Chapter 101: Clash

Her dark-blue, tight-fitting leather armoror rather, her almost-black leather armorfully accentuated her curves. It made her figure seem extraordinarily voluptuous.

Her slender waist, perky hips, and accentuated chest were enough to make any man passionate! Unfortunately however, her skintight armor covered her snow-white skin extremely well; nothing was actually visible.

Blue Maple was slightly awed by her figure, but he didn’t think too much of it. The only thought that her voluptuous figure brought to his mind was how burdensome it would be for Thieves.

Despite that, it was still an absolute treat to see her like this!

Blue Maple was most bothered by the fact that the lady didn’t cover her face with a veil. Instead, she completely revealed her ravishing looks.

Her bright eyes carried a cold expression, and her long, curly eyelashes moved as she blinked. Her tall nose bridge, exquisite yet small nose, and thick, red lips made her seem even more attractive. Her milky-white complexion was a fresh contrast to her near-black armor. Her perfect face shape complemented her flawless facial features.

Her beauty was out of this world!

Blue Maple had seen this lady before. She was the lady he’d come across when he’d completed his second class advancement and teleported to Azeriya. She was already acquainted with him.

To be honest, her looks made it difficult for one to tell her age. She appeared to be slightly older than Blue Maple.

Blue Maple furrowed his brow as he watched her. He had been a little bothered last time, but he was even more bothered now.

He couldn’t recognize her! He had no impression of her at all!

However, he was sure of something: With her fighting skill, he wasn’t confident of winning against her in a duel!

A dagger danced across her fingertips. Every time she spun, blood splattered. However, none of the blood came in contact with her.

Furthermore, she managed to avoid the Boss’ attacks completely with her agile and dancing-like movements. She almost seemed like a spirit!

The Boss seemed like he was venting every time he attacked. Yet, he hadn’t managed to hit her at all. The Boss was riddled with wounds, and his HP was dangerously close to 10%. Contrarily, the lady wasn’t hurt at all. Even her hair was still prim and proper.

This beautiful lady moved exactly like a Thief. The skills that she was using were those of an ordinary Thief, too. Meanwhile, the Boss was Rank 60!

Blue Maple was confident that he could also achieve what she was if he was an ordinary Thief. However, who knew how much of her ability she was actually using, considering how calm she seemed?

Blue Maple continued to silently watch. He had no intention of leaving. After all, it wasn’t like he had anything else in particular to do. He didn’t mind watching the fight before him, but he was also extremely curious about this abnormally strong lady he didn’t have any recollection of.

Right as the Boss was about to reach 10% of his HP, the beautiful lady disappeared from his line of sight. Blue Maple was momentarily stunned when he saw this happened, before his lips arced to one side.

“Have you discovered me?”

When Blue Maple realized this, he rested his hands on his belly and leaned on a tree beside him, waiting for the lady to appear.

As he expected, the fallen leaves littering the ground were crushed not far from him. Such poor concealment made it seem that she didn’t expect any ill-intentions from Blue Maple. This was why she’d dared to approach him so openly.

After a moment, a beautiful figure appeared in front of Blue Maple, her gaze on him. Blue Maple silently returned the gaze. Both of them were simply staring at each other, just like how it had been at the teleportation formation.

“Roar! Roar!”


The Boss entered a temporary state of manic when he lost his target. He was now just furiously attacking everything around him. Yet, Blue Maple and the lady completely ignored the brown bear, as if he had nothing to do with both of them.

The icy lady just coldly stared at Blue Maple. Blue Maple reciprocated with a cold stare too.

After a while……

The lady simply left and returned to the Boss. She was ready to finish him off. She acted like she hadn’t seen Blue Maple at all.

Blue Maple didn’t do anything either. He didn’t watch her leave either. It was as if both of them had communicated everything necessary through telepathy. They’d resolved their misunderstanding without speaking a single word.

She was about to kill a Boss when she’d suddenly realized someone was peeping on her. This was already a very tolerant response!


The Boss was screaming even more tragically now. He had demonized, but everything was in vain.

Blue Maple leisurely walked forward as he continued watching the one-sided, brutal fight.

Blue Maple’s hair and eyes turned darker-blue. If not for the fact that he was currently dressed in black, it would have seemed like he was entirely blue.


The Boss eventually fell to the ground in humiliation. From beginning to end, the Boss hadn’t managed to touch the lady at all.

She quietly picked up the dropped items, and completely ignored Blue Maple.

After she’d finished picking up the items, she stood up and shot a cold glare at Blue Maple, before arming herself with a dagger in each hand.

After this, she calmed her breathing, as if she were adjusting her state.

Thieves were usually equipped with two weapons. One was their main weapon, while the other was an alternative weapon. However, the attacks weren’t linked.

Blue Maple continued to coldly stare at the lady. Then, he flipped his right hand and a dagger appeared in it. The rank of the dagger was unknown, but it seemed quite ordinary.

He then used his Heavenly Fire to form a dagger in his left hand.

After he’d finished forming the dagger, Blue Maple stopped his Heavenly Fire. He didn’t need to weaken his attributes, since his weapon was quite ordinary. That would probably help balance things out.

Neither of them spoke nor performed any action to communicate with each other. However, they were strangely telepathic. They had both prepared to fight, and were now adjusting their states.

Both of them finished adjusting at exactly the same time, as if they’d agreed beforehand. Afterwards, they stared straight at each other, indicating that they were ready to fight.

Blue Maple didn’t think that the lady needed to rest simply because she’d just finished a fight. To him, killing a Boss was more like a warmup.


Both of them simultaneously charged towards each other and attacked!

Ding! Ding! Ding!

The four daggers struck one another thrice, before eventually interweaving with one another. However, this only lasted for a short period of time. The lady created distance between both of them as she kicked to one side.

However, this didn’t slow down the fight. Both of them immediately clashed once again.



Any lethal blows were blocked, which kept the fight going!


Chu chu chu…

Two daggers intersected once again. A piercing sound could be heard as they grazed against each other. Eventually, two daggers were swung, each aimed at the opponent’s wrist.


However, neither of them gained the upper hand. The daggers struck one another once again.

In Blue Maple’s head, there was no such thing as going easy on a lady. Every blow was lethal and unforgiving!

The lady did exactly the same thing as him. She was unpredictable with her attacks, and her defense was sturdy!

One was like a quick and ferocious poisonous snake, while the other was a mysterious, unpredictable spirit!


Blue Maple lifted his leg and kicked, forcing the lady to stagger back. However, this didn’t have any practical effect. She retaliated with a quick swing from one side, before following up with another swing using her other hand.

Her target was very clear, but she also seemed very ethereal. Clearly, both of them weren’t using any skills; they were simply fighting using pure technique.

Blue Maple struggled every time he blocked her attack; he only barely managed to block them.

Similarly, the lady wasn’t having it easy either. Blue Maple’s attacks were quick and agile. He was able to predict where she was going to attack, and managed to keep his defense tight. Furthermore, he attacked quickly and precisely, which didn’t make it easy for her.

When the lady attacked, it was difficult for Blue Maple to figure out how to defend himself.

When Blue Maple attacked, it was almost impossible for the lady to defend herself.


Clear, crisp sounds of daggers striking each other continued to ring out. It also indicated that the fight wasn’t over.

Ding, ding, ding…

As the four daggers kept coming in contact with one another, the sound escalated again and again. Elbows, shoulders, and knees were all targets.

Both parties neutralized each other’s attacks with their arms and legs, but the dagger attacks didn’t cease for a moment.

Prick, stab, gouge……

Side kick, leg whip, and sweeping leg……

Both of their attacks were dazzling, and adopted different forms. They were both like killing machines, who kept on dealing fatal blows.

However, neither could manage to get one over the other.


The lady used a side kick, widenimg the gap between both of them. However, she didn’t charge forward this time.

They knew that continuing this was meaningless. However, they were just seeing who would be the one to give up first.

Without a doubt, Blue Maple had the upper hand since he was doing nothing beforehand. Furthermore, there was an element of reality embedded in the game. A female’s endurance was slightly weaker than a male’s.

Neither of them wanted it to end this way.

After they separated, she slightly curled her waist. She then gripped her daggers tightly and adjusted her position to make it the most suitable for herself. After this, she coldly stared at Blue Maple.

Both of them tensed, and became even more focused on the fight.

Both of them were ready to decide the winner!


Instantly, both of them attacked!


When they clashed, their first dagger grazed against each other. After this, they both made a move with their other daggers at the same time.

When their figures intersected again, their daggers were aimed towards the same spotthe neck!

The difference was that Blue Maple was trying to stab, while the lady was attempting to slash!


Two streaks of blood splattered across the withered leaves on the ground.

Pa da…

Both of their figures weaved past each other, eventually ending with their backs facing each other.

Both of them each had one dagger slightly stained with blood, which they were gripping tightly. As for their other dagger, it was currently piercing the other party!

Both of their daggers were slightly embedded in the back of each other’s necks, the tips barely piercing the skin.

They were both only pierced a few millimeters!

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