Chapter 738

His trip to France was over. 

And for the French, they had thrown away this hot potato before it burnt their hands. 

To Xia Lei, however, returning to China early meant that he could shake harassment from the Japanese off, and distance himself from danger. More importantly, he had taken the Hattori family’s AI technology, and he was eager to make all the information in his brain a reality. These things could not be done in France. 

This trip to France had been full of ups and downs and had been dangerous too, but he had gained much from it. The deal with the French had eased him of 20 billion in loans, which was equivalent to negating all of the loans he had. He could relax and start on expanding his business now to challenge those world-players in the arms industry. 

The deal with the Hattori family had also gotten him their AI technology. The Thunder Horse Group would soar if he could use this technology on his products! 

A Dassault Falcon 900 landed at the Jingdu International Airport at dawn. Xia Lei shook the French flight attendants’ hands in goodbye, and walked into the arrival hall with just one suitcase.  

He had not called anyone to say that he was back but he saw three familiar faces as soon as he stepped into the arrival hall. The three female chiefs of Bureau 101 had sent him off and these three were here to welcome his return — Long Bing, Tang Yuyan and Liang Siyao. 

Three women, pretty as flowers and pale as jade. Three women with three completely different styles. Xia Lei should have felt honoured, but he only felt a headache coming on. This was because he knew that nothing good could happen when these three women appeared in front of him at the same time. 

The four of them looked at each other. 

All four of them were very good-looking, and their quietness drew the attention of a lot of people, and gossip too. 

“Are these four people some group from Korea?” 

“Look at the way they’re looking at each other. It’s the legendary love quadrangle.” 

“Pfft. How did you come to that conclusion?” 

“I watched way more Korean dramas than you watched TV.” 


These bits of gossip affected the four of them too. 

Long Bing said nothing. She just smiled at Xia Leo. 

Liang Siyao didn’t say anything either. She took the suitcase from Xia Lei. 

Tang Yuyan was the only one who spoke. “You’re under arrest. Please come with us.” 

Xia Lei laughed. “On what charges?” 

“Seducing the daughter of a good family.” 

Xia Lei was speechless. 

Before Xia Lei could say anything, however, Tang Yuyan came forward and grabbed his arm, “arresting” him and moving to take him away. 

Liang Siyao frowned in discontent, but she still followed, dragging Xia Lei’s suitcase behind her. She was helping him with his suitcase but Tan Yuyan had taken Xia Lei’s hand to drag him away — what was this? Was she some sort of lackey? Of course she was unhappy. 

Only Long Bing maintained her calm. Everything seemed inferior to her, and she was above the drama. 

One hour later, Bureau 101 Headquarters, in Shi Boren’s office. 

Aside from Shi Boren, Yu Shanhe was in the office too. Xia Lei then knew that though Long Bing, Tang Yuyan and Liang Siyao had not said it, the three of them had not agreed on going to the airport together but had been ordered by Shi Boren to do it. His return from France had definitely communicated to the related departments, and it was very easy for Shi Boren to get hold of this information. 

It was just… What was Yu Shanhe doing here? 

Xia Lei could not help trying to guess at the reason. He was very sure that Yu Shanhe was not here to congratulate him on his efforts. 

“Well done, brat. You have my respect, haha!” Shi Boren boomed with cheer as soon as Xia Lei walked through the door, and he gave him a solid bear hug. 

Xia Lei laughed and said, “It is all at your direction, Boss Shi. I am but a mere footsoldier. I wouldn’t know what to do without you to instruct me.” 

“Heh heh heh, that mouth of yours… I can’t outtalk you.” Shi Boren was ugly when he smiled. He did not like people outshining him, but Xia Lei was an exception. 

Xia Lei went up to Yu Shanhe on his own and stretched out a hand to shake his. “Hello, Chief Yu.” 

Yu Shanhe’s tone was neutral. “Yes, hello.” 

“Chief Yu must be here to talk with Boss Shi about something. I won’t disturb you further then. I’ll be leaving after our greetings,” said Xia Lei. 

He knew that Shi Boren had sent Long Bing, Tang Yuyan and Liang Siyao to fetch him for something he’d like to discuss, but he had no interest in talking with Yu Shanhe here. 

“Where are you going?” said Shi Boren. “We were all waiting here for you. Who’s going to talk to us if you leave?” 

“Oh, so you wanted to talk to me?” Xia Lei put on a surprised look. 

“What else would I be doing here?” Yu Shanhe’s tone of voice was still neutral. “I am here to settle the issue with Thunder Horse Group’s loans, and also…” He paused for a bit, and said, “And the issue regarding the export of the Thunder Horse Group.” 

Xia Lei had had a great profit from his trip to France and he had been in a good mood till he got to the carpark of Bureau 101. His mood now, however, was starting to fall in the other direction. The Thunder Horse Group’s loans were definitely something which should be settled and this was an agreement that Fanfan had reached with the higher-ups. He did not think that it would be Yu Shanhe in charge of this issue. In his imagined scenario, and what he wished, it was Fan Fan who was the best person to handle this. Plus, Yu Shanhe had mentioned the issue of the Thunder Horse Group’s exports but he had not spoken of details. His tone, and his attitude told Xia Lei that trouble was coming. 

Shi Boren glanced at the three women. “What are you still standing here for? Are you all bored? Is there no work for you to do?” 

“Lei, come look for me when you’re done here.” Tang Yuyan was the first to leave after she said that. 

Liang Siyao and Long Bing left too. 

“What would you have, Xia Lei? Black tea, or Iron Goddess of Mercy tea? I’ll make it for you.” Shi Boren was as polite to Xia Lei as ever. 

“Thank you.” Xia Lei was polite, as he should be. “Why don’t I do it, Boss Shi. How could I let you make the tea for me?” 

“Hahaha what’s with all these formalities! Sit down, boy. I’ll make the tea.” Shi Boren had always been a very straightforward man. He liked Xia Lei, and his respect for the young man was not unfounded. The glory Xia Lei had achieved for his nation was worthy of him making tea for him. 

“Heh heh.” Yu Shange laughed and said, “Boss Shi is the nicest leader I’ve seen. He is so understanding of his subordinates. You must treasure it, Xia Lei.” 

Xia Lei sat on the sofa. “Chief Yu, I know that your time is precious. Let’s talk business.” 

“All right, let’s talk business.” Yu Shanhe opened up his briefcase and took out a red-headed document from it. He also took out a pen, and handed both to Xia Lei. 

“What is this?” 

“This is a document which waives the loans that the Thunder Horse Group has taken out. Have a read and sign if there are no problems,” said Yu Shanhe. 

Xia Lei flipped through the document and finished reading it quickly. He frowned. “What is this? Send an administrative supervisor? And why is it only mentioned in a document like this?”  

“If you were manufacturing something else, following the principles of the market and abiding by the law would mean that no one would interfere in your business. However, you are in the arms dealing business. This is not foodstuffs, so appropriate supervision is a must. This is what we mean by sending an administrative supervisor. You are still young, and it is unavoidable for you to handle some things inappropriately. It is a good thing for you, to have someone to help you handle matters,” said Yu Shanhe. 

“Are you not going to waive my loan if I don’t sign this?” Xia Lei looked at Yu Shanhe. He was raging inside but calm on the outside. 

Yu Shanhe gave a soft laugh. “Isn’t this obvious? This is a sum of over 20 billion. Do you think it is just two million? You want so much money from the country, and you’re not happy when you’re sent a helper?” 

Twenty billion really wasn’t a small sum to be written off just like that. Based off this amount, the country sending a supervisor on top of waiving the loan was a deal which looked entirely agreeable, and there was no losing out on this. It was like giving him a great advantage. 

But was this really the case? 

Xia Lei put the document on the table and said evenly, “Chief Yu. Where is this administrative supervisor from?” 

“There is no need for you to worry about that. It will be arranged, of course, and there will be someone to come to your company and do the work that should be done,” said Yu Shanhe. 

Shi Boren gave Xia Lei a cup of tea but he did not interrupt their talk. He walked to his desk to read the newspaper. He obviously knew some of it, and he had chosen to be a spectator in this. 

“Chief Yu, you said earlier that the Thunder Horse Group has some export issues. What issues are these?” asked Xia Lei. 

“You signed several purchase orders in France. There are some new clients we have never interacted with before. This is not permitted. You should provide the relevant reports and receive the relevant approvals and permissions before you export weapons. You did well in the past, but you have obviously forgotten this when your business expanded. This cannot be allowed.” 

Xia Lei knew what Yu Shanhe was after. It could actually also be put this way — Yu SHanhe represented the arms industry of China, and Thunder Horse Group’s rapid expansion had affected not just one or two of their companies. The troubles of these companies would not go away unless the Thunder Horse Group fell, or was turned into one of their own. 

“You can count these two issues as one. Waiving your loans and supervising the market behaviour of the Thunder Horse Group requires an official to provide administrative guidance,” said Yu Shanhe. 

“May I ask what this supervisor’s duties will be?”  

“Didn’t I already make it clear? Directing your work, supervising and guiding the trading behaviour of the Thunder Horse Group. I cannot be entirely clear about it now, but you will surely have it cleared up.” Yu Shanhe pointed at the document on the tea table. “Sign it. I have to hurry to a meeting.” 

Xia Lei did not move. He chuckled. “Chief Yu, let me say something. I did not request the nation to waive my loan for no reason. The benefits I’ve obtained for the nation on this trip alone is way more than 20 billion. I did not take the money for nothing, and I took advantage of no one. Plus, all the purchase orders I signed in Paris are legal buyers. Countries conventionally encourage exports, and do not put such strict restrictions in place. Was I supposed to come back to China to ask for the approval from some leader when I was in Paris? What business can I do if I have to do it like that?” 

This was what Xia Lei wanted to say, and he said it. The loan of over 20 billion had been made back on his trip to France. This was a transaction of equal value, so what right had they to assign him a supervisor? If he signed this, he would have more heaped upon him. How could he not see how they wanted to trap him? At the end of this, he would not be the master of his own Thunder Horse Group anymore! 

“So do you mean that you will not sign?” Yu Shahe’s  expression turned ugly. 

Xia Lei shook his head. “I will not sign. I will sign only if you take that clause out.” 

“Hmph! You were the one who wanted a waiver, not me. Are you expecting me to beg you? Fine, don’t sign it!” Yu Shanhe snatched up the document from the table and left. 

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