Chapter 686

Yu Shanhe didn’t explain any further. He took out an Apple iPad mini out of hi business briefcase and handed it to Xia Lei. “Look at it, there’s a video in it. It’s a video of the battle between the Syrian government and the terrorists. You will know how popular your Hellbound One-soldier Cannon is after watching it.”

Xia Lei logged into the iPad mini and a broadcasting interface appeared on the screen. He clicked the play button to start the video.

The video showed an array of Syrian soldiers attacking a village that was occupied by the terrorists. A Russian T90 tank appeared on the scene and impressively opened fire at an abandoned residential building. The sound of the bombs was deafening with flames bursting and debris flying everywhere amidst the smoke. But the terrorists hiding inside the residential building still haven’t been killed, and they took revenge by firing back immediately.

The adjusted the direction of the gun turret of the T90 tank immediately as they got ready to fire the second round. However, a glimmer of flame flashed suddenly next to the residential building without waiting for the tank to fire for the second round. In the blink of an eye, the fire hit the gun turret of the T90 tank. After a loud bang, the turret of the T90 tank shattered into flying pieces. The violent fire penetrated the cockpit of the tank. The driver screamed as he jumped out of the tank, but he quickly fell on the ground and stopped moving. Soon after, the ammunition inside the tank exploded; the scene was terrifying.

“That is the Tao anti-tank missile made by the Americans. It’s the world’s most advanced anti-tank missile,” Tan Yuyan said.

“It’s indeed difficult to deal with it. After all, it was able to eliminate Russia’s most advanced tank,” Xia Lei said. He was a little moved.

The video was still playing.

The Syrian government army’s tank was eliminated. The infantry lost its protection and they suddenly fell into a passive situation with its firepower assistants. The terrorists who were hiding in the ruins took this opportunity to attack. Under the protection of their heavy-duty machine guns and rocket artillery, they began counterattacking. They had twice the number of soldiers compared to the Syrian soldiers. All the weapons they had equipped on them were made by the Americans, so their equipment was far superior than the weapons the Syrian government army had.

Under this circumstance, the Syrian government army would either be killed off or captured. If they were captured, what awaited them would be a cruel beheading execution.

At this time, the camera’s focus shifted over to a corner; two Syrian soldiers quickly took out two Hellbound One-soldier Cannon from their engineering plastic box. In less than a minute, they were able to finish the operation of combining the artillery with themselves and loading the cannon. Soon after, they brought the two Hellbound One-soldier Cannon and positioned themselves at the rear side of the battlefield.

No matter which angle you looked at it, it was wrong to place the base of the cannon on top of a person’s shoulder. This was because the recoil of the cannon after it was shot will destroy one’s shoulder in a second. Although it looked both unscientific and weird to put the cannon on top of the shoulder, this format will acquire a new advantage once the problem of the recoil was fixed. The movement speed, aiming speed, and the firing speed would then be much faster because humans will be the weapon’s shelf.

Once the two soldiers operating the Hellbound One-soldier Cannons entered the battlefield, they immediately began firing.

Boom! The sudden burst of flames sent the terrorists flying. In a flash, corpse, and fragments of dead bodies littered the ground.

“They are using the shrapnel made by the Thunder Horse Military Factory, which was made for killing people,” Tan Yuyan said. Her eyes were full of admiration.

Even without her explanation, Xia Lei already knew what artillery shell the SYrian government army had used. Although he knew, he was still astonished by the weapons he designed and built.

The terrorist’s military offense collapsed, but their nightmare still wasn’t over. The two Hellbound One-soldier Cannons fired a few more shots. They easily destroyed the opponent’s firing point like they were a sniper. Even the terrorist snipers that were thousands of miles away were no exception; they were eliminated in one shot. The snipers were unlucky——the effective firing range of their sniper gun was shorter than that of the Hellbound One-soldier Cannon!

The two Hellbound One-soldier Cannons reversed the tide of the battle. The terrorists who occupied the village either died or escaped. The Syrian government army seized this opportunity to attack the terrorist and swept everything before them.

In the final scene of the video, the person filming the video said some words in Arabic. He praised Allah and the Hellbound One-soldier Cannon. His last words were, China’s weaponry was the best in the world!

Xia Lei was happy on the inside, but he remained calm and collected on the surface. He returned the iPad mini to Yu Shanhe and said politely, “Mr. Yu, did you come here just for this? Just to show me this video?”

“Of course not, this video was acquired from out intelligence personnel and it wasn’t the only video either. The Western countries’ intelligence personnel also acquired some similar videos. This was the reason why I had said that your Hellbound One-soldier Cannon is very popular,” Yu Shanhe said.

“Thank you. This is indeed good news.” Xia Lei knew that Yu Shanhe had some other purpose for coming here, but he just didn’t want to ask.

At this time, Qing Caiyue walked in with two cups of tea. She gave a cup of tea to Yu Shanhe and the other cup to Tang Yuyan. During the entire process, Tang Yuyan had been staring at her ass like a female pervert. Qing Caiyue couldn’t do anything, so she escaped Xia Lei’s office like she was escaping from a predator.

After Qing Caiyue left, Yu Shanhe said, “It’s like this, we accepted an invitation from the French government. They are preparing to hold an international weaponry exhibition in Paris, and they would like to invite you and your weapons to participate.”

Although Xia Lei had tried to guess what Yu Shanhe’s intentions were, he didn’t think it would be anything of this sort.

Tang Yuyang kicked Xia Lei again using the tip of her feet.

Even though she didn’t say anything, Xia Lei understood her hint; she was hinting him not to agree to it. She probably knew of this news from her dad, Tang Tianlong. That was probably also why she followed Yu Shanhe here.

“What are your thoughts regarding this, Mr. Xia?” Yu Shanhe asked tentatively.

“What did the higher-ups say?” Xia Lei said after thinking about it for a while.

Tang Yuyan attempted to kick Xia Lei’s heel again. But this time, it seemed like the back of Xia Lei’s head had grown a pair of eyes as he took a small step forward, avoiding her kick.

“It’s like this.” Yu Shanhe said, “Look, the Thunder Horse Military Factory had only attended Russia’s weapons exhibition and a domestic weapons exhibition, but neither of those were impactful. The weapons exhibition of the Western countries are the ones with the most influence. The Thunder Horse Military Factory’s goal is to become the best weapons factory in the world and bring pride to the country. The only way to achieve this is to step out of the bubble and challenge the authority of the Western countries’ weaponry. You asked me what the higher-ups thought of this, and this is what they think.”

Xia Lei thought about it for a moment. “When will this event take place?”

“Half a month later,” Yu Shanhe said.

“Where in France?” Xia Lei asked.

“Paris.” Yu Shanhe continued talking. “If you decide to go, you can leave in two days. After all, you still need time to prepare when you get there.”

“Xia Lei, you…” Tang Yuyan stopped speaking her eyes were filled with worry.

Yu Shanhe’s gaze shifted to Tang Yuyan. “Yuyan, you said you were here coincidentally, but you came to drag me down, right?”

It turned out that Tang Yuyan and Yu Shanhe weren’t on the same team.

“How am I here to drag you down?” Tang Yuyan said. Her one was full of grievance. “I didn’t say anything.”

“You better not say anything,” Yu Shanhe said coldly.

Tang Yuyan pursed her lips and stopped talking. However, she was still unwilling to give up; she impatiently looked at Xia Lei. Her big watery eyes blinked at Xia Lei, trying to distract him from making the decision.

How can Xia Lei not understand Tang Yuyan’s intention? He knew very well that Yu Shanhe invited him to attend the France weaponry exhibition with bad intions. By going to France, he would have to face the CIA and the FA Organization. It can be said that he’s entering deep into the tiger’s ten. If he let his guard down even for a second, he will be crushed into pieces. Since he knew about it, even without Tang Yuyan’s concern, he didn’t want to go either. However, his heart couldn’t resist it when he thought about the《Mona Lisa》in the Louvre Museum.

Ning Jing constantly warned him about 《Mona Lisa》under a strange state of mind. She also reminded him that he was running out of time and “they” were coming soon. Under this circumstance, how can he remain calm and do nothing? Hw would be safe if he stayed in China, but how can one obtain the tiger’s cub without entering the tiger’s lair?

Since he had already planned to go to Italy, why not openly go to France as well? Besides for the Alloy X project, the Thunder Horse Military Factory also needed to enter the Western market and suppress the arrogance of the Western military weapons industry!

“Okay.” Xia Lei made the decision quickly. “I’ll go, but who will guarantee my safety?”

Yu Shanhe smiled. “Of course, it will be Bureau 101 that will guarantee your safety. I think there’s a candidate in front of us who wants to go to France with you?”

Xia Lei’s sight shifted to Tang Yuyan.

Tang Yuyan glared at Xia Lei as if she wasn’t happy with his decision.

Xia Lei laughed. “I don’t want protection from bureau 101. I want protection from the country.”

“Protection from the country? What kind of protection do you mean?” Yu Shanhe asked.

“I need the identity of an official delegate and I also need my safety guaranteed by the French government.”

Yu Shanhe suddenly frowned. “Mr. Xia, your request is over the top. France is the sponsor; how would they guarantee your safety? Also, you are the owner of the Thunder Horse Military Factory, how can you claim the identity of an official delegate? This is only such a trifling matter!”

Xia Lei shrugged his shoulder. “If that’s the case then I won’t go.”

“You…” Yu Shanhe was angry.

“I have my own concerns. I almost died last time in Germany; if there’s not enough protection this time, I won’t go to France. Otherwise, you can ask Mu Jianfeng and Ye Kun to attend the event. Their status is much higher than mine,” Xia Lei said.

“If I satisfy all your requests, will you go?”

“Of course, I ‘ll go if you satisfy all my requests,” Xia Lei said.

“Fine, I’ll inform the higher-ups later. Wait for my call.” Yu Shanhe didn’t want to stay here any longer, so he left right after he finished speaking.

Tang Yuyan finally spoke after Yu Shanhe left. “Are you stupid? Can’t you tell that he doesn’t harbor any good intentions for inviting you? He’s trying to find an opportunity for the CIA to murder you. After you die, do you think your father and sister will have the capability to help you guard the Thunder Horse Military Factory?”

Xia Lei laughed. “I won’t die that easily.”

Tang Yuyan kicked Xia Lei’s heel. “How could you not understand my heart? I was drenched in a cold sweat when I thought of you risking your life to go to France. Yet you’re still trying to make me angry. You’re a heartless person!"

“You should stay for lunch,” Xia Lei said.

“I don’t care. You have to bring me along with you to France. After a pause, she continued speaking. “You can’t bring Long Bing.”

Xia Lei was speechless.

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