Chapter 785 - Unhappy? Come Fight Me


The loud slam of a fist brought a teacup and its contents off the table and onto the floor. 

Mu Jian-Feng, who broke the fragile cup, approached Ye Kun while waving an arm to land a hard slap onto the latter’s cheeks. 


Another crisp sound rang out. 

The fat on Ye Kun’s cheek wobbled with the impact. The man glared intently at his assaulter. He was angry but didn’t return the favour nor did he speak a single word in retaliation. 

“You damned traitor!” Mu Jian-Feng pointed his fingers at Ye Kun. “If I hadn’t promoted you back then, would you be where you are today? If it wasn’t for me, you’ll probably remain as a pesky general employee, living paycheck to paycheck until you die!”

Ye Kun’s lip twitched but he remained silent. It was true that he was personally trained by Mu Jian-Feng. Without the latter, he would've been a nobody. But that didn’t change the fact that the betrayal was still within reason! 

“I believe that we’ve talked about this. We’re not going to supply Xia Lei with spare parts anymore. Why are you still running the production line for him in secret? How much did he pay you? Tell me!” Mu Jian-Feng’s saliva splattered on Ye Kun’s face. 

Ye Kun raised his hand to wipe his face. He finally spoke up, “He didn’t pay me anything. I’m just doing the right thing.” 

“The right thing?”

“Yes, the right thing.” Ye Kun was resolute. “Thunder Horse Organization has boundless potential. They might become the ace representative of our country’s military industry. Surely, they’ll trigger the improvement of our military production standards and expand our international market. Why hinder something that will eventually benefit us all?”

Mu Jian-Feng spat. 

Another thick blob of saliva ended up on Ye Kun’s face. 

Though the fluid had bloomed across Ye Kun’s cheek, the silver-haired old man still had his head extended from his torso. His eyes were like that of a working-class man commonly depicted in propagandas in the sixties, it was filled with hatred towards the decadent middle-class sons. The paused scene was almost like an aestheticization of violence.

A few men who had followed Mu Jian-Feng were giving cold looks to Ye Kun. There was no pity in their eyes, only disdain. 

This was the treatment a filthy traitor deserved. 

Ye Kun wiped his face silently and added, “Teacher, did you have dumplings with chives for breakfast?  Your taste in food has never changed over these years. Please listen to my advice now that you are older. Retire and enjoy your remaining years to the fullest.”

“Bullshit!” Mu Jian-Feng raised his arm to smack Ye Kun once again. 

Ye Kun caught his arm in the nick of time. 

Suddenly, the other men started to close in on them. One restrained Ye Kun’s arm, another stomped him while another gave him an unexpected punch. It didn’t take long for the situation in the office to escalate. 

Ye Kun wasn’t a fighter. It would only be a matter of seconds for him to succumb. Now, his face was pressed against his office desk by two men. His waist was squeezed against the edge painfully, showing his pale protruding belly. Unknowingly, his zipper had busted open amidst the scuffle and his red boxers were peeking through the fabric window.

A commotion could be heard from outside Hanwu Weapons, someone was trying to barge into the office. “Get lost! Anyone who dares to interfere with our investigation team will be arrested!” 

But the noise was short-lived. 

Has Ye Kun broken the law? Were they here to arrest him? Those were the first things that came across their minds. If that really was the case, what were they waiting for? This was the perfect time for them to barge in! 

Mu Jian-Feng came closer to Ye Kun’s face. “If I could bring you up with one hand, then I can take you out with one slap! If you’re smart enough, cease all production for Thunder Horse Organization right now.”

“I’m doing this for the greater good. It’s for the sake of our country and its people! Why are you doing this to me?” questioned Ye Kun.  

“That’s enough! Hearing those words from your mouth disgusts me!” spat Mu Jian-Feng as he slapped Ye Kun’s cheek lightly. “Don’t you think that I’m unaware that you did it, motherfucker. You fucking got someone to submit it in your stead! What could an ungrateful traitor like you do for the country?!” 

Mu Jian-Feng had always been known for his calm disposition. But right now, not a shred of it remained. 

“Release him,” a man’s voice rang from the entrance. 

Mu Jian-Feng turned around to meet its source. Oddly, a smile appeared on his face.

Ling Han had arrived with two smartly-dressed subordinates. 

Mu Jian-Feng heeded his request and loosened his grip on Ye Kun. 

Ye Kun removed himself off the table’s surface. He wasn’t that scared when faced with Mu Jian-Feng but Ling Han was a different story. 

“That’s very bold of you, Ye Kun,” said Ling Han, his glare was cold. 

“I...I didn’t break the law. I didn’t do anything bold.” Ye Kun spared a jittery glance to his office entrance.

“Are you waiting for someone?” Ling Han was more observant than the average person. He could read Ye Kun in just a glance. He probed, “You’re waiting for Xia Lei, right?”

“Why would I be waiting for him?” Ye Kun denied. “I’m not waiting for anyone. What’s with everyone today? What are you all trying to do?” 

“You really have to ask that?” Ling Han let out a throaty laugh. “You’re involved in some illegal business and we’re here to investigate. Please come with me and hand me your passport.” 

“You… framed me!” Ye Kun panicked. 

Ling Han sent a glance towards his subordinates. Receiving their orders, the two men came to stand beside Ye Kun and restrained his arms in an arm lock. One of them even warned, “You better behave or we’ll have no choice but to cuff you up.” 

“I want to see my lawyer!” roared Ye Kun. 

“I’m sure you’ll see him soon, but would that even change anything?” jeered Ling Han. “You’ve only got yourself to blame now.”

As soon as he said that, loud noises could be heard from outside. 

“Move away! What the hell are you all doing? Who gave you the right to do this?!” A man’s voice rang out.

Hearing that voice brought relief to Ye Kun’s heart. A faint smile soon made its way to the corner of his lips. 

Xia Lei was finally here! 

To Ye Kun, if he was the purple fairy from A Chinese Odyssey, then Xia Lei was no doubt the golden-armoured, rainbow cloud-riding Monkey God who was here to save him. 

“Who the hell are you? Scram!”

The same sentence had worked against the Hanwu Weapon employees earlier but it had done the opposite this time. 

The person hadn’t even gotten a chance to announce that their team was still ‘working’ inside before a hard stomp was sent his way. His body flew across the corridor before landing hard on the ground. 

His assaulter wasn’t Xia Lei but Lu Sheng instead. 

“How dare you attack my men!” Mu Jian-Feng was enraged. 

To which Lu Sheng yelled, “So what?! I’ll pay their medical bills later!” 

That sort of took Mu Jian-Feng by surprise before he broke out of it to approach the door. 

Xia Lei, who was standing at the door, had kept his hands clean. He had only brought two men with him, E’er Demutu and Lu Sheng. Though it was only the three of them, Mu Jian-Feng’s subordinates were beaten into submission by the two men flanking Xia Lei. E’er Demutu and Lu Sheng were going easy on them. If not, the men would have either been dead or paralyzed 

“How dare you attack the investigation team!” yelled a man with a swollen face while pointing at Lu Sheng. 

Lu Sheng ignored him. He and E’er Demutu soon returned to stand at each side of the entrance. 

It was only then when Xia Lei made his entrance into the office.


“Xia Lei!” Ling Han hissed coldly. “Bold of you to come in and attack…”

Xia Lei interrupted him. “Quit your act, this isn’t the theatre. Do you really think I am that clueless? I know there is no investigation team! These men are just people from the China Industrial Group and some you’ve hired. Investigation? What a joke, you’re not here to do that. I’m not the bold one, you are. You’re just here to threaten Director Ye under the guise of some fake investigation team.” 

“Bullshit!” Mu Jian-Feng was so angry that his face had turned green. He pointed a trembling finger at Xia Lei. 

Xia Lei calmly retorted, “One of you called me bold while the other calls my words bullshit. I’m here today because Director Ye is my collaborator and I need to protect him. There’s no way that he’s coming with you. I mean my words and I will put them into action.”

Ling Han and Mu Jian-Feng were equally irritated to the point that their faces had darkened. Xia Lei had managed to challenge them in just a mere reply. To them, it wasn’t just pure offensive, it was extreme humiliation! 

The atmosphere in the office became increasingly tense. 

It was only after a few quiet seconds that Ling Han spoke up. He was so angry that he began to cackle instead. “Very well, Xia Lei. Your wings have hardened. So you say that you’re here to protect Ye Kun and I can’t do anything about it, right? Excellent, now let’s see what right do you have to say such nonsense!” 

“Yeah, I said it, so what? You wanna fight me? Then you better square up,” challenged Xia Lei. 

Ling Han was so pissed that he was at the verge of spitting blood. Despite being outnumbered, Xia Lei’s men had managed to beat up his subordinates. But Xia Lei was the strongest out of them. Fight Xia Lei? That was only something one could dream of doing. In reality, just the thought of him wiping out close to a hundred mercenaries and experts from Japan, America and India back in Dawang was enough to have someone shudder. 

Ling Han pointed his finger at Xia Lei, then proceeded to retrieve his phone to dial a number.

Xia Lei too retrieved his phone and dialled a number. 

As soon as the call was connected, Ling Han spoke, “There’s an emergency on my side, bring some men over immediately.”

Xia Lei had said the same thing too. 

“Please bring some men over, right now.”

And the two ended their call around the same time. 

Ling Han kept his phone away and smiled. “You’re actually asking more people to come over. Haha… You’re such a nutcase!”

“Yeah, I’m nuts. Come take me to the mental hospital and have a doctor forcefully treat me,” said Xia Lei. 

“Xia Lei, if more men are coming over to create a scene, you’re done for!” threatened Mu Jian-Feng loudly. 

“Really? Wouldn’t that be ideal?” said Xia Lei.

“You…” Mu Jian-Feng was at a loss for words.

Just as Xia Lei was busy arguing with Ling Han and Mu Jian-Feng, Ye Kun had actually gone over to the water cooler to get a cup of water. He then slowly approached Xia Lei to pass him the cup. “Director Xia, please have some water,” offered Ye Kun courteously. 

Xia Lei chortled. Ye Kun really had a knack for pleasing people. 



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