Chapter 834 - Relief

The night sky was free of clouds making it seem oddly quiet. A strong breeze blew and rustled the trees 

In the Peace Mansion, Xia Lei circled his bedroom while holding the alloy pendant around his neck.

His mind wandered back to the time when he was in New Delhi, particularly when the black-robed man had cornered him on the roof and grabbed the alloy pendant on his neck. Xia Lei had initially thought that the black-robed man was after the pendant but that wasn’t the case. The mysterious figure took one glance then released it to say something insanely weird to Xia Lei. 

He said, “No wonder you’re still lacking.” 

Certainly, this wasn’t the first time Xia Lei had thought about the incident but he hadn’t understood  what it meant. 

“It’s obvious that he knows about the existence of the AE capsules and I have a good feeling that he knows I’ve consumed it. Is he telling me to finish the last one?” This thought was no longer a stranger to Xia Lei for he had it countless times. 

Often, the reality was cruel. Xia Lei’s brain and body had already reached a point of advancement that was worthy of worship but it was merely child’s play to the black-robed man. Another thing that really brought him down was that Xia Lei wouldn’t stand a chance against a mentality ten-year-old Zhu Xuanyue! 

Bad thoughts came at him one after another. If the black-robed man were to kill him three years later, Xia Lei wouldn’t even have the ability to at least defend himself! 

Now, the real question was whether he should consume the last capsule? 

Would it fortify his body further and increase his potentials exponentially? 

Before it had dawned upon him, Xia Lei had already opened up the alloy pendant and the AE capsule was already held onto his lips.  


When in despair, people’s greatest desire was to be a stronger version of themselves. Xia Lei was no different, there was just too much stress from the black-robed man, the CIA, the FA Organization and even the Hattori clan, not to mention the issues he was facing from the domestic market. Tonight was his breaking point,Xia Lei was desperate to become stronger than he ever was. 

As he was about to consume the solution to his issues and hindrance, a voice echoed in his mind. 

It sounded like him. “Wait… Why is he doing this to force me into a desperate situation yet not rob me of the very thing that will make me stronger? What is his goal? Could it be… that he’s aiming to make me take the last AE capsule?”  

That voice of reason calmed him down. 

“He mentioned that the answer is in me. Is he referring to the outcome after I swallow the last capsule?” His heart tried to reason. 

The possibility of it had him drenched with cold sweat. 

Suddenly, footsteps were gradually approaching his door along with some conversation. 

“Officer Fan, please wait a moment. I’ll inform Director Xia of your presence. I think he might be asleep now.” It was Lu Sheng’s voice. 

Yelena and E’er Demutu were involved in the Siberian operation earlier and assumed to be ‘dead’. With the four Knight Hospitaller ladies hanging around in the Peace Mansion, there was no way they could appear here. Therefore, Lu Sheng was made the person in charge of security. 

“No need, you can leave me here. I’m here to discuss some business affairs with your Director Xia. If he’s asleep, I’ll just wait for him.” Fan Fan had come to visit.  


“No need to worry, go,” urged Fan Fan. 

“Alright then.” Lu Sheng turned to leave, but decided to exclaim anyway, “Director Xia, Officer Fan is here to visit you.” 

In the room, Xia Lei frantically kept away the last AE capsule into his alloy pendant. 

Knock! Knock! Knock! 

“Give me a moment, I’m coming.” Xia Lei quickly went over to get the door. 

It was already well into autumn but the fabric on Fan Fan’s body was scarce. Tonight, she was wearing a black off-shoulder dress that had a deep V-neck collar that showed off her cleavage and a span of pale skin. The valley between her chests was deep and there was even a hint of fragrance radiating off Fan Fan. Beyond her slim waist was a full bottom that lifted the fabric. Its roundness was plain seductive. She had even gone the extra mile to forgo any sort of underwear.  

She really gave it all to show off her exquisite body. 

“Hey, are you not going to invite me in?” Fan Fan glared at Xia Lei. She was getting a little cold, not willing to stand in the wind for another second longer. 

Xia Lei quickly stepped aside to allow her in. “Gosh, why are you dressed so scantily for the weather? Are you not afraid of getting a cold?” 

Fan Fan threw her briefcase onto his bed before turning around to look at him with her big round eyes. “I’m doing all this to seduce you. Can’t you tell?” 

That was too straightforward. Xia Lei didn’t know how to respond to that. 

“But yeah. I certainly did dress wrong for the weather. I wasn’t expecting the temperature tonight to be so low. Can I please warm myself up in your bed?” 

Before Xia Lei could reply, Fan Fan already took off her heels to nestle herself in his sheets. She pouted and said, “Why is it so cold? I guess I’ll help you warm it up. Open up my briefcase. I believe I have what you’re looking for.” 

Xia Lei did as she said and took out the set of documents inside. 

Among the few sets was an order sheet for Thunder Horse’s Sweeper infantry fighting vehicle. 

“One thousand units?” The gigantic number shocked Xia Lei.

“Yeah. What’s wrong with it? Isn’t that what you wanted? I’ve helped you get this but what’s with that expression?” Fan Fan asked.

Xia Lei gave her a wry smile. “I was expecting one to two hundred or at most five hundred. I really wasn’t expecting it to be one thousand orders. I’m sure you know that Thunder Horse Organization’s production capacity is rather limited, so I’m a little worried.” 

“Too much to handle? This is just merely the first batch, there’ll be more coming soon,” said Fan Fan. 

“One thousand infantry fighting vehicles. This is almost equivalent to switching out all armoured combat vehicles in the military.” Pausing for a moment, Xia Lei grinned. “It may be overwhelming but this is something I must do. I’ll find a way to increase our production.” 

“That’s my boy.” Excitement glimmered in her eyes. “You’re a man who’s destined for big things. A man should be as charismatic as you, you’re certainly my type.” 

Xia Lei avoided her lustful gaze to flip through the other few sets of documents. 

The remaining documents had nothing to do with orders. Instead, they were preferential policies that involved aspects like talent, funds and policy support. The support received was unprecedented. Simply put, with this document in his hands, Xia Lei was permitted to register for uncapped bank loans even recruit people from any university. Most importantly, all weapons produced by the Thunder Horse Organization, regardless of it being its export models or domestic models and amount, will not require an evaluation from the department under Yu Shanhe. 

This wasn’t just a green light, this was equivalent to opening up an aircraft runway for him! 


The support wasn’t to let him sprint, it was to let him fly! 

“This…” The documents Fan Fan had brought over were undoubtedly authentic. But Xia Lei felt like this was too good to be true. 

“What do you want to say?” Fan Fan smiled, face full of joy. 

Xia Lei sighed dreamily. “This is a dream come true. Now that it’s in my hands, I’m having a hard time taking this in.” 

“You now have the country’s support, you can achieve bigger things. I know your dream is to establish Thunder Horse Organization to be something akin to Lockheed Martin’s level. This is your chance. Go make all your dreams come true!” Fan Fan’s voice went a pitch higher from absolute delight. 

“Thank you so much. Even though you’ve never mentioned how you got there, I know that you’ve given it your all.” The gaze Xia Lei had on her was unbearably gentle. 

“How do you plan to thank me?” 

“What would you like from me?” 

“You’re fully aware of what I want.” 

“But aren’t you on your…””

“On my what?” Fan Fan tilted her head in confusion. 

“Your… uh… that.” 

“What are you trying to say?” 

This was no riddle, this was just bold teasing. 

“Oh, you mean my menses. I’m already done with it today. I even took the extra measure to clean myself thoroughly before coming over with a half-hour bath. Smell me, don’t I smell great?” She peeled away the blanket to slowly lift her long skirt. The black luxurious fabric glided across her black-stocking clad limbs as it made its way up, exposing her beautiful long legs. Her act of seduction was too much to handle. 

“I need to use the washroom.” Xia Lei quickly escaped. 

Barging into his washroom, he took out the counter-antidote fluid from the drawer. 

But when he managed to open its cap, he hesitated. 

“Three years… If I’m only left with three years to live, am I really going to leave this world without a trace? If she wants a child and I need someone to take over my business, what’s the harm? She’s about to live a life of loneliness. Perhaps if she had a child, life would be much bearable for her…” Thinking about that, Xia Lei began to empty the fluid into the toilet bowl. 

As soon as the glass bottle was tossed into the trash can, Xia Lei felt relieved. If there was only three years left to his life, why not spend it all without regrets? 

From now on, he’d do as he wished! 

Fuck you, ancient alloy! 

Fuck you, black-robed man! 

Fuck you, secularity and prejudice! 

Leaving the washroom, a black mass soon came flying towards him. This time, he didn’t avoid it as it was just Fan Fan’s dress. 

Her black dress landed on his face. It smelled really nice but there was also a hint of something inexplicable. It didn’t take long for him to register that it was Fan Fan’s antidote. 

He raised an arm to peel away the garment blinding his sight and approached her. Nestled comfortably in his sheets, she looked pale and fragile. Almost as if she would melt away with one breathe of hot air. 

However, the one who melted wasn’t the fragile and vulnerable Fan Fan but this strong man before her…

“Fan Fan, can you give me a little bit of your antidote?” 

“It’s meant for my use, not you. What do you need it for?” Between the blankets, Fan Fan stared intently at Xia Lei. 

Xia Lei let out a little laugh. “I’m just planning to study it a little more. Perhaps I would even perfect it to increase its success rate.” 

“You think I’d buy that? I know you very well. Hmph, you really think I’d be stupid enough to let you use this on someone else?” 

Xia Lei sheepishly replied, “What do you take me as? Am I really that sneaky to you?” 

“Hehe, do you really want it?” 

“Yeah, just a little bit would do.”

“Then, I’ll finish it all tonight.” 

Before he could explain anything else, she had already pounced on him. 

Was there a woman on earth who could be reasoned with? 

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