Chapter 914 - Four Ladies And Dinner

How many men could effortlessly distribute his assets worth billions to his ladies, his little sister and his co-founders? That was what set him apart from other men. 

Very few people could deal with the matter of personal finances so cleanly like that. 

Receiving a share of the inheritance was a major gift. How could the ladies not be touched? However, more than touched, they felt melancholy. Xia Lei’s writing of his will hinted that something bad would happen.

The three girls attempted to ‘interrogate’ him but in the end, they were all frustrated and gave up. 

“You really don’t want to tell us the truth?” Fan Fan looked at him with sad eyes. 

She was the best at playing the ‘adorable’ card out of all three. 

Xia Lei said, “What else do you want me to say? It’s just a will? I’m just preparing for any surprises.”

“Is that really true?” Liang Siyao glared at him with suspicion in her eyes. 

Long Bing and Liang Siyao were the same. They were trained special force agents. They were not like Fan Fan who used her emotions to question him. 

Xia Lei shrugged. “I’m telling the truth, don’t ask me any more questions. You know my current situation. Maybe one day I’ll be a lab rat. Making prior arrangements makes me feel more secure.” 

The three ladies looked at each other, not sure if they should believe him. 

Of course, he was lying. He didn’t write his will because he was worried he’d be sent into a lab for science experiments. He was worried about the black-robed man and Zhu Xuanyue. However, he could not tell them about the existence of the black-robed man, nor could he tell them what Zhu Xuanyue was. Telling them the truth would not benefit them. He must carry this burden alone!” 

Xia Lei looked at his watch and said, “It’ll be lunchtime soon. You all go home and cook, I’ll come home at noon for a reunion meal.”

Liang Siyao said, “Ruyi isn’t here yet, our reunion meal will have to wait till dinner.”

Xia Lei smiled. “A small reunion at lunch, a major reunion for dinner. How about that?” 

“You’re a lucky man.” Fan Fan rolled her eyes. 

Long Bing said, “Then let’s go back to Peace Mansion. I don’t feel like working today.” 

“Alright, let’s go,” said Liang Siyao. 

Fan Fan glared at Xia Lei. “We’ll get Ah Bing to finish you off tonight!” 

Long Bing blushed immediately, disappearing without waiting for Fan Fan and Liang Siyao. The two pregnant women made her want a child but she was too embarrassed to ask. 

When they all left, Xia Lei called Liu Zhengnan to his office. 

“Brother, what’s up?” Liu Zhengnan entered all smiles. He had already talked to Xia Xue about marriage so he was more comfortable in Xia Lei’s presence. 

“Close the door, I have something to talk to you about,” said Xia Lei. 

Liu Zhengnan was confused but obliged nonetheless. He was about to ask but Xia Lei walked into the lounge. He also entered the lounge. 

Xia Lei closed the door. 

“Brother, what’s the matter?” Liu Zhengnan grinned.

In a serious tone, Xia Lei said, “Zhengnan, what I tell you later will be for your ears only. Do not tell anyone else, including Xue.” 

Liu Zhengnan grew solemn. “Tell me, brother. What’s the matter?” 

Xia Lei did not answer. Instead took out a black briefcase from his safe. He put the briefcase on a tea tray and opened it. There were two human skin masks inside. 

“Brother, you…” Liu Zhengnan was shocked because one mask was Xia Lei’s face, the other was his. 

Xia Lei said, “Zhengnan, take one.” 

Liu Zhengnan hesitated, grabbing his mask. 

“That’s the wrong one, take the other.” 

“Huh?” Liu Zhengnan looked at him in surprise. “You want me to pretend to be you?” 

He was smart. Without Xia Lei’s explanation, he had already guessed Xia Lei’s intentions. 

“I will be leaving for a while,” said Xia Lei. “My problem is the guards surrounding my mansion. It would be impossible for me to leave.”

“Brother, where are you going?” 

“Don’t mind that,” said Xia Lei. “I will leave early tomorrow morning. When I leave, you’ll be me until I return.” 

“Where are you going?” 

“Don’t mind that either,” said Xia Lei. “Just follow my instructions.” 

Liu Zhengnan smiled bitterly. “Brother, hiding from the guards isn’t easy but I can’t fool Liang Siyao. Once I put on this mask, she’ll be able to spot me within seconds. When she confronts me, how will I explain myself?” 

It was true. Both Liang Siyao and Long Bing were women who were one with Xia Lei. His body shape, his eyes, his scent, his mannerisms, they were familiar with it all. If Liu Zhengnan pretended to be him, just being in the office with Liang Siyao for five minutes would be enough for her to notice. 

Xia Lei took out a letter from his pocket and passed it to Liu Zhengnan. “Tomorrow morning, pass this letter to Siyao. She’ll know what to do. I never wanted you to lie to Siyao. Instead, I need her to help you with your cover.” 

“Oh, then there won’t be a problem.” Liu Zhengnan relaxed and put the letter in his pocket. 

Xia Lei reminded him, “Remember, stay in the office as much as you can. Decrease your time outdoors to a minimum. Tomorrow, send Secretary Qing away on a trip to the branch at Haizhu. You understand?” 

Liu Zhengnan nodded. “I understand, Brother.” 

Xia Lei hugged him. “Take good care of Xia Xue. Don’t bully her or I’ll punch you.”

Liu Zhengnan smiled awkwardly. “Brother, I’m already very lucky she doesn’t bully me. Yesterday, she made me carry her on my back for one kilometre! One kilometre!” 

“Her heels broke?”

“She was wearing sneakers.” 

Xia Lei sighed at his sister’s antics.

In the evening, Jiang Ruyi arrived. Four of the ladies were finally together, it was an unprecedented event. Four ladies sat at the same table with Xia Lei, Xia Xue and Liu Zhengnan. The atmosphere was gloomy and awkward as hell. 

Xia Xue and Liu Zhengnan had a quick meal and slipped away. 

When they left, Xia Xue pinched Liu Zhengnan’s ear. “Don’t you dare learn from my brother, alright?” 

“Your brother’s great. He’s a role model for the youth of China. Many businessmen take him as their idol,” said Liu Zhengnan. 

“I’m not talking about that, I’m talking about…” Xia Xue said in a low voice, “Are you sure you want four wives like him? Do you have a death wish?” 

Several black lines appeared on his forehead. 

Within the dining hall, the atmosphere eased up when Liu Zhengnan and Xia Xue left. The awkwardness dissipated into warmth. 

“Have some, have some, have some, have some.” Xia Lei’s chopsticks moved and bits of vegetable appeared in all four women’s bowls. 

They didn’t move, just watching him. 

Xia Lei smiled. “Why aren’t you eating? Even if you don’t want to eat, the child needs nutrients.” 

Fan Fan and Liang Siyao finally picked up their chopsticks. This was Jiang Ruyi’s first time with Xia Lei’s three other women. She was very timid, also anxious. 

Xia Lei gave her a little more vegetables. “Ruyi, have some more vegetables, they’re rich in vitamins.” 

“Mm.” Jiang Ruyi started eating too. 

Long Bing was still staring at him with an odd gaze. “Ah Bing, you… also have some vegetables.” 

“I… I’m not pregnant, why do I need more nutrients?” Long Bing said timidly. 

Xia Lei was stunned for a moment, not sure what to say. 

“Mm.” Liang Siyao put down her chopsticks. “I’m full, I’m going home.”

Fan Fan put down her chopsticks. “Oh, wait for me, I want you to teach me Wing Chun.” 

Jiang Ruyi was still eating when Liang Siyao quietly tugged her sleeve. When Jiang Ruyi realised what was going on, she also put down her chopsticks. “I’m full, I.. I want to go learn Wing Chun too.” 

Long Bing’s face turned red. “You three…”

All of them disappeared. 

Xia Lei chuckled. “What are they doing?” 

Long Bing put down her chopsticks and rolled her eyes. “To hell with you. You must know too, right?”

Xia Lei smiled. Of course, he did. Long Bing had just said she wasn’t pregnant when the three of them took that as their cue to disappear. Weren’t they giving them a chance to make a child? 

“What are you sitting there for? I don’t want to make a child here,” said Long Bing. 

She had always been straightforward. She had passion and boldness which excited him greatly. He walked over and picked her up by her waist, then they went to his room. 

Long Bing wrapped her arms around Xia Lei’s neck. “Fan Fan said we had to use some medicine she made, is that true?” 

“Yeah, it’s an antidote. Without it, my sperm would kill each other.”

“That’s why I never got pregnant even though we never used protection. It was because of this.” She nudged him with her head. “You’re crazy, even your sperm is crazy.” 

Xia Lei chuckled. 

“Am I supposed to eat the medicine?”

“No, it’s topical.”

“You or me?”

“You’ll apply it.”


Xia Lei leaned closer to her ear and whispered. 

“Ugh! That’s insane. You help me, I’m not doing it.”

“Yes Ma’am, I’d be happy to help.”

“Of course you would, asshole.”

They closed the door as a blissful atmosphere filled the room. 

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