Chapter 913 - Gathering Of The Xia Ladies

The weather had been clear the day before, yet today, it snowed at dawn. Snow fluttered in the air, turning the rooftop white with snow. 

Standing before his office window, Xia Lei looked out at Peace Mansion to see the special force team guarding Peace Mansion and Thunder Horse Military Factory. At the area where the four knights were building a church, several guards were setting up camp on an empty piece of land. It was obvious that they were not going to leave anytime soon. 

Liang Siyao came to hug him from behind, admiring the snowstorm outside. 

“All the filth will be covered with snow,” she said. 

Xia Lei said, “But the snow will melt eventually. The hidden filth will soon reveal itself.” 

“I wish it would be like that forever. The world looks so clean, with everything in white,” she said. 

Xia Lei smiled. “Wouldn't that become the Ice Age? We’d run out of food, people would starve.”

She nudged her chin at him. “I hate you, can you not be so realistic? Can’t you be romantic?”

Xia Lei said, “Siyao…” 

“Director Xia,” Qing Caiyue entered through the door. “The lawyer is here.” When she saw both of them in an embrace, a hint of jealousy flashed in her eyes. 

Liang Siyao’s return had ruined her rags-to-riches story. 

“Alright,” said Xia Lei. 

Liang Siyao let go of his back and faced him. “You called the lawyer over? You’re really going to…” 

Xia Lei nodded. “Let me speak with the lawyer alone. I’ll call for you later. I have an important task that I need your help with.” 

Liang Siyao nodded. She did not even ask what it was. She was willing to do whatever he needed. 

The lawyer entered while Liang Siyao and Qing Caiyue left Xia Lei’s office. 

“Director Liang, why did Mister Xia invite the lawyer over?” probed Qing Caiyue. 

Liang Siyao furrowed her brows. “Don’t ask any questions that don’t concern you. Run along now.” 

“Alright, I’ll continue with my work.” Qing Caiyue turned, though she pouted when her back was towards Liang Siyao. “What is she so smug for? You were only the CEO of Thunder Horse after sleeping with Director Xia.” 

Liang Siyao did not hear her. She fished out her phone and dialled Fan Fan’s number. The call went through. 

“Why did you take so long to turn your phone on?” asked Liang Siyao. 

“Sigh, I was just in an investigation,” said Fan Fan. 

“Any trouble?” 

“A small one but it’s not too serious. Yawn…” Fan Fan yawned. “I’m so sleepy, I want to go to bed.” 

“Xia Lei invited the lawyer over, the lawyer’s in his office now,” said Liang Siyao. 

“What for?” 

“He’s writing his will. You should've come over,” said Liang Siyao. 

“He’s serious? I… I’m coming now!” Fan Fan hung up, all fatigue vanished. 

After a quiet moment, Liang Siyao dialled Jiang Ruyi’s number. 

“Siyao, I’m in a meeting,” said Jiang Ruyi’s voice was very soft. “What’s the matter?” 

“Xia Lei…” Liang Siyao spoke but then stopped. 

“What happened to him?” Jiang Ruyi suddenly panicked. “Wait a moment, I’ll talk to you outside.” After a minute, her voice came on once again. “Alright, I’ve left the meeting room. Siyao, tell me, what happened to Xia Lei? ” 

The foreign media had a field day reporting about what happened at Boao forum but local news did not mention it. It was not odd that Jiang Ruyi did not know what happened. 

“No, it’s…” Liang Siyao hesitated but finally told her. “Xia Lei is writing his will.” 

“Huh?” Jiang Ruyi’s voice went up an octave. “What’s wrong with him? Why is he writing a will for no reason? He’s so young. Our kids aren’t born yet. Why would he need a will for?”

Liang Siyao sighed. “I don’t know but the lawyer is in his office. I’ve talked to him about it but you know his temper. He won’t change once his mind is set. You’re part of the family, I think you should know too. If you have time, you should come.” 

“Alright, I’ll apply for leave immediately and take a flight over.” Jiang Ruyi hung up. 

Liang Siyao dialled Long Bing’s number. 

“Siyao, it’s early. What’s up?” said Long Bing. 

“Xia Lei’s writing his will. You should come,” said Liang Siyao directly. 

“Huh?” Long Bing was shocked. “Is he mad?” 

Liang Siyao smiled. “I’ve already informed Fan Fan and Jiang Ruyi. If you come, then the entire family would be here together. Writing a will is a major matter. Us ladies should sit together and talk about it.”

“This is so chaotic…” Long Bing chuckled bitterly. “Alright, I’ll head over immediately. If he doesn’t explain himself, we’ll smack him.” 

“Yea, we will.” Liang Siyao smiled, though her smile was filled with bitterness. 

All four ladies had been informed. Long Bing was the first to arrive at Thunder Horse Military Factory. As she parked, Fan Fan had arrived in her car too. Jiang Ruyi couldn’t arrive that soon but she would arrive before nightfall. For the first time, all of Xia Lei’s women would gather here. It was their first ladies’ meeting too. However, Xia Lei, who was still in his office, did not know of this. 

Within the parking lot, Long Bing got off her Knight XV and waited for Fan Fan. Although they knew each other, they weren’t very close. She was different from Liang Siyao, who had taken the role of the ‘rope’ tying all of them together. 

“Ah Bing, your car is so badass,” said Fan Fan with a smile, walking over. 

Long Bing smiled. She rarely smiled, so this was already a gesture of friendliness. 

Both ladies shook hands and hugged. When they pulled apart, they looked at each other and smiled once again. It was awkward but nothing they couldn’t get past. 

“I really don’t know why he’s gone mad. Why is he writing his will for no reason?” Fan Fan held Long Bing’s hand as they walked to the office tower. She talked as they walked, “Later, we must unite and oppress him.”

Long Bing nodded, though she was thinking about something else. “Would this be related to 佛森’s matter? Do you have any news?” 

Fan Fan said, “I have no choice now. I had just undergone investigations when Liang Siyao called. I’ll let you and Liang Siyao know if I have any news. 

The three ladies met at the door of Xia Lei’s office. Their eyes met each other’s. Although they were familiar with each other, this was their first formal meeting. 

Long Bing looked at Liang Siyao’s belly, then Fan Fan’s belly. She was a woman and wanted her own child too. 

Liang Siyao smiled. “Ah Bing, why are you looking at our bellies?” 

Long Bing grinned awkwardly. “Just looking to see if they’ve gotten bigger.”

Fan Fan said, “Not so soon. I think it’ll take a few months.”

Liang Siyao held Long Bing’s hand. “When are you having your own?” 

Long Bing blushed. “I...I don’t want to be a mother so soon.” 

“Don’t lie to us, I see the look you have when you see our bellies,” said Liang Siyao. “Get Xia Lei to work for it. You can hurry for him to give you a child. Then me, Sister Fan Fan, Ruyi and you will have one child each. The four children would be able to play together, it’ll be fun.” 

Four ladies, four young mothers, four crying babies with only one husband. How chaotic would it be? Long Bing could not imagine. But she was not repulsed. Instead, she was leaning towards this. 

Fan Fan held her hand. “Ah Bing, you can do it tonight. You and Xia Lei. Remember to get him to use the antidote. It’ll make you pregnant.”

“You all…” Long Bing had turned very red. 

At this point, the situation was very messy in Xia Lei’s home. 

All three women chatted and soon, the office door opened. The lawyer with his briefcase walked out, nodded at the three women, then left. 

Xia Lei appeared at the door, stunned. “Fan Fan, Ah Bing, when did you both get here?” 

Fan Fan and Long Bing did not speak. All three women squeezed through the door. 

Liang Siyao closed the door. 

All three of them looked at him with a hostile look in their eyes and solemn expressions. 

Xia Lei smiled bitterly. “What are you all doing? Are you here to fight with me?” 

“Why are you writing a will?” Liang Siyao attacked first. 

“Yeah, why?” asked Fan Fan. “We thought you were joking. I can’t believe you actually did it.” 

“Anything you’re hiding from us?” Long Bing’s approach was different from them both. 

Xia Lei shrugged. “I knew you might have come for this. Siyao, were you the one who called Fan Fan and Ah Bing?” 

Liang Siyao said, “I called them. Not just them, I invited Ruyi over too. She’ll arrive tonight. What do you think?” 

Xia Lei smiled, “I think I want to spank you.”

Liang Siyao rolled her eyes but she believed that if Fan Fan and Long Bing weren’t here, he would probably have spanked her. 

Xia Lei walked to the office table and distributed the will to three of them. “These are photocopies, the lawyer has taken the original. What do you all think?”

The three ladies looked at each other. Suddenly, six fists flew at him. 

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