Chapter 984 - Liang Zhengchun Marries Off His Daughter

Liang Zhengchun actually stayed over at the Peace Mansion. Xia Lei had no choice. It wasn’t as if he could kick his father-in-law out. If Xia Lei had no choice, it was worse for Liang Siyao. She did not dare bring up the topic of asking him to go home in front of Liang Zhengchun. 

On the second day, Fan Fan went off to work while Liang Siyao and Jiang Ruyi went to the office with Xia Lei. Long Bing went to the four knights’ church. Jiang Ruyi went to acclimatise to the environment while Long Bing went to get to know the female knights. Everyone had their own matters to attend to. 

Xia Lei entered his office. Half an hour later, he left and walked towards the materials lab. He now donned Li Youdun’s face instead of his own. 

“Morning, Mr Li.” The staff in the materials lab all greeted Xia Lei. 

“Morning.” Xia Lei greeted them, imitating Li Youdun’s voice. He then walked towards Li Youdun’s office. 

So far, no one had suspected a thing. 

There were no flaws in his imitation of Li Youdun’s appearance, expressions, voice and even gaze. The only problem was that Li Youdun was a hundred and eighty-two centimetres tall, while he was a hundred and eighty-five centimetres. Regular people would not be able to tell the three-centimetre difference but Xia Lei made arrangements accordingly. His solution was to wear a very normal-looking pair of shoes with a sole that was only one millimetre thick. It was basically just a layer of leather beneath his feet. Li Youdun definitely wore shoes every day, and since they were regular shoes, their soles must be much thicker than this. This way, Xia Lei shortened the difference between their heights. 

As he entered Li Youdun’s office, Xia Lei turned on Li Youdun’s work computer and started to work. He wasn’t pretending. He was actually completing the new material Alloy X’s proposal. Although he was pretending to be Li Youdun and was waiting for someone, he did not want to waste time waiting. 

Xia Lei spent the entire day in disguise and working. 

On the second day, Xia Lei disguised himself as Li Youdun and went to the materials lab again. This time, other than the proposal, he had another task to complete. He started to study up on the drone. With previous experience under his belt, this time, he did not spend a long time immersed in research. He limited the user time period, immediately stopping when he was tired and only continuing when he recovered. 

During the day, he switched between his Li Youdun and Xia Lei identities as he worked as Li Youdun in Thunder Horse. At night, he continued expanding his earnings in the American stock market. His days were very productive. Liang Zhenchun moving in actually brought him a benefit. He had fewer chances to waste time with the ladies and a lot more time to do actual work. 

The days passed but no suspicious individuals contacted Li Youdun. It was as if the intelligence division of the CIA in Beijing suddenly shifted up into space. On the other hand, he was making massive progress at work. Half a month later, he finally completed the Alloy X proposal document. With this document, Thunder Horse Group could invest in purchasing equipment, recruiting technicians and prepare for launch. 

Half a month after completing the Alloy X, Thunder Horse Group’s first unmanned drone was born. From the avionics system to the gas vortex generator, every part’s dimensions were saved in his brain! 

The availability of materials to make the drone wasn’t a problem because Thunder Horse Group had the perfect aerospace material. The drone, made with Alloy X, would be completely invisible. No radars on earth would be able to find it! 

The world’s most advanced unmanned drones consisted of USA’s Global Hawk, X47B, Falcon, Predator, Shadow; England’s BAE Systems Taranis; France’s Dassault nEUROn and Israel’s Harpy and Heron UAV. On the world’s list of top ten drones, there were no Chinese aircraft. However, this would soon be mere history once Thunder Horse Group’s drone emerged. It would be the most terrifying drone in the world. 

Ghost. This was the name Xia Lei gave his drone. 

The USA had taken up most of the top ten spots. However, even before its birth, Thunder Horse’s Ghost was already contemptuous of the top ten drones. The new king shall arrive and there would be no list. Ghost would be the only name on it! 

In a month, Alloy X’s production process was completed along with the Ghost drone’s blueprint. This was an admirable feat, a success that was destined to shake the world. However, Xia Lei was still fretting over the fact that the person hadn’t appeared yet. He was still at square one despite having been disguised for so long. 

The FA organisation had been a puzzling matter to him too. 

The FA organisation’s Plan A had been decimated by him. He’d also destroyed their Mexican headquarters. They then launched Plan B, where Long Bing’s Japanese mission ended with a failure. However, he still hadn’t seen FA attack Thunder Horse with their aircraft yet. The Thunder Horse Group had set up an anti-aircraft defence along with a set of S400 Missile systems. The FA organisation must have caught wind of this and knew that an air raid would not work. However, they could also attack by land. He felt like all his enemies were hibernating this month, deciding not to bother him. 

While his enemies slept, the Spring Festival arrived. 

On the eve of the Spring Festival, Thunder Horse’s quarters were well-decorated. They gave out gifts and bonuses. 

It was a different atmosphere within the Peace Mansion. 

“Look at you,” said Qin Xiang by the vanity mirror, looking at Xia Lei in his traditional Chinese attire. 

Liu Zhengnan handed him a Chinese skullcap and smiled. “Brother, I’ve never seen you in traditional Chinese attire before. You look great.” 

“You like this?” asked Xia Lei with a grin. “I’ll arrange for a traditional wedding ritual and get a set made for you when you marry Xia Xue.”

Liu Zhengnan quickly wrung his hands. “Brother, it’s fine. Xiao Xue said she wanted the world’s most beautiful wedding dress and a Western wedding ceremony. She’s the one in charge, I’ll do whatever she wants.” 

With an eye roll, Qin Xiang said, “Look at you, all your masculinity’s gone.” 

Liu Zhengnan gave an odd look. 

Qin Xiang shrugged. “Why are you looking at me like that? I don’t need to be masculine, I just need to be pretty.” 

He was speechless. 

“Alright, stop bickering. Help me put on the cap.” Xia Lei was done fixing his attire. 

Liu Zhengnan placed the Chinese skullcap on Xia Lei’s head. 

The mirror reflected a handsome young man in traditional Chinese attire. He gave off the aura of a folk hero in ancient times. 

Xia Lei smiled in the mirror. “Are the gates shut?” 

Qin Xiang said, “The main and back gates are all shut. Giovanna and Theresa are guarding the front while Rosa and Stella are at the back. No one can come in.” 

Xia Lei nodded. “That’s good.” 

This traditional wedding ceremony was what Liang Zhengchun wanted. His wedding with Liang Siyao would not be publicised. With the advancement of social media, if he let his staff attend, someone would definitely upload pictures on the Internet. He was a Chinese hero. Of course, the media would sensationalise his wedding! Three days later, he would be holding a wedding with Fan Fan too. Many super important figures would attend that ceremony. If the pictures from Xia Lei and Liang Siyao’s wedding leaked, how would he still be able to attend the wedding with Fan Fan in three days? 

“Hubby, are you done?” came Fan Fan’s voice from outside the door. 

“Alright, coming.” Xia Lei went to open the door and left with Fan Fan. 

Qin Xiang and Liu Zhengnan gave each other an odd look. 

“He’s pretty impressive,” said Qin Xiang with a grin. “The bride-to-be in three days is a bridesmaid today, and today’s bride will be a bridesmaid later. Zhengnan, you should take notes. It’s a man’s life.” 

Liu Zhengnan suddenly looked up to the door. “Xiao Xue, you’re here.” 

Qin Xiang was startled and looked up at the door, though no one was there. Just as Qin Xiang wanted to punch Liu Zhengnan, he’d already slipped away. 

Within the Peace Mansion, there was a large ‘喜 (Xi)’ character stuck in the main hall with large red lanterns hung up. There was even red carpet on the floor. Liang Zhengchun was clad in traditional attire like a true martial arts master. 

When Xia Lei arrived at the door, Liang Siyao arrived together with Long Bing and Jiang Ruyi. She entered slowly through another hallway. She wore a full red traditional dress with a red veil. There was already a bump on her stomach. She could not hide her pregnancy anymore, it was obvious that she was pregnant. However, this did not affect her at all, adding a feminine glow that only made her a mesmerizing beauty.

Xia Lei and Liang Siyao entered the hall holding a large red silk bouquet. 

The main hall was empty without guests, almost pitiful looking. However, this did not affect Liang Zhengchun’s mood at all. Initially, when he took Xia Lei in as a disciple, he was already set on marrying Liang Siyao to Xia Lei. His wish had been fulfilled. He did not have any reservations about Xia Lei being his son-in-law. 

The couple arrived in position. 

“First, bow for the heavens and the earth!” yelled Lu Sheng, who was the host of the ceremony. 

Xia Lei and Liang Siyao turned to pay respects to the heavens and earth. 

“Second, bow for the elders,” said Lu Sheng loudly. 

Xia Lei and Liang Siyao bowed at Liang Zhengchun. 

Liang Zhengchun chuckled happily. 

“A bow for the husband and wife,” said Lu Sheng. 

Xia Lei and Liang Siyao bowed at each other but accidentally bumped heads. There was laughter in the hall. 

“Are you alright?” Xia Lei asked. concerned. 

“I’m fine, I’m fine,” replied Liang Siyao gently, filled with bliss. 

“The tea ceremony shall begin, then the couple shall enter the bedroom,” said Lu Sheng. 

Xia Lei and Liang Siyao knelt before Liang Zhengchun, each of them holding a cup of tea. 

Liang Zhengchun first took a sip from Xia Lei’s cup, then Liang Siyao’s. He also drank in place of Liang Siyao’s mother. After drinking the tea, he gave Xia Lei a red packet but gave Liang Siyao a red date. 

Liang Siyao couldn’t help but ask, “Father, why did you give him a red packet but give me a date?” 

“Eat it, it represents fertility,” said Liang Zhengchun. 

“Aren’t I pregnant already?” said Liang Siyao. 

“Just eat it and get into the room.” Liang Zhengchun hurried them along. 

Liang Siyao stuffed the date into her mouth and chewed slowly. Xia Lei helped her up and held her hand as they entered the bedroom. 

Liang Zhengchun saw them off but suddenly remembered something. Loudly, he said, “Lei, you be careful. Siyao’s pregnant.” 

Xia Lei tripped on his own step and spluttered incoherent mumblings. 

Liang Siyao turned around and rolled her eyes but did not say a word. 

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