Chapter 691

Eriksson stood at the door, his back to the door. He stood there with his large built like a statue, giving people an imposing aura.

France’s national Gendarmerie, that was one of the world’s top ten special forces, their reputation was notorious.

It flattered Xia Lei that the French government actually sent the captain of the Gendarmerie to protect his safety.

“Mr. Xia, I will be straight with you.” Chretien began to say, “I came representing the French government. We received a report that you built a XL2500 sniper rifle and Gust assault rifle production line in Germany and even gave them two Thunder Dragon intelligent lathes. Is that true?”

“Yes that is true.” Xia Lei did not try to hide it. The EU had a shared information system. Although they are an alliance, there existed rivalries between member countries. The eavesdropping and surveilling are endless. Looking at it from this situation, it was not a surprise that France acquired relevant information. Since the French had already known, then there was no meaning in denial.

“What did you guys get from Germany?” Chretien stared straight at Xia Lei observing for any changes in his expression.

Xia Lei replied calmly, “This, I do not know. I am only an entrepreneur. I design and produce my own products. There are things that I do not know and cannot make the decision for.”

“You Chinese are the best group of businessmen that I had ever seen. Do not tell me that you guys did not get anything from the Germans.”

Xia Lei smiled, “Since you already have your answer why did you still come ask me? I had made it very clear that I am only an entrepreneur. Can I represent the Chinese government to do a business deal with the German government? I do not have this qualification. The higher ups also will not tell me what they had received from the Germans. That was how it was. Mr. Chretien, if you came to check on the authenticity of your information, then I am afraid that you will be disappointed and you also came to the wrong place.”

“No no no, there is no way that I came to the wrong place,” Chretien showed a smile, “Mr. Xia, do you know how many cases we have broken to bring you to France? Other military enterprises have to sign up in order to attend. Not only do they have to pay the fees for participating in the exhibition, they also have to take up the corresponding responsibilities. But you did not have to pay any fees, even they this hotel was arranged by us. The other exhibitors do not enjoy this kind of treatment. In addition, we also have Captain Eriksson here to assure your safety. He is not someone you can easily ask for. Most, most importantly, we thought that you are still under the pressure of America, we have already strictly rejected some of America’s harsh requests. We have paid so much, how could I have come to the wrong place?”

He said so much, but what he meant was, what the Germans got from you, we also want it.

Something else he did not say was, what the Germans gave you, we can also give you.

The conversation had carried so far and Xia Lei was aware of the purpose of the three French people. But he kept quiet and instead said calmly, “Mr. Chretien, I thank you for the special treatment but I still do not understand, what are you coming for?”

“Mr. Xia, you are an extremely smart person, I think you should know our motive right?” said Chretien.

Xia Lei shook his head looking extremely confused, “Mr. Chretien, I really do not know. I specialize in designing weapons but I am not good at guessing other people’s thoughts so if there is anything that you want to say, please say it.”

Chretien and his assistant Jacqueline Eva looked at each other.

After they had looked at each other, Jacqueline Eva became the spokesperson, “Mr. Xia, we also want your XL2500 sniper rifle and Gust assault rifle’s production line and your Thunder Dragon intelligent lathe. The price that the Germans were willing to pay, we are also willing to pay. The reason we have brought you to France was to make this deal with you.”

It was just as he had thought.

A new conjecture formed in Xia Lei’s mind. Those words should be said by Chretien yet they were said by Jacqueline Eva. And there was also that communication through their eyes. Could it be that the overseer was not Chretien but this young French woman? If that was so, she could not be Chretien’s assistant so what was her identity?

This meticulous observation created a veil over Jacqueline Eva’s identity and this situation became more interesting.

“This…” Xia Lei hesitated and he looked like he was in a difficult position, “You guys should have talked with my government, why did you guys come find me? I am only an entrepreneur, I really cannot do anything about politics and diplomacy.”

Jacqueline Eva explained, “If we can talk directly with your government, then we will not have to spend so effort to bring you here. The situation in France is different from Germany. Germany is the strongest country of the EU alliance. I am sure that I do not have to tell how powerful their manufacturing industry is. That is why they do not care about the American’s attitude, but we are different. We cannot collaborate with your government like the Germans did since we cannot go without America’s support on many international affairs.”

The closest ally to America was first England and then France. In the second world war, Britain, America, France were the main forces of the anti-fascism alliance and Germany played the exact role of the enemy. Although that was long in the past, the problems left behind would not disappear within a few decades. There were still many people who viewed America as enemies in Germany. And when these people enter into the politics, they certainly would not care about the feelings of Americans on some matters.

Xia Lei was silent before he finally said, “What you mean is that you guys want to have a deal with me in private without letting the American or the Chinese government know?”

Jacqueline Eva showed a sweet smile, “That is exactly what we mean, so we came here.”

“How about this, this is a big matter, can you please allow me some time to think about it?” said Xia Lei.

“That is definitely not a problem. We were not expecting Mr. Xia to make a decision within a few minutes either.” Chretien said, “You can think about it carefully and then we can schedule another time to talk in detail. Eriksson will stay, he and his men will be responsible for your safety. Although we had rejected America’s harsh requests, we still hope that you can avoid appearing in public or go out alone.”

Xia Lei said, “Would that not be very boring? I was really looking forward to France. Paris’s fashion and romance is widely known. If I cannot even go onto the streets and keep hiding in the hotel, then didn’t I come for nothing? I really want to go see the Louvre Museum, can I?”

“This…” Chretien and Jacqueline Eva looked at each other.

Xia Lei knotted his browns, “The way you guys said it was very nice, but I do not see your sincerity. If you guys came to China, I would definitely take you guys to the Forbidden City, the Great Wall, wherever you guys want to go, I would take you, I would arrange everything for you guys. But now that I am here at your place, I cannot even go to the Louvre Museum, boring.”

Chretien said in a hurry, “Mr. Xia, it is not that we are insincere, it is a small matter that you want to go to the Louvre Museum, but, but...we need to think of your safety. You do not want to have anything happen to you just because you went to the Louvre Museum do you?”

Xia Lei shrugged his shoulders, “You guys can leave, I will go to the Louvre Museum by myself. I am not a criminal, I can go where I want to go, they cannot do anything about it even if it is America. You guys should also stop trying to make a deal with me. You guys are so afraid of America, if America found that you guys were doing a deal with me in private, how would you justify it?”

“Mr. Xia, must you go to the Louvre Museum?” Jacqueline Eva stared at Xia Lei.

“It is not like I must go, it is just that I feel a little angry.” Xia Lei looked unhappy.

“No problem. What do you think of an exhibition just for you tonight?” suggested Jacqueline Eva.

“Just for me?” Xia Lei was taken aback.

“That’s right, just for you. I will take you there tonight. The Louvre Museum will be opened just for you.” said Jacqueline Eva.

“How can that do?” In his heart, Xia Lei could not help but snicker. If the entire Louvre Museum was opened just for him, then he would not have any disturbances.

“Is that not what you want?”

Xia Lei smiled, “All right, I will go. Thank you.”

Jacqueline smiled at Xia Lei, “Mr. Xia, please rest for now. Tonight I will come pick you up.”

“Okay, goodbye,” said Xia Lei.

Jacqueline Eva and Chretien left. Eriksson stayed. Not just him, there was also his underlings. There was a total of 8 people, all of French Gendarmerie’s special forces. They controlled the hotel’s top floor.

After Jacqueline Eva and Chretien had left, Yelena came into Xia Lei’s room.

“Boss, our men are nearby. There is no need for the French Gendarmerie to guard here. Their existence will only affect our movements,” said Yelena.

Xia Lei said, “It is true that the French Gendarmerie will bring us some difficulty but they also give us some benefits of them being here. With them here, the people of the CIA will not act easily. Most importantly, they can help us resist against the threats from the FA Organization. If the people from the FA Organization came, they will definitely not show mercy.”

“I see, they will not fight against the CIA for us but they will not let the people of the FA Organization off easily. Looking at it from this angle, they will shoulder 50% of the pressure for us.”

“That’s right. Since free cannon fodders came to our door, why not use it?” Xia Lei paused and then said, “Prepare, tonight we will go to the Louvre Museum.”

“What are we going to the Louvre Museum for?” Yelena was confused.

But Xia Lei did not explain, he only said, “I have my intentions, you do not need to worry about this. Contact our people, tell them to act carefully, do not let the French Gendarmerie find out.”

Yelena nodded her head and then left.

Jacqueline Eva appeared in Xia Lei’s mind, he could not help but guess, ‘From my observations, both her identity and status is higher than Chretien. She was the real overseer but why did she pass herself off as Chretien’s assistant? This woman is not simple, just who exactly is she?’

It was very quiet in the room, there was not a single sound.

Xia Lei’s brain entered another state in this quiet environment.

The Jacqueline Eva that emerged in his brain was being “dissected.” But this was not taking a knife and slicing off pieces of flesh from her body, but rather it was doing analysis based on her many characteristics. The skin on her face was enlarged and then peeled off. Based on her characteristics, his brain judged whether or not she wore a skin mask. The details on her clothes were also enlarged and then pried away from her body. Based on these characteristics, his brain could find out her quality of life, health habits, as well as bust measurements, waist measurements, and hip measurements. What surprised him was that the measurements that his brain gave him was accurate to the millimeter...

But that information was useless.

Other than using his brain to simulate her naked body, he still could not find out her real identity.

‘Height of 192 cm, weight of 141 jin, her three measurements are 88, 52, she a monster?’ Sometimes his super brain would do some extremely boring things.

But what he could not deny was that Jacqueline Eva’s body really stood at the peak out of Western women, real hot.

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