Chapter 683

After the troubles disappeared, everything was back to normal. The Hellbound One-soldier Cannon entered mass production and they don’t even have to worry about its sales. Excluding the international orders, just the domestic orders can already make the Thunder Horse Military Factory busy till dark. But, having wealthy doesn’t mean one can buy the Hellbound One-soldier Cannon. For countries that had implemented the technological blockade against China, they can’t buy any of it no matter how much money they have. America was one of the countries; no weaponry from the Thunder Horse Military Factory will appear in the U.S. markets. Another country banned from buying the Thunder Horse Military Factory’s weaponry was Japan. Japan can’t even buy a screw from the Thunder Horse Military Factory, muchless the Hellbound One-soldier Cannon.

After the Hellbound One-soldier Cannon entered mass production, a new product was also produced by the defense systems of the Thunder Horse Military Factory. The new product was targeted at the machine cannon defense system on warships. Its performance was also better than other similar products in the international market. However, Xia Lei didn’t rush to advertise or start mass-producing it. Instead, he was still trying to enhance and perfect its functions.

He has his own thoughts and plans. He had to take one step at a time, just like how one would eat one bite of rice at a time. With the current production capacity of the Thunder Horse Military Factory, it was already difficult to complete the current orders they had for the Hellbound One-soldier Cannon. If they accept orders for the defense system right now, the workers wouldn’t be able to finish all the orders even if they exhausted themselves to death. If he wanted to continue to expand the production capacity of the factory he would need new funding and staff. However, Xia Lei wasn’t too anxious to expand the production capacity of the factory yet.

His plan was simple. He wanted to use the sales from the Hellbound One-soldier Cannon, XL2500 sniper rifle, and the Gust assault rifle to earn enough profits to accumulate capital while paying back the debts. He can then carry out the new expansion plan. At that time, Sylvia and Annina would also be done with the Thunder Horse Military Factory tank and war chariot engine. He can then expand the factory into a giant business in one shot!

It was quite a big challenge for Xia Lei to develop an engine for the tank and war chariot. After all, this was the first time he had entered the engineering field, so he was learning everything for the first time. However, this wasn’t a particularly difficult challenge for his super brain. With SYlvia and Annina’s help, the Thunder Horse Military Factory’s engine project was progressing smoothly, making him quite happy.

Besides researching the engine for the tanks and war chariot, Xia Lei had also spent some effort into the Alloy X Project. He tried to discover clues from different points of view, but he still couldn’t find anything.

A month had passed in the blink of an eye.

Xia Lei received a phone call early this morning.

“Mr. Xia, do you still remember me?” A man’s voice came from the phone. “I’m Doctor Ning Jing’s physician, Wei Guanyi.”

“Oh, it’s Doctor Wei Guanyi. Hello.” Xia Lei suddenly remembered this person. He also remembered all the things that were associated with him. Xia Lei had conversed with him privately while visiting Ning Jing. He had given him an additional paycheck to observe Ning Jing’s situation and report it to him. Xia Lei had almost forgotten about the person because he was too busy recently, but who would’ve thought that Wei Guanyi would call him today.

“It’s like this, Doctor Ning had a special situation last night, so I emailed you. But you didn’t reply,” Wei Guanyi said.

Last night? Xia Lei was researching the origins of life with Sylvia and Annina. How would he have the time to check his email?

“Sorry, I haven’t opened my email recently. What special situation happened to her?” Xia Lei suddenly became anxious.

“I can’t explain it clearly over the phone. Mr. Xia, are you free? If you’re free, you can come over and take a look. We can talk about it more in detail,” Wei Guanyi said.

“Okay, I will come right away.” Xia Lei got out of the house after he hung up the phone.

The cross-country Chevrolet Suburban car was speeding on the road. Xia Lei’s thoughts were like a wild horse that had lost its reins. It was free without any restraints.

“Emptiness is not the sky; there is no distance. Time is not time; thousands of years pass in an instant. The traveler came from a distant time. The sky is not his obstacle and time cannot destroy his body. He is searching for the starting point, but he is lost in the dark world. He is about to lose himself. The only that can…”

That was what Ning Jing had told him last time. He had conducted in-depth research on those words. He even tested out various experiments on the ancient alloy box. But unfortunately, he still didn’t find any answers in the end. The trail was just like her unfinished words, broken off. Now that a new situation related to Ning Jing had arisen, will there be new clues?

This thought made Xia Lei secretly excited.

Xia Lei had just driven his car to the sanatorium building when he saw Wei Guanyi. He had been waiting for him.

“Dr. Wei, what happened to Ning Jing?” Xia Lei had immediately began questioning him the moment he got out of the car.

“Mr. Xia, please follow me.” Wei Guanyi led the way for Xia Lei as he explained the situation to him. “Mr. Xia, everything began when Doctor Ning Jing had suddenly awaken for some time last night. Not only did she painted a few paintings, but she also conversed with me for a few minutes.”

“What did she draw?”

“You’ll know when you see it later. I can’t explain it using words.”

Xia Lei asked, “Then what did she talk to you about?”

“In consideration of you, I recorded my conversation with Doctor Ning Jing. The drawings and the recording are all in my office. I’ll get them for yow.” Wei Guanyi accelerated his pace.

Xia Lei followed Wei Guanyi to his office.

Wei Guanyi put the pen voice recorder and the drawings on the table. “Mr. Xia, you can look at it here. I know you want to visit Doctor Ning Jing, so I’ll go arrange it for you now. You can go visit her after you finished listening to the audio and looking over the paintings.”

Xia Lei faintly nodded. “You can go.”

After Wei Guanyi left, Xia LEi sat in front of Wei Guangyi’s office table. He looked at the paintings Ning Jing had painted.

Last time, Nin Jing painted five paintings in total. The first one showed the compass that originated from the Ming dynasty; the second one was the bronze treasure book; the third painting was the ancient alloy box with a corner missing; the fourth one was a complete ancient alloy box, and the last painting was a nude man without a face.

This time, Ning Jing only painted three paintings in total. Xia Lei was stunned when he saw the first painting.

Her first painting was Da Vinci’s masterpiece,《Mona Lisa》. This time, she even used advanced paintbrush and paint. The Mona Lisa on the paper looked lifelike and vivid. It looked like it was an advanced miniature counterfeit painting.

Why did she draw《Mona Lisa》?

Xia Lei didn’t understand why she drew this. But this painting of 《Mona Lisa》 reminded him of the painting of the Vikking pirates that was in Mark Amin’s mansion. That painting was also painted by Da Vinci. He still remembered the painting because the legendary female pirate in the painting looked similar to Princess Zhu Xuanyue. Later, he destroyed the painting with his fist.

“Is she trying to remind me that the ancient alloy box and the AE’s secret is related to Da Vinci? Os is Da Vinci a clue?” This thought suddenly appeared in Xia Lei’s mind.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t any word on the painting. He didn’t see anything special about the painting besides the smiling Mona Lisa.

Xia Lei put the《Mona Lisa》 painting aside and revealed the second painting. He was dumbfounded again.

The seconding painting was a lump of color that she had painted using white paint. It didn’t have a definite shape and it looked like she had randomly smeared the paint onto it using a paintbrush. If it had to look like something, then it looked a little like a piece of white cloud that was blown away by the wind.

“What did she painted?” Xia Lei was puzzled.

Unfortunately, there still weren’t any words on the second painting. He didn’t see any hint of clue.

Xia Lei’s eyesight shifted to the third painting as he put the second painting aside《Mona Lisa》. He couldn’t move his gaze away from the third painting the moment he looked at it.

There were six people painted on the third painting; 3 males and 3 females. Everyone was naked regardless of gender and none of the people had a face. The strangest part of the painting was that the body parts of the 6 people made the shape of a cube; each person made a side of the cube.

Xia Lei immediately understood the picture. An image of the ancient alloy box appeared in his mind. What he didn’t understand was the connection between the ancient alloy box and the 3 males and 3 females. He had caught some inspiration the moment he saw the third painting, but when he tried to recall it, his mind turned up blank.

After he froze for a minute, Xia Lei opened the recording pen and started to listen to the audio files recorded by Wei Guangyi.

“Doctor Ning Jing, I heard from the nurse that you’re doing well. I heard you asked her for a paintbrush, paint, and paper. What did you draw? Can I have a look?” It was Wei Guangyi’s voice.

“They are coming soon. You should escape as fast as you can.” Ning Jing’s voice was hoarse, low, and ice-cold. It didn’t sound like her anymore.

“Who’s about to come?” Wei Guangyi’s voice.

“It’s too late.”

“What’s too late?” Wei Guangyi’s voice.

“When did he came?”

“Who are you talking about?”


“Weiyi? Hehe, it’s only one character away from my name. Is he your friend or coworker?” Wei Guangyi’s voice.

“Take off your pants and get on the bed. I’ll check your uterus for you.”

“Why are you becoming confused again? I’m your doctor.”

“I’ll prescribe you some misscarriage prevention medicine that will help with your sleeping later.”

The conversation between Wei Guangyi and Ning Jing continued, but Xia Lei’s thinking couldn’t move on from that word.

It was——Weiyi.

There was only one person who called him by that name, it was Princess Yongmei, Zhu Xuanyue. This was a secret between him and PRincess Yongmei, how could Ning Jing know that name?

Also, Ning Jing said quite a lot of stuff, but it wasn’t hard to tell that she was conscious at the beginning of the conversation. Then, her mental disorder acted up again, making her deranged. Her few clear-minded words were enough to make Xia Lei stunned and puzzled. He fell into deep contemplation. “Did she mistake Wei Guangyi as me, reminding me that someone will bring me danger and that I should escape? But later, when she asked Wei Guangyi when the person will come, she mentioned the name, Weiyi. It was clear that she was talking about me. What’s going on?”

Questions arose one by one, but he couldn’t fully understand it.

Xia Lei put the paintings and the pen voice recorder into his briefcase and left Wei Guangyi’s office. He had visit Ning Jing. No matter which state of consciousness she was in, he had to talk to her and figure out everything!

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