Chapter 724

The sunset in the evening was particularly beautiful.

“Let’s go back to the hotel together, Director Xia.” Qing Caiyue looked expectantly at Xia Lei. 

“I have something on. You go back first,” said Xia Lei. 

The corners of Qing Caiyue’s mouth turned down, and she left in disappointment. 

Xia Lei went into the bathroom. He put an earpiece in his ear, then turned on the listening device. Sounds came to his ear as soon as he turned it on. 


“She’ll be here soon.” It was Hattori Masao’s voice. 

“Why did she choose this place for the meeting?” It was Beryl’s voice. “Xia Lei is in the exhibition hall too. He will get suspicious if he discovers us. This is disadvantageous to our plan.” 

“She is a very clever woman. She knows what she’s doing,” said Hattori Masao. “There is an old saying in China that goes ‘The most dangerous place is the safest’. Xia Lei wouldn’t ever dream that Gu Kewen would meet us here.” 

“You seem rather knowledgeable about Chinese culture, Father.” 

“Know yourself, know your enemy. This is from Sun Tzu’s Art of War. I really like this idiom. We and China will never be friends. Our ancestors have fought each other for hundreds of years, and we nearly succeeded in World War II. It’s too bad that it ended in failure… but I believe that we will be successful one day.” Hattori Masao’s voice held a trace of regret. 

Knock knock knocking came from the door. 

“Sir, there’s someone here to see you, Sir.” It was a male voice speaking Japanese. 

“Is it a woman?” asked Hattori Masao. 

“Yes it is, Sir.” 

“Let her in. Guard the entryways and the door. Do not let anyone in.” 

“Yes, Sir.” The person speaking was obviously one of Hattori Masao’s officers. He left.  

There was the clacking of high heels, and a familiar voice was heard speaking in English. “Hello, General, Miss Beryl.” 

It was Gu Kewen’s voice. Xia Lei would know that voice anywhere. 

“No need to stand on ceremony, Miss Gu.” Hattori Masao was polite. “Please, have a seat. Let’s talk.” 

“What would you like to drink, Miss Gu?” It was Beryl’s voice. 

“Just a glass of water would do, thank you.” It was Gu Kewen’s voice. 

“Miss Gu, I believe you already know what we want to talk about,” said Hattori Masao. 

“Of course I do. I am here for it,” said Gu Kewen. “I have crossed swords with Xia Lei several times and I’ve been on the losing end. I know how he is and how he works. He’s hard to deal with, and we can capture him only if we work together.” 

There was the sound of a glass being put on the table, followed by Beryl’s voice. “Miss Gu, is he that capable? Even the CIA cannot deal with him?” 

“What?” said Gu Kewen. “You don’t believe me?” 

“No, I don’t mean that,” said Beryl. “Miss Gu, I just think it’s strange. The CIA is the biggest intelligence agency in the world, and the terrorist groups in the Middle East are all bothered by the CIA and try to find ways to avoid it. This is just one man — how can the CIA do nothing to him?” 

“Have you had dealings with him?” 


“You will know how capable he is after you’ve dealt with him,” said Gu Kewen. “But I want to remind you that we have been outmaneuvered several times by him already. It’s not just the CIA, but the Marines’ Special Forces, and professional hitmen. The number of people he’s killed is probably in the three digit range.” 

“Huh?” Beryl was surprised. “That’s a demon you’re describing, not a man.” 

“Sometimes I’d rather deal with demons than with him,” said Gu Kewen. 

Beryl fell silent, seemingly frightened by Gu Kewen’s words. 

“Miss Gu, I have a plan we can use against Xia Lei, but I’d like to hear your thoughts before I speak of it,” said Hattori Masao. 

“My thoughts? Simple. No matter how powerful he is, he is still just one man and not a god. It’s not difficult to capture him or finish him off. Our problem now is the French who are protecting him. He has several agents protecting him and it is too much hassle to get to him. I would have made a move otherwise.”  

“What if I have a way to lure him out?” said Hattori Masao. 

“You have a way? That’ll make things easier, then. If you can lure him out, I am 90% confident that I’ll be able to capture him, and 10% sure that I can kill him. Either result is fine,” said Gu Kewen. 

“That’s good,” said Hattori Masao. “I know his weakness. I have a way to lure him out.” 

“Do you mean women, General?” said Gu Kewen. 

“Not just women,” said Hattori Masao. “He is a greedy man, and his greed is for his ambitions. He wants to revive the Chinese arms manufacturing market on his own, so he needs advanced technologies. I just so happen to have what he wants. I’ll use what he wants as bait, and he will be a hungry fish, eager to leap forward.” 

“If that’s the case, then our plan is half complete.” Gu Kewen laughed. 

“Father, that guy is not interested in our electronics technology at all. I’m afraid he won’t take the bait,” said Beryl.

“If you want the fish to bite, you have to put attractive bait. He is not interested in our technology, so I will use what he is interested in.” 

“What technology will you offer?” asked Beryl. 

“I cannot confirm it for now, but I will think of it,” said Hattori Masao. 

“General, if that’s the case, the CIA will be in charge of carrying out the operation. Here’s to a successful collaboration!” said Gu Kewen. 

“Miss Gu, it is too early to celebrate now,” said Hattori Masao. “We should talk about what will happen after we capture Xia Lei. I know that you want his person, and I want his technologies — the Thunder Dragon intelligent lathe, XL2500, Gust and Hellhound. The best case scenario is if Thunder Horse Military Factory stops designing and producing weapons.” 

“Hehehe…” Gu Kewen laughed. “General, what you want is no problem at all. I can guarantee that you will have all of his technologies.” 

“What makes you so sure?” 

“We CIA have the technology to get things out of his brain.” 

“This is not realistic. From what I know, the newest version of the Thunder Dragon intelligent lathe weighs tons and is the most advanced, most complicated intelligent lathe in the world. How can a brain contain all the information of how he’s designed and built it?” 

“We have our way to get its technology, so long as we capture him. Even if the CIA technology cannot make it happen, we will have a way to make it happen.” 

“What way?” 

“His sister and his father. We just have to capture Xia Lei, and his sister and father will lose their protection. We just have to capture one of these two. Would we have to worry about Xia Lei’s cooperation when we have them?” said Gu Kewen. 

Hattori Masao laughed too. “It is Xia Lei’s misfortune to have you as his enemy.” After a pause, he said, “Last question. What method do you have to make Thunder Horse Military Factory cease the design and production of weapons?” 

“It’s simple. I know the situation there. China Industrial Group and Hanwu Weapons have been wishing for the demise of Thunder Horse Group. If Xia Lei is in our hands, he will lose his control over Thunder Horse Group. With how China Industrial Group and Hanwu Weapons operate, the Thunder Horse Group will end up as one of their subsidiaries in no time. We don’t have to do anything for someone else to make it into a puny sundries manufacturer.” 

“Hahaha…” Hattori Masao laughed. “Looks like we do have to celebrate early.” 

What followed next was some unimportant conversation. 

Gu Kewen said goodbye and left a few minutes later. She discussed the method of keeping in contact with Hattori Masao and Beryl before she left, and also confirmed their next meeting time and location. 

Hattori Masao and Beryl’s voices came over the earpiece, but they were only talking about some boring stuff of no real value. 

There was no need to listen further. Xia Lei exited the bathroom. 

He strode towards the doorway of the exhibition hall, but did not walk out. He stood behind the wall and activated his X-ray vision to look in the direction of the Lockheed Martin booth. He quickly spotted Gu Kewen and a large group of agents protecting her. They were leaving swiftly. 

This was not the right time to kill her. 

“I’ll let you live for a few days more,” muttered Xia Lei. A faint, cold smile appeared on his lips. 

Gu Kewen walked towards the helipad, and a helicopter rose into the air soon after, disappearing quickly from Xia Lei’s field of vision. 

A few minutes after Gu Kewen left, Hattori Masao and Beryl walked out of the Lockheed Martin booth too. Father and daughter went in the direction of the carpark, and they were under heavy guard of officers and bodyguards too. 

Xia Lei walked quickly out of the exhibition hall, and caught up with Hattori Masao and Beryl as they entered the carpark.  

“Hey! Please gold on, Mr Hattori and Miss Beryl.” Xia Lei walked swiftly towards them. 

Hattori Masao’s security detail made to stop Xia Lei, but Hattori Masao signalled them back. 

“Why are you still here, Mr Xia?” asked Hattori Masao probingly. 

“The exhibition will start soon, so there is a lot of things to take care of. I’ve just finished with them. Phew, I’m tired.” Xia Lei walked up to Beryl. 

“You’ve worked hard.” Beryl’s tone was neutral. Perhaps it was because of Gu Kewen’s words, but her eyes held a hint of fear when she looked at Xia Lei now. 

“I’ve thought it over, Mr Hattori. I’m willing to make this trade with you, but you have to match what I’m offering,” said Xia Lei. 

“Oh? That’s good news.” Hattori Masao was delighted. “Don’t worry, Mr Xia, I won’t disappoint. Please speak of what you want.” 

Xia Lei suddenly drew close to Beryl, his lips almost touching her ear. “I want artificial intelligence.” 

“You’re really…” Beryl was about to spit out an insult, but she swallowed her words. 

And in that moment, Xia Lei used his right hand to remove the listening device from her clothing. 

“That’s all. I’ve told you what I want. Come look for me when you have it prepared. I won’t be disturbing you two any longer. Bye.” Xia Lei walked off.  

Beryl glared at Xia Lei’s retreating back and muttered, “He really is a greedy guy. Japan’s artificial intelligence technology integrates almost all of the electronics technologies we have, including the world’s leading neural network technology. He actually dared to ask for it!” 

Hattori Masao was quite for a bit before he said, “He’s interested in you.” 

Beryl shuddered. 

A distance away from them, Xia Lei opened his clenched right fist. A tiny listening device sat on his palm. He looked down at this listening device, and he couldn’t help but smile. 

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