Chapter 953 - Lion Theory

The three of them were in their nightgowns and seemed to have just gotten out of the shower. 

Xia Lei stared at them in a daze, having all of his attention averted away from his phone call. 

Liang Siyao's hips swayed as she approached him. “Spill, who are you wooing this time?” 

Abruptly, Isabelle’s voice rang through the speaker and interjected them. “Hello? Sir, are you sure about this? When will I be able to receive your information? Also, how am I supposed to receive payment?” 

Xia Lei replied, “Check your bank account in an hour. You’ll be receiving a deposit of ten thousand dollars and then another ninety thousand dollars after everything is complete.” 

Just as his voice fell, Xia Lei tapped enter and sent out all of the materials he had prepared earlier. 

The three women came to stand beside Xia Lei, staring at his screen in unmasked curiosity. 

Xia Lei directly turned the hacking laptop towards them for a better view. 

Displayed on screen was a chubby American woman. She seemed to be around a hundred and eight pounds, corresponding with her double chin and protruding belly. Her appearance was completely out of touch of a conventional hot body. There was a work ID around her neck, printed with the logo of the Wall Street Journal and her name. 

Realizing that Xia Lei was just merely contacting a reporter, the three of them heaved a sigh of relief. A smile boomed across their faces. 

“Why are you contacting a Wall Street Journal reporter?” Liang Siyao was curious. 

“I’m playing with the stock market,” said Xia Lei, but the man instantly changed the topic. “What are you three doing here anyway? Are you here to urge me to sleep? I just finished. I’ll come and join you in bed now.” 

“Who the hell is trying to get in bed with you?” Long Bing punched Xia Lei’s shoulder lightly. “You hid the Chinese Zodiac Battle Team from me for so long. If Liang Siyao hadn’t told me anything, how long were you planning to hide it from me?”

Xia Lei replied, “Somethings are better off unsaid. I’m just doing this for your benefit. Think about this. They are an illegal armed organization and you’re a departmental head of Bureau 101. If you knew about them, wouldn’t it be in your best interests to capture them? But they are my people too. What are you going to do about that?” 

Words were stuck in Long Bing’s throat. It truly was a difficult situation to be in.  

Xia Lei grasped her hand. Gently, he said, “I know you wish to know everything but I promise I’ll tell when the time is right.” 

“What do you mean?” Long Bing was genuinely perplexed. 

Xia Lei explained patiently, “I’m forcing you to resign from the bureau. Your current mission is dangerous and your people can’t help you with it. If you’re going to Japan, you’ll need assistance from a local. Tsukino Kyoko from the Chinese Zodiac Battle Team is Japanese. I’m certain she can provide you with great help.” 

There was a momentary silence before Long Bing replied, “If I accept Tsukino’s help, I’ll be breaching discipline code. I would have no choice but to resign.” 

Xia Lei answered, “Yes. This is for the sake of our children. I hope you could consider it for your own benefit too.” 

Long Bing was evidently hesitant. 

Liang Siyao added, “Ah Bing, I know you love the country but there are many other ways to contribute to the country without being at your position. Every one of us is involved in the development of the country. Everyone is the same. We’re no different from the cleaners on the streets, doctors, farmers and teachers.” 

Xia Lei continued to convince her. “Yeah, Lockheed Martin has its own armed troop. In the face of threats from Japan and America, Thunder Horse Organization would also require something akin to that too. I’m going to establish an armed force and I’d like for you to be its leader. I formed Thunder Horse and you’ll protect it.” 

Long Bing was still silent. She was clear that she needed to settle on a decision but this dilemma had proved to be too difficult or her. This meant that she had to abandon her firm belief that had always adhered to and leave a job that she was passionate about.

Xia Lei plastered a warm hand against her belly. “My son, please help your poor daddy convince your mom. She’s crazy stubborn. Could you please tell me to not do dangerous things anymore?” 

Long Bing burst into fits of giggles. “Fuck you, I’m just a few days pregnant. There’s no way you can talk to him. Why are you so sure that it’ll be a son? I’m going to bet that it’s a daughter.” 

Xia Lei laughed along. Her words were a clear sign of her decision. 

Fan Fan smiled at them. “Isn’t that great? No matter where we’re stationed at, we’re all doing our best for the sake of our country. If I get sick of my job someday in the future, I’m going to resign and come work for Thunder Horse too.” 

Surprisingly, Xia Lei retorted, “You better not resign. With your job, a lot of things are easier to handle.” 

“Ugh, fine. I get it.” Fan Fan rolled her eyes at him. “Say, you haven’t answered it yet. Why are you suddenly interested in the American stock market?” 

Xia Lei huffed, “To earn some money to raise kids, of course. All of my lovers are expecting and I’m about to get four children in one go. If I don’t buck up and earn more money, how am I going to sustain this family?” 

Everyone audibly rolled their eyes at him. The proud owner of Thunder Horse Organization could afford to build a house on Mars. Did he really need to use that weak of an excuse to dwell into the American stock market?” 

Xia Lei guffawed a little at their response. “Alright, let me tell you why. Other than increasing my profit, I’m here to create chaos. All this while, America has been channelling money away from third world countries. I want to be the first to change that. Other than that, America has some personal vendetta against me and I’ve been on a passive standing so far. I want to reciprocate the ‘respect’ they’ve given me proactively this time. That’s all there is to my rationale.” 

“You’ve never done stocks before, are you able to handle this?” Fan Fan was concerned.

The man shrugged nonchalantly. “Aren’t I learning right now?” 

“When did you start?” Liang Siyao was abruptly reminded of something. “How much have you lost as a lesson?”

Xia Lei answered truthfully, “Around one hundred and forty million dollars.” 

Liang Siyao had rendered speechless. 

Long Bing and Fan Fan couldn’t help but stare at each other bewilderedly. 

Xia Lei laughed at their display. “Don’t worry. I’ve calculated all of my risks. Our children will have sufficient milk to grow stronger.” At this moment, a yawn was produced. “I’m getting tired, let’s go to sleep. If there’s anything else that you’d like to know, we can talk more about it tomorrow.” 

“We’re just here to check on you. Our job here is done and it’s time to leave, right?” Liang Siyao tossed a look in Long Bing and Fan Fan’s direction. 

“Yeah, that’s right,” responded Long Bing.

“We’re heading to bed. You can carry on,” said Fan Fan as she stifled a giggle behind her palm. 

The three of them left just like that, not even turning back to look at him. 

Xia Lei stared at the door in a daze. He was pretty certain they had just teased him and that really felt weird. 

Just as he grumbled to himself dejected, a delicate finger appeared from the side of the door frame. Liang Siyao hooked her index finger and beckoned for him to come. 

Xia Lei smirked and left the study. 

His women were worried that a vigorous man like him needed to be kept in check lest he run wild. In the eyes of his lovers, he was a male lion. There was only one way to tame a lion and stop it from hunting in the vast wilderness, which was to stuff the animal full. 

Liang Siyao, Fan Fan and Long Bing led the way, Xia Lei tailing behind them dutifully. 

Long Bing was beginning to feel a little bashful, wanting to head into another direction of the corridor but Liang Siyao was quick to stop her. 

Witnessing that, the man couldn’t help but laugh at their antics. At this moment, he felt like he was the happiest man in the world. 

However, Xia Lei made a stop in the middle of the corridor and allowed the women to travel forward. He turned around and said, “Come on out.” 

A black shadow showed itself, coming out from the eaves. It was no one else but Tsukino Kyoko in a night suit that covered her from her head to her toes. 

“What are you doing up there? Are you trying to harvest bird nests?” teased Xia Lei.

“Two of your women hold special jobs. I’m worried that they’ll see me,” said Tsukino Kyoko. 

“Do as you wish.” Xia Lei proceeded to lay out his instructions, “Bring some people over to Japan and protect Long Bing in the dark. Help her finish this mission safely, okay? Kill every FA member you encounter on your mission.” 

Tsukino Kyoko nodded obediently. “Got it, I’ll lead them to Japan right away.” 

Xia Lei waved her farewell. “Be careful.” 

Tsukino Kyoko’s head appeared again. “You too, I wish your lower body well.”

Xia Lei gaped. 

The moment he pushed the door open, he immediately caught a whiff of something sophisticated and fragrant.   

Women may not be alcohol but they were much more intoxicating than the beverage. 

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