Dirty Bastard

Two days later.

“Damn, Ye Kun is such a sly fox,” said Qin Xiang with a smirk. “He passed the document to a leader of one of his sub-companies who then arranged for his distant relative to submit it instead. There was no way anyone could trace it back to him now. Also, he arranged for his workers to work on our spare parts at night. Leaving all the time in the day to work on their part in very limited quantities.”

Upon hearing that, Xia Lei smiled. “If he wasn’t as cunning, he wouldn’t have secured his current position. He has his own way of handling things. There’s no need to keep tabs on his progress and if he is acting suspiciously. Don’t worry, I won’t give him a chance to. I’ll betray him before he does.”

“Hehe, you remind me of an idiom.”

Xia Lei stared at him. “Huh?”

Qin Xiang grinned behind his palm, “Virtue is one foot tall but the devil is ten foot tall. To me, you’ll always be the worst villain out there.” 

[Note: Virtue is one foot tall but the devil is ten foot tall = the bad guys are always one step ahead / more powerful than the good guys] 


“Tell me, did you fall in love with Fan Fan? Your grunting from our last phone call must’ve been her sucking you off right?”

“Fuck off, that’s none of your concern.” Xia Lei wanted to die.

“You’re catching feelings but not enough for marriage huh? You’re such a bad boy, you lady killer.” 

“Scram! I don’t want to see you anymore.” 

“Aww, I’m a beauty too you know? How can you not appreciate-” Qin Xiang twisted his waist around “-my lovely slim waist?” 

Xia Lei could feel a migraine coming. Qin Xiang had triggered him badly but there was no way he could just get rid of him.

Thankfully, Qing Caiyu entered his office at this moment. 

“Director Xia, you have a few guests.”

“Guests? How many of them?” Xia Lei was perplexed. 

Qing Caiyue moved aside to reveal four faces at his door. 

It was the female knights from the Knight Hospitaller, the Grey sisters and the Russo sisters. 

The blonde twins were dressed uniformly in a black blazer and matching skirts. The monochrome outfit had shown off their tall stature and body curves well. 

Giovanna was carrying a laptop bag with her, the whole ensemble made her look like a workforce elite. However, her overall appearance felt like a facade. 

“You both may leave now,” said Xia Lei. 

Qin Xiang and Qing Caiyue left his office without a sound. 

“What’s the matter?” After Arthur’s departure, Xia Lei had kept the four ladies in the Peace Mansion. Normally, he avoided them. He really wasn’t expecting the twins to find him in his office. 

“Is it safe here?” Giovanna conversed in Italian. 

“Yep,” confirmed Xia Lei. 

Rosa then carefully closed the door. 

Giovanna came closer to Xia Lei’s desk and opened up her bag. She then placed a laptop in front of him. Following that, she started up the laptop and a pop-up to a communication software appeared. Arthur’s face was displayed on the screen. 

Xia Lei could see himself in a small window along with Giovanna who stood behind him. 

“Mister Xia,” said Arthur. “We’ve received your gifts.”

Arthur was referring to the Thunder Horse Organization weapons Xia Lei had sent over. It included the XL2500 sniper rifle, gust assault rifle and the Hellbound One-soldier Cannon. Xia Lei had been pretty generous about it. They had enough to arm an entire army. It had enough weapons for five to six hundred men. Xia Lei was willing to spend such a hefty sum all to destroy the FA Organization. 

“I’m glad you’ve received it. When will you be starting?” asked Xia Lei. 

“We’ve already started.” Arthur continued, “This time, I’m not only calling you to express my gratitude but also to relay some intel to you.”

Xia Lei’s heart thumped. “What intel?”

“The woman you’re targeting is still in Siberia at the moment. Our men and some paid mercenaries are already on their way there. There will be a fight and you can expect us to wipe out everyone in the camp. If you need anyone captured alive, we will try to do so but there’s no guarantee to it. I hope you’ll understand.”

“Alright, no one knows what will happen so I fully understand it. But if you do manage to kill her, please send me a video. I’d like to watch her demise with my own eyes,” replied Xia Lei.

“No problem, that I can do.”

“Have you found out where their headquarters are?”

“I’m sorry, I haven’t found anything about it yet. But do not fret, our worshippers are stationed at every corner of this planet. As long as the FA Organization has its facility on Earth, we’ll surely find out where it is.”

“That’s great, I’ll be looking forward to your good news,” said Xia Lei. 

“I hope Giovanna and the girls haven't caused any trouble so far.” 

Xia Lei grinned. “No, they’re really well-behaved.” Abruptly, he reached towards Theresa to pull her towards him while another arm gave her a good smack in the ass. 

The sound was crisp and a soft mass rippled with its impact.

Theresa was blushing furiously. The other three ladies stared at him with wide eyes, they couldn’t comprehend his actions at all. 

Xia Lei was unfazed by their reaction. He laughed, “Mister Arthur, thank you so much for giving them to me. I really do feel like a king.” 

Arthur quickly drew a cross in front of his torso. “May God forgive your sins, amen.”

Things would’ve been better if he hadn’t said that. As he murmured those words, Xia Lei decided to slide his hand under Theresa’s skirt. 

Theresa bit her cherry lips desperately. Her eyes glowed with fire, anger and something else... 

The other three ladies blushed furiously at the display. 

Arthur couldn’t take the sight any longer. He disconnected the call 

It was only then that Xia Lei removed his hand from under her skirt and released her waist from the lock of his arm. 

Theresa quickly leapt out from his lap. She then sent a slap across Xia Lei’s face.


He caught her wrist in the nick of time. “Don’t take me for a pervert. I’m just trying to help you.” 

Theresa attempted to free her arm furiously but to no avail. 

“Let her go!” yelled Rosa.

Xia Lei released his grip. With a calm expression, he said, “I know why Arthur has left you here. Leaving you here meant that he chose to sacrifice you like a piece of chess. I’m just doing what he thought was going to already happen. Now, you’d have something to report to him, isn’t that great?” 

His words had the Russo and Grey sisters shocked. They were fuming over his lowly acts but after giving his words some calm thought, he made sense. It was very much the reality and his actions had reasonable justification.

“Alright, I’ve helped you complete your job. Now, please, don’t bother me anymore.” Xia Lei waved his hand. “You may leave now.”

Theresa huffed. “Hmph! Your soul is so filthy you’ll-”

“Theresa!” interrupted Giovanna. She knew Rosa would follow it with “You’ll go to hell,” but she couldn’t afford to have Theresa anger Xia Lei just yet. 

“Let’s go. I don’t want to stay here anymore.” Rosa held Theresa’s hand. 

Xia Lei gave a wry smile. He placed his finger near his nose and gave it a whiff. “Miss Theresa, did the bath at my mansion run out of water?” 

“What do you mean?” Theresa turned around to glare at him.

Xia Lei replied, “It smells like salted fish.”

“Go to hell, bastard!” Theresa was about to hit Xia Lei but was quickly halted by the other three ladies. 

Xia Lei shrugged nonchalantly. “So you all can yell at me but I can’t speak the truth? Women are so barbaric.”

The four quickly left his office.

“Theresa, how can you be so rash? Our mission was to get closer to him and he did give you an opportunity just now. Why did you have to yell at him?” reprimanded Giovanna. 

“He was so rough and he even said mean things. I really can’t tolerate it.” Theresa had her own reasons. 

“What he did was indeed low, but…” Rosa sighed. “We must admit that he really did us a favour just now. Arthur is expecting such things from us.” 

“So what? He’s nothing but a dirty bastard,” sneered Theresa. 

The four continued to converse as they started to inch further from his door. 

In his office, Xia Lei deactivated his X-ray vision. The act was done on purpose to have Arthur believe that Xia Lei had fallen into his trap. At the same time, it was also to deter the sisters away from him, so he had to handle her rough and brashly. To be really honest, he was thankful that the four knights were genuine sacred virgins. If it were four Fan Fans, he would’ve surrendered long ago. 

Ring… Ring…

His smartphone rang all of a sudden. 

Xia Lei quickly spared a glance at his phone before answering it. “Hello, Director Ye. Yeah, it’s me, what’s the matter?”

Ye Kun’s voice rang through the speaker. “Director Xia, Mu Jian-Feng found out that I’m still working on your spare parts and he’s bringing a few men over to terrorize my office. Ling Han is about to arrive, please help me.”

“Calm down.” Xia Lei continued, “Didn’t you assign someone else to submit the evidence?”

“Things like that can be easily suppressed! If whistle-blower’s evidence could damage Mu Jian-Feng, he would’ve been fired more than ten years ago!”

“Stay still, I’m coming over now.” Xia Lei ended the call. 

Qing Caiyue entered his office. “Director Xia, you’re going out now?”

“There’s an emergency that I must attend to. Oh right, please call all the reporters that we have relations to and have them go to Hanwu Weapons headquarters. Tell them it’s a big scoop,” instructed Xia Lei as he walked. 

“Got it, I’ll call them right away!” said Qing Caiyue. 

As soon as he exited the office, Xia Lei phoned someone as he strode. “Tiger, is there anything you can use to render someone unconscious but not hurt them?” 

“Yeah, I do. What do you need it for?” questioned E’er Demutu. 

“Please bring it and follow me to Hanwu Weapon headquarters,” said Xia Lei. 

“Alright, I’ll meet you at the gatehouse.” E’er Demutu ended the call. 

A faint malicious smirk formed on Xia Lei’s lips. “Mu Jian-Feng, you’ve crossed the line!” 


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