Chapter 103: Strange Fellow

However, Blue Maple was unhappy. Old Man Fang hadn’t mentioned the fact that he’d have to tag along in order to pass on the hidden class.

Blue Maple furrowed his brow as he looked around. His eyes were still shining with blue light, thus everything around them was clear to him.

However, he only saw rocks. There were no other living organisms.

The cave was at least 30 meters high. Apart from some inverted rocks hanging from the top of the cave, there was nothing else.

Mystery quickly scanned her surroundings before focusing her attention on Blue Maple. She summoned her daggers and grabbed onto them tightly. She was ready to engage in the imminent fight.

Both Blue Maple’s eyes were shining with blue lights, but his fringe covered his left eye.

Blue Maple didn’t summon his own weapons. He also didn’t recklessly unleash his Heavenly Fire to illuminate the cave. Instead, he deactivated his night vision after scanning his surroundings. Then, the blue lights that came from his eyes vanished.

He didn’t want to become the center of attention in such an unknown environment. The best choice was to assimilate into the darkness.

While Blue Maple and Mystery were quietly waiting in the cave for their next quest…

A conversation between two old men rang in Blue Maple and Mystery’s ear…

“Old gangster, what kind of disciple did you find for me?! Why is she a girl?” It was the voice of the old man. He sounded very negative as he hollered.

“It’s already good enough that you have one. Why are you complaining?! Why don’t you find one yourself?” This was Old Man Fang’s voice. He still sounded as wicked as ever.

“Pssh! Old gangster, I would have sent these two kids out if not for the fact that they share rather good chemistry!” The old man’s voice was still very unfriendly. However, he didn’t sound as violent and ferocious as before. He was quite adept at controlling his emotions.

“Send them out? Can you bear to do so? Didn’t you see the video from the system? If you don’t want this girl, I’ll take her with me.” Old Man Fang wickedly responded to the old man’s hostility.

“Dream on, old gangster. I can still accept her, despite the fact that she isn’t a guy. She’s performing pretty well, seeing as she was able to retain her composure in such an unknown and dark environment. I would just prefer a guy over a girl as my disciple.” The old man was still rather pleased with Mystery. He’d complimented her, but was lamenting the fact that she was a girl.

“Pssh! Idiot, how dare you insinuate something like that in front of me. He’s my disciple. Also, your discriminatory behavior is abhorrent.” Old Man Fang seemed like he was about to admonish the other old man.

“Pssh! Do you want to fight, old gangster?!”

“Come on! Bastard, who’s scared of you?!”


After waiting for some time, Blue Maple leaned on a nearby large rock, while Mystery sat down on it. The ground was still wet due to the water puddles, but Blue Maple evaporated the nearby water with the heat he emitted from his body. Since he could control the temperature of his Heavenly Fire, it was only natural that he could control his body temperature as well.

Both of them silently sat there. They neither complained nor revealed any discomfort. It seemed like they were very used to such an environment.

After some time, they heard a voice.

“Hmm, you guys are pretty good. You’re still able to remain so composed in such an environment. At least you possess the basic qualities for my class.” The old man who’d been arguing with Old Man Fang earlier said to both of them.

However, both of them didn’t respond to him. They only remained in their original positions while turning their attention to him. They were waiting for him to continue speaking.

“No wonder both of you share such great chemistry. It’s as if both of you are duplicates of each other. You’re simply too similar, even in the way you fight and your way of approaching things.” After witnessing their response, or lack thereof, the old man muttered to himself. Neither of them were able to hear what he’d just said.

He’d left both of them here for some time because he wanted to test if they possessed the basic qualities of a Rank SSS hidden class that a Thief was required to have. If they’d appeared frantic or unsettled, the old man would’ve kicked them out without any hesitation!

“Alright, both of you might have passed the qualities’ test, but I have to admit something. I’m pleased with the girl, but I’m still more interested in having a male disciple. It’s better for a guy to undertake such a dangerous class, or at least that’s what I think.”

“So, kid, are you interested in abandoning Old Man Fang’s class and being my disciple? You should know which class you’re more suited for.” The old man kept on trying to poach Blue Maple whilst ignoring Mystery’s feelings.

“I know.”

Blue Maple indifferently answered. Mystery also quietly sat to one side, seemingly indifferent.

“Oh? Are you going to consider it then? As for the girl, I’ll find someone strong to mentor her. Just as I mentioned, I’m very impressed by her. I simply wish to have a guy inherit my class.” The old man was very sincere with his words, but his negativity did reflect some ghoulishness.

“No.” Blue Maple was as indifferent as ever.

“Why?” The old man was confused as he asked.

“I don’t like it.”


In an instant, there was nothing left for the old man. However, Mystery did exhibit some change.

She turned her head around and glanced at Blue Maple.

“Hahaha…” The old man gloomily chuckled. Suddenly, his voice echoed throughout the entire cave.

“Hahaha, you don’t like it?”

“You are familiar with darkness. You’ve fused with darkness and even belong to darkness!”

“Tell me, you are so settled in darkness. But you don’t like it?!”

Indeed, Blue Maple was much more peaceful at heart after he’d entered the game. It was as if he was where he belonged.

Perhaps he was indeed someone who belonged in the darkness. However, who could be entirely certain that they were feeling peaceful because of darkness?

Whereas the doubtful look that Mystery shot at Blue Maple probably resonated with the old man’s feelings. She’d sparred with him earlier, and clearly sensed what kind of person he was, at least in terms of fighting.

Such a person didn’t fancy such a class, a class that belonged to darkness.

All three of them were silent at this moment.

Whereas Mystery was a little curious as she looked at Blue Maple. She was eagerly awaiting his reply.

Very soon, Blue Maple’s answer came!

“I’m human, but do I definitely like humans?”

“Or rather…do I really want to be human?”

This was Blue Maple’s answer.

“This…” The old man was stumped.

Whereas Mystery…

This was the first time she revealed an expression that wasn’t cold. She was looking at Blue Maple with a completely different expression on her face.

She was astounded!

She appeared much less cold at this moment. There was still an astounded look on her face, one that was thoroughly reflected in her eyes.

A…a person who didn’t like humans and didn’t want to be one…

What kind of person was he…

“Strange fellow.”

Mystery muttered, before regaining her cold exterior. She also slowly moved her eyes away from Blue Maple.

“You…” The old man didn’t know what else to say. He could roughly sense it.

He could roughly sense what kind of person Blue Maple was.

“Alright then. Little doll, do you want to become my disciple? I didn’t choose you earlier. So if you decide to reject me, I’ll have nothing to say.” The old man was clearly a little guilty over his rejection of Mystery earlier.

“Doesn’t matter.” Mystery’s answer was very concise. She was just like Blue Maple.

“Alright, I shall give you your first quest now.”

“I released four ghosts into this cave. Kill them with these two daggers!” After he finished speaking, two blurry-looking daggers flew out and shot straight towards Mystery.

“Ding! Ding!”

Mystery was still calmly seated. She didn’t panic, she simply used her own daggers to deflect the daggers that had come shooting towards her. Then, she stored her own daggers and grabbed hold of the two new daggers.

“Also, kid, just watch from one side. Don’t help her.” The old man instructed Blue Maple.

Blue Maple didn’t say anything, he simply stood up. It was his way of agreeing to the old man’s instruction. Mystery also stood up once she’d grabbed hold of the two daggers.

Although Blue Maple didn’t know why he was here, if he wasn’t supposed to help her, he’d still adhere to the old man’s instruction.

However, he wouldn’t have helped her even if he wasn’t explicitly told not to do so. He was a person who minded his own business. Furthermore, he didn’t think that Mystery would appreciate any sort of intervention.

Peace and quiet ensued once again. The old man didn’t speak anymore, while Blue Maple and Mystery were completely silent again.

They were prepared to find the ghosts that had been released.

As soon as Mystery took a step, Blue Maple squatted down and muttered to himself.

“I see. Interesting.”

He suddenly muttered to himself. He’d figured out the reason why he was likely here.

Mystery’s attention was drawn by his sudden words. She stopped and turned around to look at him.

She was a little curious about the strange words that such a strange fellow had just said.

“Carry on, I’ll just watch from the sidelines.” Blue Maple didn’t react to Mystery’s interest. He took out a drink and started to sip on it with a straw.

After she heard Blue Maple’s words, Mystery lowered her head and pondered for a moment. Her eyes seemed to brighten for a moment.

“Like this.”

Mystery said, clearly showing that she’d understood Blue Maple’s words.

Their interaction was this simple. Or rather, they didn’t need to interact much to understand each other.

“I have to say. Apart from their gender, they’re both exactly the same. That old gangster’s way of finding a disciple is rather good…” The old man said to himself in a dark corner. Then, he vanished into the darkness.

Both Blue Maple and Mystery began to aimlessly wander the cave.

Mystery was walking in front, daggers in-hand, while Blue Maple was leisurely walking behind her and sipping on his drink.

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