Chapter 77

Blocked Again

Jiang Ru-Yi brought Xia Lei into the archives room and booted up the computer, then accessed the network. She quickly found the data on Huang Yi-Hu.

Xia Lei’s eyes met the picture of Huang Yi-Hu on the computer screen and he could scarcely believe what he saw. The person in the picture of Huang Yi-Hu was completely different from the man he had seen hugging a woman while watching television on the second storey in the villa.

The person on the bed in the fishing village villa last night was similar to Huang Yi-Hu in age, height and features but the likeness was not enough to fool Xia Lei’s eye.

It looked like last night was truly a trap then!

Xia Lei was secretly glad that he had reigned in his thirst for revenge and not entered the villa. His life would’ve been over if he’d gone in.

The Huang Yi-Hu on file was a businessman with several high-profile titles; Vice President of Hai-Zhu City Chamber of Commerce, legal representative of New Moon Real Estate, legal representative of Iron Horse Transport, and so on. There were hundreds of millions of assets under his name. The assets were also all legal.

“Lei, the person you want to investigate is very normal. Are you sure he’s the great, evil He Lao-Qi?” said Jiang Ru-Yi.

“You’re the Chief of a police station. Have you never heard of He Lao-Qi?” said Xia Lei.

Jiang Ru-Yi shrugged, “I was just a pencil-pushing archives officer before Li Qing-Hua’s fall from power. I’ve only been in this position for so long - I don’t know a lot of things.”

“Search for He Lao-Qi this time,” said Xia Lei.

Jiang Ru-Yi entered the name in the computer but nothing turned up. There was nothing related to the character known as He Lao-Qi.

A mirthless smile appeared in the corners of Xia Lei’s mouth, “So He Lao-Qi is a fictional person after all. Huang Yi-Hu uses the identity of He Lao-Qi to reap benefits from the underworld, then washes the money clean in his businesses. He’s an underworld boss here and vice president of the Chamber of Commerce there. What a talent.”

Jiang Ru-Yi wrinkled her brows, “There’s no use finding this out. He’s a normal businessman. You’ll be breaking the law if you go poke at him. Even if I don’t arrest you, other police officers will.”

“I won’t do anything illegal,” said Xia Lei.

Jiang Ru-Yi relaxed a little, “That’s good that you’re thinking that way. You should also try to let it go. If this Huang Yi-Hu commits any crime the law will punish him. It’s just a matter of time.”

“Mm. I believe you.” Xia Lei said the words but he did not think that way. The Huang Yi-Hu on file was worth millions. How few sins could an underworld character like him have to amass so much wealth and get to this point today? However, this person was still living a good life with wine, riches, cars and beauties. Normal people would not even have a chance of living his life now in ten lifetimes.

“Still need me to help you check anything?” asked Jiang Ru-Yi.

“No. Move aside, I want to read his file again,” said Xia Lei.

Jiang Ru-Yi moved aside and Xia Lei sat before the computer in the archives room, continuing his browsing of Huang Yi-Hu’s file.

When the police wanted to check a person’s file, the system retrieved the data from the national network of public authorities and put it in a comprehensive file. It was not just a simple picture with place and date of birth - the file included blood type, fingerprints, occupation, marital status as well as assets and so on. It was very detailed. Jiang Ru-Yi had only looked at one section earlier.

Xia Lei moved the cursor and more new information was displayed on the screen.

‘Married to Li Yu-Lan, born in year 1980. Director of Hai-Zhu City Chamber of Commerce… Son, Huang Xu, born in year 2000, third year student at Hai-Zhu Seventh Junior High School…’ Xia Lei’s eyes scanned the contents of the file, thinking ‘In the information Qin Xiang obtained, the spouse was Han Li and his son was He Jia-Hao. This must be what Huang Yi-Hu is using to confuse people. The underworld has no lack of people seeking vengeance. He made a fake wife, a fake son so that they cannot be used against him by a person who wants revenge. He found a man similar to himself to be housed in that fishing village as a scapegoat. All the crimes he’d committed are pinned on that puppet and he himself is squeaky clean. Huang Yi-Hu, Huang Yi-Hu, this man is even more sly than I had imagined.’

After looking at Huang Yi-Hu’s file, Xia Lei also looked through Li Yu-Lan and Huang Xu’s files. Then, he borrowed Jiang Ru-Yi’s authority to access the Chamber of Commerce system and transferred the files of assets under Huang Yi-Hu’s name. It was half an hour later that he finished reading the last file.

“Want me to print you a copy?” asked Jiang Ru-Yi.

Xia Lei shook his head, “No need. I’m just looking.”

His left eye had actually recorded everything so there was no need to print it out.

“Send me back then.” Jiang Ru-Yi held the car keys out to Xia Lei.

Xia Lei paused, “What’s this? I said I’d give the car to you.”

“My car’s been destroyed. What are you going to drive? You have a lot to do so you take the car. I still have public transport that I can rely on. I was joking when I said I wanted your car. Just treat me to a meal,” said Jiang Ru-Yi.

Xia Lei took the keys, “I’ll buy you a good car when I strike it rich.”

Jiang Ru-Yi giggled, “Buy me a car? You want to be my sugar daddy? I’m the police Chief. You sure?”

Xia Lei was speechless.

Back home, Xia Lei was sleepless. His mind was full of Huang Yi-Hu and Gu Ke-Wen.

Thunder Horse Workshop did not open for business the next day. Xia Lei brought Zhou Xiao-Hong and the others to say their final farewells to Ma Xiao-An. At the crematorium, as he watched Ma Xiao-An’s body being delivered to the flames of the incinerator, Xia Lei’s tears came out in an uncontrollable stream…

Back at Thunder Horse Workshop, the usually lively workshop seemed to have become starkly colder without the sound of Ma Xiao-An’s chatter.

Zhou Xiao-Hong used the wiping cloth to wipe Ma Xiao-An’s desk, crying as she wiped, “Big Brother Xiao-An, you always asked me to wipe your desk for you. Now, I’ll still wipe your desk for you even if you’re gone…”

The scene tore at everyone’s heartstrings.

“I’ll give you all three days off. Rest well, then come back to work,” said Xia Lei.

Yang Ben-Cai spoke, “How can we do that? We’ve received some orders and though they are small, we cannot throw away our reliability. We’re fine. We will work today.”

“That’s right. We’ll work today. I think Xiao-An would be happy to see us working here too,” said Chen A-Jiao.

“Boss Lei, you have to upgrade our workshop to a company. Go about your business. We can complete these small orders. Big Brother Xiao-An would want you to set up your company as soon as possible too,” said Cui Yong.

Looking at the familiar faces all full of sadness, Xia Lei nodded in tears, “Okay. Let’s work since you are all willing to work. I will set up our company as soon as possible. Xiao-An’s spirit will also be happy about this.”

Chen A-Jiao wiped her tears away, “Time to go to work, work! Don’t slack off now, Xiao-An…”

Xia Lei also wiped at the corners of his eyes and walked out of the workshop.

Chen A-Jiao and the others started the machine and started working.

Ma Xiao-An was gone but the living had to go on. What had to be done must be done.

Xia Lei received a phone call from Liang Si-Yao as soon as he got in the car.

“Mr Xia? Didn’t you say you’ll come to the school today? Why aren’t you here?” It was Liang Si-Yao’s voice.

Xia Lei reined in his sadness, “My friend passed away yesterday. I was sending him off today. I am in no mood at all to come to the Wing Chun school today. Another day, perhaps.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know…”

“It’s okay. Really, it’s okay.”

“Where are you now?” Liang Si-Yao said, “Um, I can come over… if you need someone to accompany you right now?”

Xia Lei was about to reject her but then thought of her good intentions and how it wasn’t right to just reject her outright. He thought for a bit, then said, “I’m going to the Hai-Zhu City Trade and Commerce Bureau to check on some things to do with company registration.”

“You want to register a company?”

“Mm. If you want to come, then let’s meet there,” said Xia Lei.

“Okay, see you later.” Liang Si-Yao hung up.

Xia Lei drove towards the Hai-Zhu City Trade and Commerce Bureau.

There were many steps to be completed between handing in the registration documents and completing the registration when registering the company, like capital verification, engraving the company stamp, tax application and so on, which Xia Lei had to do. The whole process took ten days to complete and he wouldn’t have time to go to the Wing Chun school during this period of time.

‘It’ll be great if I had a secretary who’s familiar with all these processes. She can represent me and attend to matters like this. Yeah, I really need to get a secretary. After I set up Thunder Horse Manufacturing, I will be the boss of a company. It wouldn’t look right if I didn’t have a secretary.’ This thought suddenly popped into Xia Lei’s head when he walked into the Trade and Commerce Bureau.

He suddenly thought of Ma Xiao-An. If he were still around, he would definitely choose someone with big breasts and round buttocks, wouldn’t he?

Xia Lei felt a pang of sadness in his heart.

Xia Lei went to the consultation counter and presented the declaration documents and identification documents from yesterday. He asked politely, “Have my application documents been approved? I would like to hurry on to the next step.”

The employee behind the glass glanced at the appendix of Xia Lei’s application documents and said, “I’m sorry. There’s been a problem with your application documents and it has not been approved.”

Xia Lei froze. “Why not? What’s wrong?”

“Someone else has applied for the name ‘Thunder Horse Manufacturing’. It is the same name so yours cannot be approved,” said the employee behind the glass.

“Someone else applied? How is this possible?” Flames of anger flared in Xia Lei’s heart, “Are you kidding me?”

“Sir, there is no use getting impatient. If it’s not approved, it’s not approved. What you can do is choose another company name and hand in your application under the new name,” said the employee behind the glass.

Change the company name? Xia Lei was not willing to do that at all because this company name was one of the best ways to commemorate Ma Xiao-An. How could he change it?

“You haven’t answered my question. Who applied for this company name?” Xia Lei’s eyes were menacing.

The employee looked offended, “How do I know? Don’t make trouble for me. Go to our bureau chief if you can. Any other questions? If you don’t have any then please move away. Don’t disturb the people in the queue behind you.”

“Where’s your bureau chief’s office?” Xia Lei restrained his anger. It was true that it was no use to bother a normal employee.

The employee spoke impatiently, “Our bureau chief’s office is on the second storey. You’ll see it once you go up.”

Xia Lei turned and left the consultation counter.

“Mr Xia.” A woman’s voice suddenly said.

Xia Lei looked to where the voice came from and saw Liang Si-Yao. She was in a white shirt and light blue denim shorts which showed off her pair of pale, shapely long legs. She gave off an air of attractive, seductive youth.

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