Chapter 954 - The Queen's CPR

Next morning, Xia Lei had already arrived at his office before it was even time for work. The first thing he did was boot his laptop and check on Chlorella’s shares. Chlorella Company’s stock had risen by three per cent. All four of his accounts had started off in a lower position but it had profited by n seven per cent instead of the three per cent displayed. He had spent one hundred and forty million dollars last night but managed to profit about another nine million dollars. He had made more money in one night than most people could only dream of. Not to mention, he had spent most of the night entangled in the sheets with his three expecting lovers. 

Terrifyingly, this was merely the beginning. He had made his debut and his true killer move was yet to be executed. As soon as the Wall Street Journal reporter, Isabelle, published his information, many opportunists would hop on the Chlorella bandwagon. At that point, he’d be earning more than one hundredfold of his current profit! 

His snowball had started its descent from the peak and its size at the halfway mark was going to be hard to determine. The numbers were too difficult to estimate that even his superbrain was having a hard time computing it. It was only natural as the complex dynamics and unforeseeable variables involved in it were far too complicated. 

After a while, his three pregnant lovers paid him a visit in his office. 

Liang Siyao made her entrance and said, “I heard your German engineers yelling at an employee in the garage. I’ll go check on them.” 

Xia Lei replied, “Sure, but do not be biased. The Germans take their job seriously. If our employee is in the wrong, just let them carry on with their lecture.” 

“What if the engineers were wrong instead?” asked Liang Siyao. 

Xia Lei flashed her a smile. “Aren’t you heading over to check on them? You get to make your decision.” 

That exchange elicited a pout from her. “Ah, you sure do know how to trouble me. We shouldn’t have given you such a nice treat last night. Hmph.” 

After Liang Siyao had left, Long Bing spoke up, “I’m going to leave too. My flight is in the morning.” 

Xia Lei passed a satellite phone into her hands. “It is literally impossible to track this phone. Keep it with you and only the Chinese Zodiac Battle Team will be able to locate you. They’ll be near you. Sa’im will bring you intel and Tsukino Kyoko will be prepared to assist you. Simply put, they’re able to give you all the help you may require. As soon as you arrive in Japan, it’s best to contact Tsukino Kyoko.” 

Long Bing nodded. “Got it, I’ll contact her as soon as I reach Japan.” 

Last night, Xia Lei had run his brain diligently to devise a framework for Long Bing’s foreseeable future. Through their long talks and exchange, Xia Lei was finally able to convince her into accepting help. This would be her last mission with Bureau 101. After this, she would resign and join him in the Thunder Horse Organization to help form the organization’s very own armed force. But of course, this armed force would only be active overseas. Their sole mission was to protect Thunder Horse’s international interests. There was no need for this troop in the domestic territory. 

“I’m going off to work too, hubby. Try not to push yourself too hard and take care, okay?” Fan Fan closed in and helped him tidy his tie. 

Xia Lei borrowed the proximity to peck her lips. 

That immediately rendered her into a blushing mess. Carrying a child did not change anything about her overly sensitive body. She was still as sensitive as ever. A light touch from Xia Lei was enough to drive her senses wild. 

Long Bing turned away from the sight sheepishly, pretending to not see it. Though the four of them had rocked the bed last night, it was still too early for Long Bing to adjust herself to the new norm. She had not been as experienced as Liang Siyao and Fan Fan, so it was only natural for her to need some time to familiarize herself. 

But as Long Bing tried to avoid the pair, Xia Lei came over and captured her lips in a kiss. 

“You’re… shameless as hell.” Long Bing glared at him sharply. 

Xia Lei smiled. In a gentle tone, he reminded, “Have a safe flight, darling. Remember that I’ll be waiting for you at home.” 

A simple sentence was enough to melt away Long Bing’s initial awkwardness, turning it into tender warmth. She stared at him longingly before humming a sound of acknowledgement belatedly. 

Fan Fan and Long Bing left his office. 

Xia Lei finally returned to his desk once again. This time, he did not set to work but closed his eyes instead and let his brain shift into its new mode. Design plans, technical charts and numerical figures flooded his mind in that split instance. It mixed around and triggered turbulence, some melted into each other and underwent tremendous changes just like a sand grain that was brought away by a fierce tornado. It was a mess but this chaos had its unique structure and discipline. With that, new designs and figures were birthed along with a visualized prototype.

Lockheed Martin had begun their production and research on drones in 1994. From the earlier Predator series to its current successor and the Global Eagle, the entire process had taken them twenty years of hard work. Lockheed Martin had channelled in countless talents and material resources in exchange for their current success. However, this was all completed by Xia Lei in mere minutes. He did not require thousands and hundreds of researchers nor did he need any engineers or technicians. Heck, he didn’t even need a workspace. All he needed to do was to close his eyes and allow his mind to take its course.

Based on that alone, it was no wonder America wanted him dead. 

Xia Lei was in a trance, not noticing the passing of time. Unsure of how long it had been, the sound of rapping against his wooden door had finally brought him back to reality. He took a look at his Patek Philippe wristwatch instinctively and was shocked to learn that it had been four hours! He was so absorbed in this state of ‘meditation’ that it felt like mere seconds to him. 

Knock… Knock… Knock…

“I’m coming. Is it you, Siyao? I’m not hungry, I don’t feel like eating lunch.” Xia Lei made a move to leave his seat in an attempt to reach the door. However, as soon as his back left the chair, his vision went dark. Before he knew it, his entire body fell for the floor with a loud thud. 

Despite that, a sparse consciousness had remained. His brain was still alert and this alertness made him realize that using this new superbrain mode was way taxing than using his X-ray vision! 

Nothing was free in this world. Every gain was balanced with loss. When two things came in contact, an exchange of some kind would occur. This was a statement from the famous Locard’s exchange principle. For his brain to operate in ways others couldn’t and birth him a drone would require an exchange. The more he had gained, the heftier his payment. 

In his clouded state, he heard the sound of the door opening and then rushed footsteps. Lastly, he heard his name uttered in an oddly familiar voice. Shentu Tianyin was here. 

“Lei Zi? Lei Zi?! What’s the matter? Are you alright? Hey, wake up! Please don’t scare me…” Her voice was heavily laced with anxiety and worry. 

Xia Lei wished to blink his eyes open but he had run out of the strength to do so. He could not use his X-ray vision either. 

“Hey, don’t scare me! Wake up! Wake up! What’s going on?!” Perhaps her panicked state had driven her into linearity, forgetting to shout for assistance. Finding no response from Xia Lei, the woman straightened her arms and pressed her palms against his chest. She began applying pressure. It didn’t take her long to notice that he still had a pulse, so she switched to pinch his nose and pry his lips open. She covers his lips with hers and begins to exhale into it.

Her lips were just as soft and pliant as he had remembered it to be. The warmth of her tongue was still as alluring as before. In that split second, Xia Lei felt like he was in dreamland. Shentu Tianyin’s CPR was like a fairy tale kiss, bringing him back to a past they shared. 

Back then, she was his wife and he was her husband. They were the perfect couple that made people envious. 

However, the past had disappeared like smoke, blown away and fragmented by the wind. 

Xia Lei blinked his eyes. His exhaustion had hit like a storm but his recovery was equally speedy. This was certainly all thanks to the mysterious energy. It was something that Xia Lei could never measure.

Realizing that he had regained consciousness, Shentu Tianyin’s mind went into a daze before she broke into laughter. Tears began falling from her eyes. “Oh, thank goodness you’re awake. You really scared me right there.” 

Xia Lei struggled to clamber up. But as soon as he was propped himself up slightly, his arms gave way. He was awake but his body still needed more time to recover. “Looks like I got to control my usage time when utilizing this mode. I should learn to take breaks in between.” 

“What happened to you?” Shentu Tianyin fussed over him, reaching an arm to help him up. 

Xia Lei grabbed her elbow and stood slowly. “It was nothing. I guess the fatigue from all the overtime lately had finally gotten to me.” 

“Jeez, you’re so young and you’ve already achieved heights. You should take it easy and spare yourself sometimes,” uttered Shentu Tianyin. 

Xia Lei smiled. “I could say the same to you. Is the Chinese market not enough for you? Why did you enter the American market?” 

Shentu Tianyin was stunned. “How… How did you find out?”

“I’ve got my ways. Tell me, why the American market?” Xia Lei stared at her. She used to be his wife but things had changed so much that he was no longer able to understand her. 

“When the company has saturated, new markets bust be ventured in to” Shentu Tianyin gazed out of the window into the endless blue sky. “Vientiane Group will enter the American market and expand its wings there. This is a step that must be taken. China’s market is big but it isn’t the entire world.” 

Shentu Tianyin was still the same woman that Xia Lei knew. Her wild ambition was sufficient to conquer the world. 

Was it wrong for a woman to be ambitious and wild ambitions? 

Xia Lei found no fault in that but he wasn’t willing to admit that Shentu Tianyin was right. 

Shentu Tianyin averted her gaze onto Xia Lei. “Aren’t you the same? China’s market is big but you’re also trying to expand your reach internationally. You made Lockheed Martin your rival and you’re determined to defeat them. I just realized that you’re the most suitable person for me and I am the most suitable person for you.” 

That bold statement earned a bitter smile from him. Xia Lei was at a loss for words. 

Judging her words from the perspective of capital expansion and enterprise development, Shentu Tianyin was right. Her natural talent in the industry was sky-high. It was way superior to Xia Lei by a great extent. However, her methods were also cruel and heartless. A prime example would be her resolute to end their marriage and love for the sake of Vientiane Group. 

Xia Lei’s silence brought a veil of sadness and resentment into Shentu Tianyin’s glimmering eyes. 

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