Chapter 883 - Uncle, Please Trick Me

“Tired?” There was a mischievous smile on Liang Siyao’s face. “Would you like a back rub?” 

Xia Lia laughed a little. “No thanks. Ruyi had half the mind to phone you last night too.”

Liang Siyao was perplexed. “What for?”

Xia Lei grinned. “She wanted you to help her out.” 

The realisation finally dawned upon her, causing her to flush violently across her cheek. She punched Xia Lei lightly. “Fuck you. Why do you need me while you’re off fornicating?” Some resentment shone through her pupils. “I’m already at a loss by being together with you. Yet, you’re trying to have me fuck you with another woman?”

Xia Lei extended an arm and pulled her closer. He teased, “Don’t all women like bad men? Plus, I’m a special case. It was her that wanted you to join us. I’m not lying to you. I was the one who felt bashful enough to stop her.” 

They’d never reach a good middle ground when it came to sex. 

Xia Lei slid a palm under her skirt. “Wow, where did you buy this stocking from? It feels really good.” 

The woman's ears turned red. She wanted to pinch his wandering hand but couldn’t find the heart to do so. Yeah, the old Xia Lei was a wholesome boy, always sheepish and shy when it came to things like this. However, the current Xia Lei was now a man who had seen it all. Not only had he mastered sweet talk, but he had also attained invincible battle abilities. Liang Siyao couldn’t tell if she had loved the old Xia Lei more or the current Xia Lei more. Though so, she was certain that every moment spent with him was delightful. 

As long as she was happy, there was no need to overthink things. 

“Hey, someone might walk in now.” Liang Siyao could no longer take it. 

“Hmm, what brand is this?” 

“Victoria’s Secret. Remember? You bought it for me. Why are you asking questions that you know the answer to?” 

“Let me take a look.” Xia Lei attempted to lift her skirt. 

At this moment, Qing Caiyue entered the office and caught the couple red-handed. She urgently turned around. “Cough, cough… I saw nothing!” 

The mushy couple quickly pulled themselves apart. 

Xia Lei quickly adjusted his sitting posture, acting like he was reading some documents. 

Liang Siyao frantically tidied her crooked skirt. “What’s the matter, Secretary Qing?” 

Qing Caiyue finally turned around. With a straight face, she spoke, “Director Xia, Annina and Sylvia have requested for your presence.” 

“Oh, got it. I’ll meet them right away.” Xia Lei left his seat. 

Qing Caiyue was planning to escort him over to the garage but as soon as she caught Liang Siyao’s stink-eye, she decided against it. Instead, she asked, “CEO Liang, is there anything I can help you with?” 

“Of course, please prepare a meeting draft for me,” instructed Liang Siyao.

“Alright, understood.”

Liang Siyao thought to herself darkly. “Though I can’t chase away Long Bing, Jiang Ruyi and that Fan Fan. There are still too many of us in this house. There’s no way I’d allow any new addition! I’m the one that will regulate the members of the Xia family.” 

Exiting the office block, Xia Lei placed his finger under his nose and sniffed. He couldn’t help the smirk that appeared on his face. “Victoria’s Secret, huh? Liang Siyao, you said that I was a bad man but you’re no different… I like you better this way.” 

Abruptly, a baseball-cap donning man walked towards him from the side. 

Xia Lei spared him a glance and halted his footsteps. 

“Boss, I got some new information on the person you requested me to find.” He was Sa’im, the Intel expert of the Chinese Zodiac Battle Team. 

Xia Lei’s heart thundered but the man kept his nerves in check. “Where is she?” 

“America.” Sa’im continued, “But I hadn’t received much news. I need to head to America to learn more. I need some funding support.” 

“How much do you need?” 

“Half a million USD,” answered Sa’im. 

“I’ll transfer you one million USD.” Xia Lei gazed straight into his eyes. “However, you must remember. Keep your distance away from her. Don’t try to help her even if she’s met with danger. All you need to do is watch her and report to me.” 

Sa’im flashed him a reassuring smile. “No problem.”

“Safe journey.” Xia Lei hugged him then left towards the garage. 


America, Washington DC. 

A woman wandered the bustling streets of Washington. Her clothes were filthy and her pretty face was marred with dirt. There were even strands of wild grass in her hair. She looked like a beggar. Albeit her tattered appearance, her existence was a magnet for attention. The reason behind that? Well, she was just too gorgeous to be real. Her face looked as if it was sculpted by a master and every ounce of her figure was dripping with indescribable sexiness. She was most definitely the pinnacle of beauty. 

The streets were busy, yet many had stopped to look at this filthy woman. It was only natural for some buzz to be generated. 

“What happened to her?” 

“This is so weird. With her looks and body, any modelling agency will be more than willing to sign her up.” 

“Is she homeless?” 

I’m not sure about that. Maybe this is a form of street art? It's just really confusing to see someone so beautiful homeless.” 

As the others continued to chatter about, the woman walked towards an old man. In Chinese, she asked him, “Old man, do you know how to get to Langley?” 

The old man shook his head and uttered in English, “Sorry, I don’t know what you’re saying. Are you speaking Chinese?” 

The woman blinked. Then, she slapped the back of her skull and beamed. “I can understand your language. I was asking you how to get to Langley. Could you tell me that?”

“That’s rude, young girl. You should greet me as mister.” 

“How about I call you grandpa instead?” 

“Is there a problem with your head?” The old man pointed at his brain. 

In that split second, her eyes shifted into something malicious. 

Meanwhile, two men approached the two. 

“Oy, old man, piss off!” yelled one fiercely. 

The old man quickly left the scene. 

It was then that the white man smiled at her. “Miss, you’re trying to get to Langley? We can bring you there.” 

The woman beamed. “Yeah, I want to go to Langley. Thank you so much. You’re both very kind!” 

The two males turned to look at each other, an unreadable smile forming on their lips. 

“Come with us, I can drive you there.” 

“Sure! Thank you, Big Brother.” She was overjoyed. 

They led her into an old Ford car. 

“Sigh!” Someone signed on the streets. “Turns out she’s just a crazy chick. That took her no time to fall into their trap.” 

“Those two boys really got it easy.” A middle-aged man huffed. The man seemed rather disappointed in himself that he hadn’t taken the chance to ‘help’ the crazy woman. 

Under the curious gaze of many, the Ford drove towards the direction of a slum. It was long gone before they knew it. 

“Miss, what is your name?” In the car, the man attempted to probe. But his eyes were lingering hungrily on her full breasts and firm thighs. 

The white man sitting beside her was bolder. Without any reserve, he placed a warm palm on the top of her thigh. 

She immediately scowled. 

“Hey, you haven’t answered me. What’s your name? Where are you from?” A hand began to wander. 

Abruptly, she caught his palm. “Why are you touching me? Ask me questions if you wish. This is my leg, no one can touch my leg.” 

“Who’s allowed to touch your body then?” He chuckled. Not only was this woman pretty and hot, but her demeanour was also interesting too. 

“Uncle Xia. I’ll only allow Uncle Xia to touch me.” She uttered each word with unwavering sternness. “I made a mistake so my Uncle Xia told me to wait for him in Langley. Uncle Xia will definitely be able to forgive me.” 

“What have you done? Your Uncle Xia is pretty cruel,” asked the white man. 

“I was hungry and needed to eat something.” She answered. 

“Huh? He punished you just because you were hungry? Your Uncle Xia is a bad man. I’m a good guy. How about I treat you to some banana?” The white man reached down and unzipped his pants, failing to suppress his lewd giggles. 

She looked at him intently. “Really? You’re going to let me eat?” 

“Of course. Come on, eat it up!” He impatiently grabbed a fistful of her hair and attempted to push her head to his crotch. 

However, things took a surprising turn. Suddenly, she grabbed his wrist and tugged harshly. The white man’s arm came off clean from the joint of his shoulder. 

“AHH!” He screeched in agony. Before long, the colour of blood disappeared from his face. His body flailed and slumped against the back seat. There was no longer any movement from him. 

“Y-You…” The driver quickly stomped on the brakes, reaching over to open the door. He was desperate to escape. But before he could make a move, he immediately dropped lifelessly on to his seat. If the man could see his own brain, he would certainly be terrified to learn that his brain had shrunk and later rot at a horrifically rapid pace! 

One minute later, she inhaled and smiled widely. “That was good, I feel so warm. But I’m still kinda hungry…” She caressed her flat stomach and sighed. “Uncle Xia, I know you don’t like it when I eat but I’m just too hungry! You told me to wait for you in Langley but when are you coming? I miss you so much. I promise that I’ll never eat like that again. I’ll only eat those who try to trick me. Yeah, I’ll just take it as a yes from you. Pinky promise! Hehehe…” 

A car that reeked of blood and her childish innocence was an eerie combination. 

This woman was none other than Zhu Xuanyue. 

She exited the car and observed her surroundings. After that, she began to walk towards a basketball court. A few youngsters were trading prohibited drugs there. An elderly man who just so happened to take another look was immediately faced with fiery threats. 

Zhu Xuanyue approached them. As she walked, she mumbled to herself. “Come on, come on, come on, trick me, trick me… You better trick me…” 

A few minutes later. 

“Uncle, I’m so hungry. Do you have anything you could feed me?”

“Yeah, I got a big banana. Would you like that?”


“Hahaha, come, let me feed you a banana.” 

“Sure, sure… How do I get to Langley?” 

“I’ll send you there after you’re done! Hahaha!” 

“Aww, you’re so kind.” 

Sandwiched in the middle of a bunch of men, Zhu Xuanyue was sent into a small wooden house. 

Sometimes, the devil may just be close by and you had just given it a reason to pounce on you. 

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