Chapter 907 - Love Rival

The bright moon rose from the horizon of the ocean. Its pale luminescence illuminated the waves. The tumbling sea felt like a delicate organza dancing with the wind.

Staring ahead at the sea, Xia Lei watched the body of water stretch far into the distance. With the turbulence of the waves, Xia Lei’s heart escaped the constraints of his flesh and passed through time and space. It weaved past countless past memories and many people he had encountered in search of something. 

But poor Xia Lei had no idea what he was searching for. 

Now that the armour was successfully taken from the Knight Hospitaller, Xia Lei learnt that it was a protective suit but still found no courage in him to wear it and enter the world of the ancient alloy box. 

The black-robed man could be anywhere on this planet. Perhaps he was in Hainan, hidden in an underground chamber while preparing himself for something. 

Zhu Xuanyue, on the other hand, was still somewhere on this planet. When was she going to be fully awakened? Would she be his foe or friend when that moment came? However, friend or not, the woman would still need to feed on mankind.

The current situation was a mess with Lockheed Martin turning hostile towards him. What made it worse was that it had support from the hegemonic American government. The threat it presented was bound to be lethal. 

His problems tormented him, making his temple throb in pain from the stress and anxiety it brought. 

Suddenly, a group of cars entered Xia Lei’s field of vision. Although it was still a kilometre away, the man could see clearly. Those were a convoy of army troops and special agents. 

Sigh, he knew what was about to come. 

“It’s cold out here, you should get inside.” Liang Siyao’s voice rang from behind him. 

Xia Lei peeled his eyes away and placed it on Liang Siyao instead. He turned around and spread his arms. The woman approached him and nestled herself snug against his chest. Her body was soft and she smelt so nice. It was a gentle scent that he was all too familiar with. 

“You’re feeling awful and burdened but I just don’t know how to comfort you…” Liang Siyao mumbled gently. “However, I’d like you to know that I’ll be here for you, always. Our child will be here for you too.” 

Xia Lei smiled. “There’s no need to worry about me. For the sake of both of you, I’ll stay safe.” 

“Okay.” Liang Siyao whispered and buried her head into the crook of his neck. She took in his scent, enveloping her mind with the warmth of his body and everything about her lover. 

“Hey, what about me?” Fan Fan emerged onto the balcony, feminine features adorned with a lovely smile. 

Liang Siyao released Xia Lei but before she could move away and allow Fan Fan her share, the latter squeezed into her side and enveloped her hands around her as well. 

Three people and five hearts were stuck together. 

“Hubby, please rest assured. I’ve already talked to the higher-ups to convince them that this is nothing but a ploy by America to defame us,” said Fan Fan after the sweet and comforting embrace. 

Xia Lei firmly reminded, “Remember, if the higher-ups decide to go against me, you must not involve yourself in the mess. Do not oppose it either.” 

“What? How could I do that?” Fan Fan replied, “I won’t let anyone hurt you! No one can hurt you!” 

Xia Lei’s sternness was unwavering. “Fan Fan, listen to me. Do not oppose their ideas. If that ever happens, you must not involve yourself. You need to protect yourself and our child. You must keep Thunder Horse Organization away from those with ulterior motives. Do you understand me?” 

Fan Fan nibbled her lip then nodded. 

How could she not understand him? 

If something were to happen to Xia Lei, she was to be someone with the highest authority associated with him. Xia Lei’s children, which included the babies carried by her, Liang Siyao and Jiang Ruyi would all fall under her protection. The woman was also expected to manage the aftermath of the Thunder Horse Organization in accordance with his will. 

However, with understanding came great pain. Before she realized it, her eyes were already glistening with a sheen of moisture. 

Liang Siyao was tearing up too. 

Sadness shrouded the three on the balcony. 

The convoy came to a halt, allowing dozens of armed special forces to move into the villa’s premise quickly. In a blink of an eye, the entire villa and its surroundings were completely under their control. 

Tang Yuyan exited one of the cars and was escorted by special agents to the main entrance. The four elite bodyguards stationed at the courtyard immediately saluted her. The air around the woman seemed more like a leader of the Bureau 101 now. 

Before she had made it into the building, Tang Yuyan spotted the embracing trio on the balcony. In that split second, the woman felt like her heart was stabbed violently by countless needles. 

Noticing her presence, Xia Lei finally released Fan Fan and Liang Siyao. He greeted her, “Yuyan, it’s nice to see you here.” 

“If I could have flown, I would’ve been here earlier.” Tang Yuyan stared at him intently. “Are you coming down or do I go up to you?” 

Xia Lei gave a small smile. “The view up here is great, how about you come up?” 

“Good, I’ll be there.” With that, Tang Yuyan pushed the door open.

Liang Siyao was the first to speak up, “She rushed here with so many people, I’m afraid that she’s here too…” 

The woman’s footsteps were nearing them. 

Xia Lei hinted to Liang Siyao to stay silent. 

Liang Siyao and Fan Fan cast a glance at each other, then they both turned their heads to watch the entrance to the balcony. 

Tang Yuyan emerged from the stairway with a smile. “I hope I’m not interrupting your family time.” 

“Siyao, go make some tea for Yuyan,” instructed Xia Lei. 

“Mm.” Liang Siyao hummed a noise of acknowledgement before facing Tang Yuyan with a smile. “I can’t believe I forgot to make tea for Director Tang. I’m terribly sorry for my rudeness.” 

With nonchalance plastered over her face, Tang Yuyan replied, “What are you talking about? You’re already Officer Fan’s sister, what is a little bureau director to you?” 

Fan Fan furrowed her brows. “Director Tang, why do you feel the need to involve me in your exchange with Liang Siyao? I don’t think the jurisdiction of Bureau 101 extends to who I want to take as my sister.” 

Tang Yuyan scoffed lightly, refusing to continue her argument with Fan Fan. The woman could belittle Liang Siyao for all she wanted but Fan Fan’s presence was another thing entirely. Fan Fan’s official position was higher than hers in the hierarchy. Tang Yuyan may have background support from the influential and wealthy Tang family but Fan Fan’s support was sourced from the Chinese Academy of Sciences represented by Fan Yiming. The academy had a heavier significance than the Tang family. 

In a fight, men would use their fists while women would use words. Despite the stark differences in approach, they were all fighting with their own strength. 

Liang Siyao returned with a cup of tea for Tang Yuyan. She wasn’t the kind of woman with a small smile. After all, women who practised martial arts were typically more straightforward and tolerant. They wouldn’t take such small matters to heart. Aside from that, it was Xia Lei who asked her to make the cup of tea, not Tang Yuyan. 

Xia Lei invited Tang Yuyan to take a seat. “Yuyan, I’m aware that you’re here because of what happened during the Boao Forum. But what are you trying to achieve by bringing a crowd with you?” 

Tang Yuyan took a brief glance at Liang Siyao and Fan Fan, who were both standing beside Xia Lei. She said, “There are some things that I must tell you in private.” 

That made Xia Lei scowl. “We’re no strangers to one another. You know that they’re my family, is that really necessary?” 

Fan Fan’s tone had an edge. “Tang Yuyan, what are you trying to do?” 

Tang Yuyan answered, “I don’t intend to do any harm. It’s just that the authority wants me to do so. We’re all friends so I hope you could spare me and not complicate things further.” 

Before Fan Fan could say another word, Liang Siyao grasped her hand. “Sister Fan Fan, let’s go. You can leave Tang Yuyan with Xia Lei.” 

Fan Fan glared at Tang Yuyan then left the balcony with Liang Siyao. 

Tang Yuyan watched them leave. She waited until Fan Fan was out of her sight to scream, “That’s just bullying!” 

Xia Lei smiled helplessly. “What? What do you mean? Who would dare to bully you?” 

“Fan Fan!” Tang Yuyan huffed angrily. “If it wasn’t for her, you would’ve already been my fiance. She snatched you away from me and now she’s bullying me. Isn’t that too much?!” 

Despite that, her hostility towards Fan Fan was understandable to Xia Lei. If Fan Fan wasn’t added to the equation, he would have been engaged to Tang Yuyan. To steal someone’s lover was a great crime for women. 

“Ugh, nevermind. I’m not here to talk about that. Plus, you wouldn’t even find me pitiful even if I was in trouble,” relented Tang Yuyan.

Xia Lei didn’t know what to do. He understood her sentiments but there was nothing he could offer her. 

“That Folsom… Was she telling the truth?” After a short moment of silence, Tang Yuyan brought their attention to official affairs. 

Xia Lei paused to think. “Do you think it’s true?”

“I’m asking you,” said Tang Yuyan. 

“If I admit that it’s true, are you going to arrest me?” Xia Lei eyed the special forces on the other side of the wall.

Tang Yuyan abruptly stood from her seat and swayed a punch at Xia Lei’s shoulder. 

Xia Lei received the hit wordlessly, letting the woman’s fist to land on him. The feeling of pain immediately began to spread across his being. Tang Yuyan had not held back but the man found it difficult to even be mad at her. In the face of this woman who was almost his fiancee, Xia Lei only felt guilt. He felt like he owed her something. 

“Why didn’t you avoid it?” Tang Yuyan’s voice was fierce. “Why are you not retaliating?” 

The smile on his face was bitter. “If hitting me would make you feel better, please go on until you’re feeling much better.” 

Tang Yuyan raised her arm again but the anticipated impact did not come. Although Xia Lei was now together with another woman and not just one, she still loved him dearly. It was a love so deep that she just couldn’t pull away from it. 

She placed her fists down. At that moment, her tears came pouring out. 

The sight of her tear tracks overcame Xia Lei with an urge to comfort her in his embrace. But the man suppressed the thought. Xia Lei had promised Fan Fan and Liang Siyao to be a better man. 

Tang Yuyan plopped herself back onto the chair. “I brought a crowd over not to arrest you, they’re here to protect you.” 

Xia Lei was apologetic. “I’m terribly sorry but I hope you could understand my circumstances. What happened earlier just made me paranoid about these things.”  

“Are you telling me that I don’t understand you well? Tell me, is Folsom telling the truth?” Tang Yuyan stared into Xia Lei’s soul. “Do not lie to me, I only want the truth.” 

Xia Lei nodded solemnly. “What she claimed was true.” 

Tang Yuyan froze. She had seen this coming but hearing it from Xia Lei himself was a new reality check. 

“Do you have anything you’d like to say to me?” asked Xia Lei cautiously. 

Tang Yuyan fell silent. “Troubles are about to come very soon, you’ll need my help. Come back to Jingdu with me. In the next twenty-four hours, there’ll be much for you to do.” 

“What’s happening?” Xia Lei’s pulse began to hitch from anxiety. 

“I’ll tell you on the way back,” said Tang Yuyan. 

“I’ll go tell Siyao and Fan Fan about this, we’ll all head back together,” replied Xia Lei. 

“Okay, but you must sit in my car. I don’t want them both in the same car as us,” sneered Tang Yuyan. 

Xia Lei’s heart sighed in agony. When would he be freed of problems? In the end, the trouble that overwhelmed him most was none other than those associated with women. 

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