Chapter 690

Not far from Charles de Gaulle Airport was the destination, Paris Villepinte Exhibition Centre. It was Europe’s largest exhibition center.The biennial International Army Weapons Exhibition would be held here. The relevant personnels from China were arranged at a five-star hotel called "Paris Star" next to the Villepinte Exhibition Center.

Xia Lei did not bring many men, only Qing Caiyue and a few employees with exhibiting experience. There was also Yelena but she would not be involved with the exhibition work. She would act the role of the bodyguard. Of course, these are only the employees that showed up. Way before Xia Lei had left for Paris, the Zodiac team and others had already arrived in Paris. They were undercover in the areas around Xia Lei, working to protect him and at the same time waiting for his orders.

Xia Lei’s room was on the top floor of the Star of Paris, a presidential suite that overlooked the Villepinte Convention Center.

“Director Xia, if you need anything just tell me, my room is next to yours.” said Qing Caiyue after she had helped Xia Lei with his luggage.

"Okay, thank you," said Xia Lei.

Qing Caiyue smiled, “Director Xia, what are you being courteous for? I am your secretary, these are all a part of my job.”

Xia Lei said, “The exhibition has yet to start. You will take our men to arrange the exhibition area during these few days. You can also represent me to negotiate with merchants if they come.”

“This...Director Xia, I am fine with arranging the exhibition area, but the can I do that?” Qing Caiyue could not believe the Xia Lei gave her this kind of job. How was this a secretary’s job? This was a proprietress’ job.

She did not know why she would think of the key word “proprietress,” but once she thought of it, her face flushed red and the way she looked at Xia Lei was also different.

How would Xia Lei know what kinds of things his secretary was thinking, he said, “Of course it is fine. If I say you can do it, then you can. Tomorrow you will bring some men to the the exhibition hall. You can give me a call if you need help solving something.”

“You won’t go to see our exhibition?”

Xia Lei explained, “There are still some things I have to take care of tomorrow. All right then, there is nothing else, you should go back to rest.”

“Then…I will take my leave.” Qing Caiyue turned to leave, her feet suddenly took a turn and her body went backward to fall on the ground. Perhaps she was trying to maintain her balance as her right leg went into the air, the OL skirt scrunched toward her waist, and her snow white thigh was exposed.

But in the end she did not fall on the floor.

Xia Lei grabbed onto her waist and hugged her. Her waist was very slim. It gave him the feeling that if he were to use a little more force her waist would snap.

Luckily, Qing Caiyue was unable to keep doing the action in the air for a long time. She lowered her leg and Xia Lei quickly helped her up. After he had lost the bodily contact, he felt much more relaxed.

“Director Xia, thank you. If not for you I would have definitely fallen.” said Qing Caiyue with her face red. As she talked, the corner of her eyes lingered on Xia Lei’s pants. The obvious change in that place was discovered by her and the corner of mouth turned into a smile that was hard to notice.

“No problem, no problem. Go back and rest.” Xia Lei felt extremely awkward.

The mysterious smile on the corner of Qing Caiyue’s mouth immediately vanished. This was not supposed to be the way things were supposed to go. The way it was supposed to be was that the overbearing president would urgently jump at her but Xia Lei had told her to go back to her room to rest. The “accidental trip” was performed so well yet it was wasted.

Actually, from the way things were going, Xia Lei had realized Qing Caiyue's thoughts. In this world there are too many examples of female secretaries who seduced their boss and then became the boss themselves. Men conquer women by conquering the world and women conquer men to conquer the world. There are too many things on him that Qing Caiyue wanted, money, status, and appearance. But other than a job, he cannot give her anything lse.

"Then, then I will go back?" Qing Caiyue said this like a question. Her meaning was very obvious, if you do not eat now then you will not be able to later.

Xia Lei smiled, “Go rest. You must be tired from such a long plane ride. Sleep well, tomorrow we will bring people with us to arrange the exhibition hall.”

Qing Caiyue nodded her head in disappointment and left Xia Lei's bedroom.

‘Why am I getting more and more sensitive? My ability to focus was really good in the past but now whenever I get provoked, I would think of those kind of things. Could it be that the evolution of the AE has already spread to my hormonal system? Hopefully this is the peak. If it continues to evolve, I would probably become a man like King Zhou or Yang Guang.” Xia Lei’s thoughts were a mess.

The evolution that the AE capsule gave him came step by step. First it was his left eye and then it was his brain. Now it manifested with his ability as a man. His left eye’s ability and his super brain gave him extraordinary success but his ability as a man made him felt speechless. He understood his own changes. In the past he was a dedicated man extraordinary focus and would never easily get into a relationship with a woman. But what about now? He had already turned into a playboy who lived life like a game. The focus that he had before had also already flown to who knows where. How could he let this continue?

“Wait.” As his mind was wandering, Xia Lei’s brain suddenly thought of something, ‘The AE capsule causes my body to evolve. My left eye is close to perfect, my brain is also close to perfect. It is causing my brain to become perfect step by step. Causing my body to evolve close to perfection, this is almost like a pattern. That means that the evolution of his ability as a man that occurred during this period would also be...close to perfection?’

It was naturally the stronger the better that his eye and brain were evolving close to perfection. But if his ability as a man were to also to evolve to that extreme extent, wouldn’t that be too over the top?

Other men would always wish for themselves to become stronger in that aspect but he was scared that he himself would get even stronger in that aspect. If he were to make this secret public, he would undoubtedly become the enemy of every man in the world.

Lastly, he thought of the last AE capsule.

“Close to perfection and not absolute perfection. That means that there is still room for my left eye and my brain to become even stronger. If I eat the last AE capsule, will my left eye and my brain will evolve to its utmost perfected state? How would that feel? Absolute perfection, absolute perfection…” He could figure out very complicated calculations but he could not imagine the state of “absolute perfection.”

To eat or not to eat the last AE capsule, this question was placed in front of him once again.

Doing dong, ding dong...

The sound of the doorbell suddenly came from outside.

Xia Lei stood up from his bed. His left eye jumped slightly and the bedroom door vanished in his left eye’s view.

There were three people outside the door, two men, one woman. A man in his fifties, with a plump figure, his skin was white and clear, and was well dressed. You could tell that he had a good background. The other man was in his early thirties. He was well built, with sharp eyes. There were calluses on his phalanx, from this it was to tell that he was someone who was engaged in long-term combat training. The last woman was in her twenties. She had long blond hair, a pair of blue eyes, and a height of about 190 cm yet her figure was very curvy.

Xia Lei had not seen any of these three people before.

Before Xia Lei could go open the door, Yelena came out from the room across. She did not say anything but rather just stared at the three people in front of the door.

The young man of the three turned his head and looked at her almost the moment she had opened the door. His eyes looked on alert.

Yelena only showed her face and then retreated back into her room. She was the chicken of the Zodiac team who specialized in clearing latent targets. She had her own way of judging things. She appeared, she left, this actually already proved that these three people are not of threat.

This scene naturally did not escape Xia Lei’s eye. Right after Yelena had returned to her room, he went to open the door.

"You guys are…" asked Xia Lei. His French was a bit stiff.

"Hehe, Mr. Xia, this is our first time meeting each other." The older man smiled as he said, "Please allow me to introduce myself, I am Chretien, I came from France's weaponry department. This is my assistant, Jacqueline Eva."

The girl with the blond hair greeted Xia Lei with a smile.

Chretien introduced the man beside him, "This is Captain Eriksson. He came from the Gendarmerie Commando. He will be in charge of your safety in France."

Eriksson also greeted Xia Lei with a nod.

So they were people from the French government.

Xia Lei moved aside from the door. He wore a smile, "Come in, please come in and talk."

Jacqueline Eva complimented him with a smile, "Mr. Xia, your French is very good. I was originally supposed to be the translator but you made my existence very awkward."

"I can speak a little French but I'm not too good," said Xia Lei. But the truth was, his brains contained all the French words and knowledge in this world. The reason his French was a little stiff when he talked was because after he French he had almost never used it. But if you gave him some time, he would be able to get rid of this barrier.

The three French people entered Xia Lei's room. Chretien got straight to the topic, "Mr. Xia, you are the most important honored guest that we had invited. This time, I am here to talk with you as a representative of our French government. Before I start, I would like you to make a pledge if that is okay."

"What might that pledge be?" Asked Xia Lei. In his heart he had already guessed the motive of the three French people.

"It is very simple. Do not reveal the contents of our conversation."

Xia Lei smiled, "That is not a problem but what will we talk about?"

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