Chapter 700

The two French special agents’ reactions were already as quick as could be but they were still a step too late. When they saw the human silhouettes, their necks were all pricked with an anesthesia needle. In the next moment, they fell onto the ground.

Before they went unconscious, they had still seen the person in the window, who appeared Asian. He hung upside down from the window like a spider. He wasn’t holding a gun that shot anesthetic needles but a blowing tube. They couldn’t believe that he had actually used such a simple toy to knock them out.

The Asian jumped in from the window soundlessly. He was no other than the Tiger of the Zodiac team, E’er Demutu. Of course, he wasn’t exposing his real face, but a delicate mask.

At the same time, the elevator of the apartment opened and a vlack couple walked out. The man was tall and sounded drunk. He drew the woman’s waist towards him, muttering things. He was not quiet at all.

“Dear, I already can’t wait. You’re so hot.”

“What’s even in your brain? I hate drunk men,” said the woman in displeasure.

“What are you saying? You’re wrong. Men who drink are stronger. In a moment, you’ll understand. I’ll be as powerful as a tiger.”

“Yeah right. I won’t believe your lies,” said the woman as she hit him.

The two military police special agents looked at this man and woman vigilantly with their hands placed on their guns, preparing to pull them out.

“Why are there two soldiers there?” asked the black man

“Don’t cause trouble for yourself, man,” said the woman.

“I’m not afraid.” The man didn’t really care.

The two soldiers frowned. One of them called, “What are you making all this noise for? Hurry up and leave!”

At this moment, the room door that the two special agents were in was suddenly opened. An asian face peeked through the door crack, like he was checking the situation outside.

The two soldiers reacted the instant the door opened. Without speaking, or hesitation, they prepared to fire.

The asian face suddenly disappeared behind the door. The soldiers broke into a run in pursuit. However, after just two steps, they fell onto the ground. Their necks had been clearly pricked with two anesthesia needles.

E’er Demutu had only created a diversion, while the black man and woman had attacked.

After the two military police special agents fell to the ground, E’er Demutu walked out of the room. The two people in black also walked towards the doorway. The three of them exchanged glances and then put on a black mask that they took out from their pockets.

These two youths in black were none other than Bagu and Amanda.

After the three people readied themselves, Bagu suddenly forced the door open with a kick. The three of them rushed in.

The scene inside the room could make one blush. The couple inside were in the throes of passion, with the woman in a passionate and unrestrained state. If this man were a horse, then this woman would be a medieval knight, urging this horse to gallop madly, as she tussled with the root of his shaft.

But this great tussle came to a halt the moment the three masked people rushed into the room.

Jacqueline Eva slid off of Xia Lei’s body and then threw herself at the head of the bed. She had hidden a gun under the pillow.

E’er Demutu immediately lifted the tube in his hand. With a puff of his cheeks, and a soft pop, an anesthetic needle punctured Jacqueline Eva’s butt.

Even though there was a needle in her butt, the drugs on the needle wasn’t enough for Jacqueline Eva to go unconscious immediately. However, she still couldn’t grab the gun hidden under her pillow. She suddenly fell by the bedside. Amanda grabbed onto her waist and tackled her to the ground with the help of inertia.

“Who are you guys?” Jacqueline Eva said in alarm. “What do you wa—”

Amanda punched Jacqueline Eva in the back of her head.

Jacqueline Eva’s head bumped onto the floor. She groaned softly and felt herself get dizzy. In the fog, she heard some people speaking.

“Let’s just kill her. My goal is Xia Lei,” said a man’s voice.

“No, Boss Dark Mona made it clear. We shouldn’t create any unnecessary troubles,” said another man.

“We’ve already got Xia Lei and accomplished our goal. There’s no point in killing this French woman. She’s someone from the French intelligence agency,” said a woman’s voice. “Killing her would bring us too much trouble.”

“Then let’s just go. Bring Xia Lei,” said a man’s voice.

Jacqueline Eva tried her best to keep her eyes open. She saw two men wrap Xia Lei up in a carpet, while the woman took Xia Lei’s clothes. The three of them were very quick, and they disappeared from her field of vision in the blink of an eye.

The drug on the needle began working. Her consciousness felt murkier and murkier until she didn’t know anything anymore.

After entering the elevator, Bagu put Xia Lei down. Amanda gave him his clothes and the mask that had been prepared in advance.

Xia Lei awkwardly covered his private part. “Turn around, you’re not allowed to look.”

“Tiger and I are fine, but I’m not so sure about Amanda,” said Bagu laughingly.

Amanda kicked Bagu. “You rascal, don’t provoke me!”

Xia Lei quickly put on his clothes and wore his mask. Only now did he finally relax. He hadn’t been afraid of Jacqueline Eva’s “Marie’s Desire” just now, because his body’s immunity was extremely strong, but his immunity would only appear when his mind was on the brink of losing consciousness. He didn’t even want things to progress to that point. In addition, Jacqueline Eva had actually done it with him just now and this required some time before it would calm down…

“Boss, Alessio is ready. Park Taeyong will bring us to the meeting place,” said E’er Demutu.

“Very good. We set off for Italy tonight,” said Xia Lei.

“And, I found out Jacqueline Eva’s real identity. She is from the French Safety Head Office, and has a high rank. She’s their trump card special agent,” said E’er Demutu.

Even though Xia Lei had known that Jacqueline Eva was a French special agent, he hadn’t thought she had such influence. Then, he couldn’t help but remember what had just happened. He had just went through what he felt was such a beautiful experience…

“Boss, was Jacqueline Eva tight?” asked Bagu suddenly.

Xia Lei was speechless.

After leaving the apartment, the four of them squeezed into a Mitsubishi off-road car. The Mitsubishi quickly entered traffic and disappeared in the street shrouded by night.

After some time had passed, Jacqueline Eva slowly gained consciousness. Her consciousness came back to her first, then her ability to move. She slowly climbed off the bed.

There was still a thick perfume smell in the room, but it was very quiet.

“Damn it!” Jacqueline Eva recalled what had just happened, and kicked the bedpost in anger.

Xia Lei had been taken.

A meticulously designed trap was destroyed just like that. For the nation, she had even sacrificed her sex appeal to please Xia Lei. Right when she was about to succeed, three masked men had appeared! This was so annoying!

Jacqueline Eva’s gaze fell onto the carpet that still had some marks of her and Xia Lei’s activities. Those marks made her furious.

After a minute, Jacqueline Eva put on her evening gown. She rushed out the door without even putting her shoes on. The two soldiers outside the door had disappeared and the hallway was quiet. She stared blankly for a moment before rushing into the room next door.

Four people lay in the room. Two were her subordinates and the other two were special agents from the national military police.

The laptop that the two workers had used was still there but it was in broken pieces on the floor. The hard disk on the computer had been taken. The video she had filmed with Xia Lei had been very valuable because if the need had risen, it would have become an additional bargaining chip to make Xia Lei agree to the transaction with France, but the three rascals had actually taken even the computer’s hard disk!

She had basically worked for nothing, now that the person they wanted had been taken and the computer hard disk had been removed. She had even let Xia Lei fill her up inside.

After several minutes, Jacqueline Eva returned to her room. She found her phone and dialed a number. “Safety number 0913YL, please connect to Chief Benjamin.”

After a few seconds, a man’s voice answered, “You settled it this quickly?”

“No, Bureau Chief…”

The phone immediately went silent.

Jacqueline Eva took a deep breath. “Bureau Chief, the mission failed.”

“How is this possible? Could it be that he saw through us?”

“No, but… we were going to succeed. I hypnotised Xia Lei and he agreed to sign the documents but right when I was about to let him sign the documents, three masked people suddenly burst into the room. They were very skilled and they knocked me out. They were going to kill me, but then they gave up on that and took Xia Lei away.”

“They only had three people?”

“I’m not sure. I only saw three, but the two soldiers were also knocked out, and my two subordinates too.”

“A group of useless people! After planning for such a long time, you actually ruined everything!”

“Sorry, Bureau Chief.”

“Is sorry any use? Who was it? Who did it?!”

Jacqueline Eva thought for a moment. “They used a special anesthetic on me but before I lost consciousness, I seemed to have heard them mention someone. Dark Mona.”

“Could it be someone from the CIA?”

“Probably not. The CIA wouldn’t dare do something like this because this is practically declaring war.” Jacqueline Eva said, “I think it’s probably a different organisation. Please give me some time and I will investigate.”

“I’ll give you three days. You have to find out and you have to save Xia Lei!”

“Don’t worry, Bureau Chief, I will investigate this and I will save Xia Lei.” A bitter smile appeared on Jacqueline Eva’s lips. Just with those three people’s skills, saving Xia Lei was easier said than done.

“Also, you’re not allowed to leak this out to anyone else. Tell your people and those two useless special soldiers to shut their mouths!”

“Yes, I understand.”

“If the Thunder Horse Group people ask about Xia Lei, how will you respond?”

“I’ll say…” Jacqueline Eva thought for a moment. “I don’t know.”

There wasn’t any sound from the phone anymore.

Jacqueline Eva stared blankly for a moment, and then sat on the bed. She looked at the marks on the carpet, and recalled the earlier events…

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