Chapter 983 - A Father-In-Law's Wish

Jiang Ruyi was here. She had finally taken care of everything relevant in Haizhu, which included resigning from her job. This time, her flight to Jingdu was a one-way ticket. Jiang Ruyi was not going to return to Haizhu anymore other than the occasional visit to her parents. 

Jiang Ruyi’s presence was welcomed warmly. The four women were now gathered around the dining table, busying themselves with endless chatter. On the other hand, their husband’s life was going to be much busier than theirs. Xia Lei needed to do his best to make sure his pregnant wives were well-fed and comfortable. Life was going to be a little exhausting but Xia Lei was gleeful. His four wives and the children in their bellies allowed him to take his mind off the black-robed man, easing off all of the anxieties he had surrounding his fleeting life. 

It took Xia Lei a full hour to come out with a full-course dinner. Though there weren’t many dishes, each was exquisite and delicious. Xia Lei had never placed much effort into studying culinary arts but the little bits of knowledge he had about cooking was enough to make him a top chef. He had no problems going up against food experts, let alone his four pregnant wives. 

Everyone started to dig in. Pregnant women were advised against alcohol consumption so Xia Lei dutifully refrains from drinking it. The sight of the five of them dining together felt very warm, making each of their hearts hum in content. However, the peace was disrupted by the presence of an uninvited guest. 

It was Liang Zhengchun. The man stood at the door of the dining hall rigidly as he took in the sight of the five people inside. 

“Father? Why are you here?” Liang Siyao was jittery. 

“Master, you…” Xia Lei too was equally nervous. He almost repeated after Liang Siyao but he made a quick move to change his sentence. “Have you eaten yet? I’ll go get you a bowl of rice.” 

Liang Siyao’s heart thumped loudly, her swelling belly was getting obvious. There was no way she could’ve hidden it from Liang Zhengchun’s eyes. 

On the other side, Xia Lei gulped loudly because Liang Siyao was not the only pregnant woman beside him. In fact, there were three of them in the same vicinity. If Liang Zhengchun finds out that he had not only impregnated Liang Siyao but also all of the remaining females seated at the table... Xia Lei couldn’t even bring himself to think about the outcome. 

Liang Siyao’s belly was bound to grow each day, there was literally no way to hide it from Liang Zhengchun. Plus, the baby was destined to be born. Liang Zhengchun was Liang Siyao’s father, which meant that the man was the child’s grandfather. Could Xia Lei and Liang Siyao continue to hide this from the rest of her family? Liang Zhengchun was an obstacle that had to be faced, it was just a matter of time. 

Surprisingly, the other three women showed no obvious response. They quickly stood from their seats to greet Liang Zhengchun warmly. 

Liang Zhengchun courteously returned their greetings and turned to face Xia Lei. “You little bastard! You kidnapped my daughter here and decided to abandon her father? For god’s sake, I am your master!” 

Xia Lei mustered some courage. “Master, what are you saying? How could I possibly abandon you?” 

As a matter of fact, Xia Lei did extend some care to the older man. Upon Liang Zhengchun’s return to the country, Xia Lei had bought him a big house and gave him a large sum of money. TIt was enough for Liang Zhengchun to live comfortably till the end of his life. Liang Zhengchun’s accusation of Xia Lei abandoning him actually stung. 

“Father, what are you saying?” Liang Siyao was not happy to hear those words, her temper beginning to simmer. 

Despite that, Liang Zhengchun smiled. “This is not a conversation for you to interrupt. If this kid really cares about me, then why hadn’t he come to visit me for tea or booze? Just dropping by to talk or even practise martial arts would be nice.” 

Xia Lei sighed. “I’ll go grab us some alcohol in a jiffy. Let us men drink to our heart’s content tonight.” 

“Yes, that’s the spirit. It’s been so long since we last did this together. Let’s enjoy ourselves tonight.” Liang Zhengchun guffawed. 

The two men sat and began downing alcohol, not an exchange between them. The four pregnant ladies looked at each other helplessly. 

By the time they were done with dinner, both men were still at it. The women tried hinting at Xia Lei a few times but none of their efforts seemed to work. It was then that they decided to ignore him and left the dining hall. 

“Siyao, why is your father here?” Long Bing couldn’t help but ask once they were out of earshot. 

Liang Siyao chuckled dryly. “He’s probably lonely, living alone in a big house. That’s probably why he’s here to visit his disciple.” 

“If that’s the case, it shouldn’t be an issue. But if he decides to stay…” Fan Fan tried to rephrase her words. “Siyao, I hope you won’t take this wrong way but what I meant is that…” 

Liang Siyao interjected, “We’re sisters and part of the same family. There’s no need to be so courteous around me. I understand what you mean and trust me, I’m equally worried. If my father decides to stay and our bellies grow bigger each day, we wouldn’t be able to hide reality from him.” 

“Will your father hit you if he finds out?” Jiang Ruyi asked meekly. 

“He might kill me,” answered Liang Siyao. 

The reply made Jiang Ruyi shiver. “What are you waiting for then? We need to think of a way to make him leave.” 

“Let me try.” With that, Liang Siyao returned to the door of the dining hall. From a distance, she called out to her father. “Father, tell me when you’re done. I’ll drive you home.” 

That earned a pointed glare from Liang Zhengchun. “Are you trying to chase me away?” 

“No… How could I do that to you…?” Liang Siyao could feel her temples throb. “I’ll go prepare a room for you. You can stay the night and I’ll send you home tomorrow.” 

Liang Zhengchun’s reply was a shocker. “There’s no need for that. I plan to stay. I’m not going home tomorrow. It’s just too lonely to live in a big house alone.” 

Liang Siyao’s head was about to explode. 

Xia Lei’s head was about to explode too. 

The other three pregnant ladies felt the urge to run. 

Xia Lei’s master appearing at their doorstep without an invitation spelt trouble! 

“What are you stalling there for? You should head to sleep. You may not need the rest but the child you’re carrying needs it,” Liang Zhengchun said out of the blue. 

Beads of cold sweat were starting to gather on Liang Siyao’s forehead. 

“What’s the matter? You no longer listen to your father?” The older man’s expression turned serious. 

Liang Siyao did not dare to stay long, quickly turning around to escape to safety. 

Watching the exchange, Fan Fan could only shrug and say, “Let’s all sleep separately from now on.” 

Jiang Ruyi seemed surprised to hear that. “You all… You all have been sleeping together? All four of you?” 

Fan Fan and Long Bing nodded in unison then took their leave. 

Leaving behind a stunned Jiang Ruyi, who was already a blushing mess. No one could pinpoint what self-fed images were flashing through her mind but it certainly took the form of a certain Japanese production. 

After gulping down an entire bottle of Maotai, Liang Zhengchun found it easier to speak. “The child in my daughter’s belly is yours, right?” 

Xia Lei nodded. “Master, we’re…” 

Liang Zhengchun quickly assured him. “There’s no need to be so nervous. No man could take care of my darling daughter like you. I’ve always wanted to see you both together and now that you are a thing, I guess my little wish has been fulfilled.” 

Xia Lei continued to listen, not daring to say anything. 

Out of nowhere, Liang Zhengchun changed the topic. “Uh, are the other three women all carrying your child?” 

Xia Lei wanted to die. But the man decided that honesty was the best way to deal with Liang Zhengchun. “Yeah.” 

Xia Lei’s reply was so meek that it was almost as if he was talking to a mosquito. 

“Are you happy?” 

Xia Lei was at a loss for words.

“Relax, there’s no need to be so nervous.” 

“I’m… not nervous.” 

“So is Siyao the bigger one or one of the smaller ones?” 

“Big. She’s the bigger one.” 

“Then I’ve got nothing else to say. The proudest thing in my life is not how well-versed I am in the art of Wing Chun but to receive disciples like you. You are the hero of our people and the pillar of this country. You are a rare talent. For Siyao to be able to meet you is her honour. If she doesn't mind that you have other women around you, why would I mind? Plus, you were able to forgive her despite her earlier treatment and gave her another shot at becoming a better person. You provided for her and allowed her to live comfortably. It is only fair for her to give you something in return for your kindness.” 

“Thank you, Master. You really are the best.” Knowing that Liang Zhengchun thought that way was enough to soothe his worries. The discomfort had melted away to bring out Xia Lei’s smile. 

“But I’ve got one condition.” Liang Zhengchun held up a finger. 

“’ll do my best to offer you what you desire,” said Xia Lei.  

“Alright, I’ll be frank then.” Liang Zhengchun began, “I don’t care about your other weddings but the one with Liang Siyao has to be done traditionally. You must not leave out the matchmaker and betrothal gifts. Your attire needs to be traditional too.” 

“Sure, no problem. I can do that.” Xia Lei’s heart hummed in joy. 

“Wait, let me finish my sentence.” Liang Zhengchun requested, “Lei Zi, stand up and listen to what I have to say?” 

The request itself was weird but Xia Lei heeded Liang Zhengchun’s instructions. 

Liang Zhengchun stood too. 

“Master, if there’s anything you wish to ask for, go ahead. I’m your son now, there’s no need to hold back.” 

To his absolute shock, Liang Zhenchun abruptly kneeled. 

Xia Lei yelped, frantically reaching an arm over to pull him up. “Master?! What are you doing?” 

“Let go of me!” Liang Zhengchun meant his words. 

But how could Xia Lei let go of his arm? The younger man remained his hold. “Master, there’s no need for this. You could just tell me. I can give you anything. How can I call myself your disciple if you kneel to me like this?” 

“Okay, here’s the thing.” Liang Zhengchun clambered off the ground and regained his composure. “I know how it is in my family. Siyao’s mother passed away ages ago and I have only had her. The Liang family would end at Liang Siyao and I honestly felt sorry towards my ancestors. My ancestor was the pioneer of Wing Chun and I’m determined to not have the family end. I have a request. If Liang Siyao’s child is a boy, please allow him to take the Liang surname. If it’s a daughter, she can have your surname. Anyway, no matter how many children you decide to have with Siyao, I hope that you could let us have one successor. Would that be alright with you?” 

“Yeah, it’s not an issue.” Xia Lei was quick to add, “Even if we need to make eight children, the both of us will make sure to give you one son.” 

“Hahaha! Great!” Liang Zhengchun’s laugh was boisterous. 

Honestly, Xia Lei did not mind the request. He would be having four children. Even if one of them took on their mother’s surname, Xia Lei was alright with it. After all, he was not one to stick to conservative ideologies. The boy would still be his child. 

“Lei Zi, come on. Let’s continue drinking! I’m so happy today, we’re not going to stop until we’re pissed drunk!” 

The Lunar New Year was right around the corner. If he was only left with two years to live, then he must make sure that he sees the births of his children and develops the Thunder Horse Organization to the best of his ability. He still needed the Thunder Horse Organization to be way advanced than Lockheed Martin in the aerial combat arena! 

To him, every second was precious. 

But now, he would have to spend the entire night entertaining his father-in-law. 

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