Chapter 786 - Drama

It only took a few minutes for Linghan’s men to arrive at the scene. Despite being dressed in normal clothing, they were not ordinary civilians. Their actions, behaviour and expressions clearly show that they were specially trained. Moreover, they were armed with weapons which normal civilians had no access to.

Ling Han’s men were already waiting nearby. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have gotten here in such a short amount of time.

Xia Lei’s men weren’t here yet.

“Didn’t you ask for your men, where are they?” Ling Han sneered at Xia Lei.

Xia Lei shrugged his shoulder. “How would I know? They could be stuck in traffic.”

“Hahaha!” Mu Jian-Feng laughed. “Xia Lei, stop bragging when you clearly don’t have the men. Just scram, it’s none of your business!”

“What if I insist on staying?” Xia Lei said.

Mu Jian-Feng averted his gaze to Ling Han.

Ling Han was quick to respond. “If you insist on being involved in this, I’ll have to take you with me.”

“I’ve tried numerous kinds of rice in my life. But I have yet to try prison rice. I would love to try it, so take me with you.” Xia Lei stretched out his hand as if he wanted to be handcuffed.

However, no one approached and handcuffed him. Instead, two armed men who were wearing plain clothes caught Ye Kun after getting the signal from Ling Han.

“What are you doing? What do you want?” Ye Kun was anxious, struggling as they grabbed him.

One of them hit Ye Kun’s spine with the back of his gun. Ye Kun screamed and fell on the ground.

“Take him away,” said Ling Han coldly.

The two armed men pulled up Ye Kun who was on the floor to take him away.

Ye Kun gave Xia Lei an imploring look.

Xia Lei responded calmly. “Don’t worry, you’ll be fine. No one can take you from here.”

Ling Han sneered. “Xia Lei, you really think you’re some big shot? If I take him away now, what can you do about it?”

“It’s true that I can’t do anything to you, but you won’t be able to hide everything. I’m sure there’s someone out there who could control you,” said Xia Lei.

As soon as he finished his sentence, a gaggle of reporters suddenly appeared outside the office. These reporters started filming the scene.

Ling Han and Mu Jian-Feng were stunned. Both of them thought that Xia Lei would ask for some armed men to come over, such as the agents from Bureau 101 or the men under Fan Fan. 

“What are you doing? Get out!”

“Give me your camera! Give it to me!”

“What do you want?”

“How could you take my camera?”

“My camera is very expensive. If you break it, you'll have to pay me! “

“Are you police or something? You can’t just go around taking people’s things!”

The office was in chaos.

Amidst the chaos, a middle-aged woman suddenly rushed in and pounced on Ye Kun.

Ye Kun was a little dumbfounded because this woman was not just anyone. It was his wife. He had never asked his wife to come here, but she did. What timing.

“What are you doing?! You can’t take him away!” Ye Kun’s wife cried and shouted. “Why are you guys arresting him? Let him go, let him go!”

Ling Han gave a look and then two of the men in plainclothes grabbed Ye Kun’s wife.

Ye Kun’s wife kicked and screamed. “They’re beating people up! They’re trying to kill people!”

“Shut up!” One of them held up his gun but did not hit Ye Kun’s wife with it.

“Go on, shoot me, kill me!” Ye Kun’s wife yelled. “Reporters, I want to tell you the truth! My husband is a good man but someone is out to get him. It’s because he reported Mu Jian-Feng on his wrongdoings.”

The large group of reporters gathered around and pointed their recording pen, camera and video camera at Ye Kun’s wife.

“Cut that crap!” Mu Jian-Feng could not stand it anymore. He rushed to Ye Kun’s wife and roared. “Shut up!”

Upon hearing that, Ye Kun’s wife carried on. She spat on Mu Jian-Feng and said, “Are you afraid that I’ll spill out the truth? This guy is guilty of corruption! He appointed people by favouritism! During 2008, he…”

Before Ye Kun’s wife finished her accusation, Mu Jian-Feng swung at her face.


It was loud and clear.

Ye Kun’s wife closed her eyes and fell to the floor like a loach.

The slap from the old man had made the woman lose her consciousness. Truthfully, a slap like that should not have done anything. Only an expert had the ability to slap someone out of consciousness.

The whole office immediately fell silent. After a short silence, Ye Kun suddenly howled. “Darling! Darling! Don’t die! Please don’t leave me alone!”

Just when everyone was staring at Ye Kun’s wife, Xia Lei turned around to take a glance at E’er Demutu.

E’er Demutu nodded back at him.

Xia Lei then looked at Ye Kun’s wife’s neck. Soon after, he found a specially-made needle hidden in her hair under the ear.

“Sister-in-law!” Xia Lei rushed near to Ye Kun’s wife. He held up her head and asked with concern. ”Sister-in-law, are you okay? Please wake up, don’t scare me like that!”

There was no sign of movement from Ye Kun’s wife.

At this moment, Xia Lei pulled out the hidden needle from her neck secretly.

“Bitch! Stop acting! It’s useless!” shouted Mu Jian-Feng. His words were harsh but he was starting to panic inside.

“That’s too cruel! Is that what will happen to the whistleblowers?”

“Do laws still apply to them?”

“Will we be caught and prosecuted?”

“Committing physical assault under broad daylight is punishable no matter who they are, right?”

“Yes! We need to call the police and the ambulance!”

The office was in chaos again.

“It’s enough!” Ling Han yelled. “Keep quiet, everyone!”

The office was suddenly silenced, everyone had their eyes glued on Ling Han.

Ling Han walked towards Ye Kun’s wife and reached out his hand to touch her neck. Then, he grabbed a cup of tea from the coffee table and splashed it onto her face.

Despite that, Ye Kun’s wife remained unconscious. There wasn’t a slight bit of movement from her.

Ling Han was stunned. He had initially thought that the woman was pretending to be unconscious. However, she remained completely still. 

Click Click Click…

The electronic flash of the DSLR flashed incessantly. The reporters were taking pictures of the scene. They didn’t want to miss the scene of Ling Han pouring a cup of tea on a woman’s face.

“That’s too much!”

“Is there humanity left in them?”

“Who the hell are they?”

The office was in chaos again.

Ling Han stared at Ye Kun’s wife, who was still on the floor. At this moment, he suddenly had a strong desire to step on her face.

Xia Lei let down Ye Kun’s wife gently and sighed. “I’m afraid she won’t make it.”

“Darling!” Ye Kun howled as he pounced on his wife but there were no tears.

“Xia Lei!” Mu Jian-Feng suddenly rushed towards Xia Lei, grabbed on his collar and yelled. “Bastard! How dare you…how dare you collude with her to frame me!”

“Me? Frame you? Why would I have to?” Xia Lei turned around to face Lu Sheng. “Lu Sheng, give it to the reporters. Let them have a look at it.”

Lu Sheng then retrieved a thick stack of documents from a briefcase and handed it out to the reporters.

The contents were Mu Jian-Feng’s illegal records. It contained even more records than the one Ye Kun had submitted.

“Don’t look at it! Don’t take pictures! Give it back to me!” Mu Jian-Feng was out of control.

The evidence, the informant that was beaten unconscious by him, everything that he did was to his detriment. He even did this in front of a group of reporters. He was afraid just by thinking of the consequences.

“Ridiculous!” Ling Han grabbed Ye Kun’s collar and lifted him up. His men followed up and grabbed Ye Kun and headed towards the exit.

Ling Han wasn’t bothered by these reporters.

Xia Lei suddenly got in the way of the two men. He reached out his hand and blew a punch on the chest of one of them.

His victim was stunned by the blow, he quickly held up his gun and pointed it towards Xia Lei’s head.

Click Click Click…

Again, the reporters were taking pictures incessantly.

There was no sign of fear on Xia Lei’s face with a gun pointed at him. Instead, he gave them a big smile. “Today, I would like to make an announcement. Thunder Horse Organization will merge with Hanwu Weapons to form a friendly unit. It would be a good start for both the state-owned enterprise and private enterprise. As long as we contribute to the country, the nature of our enterprise is not important. Besides, I would also love to announce that I and Director Ye from Hanwu Weapons will lead our technical team to develop a new weapon.”

The reporters looked at each other.

How could someone announce this when a gun was pointed at his head?

None of the reporters asked him any questions.

“Take them away!” Ling Han was furious.

Several men who were also wearing plain clothes approached Xia Lei, two of them grabbed him by his arm, while others pointed their guns at him.

“I’ll shoot anyone who hurts him!” Suddenly, Long Bing appeared by the door. She walked into the office. She was holding a pistol. 

Finally, Xia Lei had somebody on his side with a gun.

“Long Bing! It’s none of your business!” Ling Han threatened her.

Following the threat from Ling Han, a few men with plainclothes pointed their gun at Long Bing.

Long Bing also held up her pistol. She fired a shot without any hesitation. 

A decorative sheet fell from the ceiling, falling apart on the floor.

No one expected Long Bing to fire a shot when so many guns were pointed at her. Everyone was stunned by her actions. A few reporters crouched on the ground while cradling their heads.

Long Bing put down her arm and pointed her pistol at Ling Han’s head. “Xia Lei is under our protection priority, he is an important asset to the country. It’s not up to you to decide if he is free or not. I’m giving you five seconds to let go of him and get out from here. I’ll kill you otherwise.”

Ling Han was livid. The corner of his mouth twitched but he didn’t say anything.

Long Bing’s eyes were cold and unforgiving. “Five, four, three…”

“Let him go!” Ling Han gave up. He knew that Long Bing was not joking. However, he couldn’t guarantee that his men would return fire.

Long Bing exchanged a glance with Xia Lei. Although they didn’t say anything, they could understand each other’s thoughts. It was a tacit understanding between them.

This glance also represented the turning point of the event, it was developing towards another direction.

However, it wasn’t going favourably for Ling Han and Mu Jian-Feng.

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