Chapter 713

The night came unexpectedly.

The candle flickered. The red wine, cuisine, the woman being bathed in candlelight, and the familiar scene of the perfume. The romance of Paris was back again, and Xia Lei felt like he was drunk on atmosphere.

It was obvious that Jacqueline Eva had specially dressed up for the occasion. She wore a long red Louis Vuitton dress, simple yet beautiful. The soft fabric clung to her skin, outlining her perfect, curvaceous body and her seductive long legs. The dress not only showed off her curves, but also bared her shoulders in a deep V neckline, showing off her cleavage. The dress seemed to become just a little bit translucent under the candlelight, and two little bumps, like two pink chocolate beans, were faintly revealed, mysterious and seductive.

Xia Lei quietly savoured the French red wine, French cuisine, and French beauty. How many times can a person experience a night like this in a lifetime?

“Mr Xia.” Jacqueline Eva broke the silence of the dining atmosphere. “Tell me, what do you want?”

A faint smile appeared on Xia Lei’s lips. “What do you mean?”

“You know what I’m talking about.”

“I’m very satisfied right now. There’s nothing that I want in particular,” said Xia Lei. The more she wanted to get to the point, the more he wanted to play around with her.

“Fine.” Jacqueline Eva pursed her lips. “Then I’ll be straightforward. I want to know what you want in this transaction.”

Xia Lei just looked at Jacqueline Eva. He did not voice his thoughts.

“I’m in charge of this, you know that. The people in the Weapons and Equipment Department want to know what you want. Can you please help me with this task?” Jacqueline Eva reached across the table and took Xia Lei’s hand.

Her hands were soft, warm and delicate.

Her intimate actions, and her eyes full of desire... A woman’s body was the most powerful weapon to use against men. How many men had fallen into the traps which women had dug for them? It was impossible to calculate this number, because such things happened all the time.

“Do we have to talk about it now?”

“When do you want to talk, then?” Jacqueline Eva removed her left foot from her high heel under the table. She was wearing black stockings underneath the dress. She quietly stretched out her left foot and put it on Xia Lei’s calf, then slowly moved it up.

Xia Lei’s nerves suddenly tensed like a taut bowstring.

The black stockinged foot climbed to his knee and continued its way up. It was brave and fearless explorer, and it finally made its way to the peak of an unerupted volcano.

Xia Lei’s bowstring was stretched to the tautest extent in the blink of an eye. His arrow was notched, and ready to shoot at the target at any moment. 

“Nn.” Xia Lei spoke in the end. “I’ve said it before. I want the Charles de Gaulle R91’s aircraft carrier system.”

“How much do you know about Charles de Gaulle R91’s aircraft carrier system?” Jacqueline Eva stared straight at Xia Lei.

Xia Lei smiled. “Charles de Gaulle R91’s aircraft carrier system uses the new Thomson CSF’s Senit8 combat system from France. It has eight computers as its core, 25 display consoles with various functions, and it can track up to 2,000 targets at once. It can even automatically connect all detection equipment to the armed forces to start a battle. The system can transmit data to more than 50 different air, water-based, and land-based units of their allies. It can effectively act as a battle management center for the entire combat operation. For its detection and electronic systems, it uses the Thomson CSF long-range air surveillance radar, a Thomson-CSF DRBV 15C Sea Tiger E/F frequency plane search radar, and two Thunder Card and Vampire Infrared Detection systems. The warship’s electronic warfare equipment includes two sets of Thomson electronic resistance systems, enough to triumph in modern electronic warfare systems.”

Jacqueline Eva looked at Xia Lei, dumbstruck.

Xia Lei said, “Of course, I only explained part of it because the electronic system of an aircraft carrier is very complicated. However, we don’t want the mechanical system of the Charles de Gaulle R91’s aircraft carrier. The mechanical system is flawed, and we can create a better one ourselves.”

“Mr Xia, I’m not looking down on the capabilities of China, but based on your current level, I don’t think you guys can come up with a more advanced mechanical system for the Charles de Gaulle R91 aircraft carrier,” said Jacqueline Eva.

Xia Lei was not angered by Jacqueline Eva’s doubt. Instead, he had a faint smile on his face. “So you think that our current level is still at the era of making socks and shirts? If so, then why are you guys trying to make a business deal with me?”

Jacqueline Eva then realised that what she said was inappropriate and she said hurriedly, “Mr Xia, that’s not what I meant. Please don’t misunderstand.”

Xia Lei only smiled. The Western world had always had prejudice and sometimes discrimination against China. This idea was rooted in their society and it was difficult to eliminate that idea. Even Jacqueline Eva, who was asking him for his help, had this mindset, let alone those who had no relations with China. However, it was not worth it for him to change their opinion, and it was even less beneficial for him to please them and gain their goodwill. What he really needed to do was to slap those people in the face with real actions!

“Mr Xia, let me tell you the truth. When you requested the Charles de Gaulle R91’s aircraft carrier system the last time, I already reported it to the higher ups. They gave me a definite answer, which was no. That won’t happen, so…” Jacqueline Eva sent a message with her feet. “Give me another option.”

“Why did they refuse?”

“Aircraft carriers are the most powerful existence in the weapons industry. Do you think it makes a lot of sense for you to ask for the aircraft carrier’s technology in exchange for your machine tool technology and light weapons?”

“Then what technology do you plan to exchange with me?”

“Well, the higher ups want to use the Tiger Type Helicopter’s electronic technology for the exchange. What do you think?”

“Hehe.” Xia Lei spread his hands. “Then there’s nothing to discuss. Our WZ-10 is not inferior to your Tiger type in any way. You guys want to use the technology we don’t need in exchange for the technology you need. How can you want such a great deal?”

“Mr Xia.” Jacqueline Eva continued massaging him with her feet. “Actually, we can add some civilian technology along with it. Money is fine too.”

“Can you please move your feet away?” said Xia Lei.

Jacqueline Eva paused.

She thought that by controlling a certain part of Xia Lei’s body, she could influence Xia Lei’s mind and in turn, influence his decision. But now, it seemed like it had not worked at all. She didn’t know whether she should withdraw her leg or leave it there to execute her duties. This made her feel very awkward.

Ring ring ring...

The phone rang.

“Sorry, I’ll take this call.” Xia Lei got up and left the dinner table. He walked towards the balcony. 

The call was from Fan Fan.

“I already reported to the higher ups and they agreed to give you the authority you want,” said Fan Fan.

Xia Lei wasn’t surprised by this result. Since they could make a business deal with the Germans, then they could also do it with the French. As long as it could make the country stronger and rise quickly, it didn’t matter who they made business deals with.

“Is there a specific technology that the higher ups want to exchange?”

“Which technology will you be able to exchange with them?”

“I wanted to make an exchange for the Charles de Gaulle R91’s electronic technology, but it’s difficult. The French are very smart. They only want to trade with their Tiger Type Helicopter’s electronic technology.” Xia Lei turned around to look at Jacqueline Eva. She was making a phone call at the dining table.

Their gazes met and they both smiled.

“Your appetite is pretty big. The higher ups don’t expect you to successfully exchange for that. They want the Gust Fighter’s stealth technology from France. The Gust Fighter’s stealth technology is only second to the United States’ F22 and it’s better than the Typhoon Fighter aircraft from Germany. If you can get the Gust Fighter’s electronic technology and the stealth technology, with the Typhoon Fighter engine we already have, we can put together an advanced aircraft fighter that can compete against the Western world,” said Fan Fan.

It was indeed unrealistic to exchange for the aircraft carrier technology, but Xia Lei was sure he would be able to exchange with them for their Gust Fighter aircraft and stealth technology. Xia Lei had a better chance of getting it. A smile appeared on his face. “It’s easier now that I have instructions from the higher ups.”

“But you have to remember that there’s a special relationship between France and America. You have to be careful not to be tricked by them.”

“I will be careful.”

“If you complete this task, there will be an extra mark on my book of contributions, and in yours too. The higher ups said that you will receive a lot of meritorious credit if you’re able to get the Gust Fighter aircraft and stealth technology.” Fan Fan’s laughter came from the satellite phone.

“I don’t want any credit.”

“Then what do you want?”

“This time I have a request.”

“What kind of request?”

“My request is very easy.” Xia Lei paused for a moment. “I want to be exempted from all my debts.”

“You… want money?” Fan Fan sounded like she was surprised. “I always thought you were a pure person and are separate from those vulgar interests.”

“Fuck you. I only have this request, so go inform the higher ups. I contributed so much and exchanged so many technologies for them, but I haven’t received anything in return. This time, I won’t do it for free. I want to be exempted from all my debts.”

“That’s more than two billion.” Fan Fan knew well the debt Thunder Horse Military Factory owed.

Xia Lei said faintly, “A real estate in Jingdu is worth a few billion already. If it was located on the Golden Coast, it would’ve exceeded this amount. Could it be that all the technologies that I’ve helped them exchange for cannot be compared to the value of a real estate? Also, I’m not greedy for money. If I am, I would’ve asked for it a long time ago. I made a big move on this trip to France. Although Thunder Horse Military Factory has made some achievements, it cannot be compared to the international weapons and ammunition tycoons. I want to surpass them; I need to throw away my burdens. After my debt is exempted, I can invest all my funds into Thunder Horse Military Factory. I want my company to run and catch up to them.”

Fan Fan was silent for a moment and then said, “Okay, I’ll deliver your message, as is, to the higher-ups. I don't think there will be any problems based on the way you said it. Our country has always supported science and technology projects by providing them with money and preferential policies. Although your debt amount may be large, you’re worth it.”

“Then that’s all. Wait for my good news,” said Xia Lei. He hung up.

Jacqueline Eva also put away her phone and smiled at Xia Lei as he returned from the balcony. “Who called you?”

“It was my chief engineer. We discussed some issues about our company matters.” Xia Lei sat down again. “Who were you calling?”

“Oh, it was one of my subordinates. I asked him to deliver the perfume that you wanted,” said Jacqueline Eva.

Ding dong, ding dong.

The doorbell rang as soon as Jacqueline Eva finished talking.

“I’ll open the door.” Jacqueline Eva didn’t wait for Xia Lei to get up. Instead, she got up herself and walked towards the door.

Xia Lei saw a blonde man standing outside the door even before Jacqueline Eva opened the door. He had a box in his hands and a gun was hidden on him. It was obvious that the person outside the door was a secret agent from the France Security Bureau.

Jacqueline Eva opened the door and took the box. She thanked him, and shut the door.

Marie’s Desire was here. The confrontation between the Bureau 101’s trump card and the French National Security Administration’s trump card was about to take place.

And this time there won’t be three masked people.

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