Chapter 727

Beryl took out a thing from his trouser pocket, and she clenched her jaw and glared as she looked at it. She looked like she wanted to tear that thing to pieces. 

Xia Lei had actually put a condom in his trouser pocket. 

What sort of man would put a condom in his pocket? 

“Despicable! Shameless! Pervert! Pig!” Beryl spewed a chain of insults. 

Xia Lei looked through the bathroom door and watched the mixed-blood woman curse him angrily. He felt like shoving something into her mouth. 

Beryl’s gaze went to Xia Lei’s trousers. She picked his trousers up and searched. 

Xia Lei had a wallet in his trousers, and a mobile phone. 

Beryl tried to unlock the phone screen and didn’t dare to keep going after failing to unlock it twice. She opened up Xia Lei’s wallet. 

There were a few gold cards in the wallet, and a round metal tube. The tube was about the size of a pen, small and finely-made. One end of the metal tube was sealed and it was covered on the other. It looked like a container. 

Beryl glanced warily at the bathroom door, then quickly opened the cover of the tube. There was a curled up paper message in the metal tube. She opened up the message and read what was on it. 

“Mr A, I’ve come to an agreement with the Japanese. I’m giving them the Thunder Dragon Intelligent lathe, Gust assault rifle, XL2500 sniper rifle and Hellhound technologies and they are giving me their AI technology in exchange. This includes the technology for neural networks. This technology can make radar even more advanced, and it can even be used offensively in cyber warfare. With this technology, our air defense network will be better and our cyber strength much increased. The Japanese think they have struck it rich, but they do not know that they are stupid pigs. They think that the Thunder Dragon intelligent lathe is my best technology but they do not know that it has long been abandoned by me. I have started Plan X, and soon it will be released into the world and shock everyone. So Mr A, I have used the technology I’ve given up on to exchange it for the technology we need. This is a worthwhile exchange. Please await my good news.”  

The note was written entirely in Chinese but Beryl finished reading it quickly. She was apparently fluent in Chinese. 

“Who is Mr A? This looks like information that he wants to send out somewhere. The world’s most advanced intelligent lathe is actually a technology which he has abandoned… Just what is his Plan X? This is too terrifying…” Beryl’s was shellshocked. 

Xia Lei couldn’t help laughing in the bathroom. 

Mr A? Plan X? They were fake, of course. The metal tube and the message in it had been specially prepared for Beryl. 

“Miss Hattori, could you help fetch a towel for me? I forgot to take one in. It’s in the wardrobe,” said Xia Lei. 

Xia Lei’s voice gave Beryl a fright, and she hurriedly rolled the paper back up again and shoved it in the metal tube before she put it back in Xia Lei’s trousers. 

“Miss Hattori?” Xia Lei’s voice came from the bathroom again. 

“Yes, okay, I’ll get it for you right now.” Beryl came to her senses and quickly put Xia Lei’s trousers back in their original spot, then took a towel from the wardrobe and brought it to Xia Lei. 

Knock knock. Beryl knocked gently on the fogged-up glass door. 

Xia Lei pulled the door open a little and reached his hand out. 

Beryl put the towel in Xia Lei’s hand, and just as she was about to retract her hand, Xia Lei grabbed it. 

“You…” Beryl was immediately nervous. 

Xia Lei tugged, and he pulled Beryl into the bathroom. 

It was misty with heat in the bathroom, and the man hidden in the fog was like a merman from the depths of the ocean world. His body was as perfect as can be, and even the pickiest woman would not be able to find fault with it. Beryl disliked this Chinese man very much but she was still unable to avoid being attracted to his body. 

While Beryl was spaced out, Xia Lei suddenly put his arms around her and kissed her cherry lips. 

“Mmph!” Beryl twisted her head aside to avoid the kiss and said angrily, “Bastard! What do you think you’re doing!” 

Displeasure flashed in Xia Lei’s eyes, and he kissed her again. 

Beryl pushed Xia Lei aside violently and cursed at him. “You thug! Who do you think you are? A king? You think you get to bed whoever you want? You think you’re so great?” 

Xia Lei laughed all of a sudden and shrugged. “Well said. Are you done cursing me?” 

Beryl stopped, but she was quietly scolding herself. She had come on her father’s orders but she had lost control of her emotions. She started to worry that she had angered Xia Lei. If she had, then how was she to complete her task later? She started to regret it when she thought of that and stood staring blankly in front of Xia Lei. Her thoughts were a mess. 

She could not actually be blamed for this. Xia Lei had pulled her into the bathroom all of a sudden and he was in a state of having just showered too. She had already been very in control of herself to have not screamed for help. 

“Leave if you’re done cursing,” said Xia Lei softly. 

“Mr Xia, I…” Beryl was panicky. 

“No need to explain yourself,” said Xia Lei. “It was my bad. I was mistaken. You came to the hotel looking for me, and told me to take a shower. I thought you liked me. I actually quite like you too, so I couldn’t help myself earlier and wanted to be intimate with you. I didn’t expect that you don’t like me at all. What are you doing in my room if you don’t like me, then? And why tell me to shower?” 

Sometimes when a woman told a man to get a shower, it was a hint that she wanted to be bedded. 

“Mr Xia, I’m sorry.” 

“No need to apologise to me. Please leave.” Xia Lei reached for the towel, which had dropped to the floor, and put it around his waist. 

Beryl hesitated. “I actually came to ask about when we would make the exchange. Since we are making the exchange, we should set a place and time for it to happen. I didn’t think that you would be mistaken about it. I am really sorry.” 

“Exchange? There is no more exchange.” Xia Lei’s expression soured. “I’ve found that my view of you Japanese was wrong. You Japanese only respect those who have subdued you in the past, like the Americans. You Japanese look down on us Chinese with every fibre of your being, and nothing we do will ever change this. Since this is the case, why should I make the exchange with you? You guys go ahead with your own advancements and we move on with ours. We have nothing to do with each other. I do not believe that we cannot surpass you.” 

Beryl became anxious. “It’s not like that, Mr Xia. You’re mistaken, really. I have no intention of looking down on the Chinese. I… I apologise.” She bowed deeply to Xia Lei. 

Xia Lei walked past her. 

“Mr Xia?” Beryl’s insides felt all twisted up. Would she have this much trouble now if she had not been so haughty?

“Have you apologised for World War II yet? What about an apology for the Nanking Massacre? Japan has not apologised for such big events yet, and have been dragging it out. Would I even care about an apology from you? Leave. We have nothing to talk about.” 

“The exchange…” 

“There is no exchange.” Xia Lei was firm.  

“It’s an exchange which is mutually beneficial. Are you going to call it off just because I rejected you?” Beryl was getting angry too. 

“Only I have my technologies, and I shall exchange it with whomever I want. Would I die if I don’t make an exchange with you Japanese? Don’t think that I really am interested in your AI technology — I am actually interested in you. What I don’t understand is, you’re a high-level employee at Lockheed Martin, but you are working for the Japanese government too. Just who are you? Do you have some sort of unspeakable motive in approaching me?” Xia Lei looked straight at Beryl. His eyes seemed to bore into her core.  

“No, no, I have no other motive. I am Japanese. I just want my country to get stronger. I am not an industrial spy. I am just an employee of Lockheed Martin, and it’s just a job to me. In fact, Lockheed Martin only gave me the position because of my father. Lockheed Martin has a high sales volume in Japan. Do you understand what I’m saying now?” Beryl braced herself and met Xia Lei’s eyes. 

“I don’t want to hear explanations from you. Leave. If you’re not going to go, then I’ll call men in to remove you.” Xia Lei was unreasonable. 

Beryl thought that things would be soothed over with her explanation, but she did not expect that Xia Lei did not even want to listen to her and was asking her to leave instead. If she left, then her father’s plans, and Gu Kewen’s plans would all fall through! In that moment, she wanted very much to slap herself for her earlier arrogance.

“Forget it. I’ll call the French in. They will escort you out of the hotel.” Xia Lei walked towards the door. 

“Mr Xia, wait…” 

Xia Lei looked back, just a glance, and he paused. 

Beryl’s black evening dress had slipped from her shoulders, and a beautiful landscape was exposed to the air. Her skin was like the purest snow of spring in March, a delicate white so fine that it seemed sunlight would melt it all away. Her body was generous where it should be and perky where it should be. Her shrubbery had been carefully trimmed too, and it looked particularly high-end in that light.  

What was most eye-catching was the tattoo of a female ninja and a white tiger all over her lower abdomen and one side of her hips. This tattoo made the seemingly quiet her look more soldierly. 

“What are you doing?” Xia Lei put on an act. “Do you take me for a man with loose morals?” 

Beryl felt like lunging at him and scratching furrows into his face at those words. This impulse, however, was only thought of but not acted upon. She bit her lip in the face of his ridicule, then walked towards Xia Lei. “I actually like you a lot too. I just think that it’s going too quickly. But if you want me, I won’t refuse you.” 

“Really?” Xia Lei’s tone had softened, and taken on an edge of desire. 

‘Pervert! I’ll kill you after the exchange is done!’ thought Beryl. She put a mesmerising smile on her face. “Of course. You are the most exceptional man I’ve seen.” 

“You are so beautiful. You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve seen.” Xia Lei’s face was that of a big pervert. 

Beryl suddenly reached out a hand and removed Xia Lei’s bath towel… 

Xia Lei shut his eyes. 

It was not time to think about exchanges now, but time to enjoy the happiness of being a man. 

Everything was in his control. 

Was what was happening right now superfluous? 

No, not one bit. 

This mixed-blood woman before him was bait set by Hattori Masao to reel him in. It would be a waste not to eat this bait when he was going to get on the hook anyway. His opponent this time was not just Hattori Masao but Gu Kewen too, and Gu Kewen had two big organisations behind her — the CIA and the FA. He could not afford to make a single mistake! 

“Mr Xia, about the exchange…?” 

“It’s no problem at all. The exchange will happen at whatever time you call for it, and be at whichever place you want it to be.” Xia Lei was already in a state where he was thinking with his lower body. 

A sneer appeared in the corners of Beryl’s mouth… 

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