the attack!

But it wasn’t the end yet. The other two were still coming towards him!

They flanked him and was one in front of the other. One’s attack was projected upward, while the other’s attack was projected downward. There was no way Blue Maple could flee!

Mystery and the old man were entirely curious to see what was going to happen.

Blue Maple wasn’t frantic even in the face of these attacks. On the contrary…there was a slight smirk on his face…

Suddenly, he seemed to have rooted himself to the ground!

Then, he began to stagger back, as if he was a film that was being played back.

He worked his way around the dying Flaming Ghost and came to where he originally squatted down!

He wasn’t done yet!

He even provoked the Flaming Ghost. He used his palm as a replacement for a sword, poking it towards the Flaming Ghost’s chest but stopping right before his palm struck the Flaming Ghost. Then, he quickly bolted towards the back of the Flaming Ghost from its side.

He also managed to avoid the Flaming Ghost’s attack after it was provoked.

After he moved over to the back of the Flaming Ghost, he was directly facing another Flaming Ghost. There were less than ten centimeters between both of them.

However, the facial expression of this Flaming Ghost was extremely distorted. It was because…

He gave a heavy punch to the stomach of the Flaming Ghost behind him just as he moved behind it!

“Bong! Bong! Bong!”

After the punch, he even gave two heavy kicks, causing the Flaming Ghost to stagger back.


Whereas Blue Maple stood where he was and didn’t move.


Blue Maple had an indifferent expression and scornfully said. Then, he took out a drink and started to suck on it with a straw. He was nonchalant now.

At this moment!

Mystery wore a cold look on her face. She suddenly appeared in front of the dying Flaming Ghost. Then, she unleashed her set of skills along with a chop to instantly kill the ghost!


Her action instantly infuriated the other two Flaming Ghosts. They were screaming as they leaped towards her!

“Alright, stop!”

Just as Mystery tightly clenched onto her daggers and was about to engage in an intense fight, the old man’s voice echoed throughout the entire cave. He stopped the fight.

“You’ve passed this quest!”

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