Chapter 107: Infighting

“Boom boom boom!!”

The fiery vortex was still spinning, while the old man quietly watched from one side.

“Hmm, didn’t expect this little doll to have such a toy. Interesting.”

“Well, Thieves do need to have such stuff on them. She’s doing well in this aspect.” The old man was pleased with how Mystery handled the situation.

Whereas Blue Maple used 10% of the strength of his Heavenly Fire to completely resist the attack.

First, he hid far away. Next, he used his Heavenly Fire, which was immune to other fires.

“Rascal, can’t you be more hardworking? I don’t believe you don’t have a toy like her!” The old man wasn’t happy with how Blue Maple blocked off the attack with his Heavenly Fire.

In fact, Blue Maple did have something similar. It was a simple hook that lacked the tensile strength of Mystery’s hook. It was the kind of hook that he had to throw himself…

“Hoo hoo hoo…”

The dim-greenish flames started to slowly dissipate. The Heavenly Fire around Blue Maple also turned into blue sparks and vanished.

Mystery was in a much more pathetic state. She was behind the rock as she used her shield to protect herself.

Her hair was in a mess and there was a fatigued look on her face. It was a rather interesting look, but it was a pity that Blue Maple couldn’t see anything from his position.

However, she soon picked up her two daggers and charged towards the Flaming Ghost. It was a sleek attack.

Seeing that the Flaming Ghost stopped attacking him temporarily, Blue Maple idled at one side.

However, this didn’t last. The Flaming Ghost soon turned its attention back to him. Blue Maple expressed his annoyance, but he wasn’t pressured. Soon, the Flaming Ghost was being played by Blue Maple and Mystery.

Even when the Flaming Ghost was only fighting Mystery, he couldn’t even touch her in the slightest bit. Even though Mystery was only an ordinary Level 40 Thief, she did display extraordinary reflexes and skills.

When it came to Blue Maple, the Flaming Ghost stood no chance with its own intelligence. If not for the fact that the old man was giving it instructions, it wouldn’t have attacked Blue Maple at all.

It was fine if it couldn’t attack Blue Maple, but Blue Maple just had to provoke it. Then, the Flaming Ghost would be stabbed in the back by Mystery…

After ten minutes…

The Flaming Ghost eventually unleashed its Flaming Vortex before entering a weakened state. After that, Mystery easily killed it.

For an Elite Boss, it wouldn’t be affected in any way from unleashing its killer move for the first time. However, it would enter a weakened state the second time due to its serious injuries. This was what the game mentioned.

Neither Blue Maple nor Mystery were moved in any way from the death of the Flaming Ghost. First, it was because of their personalities. Next, there were still three more of them. Killing the first one was just the beginning.

Blue Maple also roughly guessed what was coming next. Having done a hidden class quest, he knew that this quest wouldn’t simply end like this.

At least two of them will come together next. Blue Maple thought to himself as he strolled. However, he wasn’t worried at all.

Blue Maple also didn’t try to warn or hint to Mystery, who was walking in front of him.

Even if three come together at once, fleeing shouldn’t be an issue. Blue Maple thought to himself. He was very relaxed. He even had the energy to admire the beauty in front of him. To him, this was pretty good.

Mystery could sense Blue Maple looking at her. She wasn’t displeased at all.

However, if it was some ugly guy, she might actually give him a warning. But…

“Can you be more serious?” Mystery suddenly said as she walked in front of Blue Maple.

Blue Maple was stunned for a moment. However, he still acted like nothing was wrong.

“It’s nothing much.” Blue Maple wasn’t going to keep himself on high alert for this quest.

After he finished speaking, Mystery immediately stopped and ceased moving forward.

“What’s not nothing much to you?” Mystery sounded colder than usual. She expressed her displeasure at Blue Maple’s lackluster attitude.

“Nothing.” Blue Maple’s reply was also very straightforward. He still sounded as lazy as ever.

At this moment, Mystery turned around and glared at him. Her glare was so terrifying that it made one shudder. However, Blue Maple only looked back at her with indifference. He didn’t react to it at all.

Mystery just glared at him, but didn’t say anything. Then, she turned around and walked forward once again.

Someone hates me now. Blue Maple thought to himself as he looked at Mystery’s back figure.

However, he didn’t rush to follow her.

But it’s fine. Blue Maple didn’t care what she thought of him.

Indeed, everything was nothing much to him…

Mystery wasn’t alone. Even the old man was unhappy with Blue Maple’s attitude.

“This rascal. Is he like this all the time? Or is it because this isn’t his quest? How can he be so relaxed? He doesn’t even care about his surroundings.”

“Forget it. If I’m him, I won’t be doing much more than him either. After all, he can’t attack. If he’s more serious, he might actually be a masochist.”

The old man was observing from one side. At the same time, he was also mumbling to himself.

No Flaming Ghosts appeared even after five minutes. Neither of them noticed any Flaming Ghosts too. They walked without making any sounds, and as a result, their surroundings were completely silent. Along with the fact that it was dark and creepy, one could feel some pressure and uncertainty building up.

They had to be on their guards too, in case a Flaming Ghost attacked. A Flaming Ghost wasn’t able to hide itself in its fighting state. However, it could still sneak up on them. Blue Maple understood this very well.

“Being patient is so boring.”


Blue Maple muttered something before yawning.

They weren’t attacked for a long time and they hadn’t found any targets yet. It was highly possible that their patience was being tested. Given such a high-ranking Thief class, it was impossible that their patience wasn’t tested.

The environment didn’t help with the wait either. It was mentally draining!

But they weren’t ordinary people. They still had this little bit of patience and tolerance. However, Blue Maple…after all, it wasn’t his quest…


A crisp sound suddenly resonated throughout the entire cave.

Mystery paused immediately. Then, she slowly turned around.

She immediately saw Blue Maple munching on a long chocolate bar, or perhaps it was a biscuit. He was eating while walking.

“Aiyo, do you want?”

He didn’t panic when he saw the hostile look on her face. Instead, he offered her a bite.

“You are really idle.” Mystery’s voice was extremely cold. One could feel the killing intent in her voice.

Seeing that Mystery had no intention of eating, Blue Maple immediately retracted his offer.

“It’s just a lame procedure.” Blue Maple was referring to the quest.

Given their abilities, how would they fail this quest? But they still needed to be tested. To Blue Maple, this was just something they had to go through for the sake of it.


Blue Maple was still eating. Mystery was already being very benevolent to him by keeping her hands to herself.

“Please be more serious.” Mystery tried to project a calmer voice, but one could still sense the strong killing intent in it.

After chewing and swallowing what he was eating, he didn’t rush to respond to her.

“I’m just here to accompany you.” Blue Maple wasn’t bothered at all.

He was just here to accompany here. He wasn’t the main person to complete the quest. There was no need for him to be too serious. This was why he was much more lazy and idle than he normally was. Also, this wasn’t a particularly enticing quest either.

It was pertinent to note that he was forcefully dragged to complete this quest. If he knew it was going to be like this, he wouldn’t have come over.

“Is that so? I don’t mind being alone.” Mystery couldn’t control her hostility anymore. Her voice was utterly frightening now.


She flipped her daggers and cold lights flashed. Her daggers were both in her hands now.

This was about to be the start of some infighting!

“Interesting, these two fellows are going to fight each other. It’s really beyond what I expected. But let me watch first.” The old man found it interesting when he witnessed such a situation.

Seeing how serious the situation had escalated into, Blue Maple quickly kept his food.

“You can’t win me now.” Blue Maple was very direct. He didn’t leave any face for Mystery.

He was a person who really lacked social skills. It was much better for him to say something to de-escalate the situation, but he was clearly offering an open invitation to Mystery to fight him now.

“Is that so?” Mystery was unwilling to back down.

“Seriously…” Blue Maple scratched his head helplessly.

However, his eyes flashed and he instantly charged towards Mystery!


He combined three moves of his Airborne Somersault into one!

Mystery’s pupils shrank when she saw Blue Maple charging towards her!

But it was too late for her to dodge. She could only use her daggers to block.

However, Blue Maple didn’t attack. Instead, he used his skill again.

Lightning Chain Strike!

In an instant, he moved from the front to the back of Mystery. Then, he gently tapped her shoulder.

“What?!” Mystery was astonished!

However, she didn’t lag. She immediately swept her dagger across her back.

But nothing was there when she actually executed the sweeping movement…

Just as Mystery struck nothing, she didn’t follow through with her movement and make a complete turn with her body.


It was a pity that her attack failed.

“Not bad.” Blue Maple’s voice echoed behind her. He also grabbed hold onto her wrist at the same time.


She immediately turned her body once again just as Blue Maple spoke. She stabbed one of her daggers towards him with a cold expression on her face.

It was a pity it was futile.

She struck air once again.

What?! Mystery was astonished to find out Blue Maple possessed such a skill.

He tapped her again.

She didn’t do anything this time. She just stood where she was.

“Are you done?” Blue Maple asked. However, Mystery didn’t respond to him.

Just like what Blue Maple claimed, she couldn’t win him right now. If he managed to easily tap her twice, it also meant that he could have easily…killed her!

Seeing that she didn’t respond to him, Blue Maple summoned a streak of his Heavenly Fire on his fingertip and started playing with it.

“Are you tired?” Blue Maple said something ridiculous. He had always been like this.

“What do you mean?” Mystery turned around in confusion after she heard Blue Maple’s words. However, she was still as cold as ever.

The streak of fire on his fingertip had also turned into a beautiful, blue feather at this moment.

“Literally what it means.” Blue Maple looked at Mystery, but their expressions didn’t change.

“How did you know?” Mystery was still cold as she asked.

Blue Maple took a closer look at her. The dim-blue glow that projected from his feather illuminated her ravishing face. Her black pupils also turned temporarily blue because of the glow.

Then, the feather turned into sparks and vanished.

“That’s because you don’t recognize the feather.”

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