Chapter 950 - Chlorella's Secret

Watching the Knight XV disappear from his sight, Xia Lei turned around and left for his office. He took out his hacking laptop and began to work. 

Today, he gave himself two tasks. Firstly, to prepare himself for his second battle and then to sort out all of the information he had obtained off Jack and Lockheed Martin. Both of these matters were very complex. 

However, it took no time for Xia Lei to calm down and shift his mood. He booted his laptop and tuned into the stock market application to learn yesterday’s status. 

Just from yesterday, the four female knights had lost another one hundred thousand dollars from their accounts. A particular company’s stock had suffered a severe loss while the others had lost a little and gained some. Overall, the phenomenon showed some balance except for that particular company which had only been on the losing streak. There was no sign of rebound for that. 

Xia Lei studied the stock trading chart. In China, these were referred to as a K-line chart that used contrasting red and green coloured ‘candles’ to highlight the trends and direction of development. However, America used a chart referred to as the American Line. Be it the American Line or K-line chart, the charts displayed a huge influx of trade information. The amount of information in these charts was so vast that though many could understand what it expressed, a majority of them could not comprehend hidden clues in the chart. 

But Xia Lei was different. Numbers and diagrams were imprinted in his mind as his brain booted up in a fury like a supercomputer. Every part of his brain searched through the elements for faint traces of something.

In just ten minutes, there was already a smile plastered on Xia Lei’s face. The man had found something. A foundation was operating the stock market. Instead of selling its stock, it was eating it up. In the process of suppressing others and feeding itself, the foundation had decreased its principle tremendously. 

Following that, he exited the interface and Googled the company’s IP address. When he purchased its stock, he only had half the mind to learn the company’s basic information. The only thing he knew was that the company was a technology company registered as Chlorella Company. Chlorella Company was mainly involved in applied technology research, but it was also involved in smaller novel invention projects like smart toilets, fitness equipment to aid physical exercise for obese patients and so on. Its products had great diversity but none of them had been able to excel in its respective market. They had only managed to keep their performance afloat and its stock trend was rolling downhill. It gave off the impression that it might declare bankruptcy anytime. 

From all the clues he had obtained, Xia Lei was sure that those were just an illusion. 

A few minutes later, Xia Lei made the conscious decision to hack into Chorella’s management system. The private enterprise’s security firewall was just like a curtain to him. It took literally no effort on his end. Entering it, he was just like an intruder into a stranger’s household, flipping through the drawers in search of something valuable. 

Suddenly, the office door was pushed open. Liang Siyao made her entrance with Fan Fan trailing close behind her. With their current relationship with Xia Lei, there was no need for knocking before entering his office. When Xia Lei was at home using the washroom, they would squeeze their way in to brush their teeth or fix their makeup. With that being said, what was the point of them knocking on his door to ask for permission? 

Xia Lei lifted his head and smiled at them. “Ah, you’re here.” 

The greeting may be simple but it was filled with warmth. 

Fan Fan approached him, visibly upset. “I heard from Siyao. Why are you so reckless? You’re a father to multiple children for crying out loud. How could you still go on wild adventures like that? Tell me, why were you in Mexico?  Why did you need Liu Zhengnan to be your imposter?” 

Liang Siyao stared at Xia Lei in anticipation. In all honesty, she was curious too. 

What happened in America and Mexico was something that Xia Lei couldn’t possibly explain to anyone. Fan Fan and Liang Siyao were clearly here to get some answers. This wasn’t just triggered by their curiosity but also out of concern. Facing the concern his women and the mothers to his children had offered, could he reject them out flat? 

Xia Lei extended an arm to grab Fan Fan’s delicate palm, pulling her onto his lap. Gently, he placed his cheek taut against her soft belly, pretending to listen to the movements of his unborn child. “I think our daughter just called me papa, such a good girl.” 

Fan Fan jabbed a finger against his forehead. “How are you so sure that I’m carrying a girl? Also, the child is undeveloped. How on earth is it calling you daddy? Stop changing the topic and answer me.” 

Xia Lei waved a hand at Liang Siyao. “Siyao, come over. I’d like to say hello to my son.” 

Liang Siyao rolled her eyes at him. “You’re insanely shameless. We’re in the office. If someone sees this, it’d be no wonder that they want to bomb the building.”

“Come on.” Xia Lei cooed with a warm smile. 

“I refuse.” Her words were not a direct reflection of her intentions, but her body was honest. She approached them and hovered over the pair. 

Xia Lei split his legs apart and wrapped an arm around Liang Siyao’s waist to pull her onto his other unoccupied leg. 

Fan Fan was on his left and Liang Siyao occupied his right. 

If Jiang Ruyi and Long Bing were here, then Long Bing would be sitting in front of him while Jiang Ruyi takes the back. It was the definition of a perfect picture harem.

Xia Lei too stuck his cheek close to Liang Siyao’s belly. With a straight face, he said, “Oh dear, I think our son is practising Wing Chun.” 

The woman pinched at his waist unforgivingly. “Wing Chun, my ass. I haven’t even felt any movement from the baby and here you are spewing bullshit.” 

Xia Lei retorted, “I’m sure it’ll be so. I’ve already thought this through. I think Fan Fan is pregnant with a daughter. In the future, we’ll cultivate her into a scientist. Siyao, I’m pretty certain that you’re carrying a son. You and your father would have a blast teaching him Wing Chun. We’ll encourage him to become a martial arts expert just like Bruce Lee. He’ll definitely bring Wing Chun to greater heights. What do you think about my grand plan?” 

The two women looked at each other unamusedly, both of their hands attacking Xia Lei’s waist in unison. At the same time, they delivered a strong pinch on each side. 

“Gaaaaaahhhh!” Xia Lei’s scream was shrill. 

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” Fan Fan panicked. She was worried that the others might hear them and barge into office, only to find that she and Liang Siyao were intimately seated on Xia Lei’s thigh. If that happened, embarrassment would only be secondary to the punishment they would have to endure. 

Liang Siyao’s response was a contrast to Fan Fan’s, she abruptly wrapped her arms around Xia Lei’s head. In that split second, she stuffed her soft bosoms against his lips. 

“Are you trying to kill us?” Liang Siyao hissed between gritted teeth, shaking his head side to side in the process. 

To be forced into silence like this was a joy to Xia Lei. The man had interpreted Liang Siyao’s gesture as some sort of signal, his hands began to wander around the span of their body. At the same time, he slid his palms along the thighs of his two lovers. The women did not shy away from his touch but as soon as it transpired into something else, both of them escaped from his thigh. 

“What the hell? Are you seriously doing that in broad daylight and in your office no less?” Fan Fan glared at Xia Lei. Weirdly, her anger was absent, replaced by excitement and something carnal. Her body was overly sensitive. But she wouldn’t say that aloud to Xia Lei and Liang Siyao that she had actually orgasmed when the man slid his palm around. Though words were left unsaid, the dark flush across her cheek had betrayed her. The violent red was something that typically followed after her climax. 

Though Liang Siyao’s bodily response wasn’t as exaggerated as Fan Fan, the redness on her face and her heaving chest was a good indication of her desire and excitement. 

The women were clearly deprived of their lover’s intimate contact.

In a lowered voice, Xia Lei said, “Let’s go talk in my relaxation room. I need to tell you a secret.”

Fan Fan and Liang Siyao stared at each other blankly, immediately spitting in unison. 

“I’m not falling for that, I rather not be curious,” said Fan Fan. “You’ve got your own things and we both will stay out of it. We have no control over you. But I hope you remember that you’re no longer acting as a single person. You’ve got wives and children to think of. I hope you’ll think more about us and not do anything dangerous in the future.” 

Xia Lei could feel his heart melt into goo. He nodded meekly, “Yeah, but I think we should go inside for this discussion.” 

Fan Fan was tempted but Liang Siyao grabbed her arm instead. “Sister Fan Fan, let’s head back and prepare some ingredients for dinner. Long Bing is coming over tonight. I’ll go ask if Ruyi is joining us. It’ll be a full family reunion if Ruyi comes tonight.” 

“Yeah, let’s go home. Ignore this little bastard,” said Fan Fan. 

Liang Siyao tossed Xia Lei a glare. “You’re sleeping on the couch tonight!” 

Xia Lei had nothing to retort. 

After their departure, Xia Lei resumed on his work. But all he could focus on was the groove of Liang Siyao and Fan Fan’s fleshy behind and the sensation they left imprinted into the top of his thigh. The man couldn’t help but relive the moment in memory. 

A few minutes later, he reverted back and continued to flip through Chlorella’s database. 

This time, he finally found their dirty secret. 

A project titled ‘Jay Garrick’ appeared before him in the form of an encrypted file. However, the degree of security it packed was nothing more than a simple math equation to Xia Lei. 

Decoding its password, Xia Lei learnt quickly that the project was about handphone batteries. 

Jay Garrick was actually The Flash, under the DC flagship. He was a fictional superhero that possessed lightning abilities and impressive speed. Chlorella Company had named this research project aimed towards the mobile phone market with his name, surely the nature of their project was plenty obvious. 

“A charging time of two minutes, with a usage time of eight hours? Extremely thin battery but can store twenty-five thousand milliamp-hours? If this project is successful and they push their product into the market, a new phone battery revolution will be triggered. The project is good but its stock price is falling. Their motive behind the hefty purchase before the announcement of the project is obvious.” Xia Lei’s smirk was calculative. 

He made a copy of Chlorella’s entire database, not sparing a few important figures of Chlorella’s Board of Directors. Xia Lei too made copies of their mailbox contents. 

Completing that, he moved on to his other task. To sort out all the information he had obtained off Jack and Lockheed Martin. 

The American stock market would only be in business in the night but Xia Lei was already ready for it. 

This would be his first attempt and he was determined to not leave any openings to his rival. 

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