Chapter 292: Playing the drums and the janggu (Doing everything) (2)

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Rosalyn, Choi Han, and Harol. All three of them were at a loss for words.
Cale seemed to agree as he nodded his head.

‘I think it is crazy as well.’

But what else could he do?
This was the best way to really smack the Imperial Prince in the back.

  • Human, human! Why aren’t you telling them about the kidnapping you discussed with the crown prince?

Cale pretended not to hear Raon. He then calmly started to speak to the three people.

“Do not worry. I won't get caught.”

He wasn’t like Choi Han; he could deal with that much acting.

“Young master Cale, that’s not the issue!”
“Excuse me?”

Cale looked toward Rosalyn's frowning face and asked back. If that wasn’t it, then what was the issue?
It was at that moment.


The door to the room with the teleportation magic circle slammed open.
A person with a large body rushed into the room.

“You, you-!”

He then looked around until he made eye contact with Cale. The large-bodied person, Toonka, started to shout as soon as he saw Cale.

“Why are you trying to go into the lion's den alone?!”


Cale became anxious.

“Why?! I'm asking why you need to go into the most dangerous place alone! Do you want to die?”

‘I don't want to die.’

Cale started to wonder why Toonka was suddenly acting like this.
However, Toonka started to frown even more after seeing Cale's nonchalant expression.

‘That stupid expression on his face!’

There was no way that the smart Cale Henituse would not know about it. Toonka believed that Cale knew and was pretending not to know.

‘Going to the Empire's side where the Imperial Prince and the Vice Tower Master are on his own!’

That was dangerous. Cale Henituse’s life could go out like a candle in front of a storm if he showed the smallest of openings.
Toonka shouted angrily at Cale who still had the, ‘I don't know anything,’ expression on his face.

“I may be an idiot, but you are even more of an idiot!”


Cale started to get angry.
He tried to say something, but Chief Harol stepped in.

“Commander-nim, please calm down.”

He calmed Toonka down and looked toward Cale. Cale flinched. Harol seemed to be a bit emotional.
Cale started to feel uncomfortable.

“Commander-nim, I'm sure that you are tired from going to the Empire, so please get some rest.”

It didn’t sound out of the ordinary. Cale relaxed and was about to nod his head.

“…And the spy strategy. We will definitely remember your sacrifice. The soldiers don’t know about your sacrifice yet, but you will be etched in history for all of the Whipper Kingdom’s citizens to remember forever. Our Whipper Kingdom will definitely defeat the Empire and take the Imperial Prince's neck for you.”


“Our Whipper Kingdom can smile as we enter that pit of fire that you are willing to enter first.”

‘Why would I go into a pit of fire? Why is he so vicious?’

Cale had a lot to say but could not get himself to say anything. It was because Harol was a bit faster once again.

“Then, goodbye.”

Harol bowed before dragging Toonka out of the room. Toonka let out a deep sigh and his shoulders were hunched as he grumbled and followed behind.

The door closed.
Now only Choi Han, Rosalyn, and the invisible Raon were left with Cale.

‘Why are they playing the drums and the janggu?’

Cale's gaze was focused on the door that closed behind Toonka and Harol as he stood there in shock. Rosalyn looked toward Choi Han after seeing Cale’s response. Her expression seemed to be asking what they could do about this person. Choi Han slightly shook his head and started to speak.

“Cale-nim, am I going with you?”

‘As expected.’

Choi Han knew that he needed to stay with the Whipper Kingdom as the helmeted swordsman.

“Then Raon will be with you, right, Cale-nim?”

The invisible Raon answered that question.

“Of course! I will be with the human! You don't need to worry about that!”

Choi Han and Rosalyn nodded their heads in relief after hearing Raon's response. Cale would be fine no matter what happened as long as Raon was with him.

Cale did not seem happy to see the faces that were frowning after hearing what he had to say returning to normal after hearing a six-year-old's response.
He then nonchalantly added on.

“What is it? You can tell me anything!”
“I need to call the Imperial Prince.”

The gazes of the people in the room changed.

“Raon, can you make it look like I'm in the Henituse territory when you connect the call?”
“That is as easy as drinking cold soup for the great and mighty Raon Miru!”
“That’s right! I am the great and mighty Raon Miru!”

Raon fluttered his wings at Cale’s praise while Rosalyn and Choi Han could not hide their anxiety.
This was especially the case for Rosalyn whose eyes were sparkling as she was quickly figuring things out in her head. Imperial Prince Adin was not an easy person to deal with.

“Young master Cale, what are you planning on doing?”
“Laying down.”
“Excuse me?”

Cale brushed his pale-looking face.
Patients were meant to be laying down.

“I apologize for greeting you like this.

He let out a sigh after every sentence. He was trying to make it look like it was difficult for him to even speak. That sigh sounded very loud in the silent room.

  • Not at all. Are you feeling a bit better?

Imperial Prince Adin's face was on the video communication device screen. He seemed to be concerned.
It was not the fabricated expression he usually had on his face.

‘…It’s serious.’

Cale seemed to be seriously injured to Adin.

What he could see through the screen was a typical luxurious room with Cale laying on the bed with Choi Han supporting him to sit him up.

“I ask for your understanding for looking so shabby like this.”

Cale slowly lowered his head and raised it back as he spoke to the Imperial Prince.

“I didn’t think it would be good for the Roan Kingdom's citizens, no, the three Northern Kingdoms to learn about my current situation.”

  • …I understand your desire to think of your kingdom.
    “Thank you very much.”

Adin thoroughly inspected Cale's face.

‘It's very pale. He's seriously ill.’

He was not faking it.
Adin could be certain about at least that.
There’s also no magic being used to make his skin look like that of a patient.

‘He’s not lying.’

Adin’s gaze turned toward Choi Han.
The youngest sword master. This strong individual who suddenly appeared on the Western continent was someone they needed to be wary of to the point that he made it on the Empire’s watch list.

‘…His expression is too realistic for it to be an act.’

Choi Han was not saying anything as he supported Cale to sit up, however, his pupils were shaking as if his mind was chaotic from being worried about Cale.

Adin was good at reading people's emotions as he pretty much had none himself. However, even his adept observation was telling him that Choi Han was worried about Cale Henituse right now.

‘Both of them make it very likely that they are telling the truth.’

That meant that the chances of Cale Henituse being that, ‘brown robe,’ were going down.

Imperial Prince Adin had heard everything about the battle at Maple Castle. The people to pay close attention were not the Breck Kingdom, Rosalyn, nor even the Flame Dwarves, it was that, ‘brown robe.’

An ancient power. A fire ancient power.
The person that released the fire that would not go out had suddenly appeared on the Western continent. He also did not reveal who he was by wearing the robe.

That was why the Empire had placed Cale Henituse on their list of potential suspects. It was because Rosalyn was there and because it was an ancient power.

‘I'm relieved.’

However, seeing Cale like this made him almost want to stop being suspicious.
That was because the Empire’s mages had informed him that the brown robe was fine after using the ancient power. However, the Cale Henituse in front of him, as well as the one he saw in crown prince Alberu's video, looked as if he was going back and forth between life and death.

‘It wouldn't be weird if he died right now.’

He was relieved that Cale was not an enemy, but whether he was an enemy or not, if Cale was also in possession of a fire ancient power…

‘We would need to kill him.’

Cale was currently known to have three ancient powers. The shield, water, and stone spears. It would be bad for the White Star if Cale managed to get another one.
Adin was looking at Cale with an honestly concerned expression.

  • Wouldn’t you be overdoing it to participate in the war?
    “I am okay.”

‘Like hell you are.’
Adin was truly concerned.

‘It’ll make things complicated if he dies during the Empire’s war.’

He needed to die later.

He recalled what the Tower Master of the Alchemists’ Bell Tower had told him.

‘You’re saying that this person, this Cale Henituse, has three ancient powers? Ho, tsk tsk.’

The Tower Master had commented on Cale Henituse’s situation with a sad expression.

‘He’s going to die soon.’

Cale Henituse would soon explode and die from the clash of ancient powers.
The Roan Kingdom's growth would completely stall if Cale disappeared.

‘How fun.’

That was why Adin was enjoying it.
However, he was just hoping that this weak person would not die in the Empire. That would turn the Empire and the Roan Kingdom’s relationship instantly into one of animosity.
The Tower Master's voice echoed in his mind again.

‘He’ll probably die after using his ancient powers a few more times. This is very sad.’

The Tower Master was sad about this, but Adin liked it.
That was why he was using a gentle voice to tell Cale how he felt.

  • Thank you for being willing to drag your injured body to help the Empire. I do not wish to ask you for a lot, especially when you are in so much pain.

Adin looked toward the pale Cale. Cale seemed to be having trouble using his power just once.

  • Just once. I hope you can use your strength to help us just once in order to put out the fire.

One time.
The Empire would be happy to put out the fire without using magic nor alchemy.

‘And I would personally be happy to be able to make Cale Henituse die a bit sooner.’

It was like killing two birds with one stone.

“It is fine to use my powers for the Empire as much as you want. The Empire and the Roan Kingdom are friends. I also wish to help the Empire out as I have received a medal of honor.”

Adin had to hold back from laughing at Cale Henituse, this hero of justice.

‘That kind of mindset is useless.’

If you took a look at it, people were emotional creatures who put their lives on the line for trivial things sometimes.

Like this Cale Henituse who was saying that he would heal himself as much as possible and that he would come as quickly as possible.
Whether it was for the kingdom, for others, for fame, or even for justice.
Adin found these people who ignored their limits and charged forward to be stupid.

His pupils that were brown because he was not currently under the sun focused on Cale Henituse.

  • I will not forget your sacrificial mindset.

He would never forget it.
But only because Adin found it amusing to watch people die because of such sacrifices.

  • Then I look forward to seeing you soon.
    “Yes your highness, I will see you in a few days.”

Cale bowed and the call was soon terminated.
The first call with Adin had been completed.

Choi Han was looking at the bowing Cale with concerned eyes. Cale slowly raised his head. His gaze headed toward the video communication device that just had Adin’s face on it.

The device was off right now.
However, Cale was looking past the video communication device as he started to speak.

“I believe you saw everything.”

There was something behind the video communication device that was off.
A second video communication device was located there.

The person on the other side of that call had watched and heard everything Imperial Prince Adin and Cale had just said.
The man on the other side of the screen brushed back his shoulder-length hair as Cale called out his name.

“Your highness, prince Valentino.”

The Caro Kingdom's crown prince Valentino. He did not hide his vicious gaze. He glared at the off video communication device in front of him as he slowly started to speak.

  • See you soon, commander.

The Caro Kingdom was responsible for transporting the priests of the light-affinity churches to help the Empire.
It was known that Valentino would personally lead the priests there for his close friend Adin.

Cale and Valentino would meet with Adin at the Empire.

“Yes your highness, I will see you there.”

  • Commander, I know you are hurting, so don't overdo it. Alright then.

Valentino hung up the call. Cale stood up from his seat.
He then headed past Adin's video communication device, as well as the table with Valentino's video communication device. He could see the flabbergasted Rosalyn and the excited Raon sitting there.

There was a third video communication device in front of the two of them.
Cale picked that one up. He could see a third person in this video communication device. He was the only one who had watched all of this.
Cale called out his name.

“Clopeh Sekka.”

  • Yes, Cale-nim.

The white-haired man on the screen smiled brightly as Cale continued to speak.

“You heard everything?”

  • Yes, Cale-nim.

Of course, he had heard everything.

The white-haired man nodded his head and Cale gave him an order.

“Then go pretend to be me.”

The brown-robed white-haired priest.
The person who fit that description almost perfectly smiled and answered back.

  • Any time for you, Cale-nim. As long as it is an order from the one and only Cale-nim on this continent. I will do my best to pretend to be you even though I know that I am not worthy.

‘…Ah, something feels iffy.’

Cale thought it would be fine, but felt iffy about Clopeh’s response and looked at him with concern.
However, he could only sigh as the crazy bastard smiled brightly and added on.

  • It looks like the end is near for the Imperial Prince.

That was the plan.

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