Chapter 991 - Planting Xiao Qian

A few minutes later, an image appeared on the computer screen. It was William Mussi’s office and William Mussi himself. 

Xia Lei sat on Yang Shan’s chair and nodded at William Mussi on the screen. With some respect, he said, “How do you do, Mr Mussi!” 

He merely nodded slightly. “Do you really have the Thunder Dragon intelligent lathe’s blueprint?” 

Xia Lei said, “It is with me.” 

“Hand it over.” 

“I would like a reward of a million dollars,” said Xia Lei. 

William Mussi smiled. “No problem. I will transfer a million dollars into your account if you really have the Thunder Dragon intelligent lathe blueprint.” 

“Of course I have it. I can send it to you now.” Xia Lei opened his briefcase and found a USB drive inside. He stuck it into Yang Shan’s CPU. 

Yang Shan and Sperry looked at each other as if understanding why Xia Lei wanted to personally pass it to William Mussi. One million dollars was a large sum to them. However, they did not know that Xia Lei had already spent this amount just on fireworks alone last night. 

The upload process merely took ten seconds but Xia Lei did not immediately unplug the USB drive. “Mr Mussi, I know that the CIA is planning to kill Xia Lei but I wish to request for a postponement of this mission.” 


“I am sure that he already has Alloy X’s recipe and its production procedures. I have a very good plan and I am confident in getting that information. Even the Thunder Horse Group’s blueprint. I can get these.” 

“I would like to listen to your plan.” William Mussi seemed interested. 

Xia Lei reached to unplug the USB drive and said, “I would only like for you to know of this plan.” 

Yang Shan furrowed his brows. “Mr Li, you have already gotten what you wanted. A million dollars is enough to fund the rest of your life. Aren’t you satisfied?” 

Xia Lei merely turned to look at him without a word. 

William Mussi said, “Yang Shan is fine. He is the head of the Beijing CIA intelligence base. He is qualified to know. Plus, if your plan requires reinforcements, he will be the person to help you. Sperry is fine too. Just speak up.” 

William Mussi didn’t mention Sperry’s position but from his tone, Xia Lei guessed that Sperry must have a similar rank to Yang Shan in the CIA. 

Xia Lei said, “Mr Mussi, I would like to remind you that it will include the AE capsule. Are you sure they are both qualified to know? If you are sure, I don’t mind talking about it.” 

“Yang, Sperry, you both wait outside.” William Mussi changed his mind. 

Yang Shan and Sperry glared at Xia Lei coldly and left. 

The AE capsule was something the Americans had wanted for a long time. It would help with their military, though it would be further into the future. 

When the metal door closed, William Mussi said impatiently, “Speak. What information do you have?” 

Xia Lei said, “No matter Alloy X or the AE pill, they do not belong to this world.” 

“Then where are they from?” 

“Alien civilisation.” Xia Lei nudged at the space above his head. “Xia Lei has been studying the AE capsule and something called an ancient alloy. This was what he found.” 

“Another kind of metal?” gasped William Mussi. “Is it more perfect than Alloy X?” 

Xia Lei shook his head. “I’ve only seen it once. I’m not sure about its structure and properties. However, I am sure that it is better than Alloy X. This metal was discovered by a Chinese archaeologist called Ning Jing. It fell into Xia Lei’s possession later. One time, I accidentally overheard a conversation between Xia Lei and Ning Jing. He said that the metal was likely a piece from an alien weapon. He had some evidence of it too. If they could piece together all the pieces, then Thunder Horse would be able to build a powerful weapon. 

“Are you sure this is true? It sounds like a science fiction novel to me,” said William Mussi. 

“I am not sure if it’s true either. However, if it is, then the Chinese would be the new rulers of this world,” said Xia Lei. 

Of course, there weren't any alien civilisations or alien weapons. Ninety percent of what Xia Lei said was fake, with ten percent of it being true truth. The only goal was to hoodwink William Mussi. It would not be easy to trick the head of intelligence so he must have some truth to his words. 

“So that means the AE capsule could likely be from an alien civilisation too, right?” William Mussi’s eyes were filled with scepticism and excitement. 

Xia Lei nodded. “I think so too. I have already gotten Xia Lei’s trust. Other than letting me participate in the research for Alloy X, he also let me research the ancient alloy. Yet you plan to kill him now. If he dies, I won’t be able to get any useful information.” 

“This is the plan you wanted to tell me?” 


William Mussi shook his head. “Killing Xia Lei is an order from the highest level. Both the White House and Pentagon made a unanimous decision on this. No one can change their minds.” 

Xia Lei suddenly recalled what Gu Kewen said before her death. Gu Kewen mentioned that the determination of the Americans to kill him had exceeded everything. She was telling the truth. 

“That’s too bad, we’re just about to receive technology that could change the world,” said Xia Lei, feigning pity. 

William Mussi thought for a moment. “Just do your job well. Don’t worry about the FA and Hattori clan. We’ve spent so much effort to put you in Thunder Horse, do not expose yourself at a time like this. Even if Xia Lei dies, Thunder Horse Group would still exist. Alloy X and drone projects would still continue. You will have your opportunities. As for the ancient alloy, you will get the chance to get your hands on it too. Your reward will be fifty million dollars for it.” 

Xia Lei said emotionally, “Mr Mussi, I know what to do.” 

William Mussi said, “Go back to Thunder Horse. Don’t go to the intelligence base again. It is very important to us. You visiting it will just increase the risk of its exposure.” 

“I know.” Xia Lei added, “I have a request before I leave.” 

“What request?” 

“I need all the information regarding the AE research centre’s research on the AE capsule. Everything.” Xia Lei spoke with a firm tone. 

“Why would you need that?” 

Xia Lei lowered his voice. “Mr Mussi, the ancient alloy and AE capsule came from the same place. They have many similar properties. I have gotten Xia Lei’s trust so I will be coming into contact with the ancient alloy and some of that medicine. I need to know more about the pill. It’ll help me gain more of Xia Lei’s trust. This is the only way for me to provide more useful intelligence.” 

“Xia Lei has another medicine?” 

“Yes but I’m not sure if he replicated it from something else,” said Xia Lei. 

William Mussi didn’t speak. 

However, Xia Lei knew that he was convinced. He had just offered a lot of enticing secrets that the CIA wanted. 

“Alright, I’ll send them to you. Please leave that place once you get it. I do not want you there again.” William Mussi made his decision. 

Xia Lei nodded and plugged his USB drive in again. 

The USB drive didn’t just contain his Thunder Dragon intelligent lathe blueprint. It also contained something special. Xiao Qian. It was a virus he encoded himself. The first Xiao Qian had already been destroyed during the bombing of the FA headquarters. He had written it again and perfected its flaws! 

Just now, when he plugged it into Yang Shan’s computer, Xiao Qian had already moved in into the computer. Right now, as he received the information into his USB drive, Xiao Qian could infiltrate the CIA headquarters through their network! 

In the future, whenever he activated Xiao Qian, Xia Lei would not only get information from the intelligence base, he would also receive information from the highest levels of the CIA! 

The transfer process ended in five minutes. Xia Lei got up and excused himself, then picked up his briefcase to leave Yang Shan’s office. 

Outside the door, Yang Shan and Sperry glared at him coldly. 

Xia Lei smiled. “Good luck with your mission.” 

Sperry smirked coldly. “Thank you.” Then, he changed the topic. “I forgot to ask you something.” 


Sperry said, “Where will Xia Lei’s wedding be?” 

Xia Lei said, “Xia Lei and Fan Fan’s wedding will be at the Sheraton Hotel. I received an invitation but due to your mission, I don’t plan on going. Let me remind you that there will be many major military figures present, there will be security and surveillance within a five-kilometre radius. The FA and Hattori clan wouldn’t be able to enter with their guns. In fact, you can’t even approach the hotel with a knife.” 

Yang Shan said, “Don’t worry about that. Goodbye, Mr Li.” 

Xia Lei gave a light nod and left. 

Xia Lei and Fan Fan’s wedding was going to be at the Sheraton, though he still hadn’t announced it to the public. Other than his four wives, Yang Shan and Sperry were the first ones to know of his wedding venue. 

Now that he had told Sperry and Yang Shan, the FA organisation and Hattori clan would receive new very soon. Since he said that there would be security in the five-kilometre radius, the FA and Hattori clan would plan their ambush on the journey back from the wedding. 

When he exited the cafe, Xia Lei looked up at the usher. He smirked. This was the CIA’s secret intelligence base but it would not exist for long. 

He walked towards Li Youdun’s Buick and started to drive back. However, due to the human skin mask, he could not feel the wind. When he approached the car window, he saw the same reflection he saw at the cafe. Sperry was watching him from a floor-to-ceiling window. 

Xia Lei looked at Sperry’s reflection and whispered gently, “Bang!” 

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