Unrivaled Martial Emperor

Unrivaled Martial Emperor

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October Breeze
Chen Fan’s father sent him to the Spring Autumn Sect when he reached a suitable age to learn martial arts. For close to three years, he was often a target for bullying due to his lack of talent. He was helpless about it and had no choice but to accept his fate, until one day he gets struck by lightning and everything changes.
Things weren’t smooth-sailing from then on, however. Every three years, a grand event is held in Spring Autumn Sect and some weaker members will be expelled from the sect. Chen Fan is lagging far behind his peers and has to catch up quickly or he’ll be in trouble. It won’t be easy with many people standing in his way. To be stronger than them all, Chen Fan engages in both body and qi cultivation in a world where body cultivation has long gone into decline, and he will need to endure much greater pains than others to obtain the corresponding strength. On his quest to great strength, he will run into many dangerous situations, but luck is also often accompanied with the dangers. Follow Chen Fan on his journey to becoming the strongest martial artist!
Official Blurb
Martial artists refine their bodies and temper their souls. They seize the luck of heaven and earth to strengthen their own bodies, seeking immortality. The Tianwu Continent was a world where martial artists vied for supremacy. The strong were like kings, overlooking the world, while the weak were like ants, living an ignoble existence.
Chen Fan was born with a dantian hard as iron, and his meridians blocked, making him trash in the path of martial arts. However, he benefited from a disaster, gaining enormous luck. A trapped dragon rises to the sky, straight through the clouds. Experiencing numerous deadly situations, he rises step by step and ascends to the peak of martial arts.
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380 Chapters
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Shu Qi


Translated by Mianbao (#mianbao9402)

Edited by Sosam

16 Reviews
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5 months ago
Not recommended
This novel is the apotheosis of Cliche's in wuxia. I would believe it if you told me the author was making a parody of wuxia novels. Basically another carbon copy of novels like 9SHBA, splitting the heavens and dragon war god. The usage of common tropes isn't the issue at hand, but its as if the novel just took cuts from other similar novels and stuck them all together, its as if this is like a summary or condensed, speed run version of the first 700chapters of 9 star hegemon body art put into about 40 chapters. In fact even if it was a copy if there was a small twist or reason behind why it all logically happens then it would be okay. But the author literally puts in every trope imaginable, the only one he hasn't used is the fatty best friend (YET!).

Just within the first 50 chapters (spoiler alert) some of the tropes are: lightning strike giving mc cheats (the most overpowered of which is absorbing talents of the dead, which the mc never uses cuz he's braindead),finding secret techniques hidden away under a broken tile, and then another technique hidden in the same hidden technique...monkey beast pet, beauty senior sister getting poisoned by aphrodisiac, mc absorbs it and then senior sister ends up giving herself up to him, drunk elder trope, a million young masters refusing to see mount-tai trope, nearly every young master having a stronger backer which goes after the mc, mc kills, then their even stronger back goes after the mc and this is basically the entire novels plot.

The pacing is extremely rushed as you could probably tell due to this. Every character in this novel is extremely one-dimensional, either a young-master who is a dick to the mc, a transcendant beauty or an npc/crowd who hate the mc for no reason.

There is an utter lack of world building in the novel, 50 chapters in, you have no clue why anything is as it is, only the fact he mc is in a "sect" you don't know anything besides the world or this sect besides the sect name and the fact there's 2 other sects that share a mountain with it. Thats it. Furthermore every character in this novel is brain-dead and only uses common sense at the author's whims in order to not affect the horrible written storyline, e.g the mc's elder instead of killing the enemy instead lets them go and allows them to grow stronger and kill him, the mc, and potentially rape his daughter, and keep in mind the guy literally says this to him before leaving, so the elder has 2 options, either kill the guy and run away with the mc and daughter or let the guy go and have the mc use plot armour.

Another example is that the mc ran from a guy 2 layers higher than him, trained in the mountains, got stronger and defeated the guy. But against a guy 3 layers stronger than him and a much more powerful status, he offends the guy and just waits a day for trouble to come knocking at his doorstep. All of this could have easily been avoided/explained if the author either didn't turn the mc into a meathead when he needed to, so his novel wouldn't just be him recycling the first 30 chapters over and over, and instead thought of a better reason about why people stopped using body cultivation,etc besides the excuse of it hurts lmao, he could have instead said it effects the personality and rationality which is why people stopped using it and why the mc gets more and more braindead. The novel's flaws are more than apparent I would only recommend this if you enjoyed dragon war god, or something similar.

The only good thing is: Good translation.

4 months ago
Not recommended
I'm joining in on what Alfoodo said. Its just unbearable clichés and very bad writing so far.

I couldn't bear to read past the 5th chapter, I usually read stories from good to what others consider trash easily. But this one just wasn't worth wasting my time on. Maybe it gets better, I don't know and I probably will never know. Still I think im better off just reading something else.

Good luck to the translator and readers that are more resilient than I am. Especially the translator, I hope you actually had enjoy it somehow, otherwise it must be torture. Cheers

4 months ago
Not recommended
This book is the epitome of almost every troupe available in wuxia, lightening strike to give talent, technique picked under a tile in the library just because you are the only one in the world, and their forced sex because of some random characters gave the girl aphrodisiac, in fact this novel is just terrible and highly disastrous to the mind. I know most people are used to brain dead novels and dumb mc, but this one is on another level. Save your sanity and don't read.

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