Chapter 699

The city lights illuminated the night sky, which was speckled with stars. The Paris nightscape as pretty as a dream.

The candles burning quietly, the French foie gras, steak, red wine, and the beautiful blonde woman in the candle light were, as a man, an embodiment of the romance of Paris.

Jacqueline Eva wore a white, low-cut evening dress which exposed her cleavage and shoulders. Her neckline exposed her fair neck and shoulders to Xia Lei’s gaze, displaying her alluring body. However, Xia Lei looked at the most were her breasts, wrapped in fabric, but still outlining those two little nubs most obviously. This exposed covering was most attractive.

After drinking several cups of red wine, Jacqueline Eva’s cheeks flushed red. “Mr Xia, you must hold your liquor very well, huh?”

Xia Lei laughed. “It isn’t that great, but I don’t get drunk on red wine. The alcoholic content in our baijiu is often 50-60% and I can drink a half a litre of that, maybe more.”

“My God…” Jacqueline Eva’s mouth opened wide. “You can actually drink half a litre of something with such a high alcohol content? If I were to drink so much, I’d die. How disappointing. I originally wanted to get you drunk but I think that’ll be impossible now. I’m almost drunk now, yet you’re totally fine.”

“You want to get me drunk? Then what?”

Jacqueline Eva smiled enticingly. “What do you want to do?”

Xia Lei coughed dryly. “I meant, after you get me drunk, what do you want to do?”

“What do you think I want to do?”

“Is this a French tongue twister?”

“Hahaha…” Jacqueline Eva giggled sweetly. Desire flashed in her blue eyes.

Xia Lei looked away and over at the doorway. In that moment, the doorframe disappeared in his left eye’s field of view and the two French soldiers standing outside immediately entered his sight. Then, his left eye looked over at a wall and in a second, he saw the space behind the wall with his left eye as well.

There were two people in that room, a laptop and some monitoring equipment. The two people were dressed casually, wearing headphones, with their eyes glued to the laptop monitor which currently displayed a video feed of his dinner with Jacqueline Eva in real time.

Xia Lei stopped using his X-ray vision and looked at Jacqueline Eva with a smile, as if he had been tempted by her.

He knew that this wasn’t Jacqueline Eva’s house, but a place that the French intelligence department had specially prepared.The two soldiers outside were in charge of protecting his date with Jacqueline Eva while the two French intelligence special agents were in charge of eavesdropping on him and Jacqueline Eva.

The French government were quite willing to spend their assets to get his technology. They’d even sent him their pretty agent, Jacqueline Eva. In the intelligence world, beautiful women gained their intelligence the easiest because their bodies were the best tools to use to conquer a man.

“Mr Xia, I’ve prepared the perfume you wanted.” Jacqueline Eva clearly didn’t want to play ‘French tongue twisters’ with Xia Lei anymore.

“Marie’s Desire?” Xia Lei pretended to be touched. “That’s great! Could you let me see it?”

“Come get it yourself.” Jacqueline Eva said, “It’s sitting under my chair.”

“Under your chair?” Xia Lei’s gaze penetrated through the table and the chair Jacqueline Eva was sitting on instantly. Sure enough, there were three bottles of perfume under the chair. Jacqueline Eva had used glue to attach them to the wood under her butt.

Was this also an embodiment of romantic Paris?

Jacqueline Eva smiled sweetly, and her voice filled with seduction. “Do you want it, Mr Xia? If you want it, come get it.”

Xia Lei laughed and put his serviette down as he stood up to walk to Jacqueline Eva.

Jacqueline Eva moved her chair to face Xia Lei. However, she didn’t intend on getting up to let Xia Lei get the perfume more easily; she still sat on the dining chair as she looked at Xia Lei with a smile.

While Eastern women had more delicate faces and exquisite skin, Western women had sharper lines in their faces and busty bodies. Jacqueline Eva’s face had the Eastern aesthetic, with a high nose bridge and blue eyes. If these didn’t attract men, then her body was her ultimate weapon in conquering men. With her height of 1.92 metres and her slender legs, how many men could resist her sexiness?

“Could you get it out for me?” said Xia Lei as he stared at her legs.

“They’re extremely precious. If you want them, then you’ll have to pay a price,” said Jacqueline Eva.

Xia Lei shrugged. “All right.”

He crouched down, and his gaze went inevitably to the middle of the ivory tusks of her legs. A thin stretch of cloth entered his field of vision quietly, thin like cicada’s wings, unclear yet revealing. It was like a spark that started prairie fires as it hit him in the face at full force. The defensive line he built immediately shook and could crumble at any moment.

Xia Lei’s right hand slowly reached over, under the chair, little by little and extremely carefully.

Jacqueline Eva maintained her elegant sitting pose, but when Xia Lei’s hand reached under the chair, and when he was about to grab the three perfume bottles, her ivory tusks suddenly closed, sandwiching his hand in between.

“You...” Xia Lei knew what she wanted but still acted shocked.

Jacqueline Eva suddenly leaned forward, pressing her entire body onto Xia Lei’s body. Xia Lei instinctively supported himself with his left hand, trying to avoid falling onto the floor, but Jacqueline Eva’s legs made a strong movement. She pinned Xia Lei to the carpet with a show of supreme dominance. Through it all, her foot knocked against the chair, and it fell to the floor.

The three bottles of “Marie’s Desire” spilled and the entire room was immediately filled with the mysterious yet enticing perfume.

Xia Lei had already experienced what “Marie’s Desire” was like for himself. He had seen that the three perfume bottles stoppers hadn’t been stopped up properly but he didn’t feel like exposing the French special agent’s cheap tricks. The French special agent had her mission and orders while he had his own plans as well.

“The perfume spilled,” said Xia Lei.

“I still have a lot. I can give you as much as you want.” Jacqueline Eva pressed him down. She didn’t want Xia Lei to speak anymore so she stopped him from talking with her mouth and tongue.

Xia Lei gave up on resisting with this warm body in his embrace, but the thing that he focused most on was controlling his breathing. He only absorbed the maintained normal air from his brain and body. As for the rest, he didn’t mind the obsceneness that Jacqueline Eva’s hand or mouth were up to.

The perfume smell became stronger and stronger. The scene in the room became increasingly non-PG rated. 

In the other room.

“We got lucky this time.” A French intelligence worker smiled wretchedly, his eyes glued to the monitoring screen. “She usually gives us attitude but she’s doing this with a Chinese guy right in front of us now. Haha, I’ll have to copy it and watch it every night.”

“You wanna die? Boss is the trump card of our Swimming Pool. Do I need to tell you how powerful she is? If you copy this video, she’ll have hundreds of ways to find out and then you can just wait for death,” said the other guy.

“Swimming Pool” was the nickname for the safety head office of France because its general headquarters were in the 20th district in Paris, in an old military camp near the Well Hotel swimming pool. The foreign affairs safety central office was a very important intelligence organisation for France. It didn’t just manage and coordinate all the French intelligence spy departments, but was also the biggest intelligence spy group in France. The troops it assembled were the top French spies and special agents who collected intelligence internationally, fought against terrorism, carried out assassinations, overturned enemy regimes, and so on. It was basically a copy of the American CIA.

Jacqueline Eva was a trump card of the “Swimming Pool” and thus, it wasn’t hard to see how badly the French government thirsted after Xia Lei’s technology and how determined they were to get it.

“I was just saying all that. I wouldn’t want to die.”

“As long as you understand that… Damn, this Chinese fellow is sure getting all this cheap. Boss is known as the prettiest lady in the Swimming Pool.”

“Woah, the show’s begun.”

“I can’t take it anymore. I’ll have to find a whore for myself after work tonight.”

“Let’s go together, or I’ll bust too.”

“Chinese guy is too good now, isn’t he?”

Why do you think the boss would work this hard?”

“Wow, look at them go at it. If I could do it with her just like that Chinese guy, I’d be willing to not get paid for a whole year.”

“Dream on. How much is your annual salary? Do you know how much money that Chinese guy has? Almost two billion euros! He can crush you with his money!”

Just then, on the screen, Jacqueline Eva suddenly said, “Mr Xia, what do you want the French government to give you for your Thunder Dragon intelligent lathe, XL2500 sniper rifle and the Gust assault rifle assembly lines?”

“The Charles De… De Gaulle’s aircraft carrier electric navigation sys... system.” Xia Lei’s voice made him seem a little dazed.

“Anything else?”

“I, I just want this and, and you… hahahe…”

“If the French government agrees then you’ll have to change your Thunder Dragon lathe to the second generation intelligent Thunder Dragon lathe. Would you agree to that?”

“I won’t not do it.”

“Just agree. Isn’t the agreement we have now pretty good?” Jacqueline Eva’s voice was dreamy.

Xia Lei’s eyes changed and become vacant. He mechanically said, “I’m willing.”

The two workers exchanged smiles in front of the monitoring screen, and then high fived.

“It’s settled. Boss is Boss after all. Now that this mission is completed, she’ll get promoted again.”

“Once we get the Chinese guy’s signed documents, we won’t have to worry about him not giving in. If he doesn’t give us what he promised, we can detain him for an unlimited time and pressure China. Even if we were to bring this to the International Court of Justice in the Hague, he’d lose for sure.”

“Haha, let's make a bet on whether Boss will make the Chinese guy sign the documents after fucking or in the middle of fucking.”

“I bet afterwards. You’re definitely losing. Look at how much she’s enjoying this. She definitely wouldn’t care about wasting a few minutes.”

“A few minutes? I think she’ll settle this guy within thirty minutes. I’m definitely losing? I think you’ve lost! I’ll bet 50 Euros.”

“Deal.” The two agents high-fived again.

But at this moment, the wind suddenly blew the curtains apart.

The two agents reacted quickly. They looked over right when the wind blew the curtains apart, but in that instant, a human silhouette appeared in the window…

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