Chapter 680

Xia Lei was hoping Fan Fan would come in later, but she had to come in now. Zongzheng Wukui hated her the most right now, and Ling Han and Song Baicheng were here as well. Meeting enemies would open old wounds so now he didn’t know how things would go.

While Xia Lei was inwardly having a headache, Fan Fan seemed to look great. She walked in naturally, a nice smile on her face. “The boss is here too and Mr. Ling. What a coincidence.”

Zongzheng Wukui coldly looked at Fan Fan without a word.

Ling Han coldly laughed. “That’s right, what a coincidence. It’s so coincidental that I feel you’ve come here especially to mock us, right?”

“Mr. Ling, how could you say something like that? We were colleagues once, so how could I come especially to make fun of you? I came for work because I received a notice from superiors that I was in charge of the German matter. I feel a little sorry about this since you’re the one in charge of that.”

“You actually received a notice?” Ling Han’s face immediately changed. “Who gave you this notice?”

“Now that wouldn’t be convenient for me to share, but someone will contact you,” said Fan Fan.

Only then did Xia Lei realize why Fan Fan had appeared her. She had come for a special purpose and she had come prepared.

But at this moment, Zongzheng Wukui suddenly walked over and slapped Fan Fan.

Smack! With a crisp sound, a handprint suddenly formed on Fan Fan’s face. Since she was caught off guard, her body lost balance and fell towards the ground.

Xia Lei suddenly rushed up and grabbed her waist in the nick of time, saving her from falling onto the ground.

“Let go of me!” Fan Fan pushed Xia Lei away.

Xia Lei helped her but she wasn’t grateful, instead getting mad at him. However, while this seemed unreasonable, Xia Lei understood Fan Fan’s intent. She was a woman with a special constitution and this was her secret and weakness that could even be fatal. Of course, she didn’t want Ling Han and Zongzheng Wukui to discover her weakness, but if he continued to hug her, her weakness would be revealed.

Xia Lei stood at one end, not getting involved.

“You actually did this behind my back! So you think you’ve grown up, Fan Fan?” said Zongzheng Wukui, all of his words filled with anger and a menacing tone.

Fan Fan didn’t get angry at getting slapped. Instead she laughed. “Boss Zongzheng, you slapped me and I don’t blame you. You should have hit me, but that’ll be the only time. In the future, you won’t have the courage to hit me.”

“What do you mean?” Zongzheng Wukui’s face immediately changed.

“You’re about to retire. The superiors have already clearly expressed that I am to take your position. I’m currently like your deputy. A bureau chief like you can’t just hit your deputy bureau chief casually, right? After awhile, you’ll retire and as a predecessor, you can’t just hit your successor, right?”

“Impossible!” Ling Han couldn’t stay calm.

Zongzheng Wukui’s cell phone suddenly rang. Zongzheng Wukui hesitated but still took his phone out to take the call. Throughout the entire phone call, he didn’t say a word, only saying a few okays.

Zongzheng Wukui put his cell phone away in under a minute, but he still didn’t say anything. He only watched Fan Fan and Xia Lei.

“Boss, was…” said Ling Han anxiously.

Zongzheng Wukui waved his hands and began speaking after Ling Han shut his mouth. “Congratulations Fan Fan. I see that not after too long, you’ll be able to take on my position. I was going to retire after some time but you sped up my retirement period. You have the ability and I guess I made an error in judgement.”

“Boss, you’re too flattering. It’d be good if you retired early since you’ve already worked hard your entire life. It’s time to take a break.”

Zongzheng Wukui suddenly whipped his hand out, about to smack Fan Fan again.

But this time, Zongzheng Wukui’s palm didn’t land onFan Fan’s face. Instead, Xia Lei had grabbed onto his hand in midair.

Zongzheng Wukui’s agility was impressive, only second to Shi Boren, but he was getting on in years. He was now weaker than Xia Lei whether that was in strength or speed. Xia Lei grabbed his hand and he tried to pull away, but he actually couldn’t move!

Ling Han suddenly pulled out a gun and pointed the gun at Xia Lei’s head. “You’re courting death! Believe it or not, I’ll shoot you right now!”

Xia Lei looked at Ling Han, his face changing. “You’d die here first before you even pulled the trigger.”

A verbal dispute suddenly turned into a weapons face-off, but it was really just a fight of power.

Xia Lei’s head was almost in reach but Ling Han didn’t dare shoot. He didn’t even dare reveal any indications that he was going to shoot. Who was Xia Lei? No other than Bureau 101’s trump card! How many secret service agents and special forces soldiers had Xia Lei killed? The people who had joined the Grim Reaper were afraid of Xia Lei, not to mention him!

Fan Fan’s hand moved, and a delicate feminine pistol appeared in her hand. Her muzzle directly pointed at Ling Han’s head. “Ling Han! I order you to put your gun down now. If you don’t put it down, I will kill you!”

It would have been fine if Fan Fan hadn’t said that but now that she did, Ling Han decided he wouldn’t let go. He coldly laughed. “Do you really think you’re the deputy bureau chief? Ordering me around? You aren’t qualified!”

“Is that so? I’ll give you ten seconds. If you don’t put the gun down in ten seconds, I will kill you.” Fan Fan’s voice was also very cold.

She usually gave other people the impression of being a female scientist, educated and well-balanced, gentle  and quiet, but now she had totally become a different person, almost as if Long Bing had possessed her.

Song Baicheng suddenly pointed his gun at Fan Fan’s head. “If you shoot me, you’ll die first!”

The office immediately filled with mutual hostility. Zongzheng Wukui wanted to thrash Fan Fan, but Xia Lei had captured Zongzheng Wukui’s hand. Ling Han was pointing his gun at Xia Lei’s head and Fan Fan was pointing her gun at Ling Han’s head. Song Baicheng was pointing his gun at Fan Fan’s head. The scene was still, and no matter who moved first, blood would be shed on the scene!

“Don’t get nervous,” finally said Xia Lei. He slowly let go of Zongzheng Wukui’s hand.

“I thought you weren’t afraid of dying.” Ling Han coldly laughed.

But right when Ling Han spoke, Xia Lei suddenly raised his hand and smashed his knuckles into Ling Han’s wrist. Ling Han’s wrist immediately rose and his muzzle rose as well. In that moment, Xia Lei’s hands formed fists and he stuck his middle finger up as he ruthlessly knocked into Ling Han’s ribs.

The ribs were the one of the weakest parts of the human body. Upon being hit, Ling Han immediately let out a sound of pain as his body lost balance and fell.

Xia Lei reached out and Ling Han’s gun fell into his hands. In milliseconds, a jet-black muzzle was facing Song Baicheng and in this moment, Song Baicheng hadn’t moved his gun from Fan Fan’s head to him yet.

“Put the gun down,” said Xia Lei.

Song Baicheng was still hesitating.

“Bastard!” Zongzheng Wukui suddenly got angry. “Who told you to take out your guns? Put them all back!”

Only then did Song Baicheng put his pistol away.

Ling Han got up from the floor, angrily glaring at Xia Lei but not daring to rush into action. His attacked rib throbbed with pain, but he endured it, not even frowning about it.

Xia Lei turned off the safety and then threw the gun back at Ling Han. “If you don’t want to kill me, next time you better not take your gun out. I’ve killed many people so it’s a conditioned reflex. Next time if your reaction is too excessive, I’ll get rid of you.”

Ling Han was already so angry that he couldn’t even speak. If someone else said this to him, he wouldn’t mind it, but the person saying this to him was Xia Lei. He had no choice but to take these words to heart. Because of this, his self-esteem decreased more and more, making him feel uncomfortable!

Fan Fan was the last one to put her gun away. She didn’t look at Zongzheng Wukui or Ling Han, but instead secretly looked at Xia Lei out of the corners of her eyes. Her expression seemed to flash slightly. She thought that Xia Lei bringing Ling Han and Song Baicheng under check just now was extremely handsome of him, and it made her secretly excited.

“This matter will end here, and no one will bring it up again,” said Zongzheng Wukui. His tone had softened for some reason, making other people feel he was exhausted.

“Boss, is this really it?” Ling Han was unwilling to lose his control over the transaction this time, and he was even more unwilling to have Fan Fan replace him in being the next bureau chief of Bureau ZN.

“I have already received the superiors’ notice. This matter will end here.” Zongzheng Wukui didn’t explain further and walked towards the doorway immediately.

Ling Han blanked, and followed him out.

“You, you...just wait and see. This matter won’t just end here,” said Song Baicheng before running off.

Xia Lei disdained him. Fan Fan was about to become the bureau chief of Bureau ZN, so did he still need to care about Ling Han and Song Baicheng? Actually Fan Fan wasn’t been the biggest winner in Bureau ZN’s power struggle, but him.

When they got to the doorway, Zongzheng Wukui paused in his steps and glanced back at Fan Fan. “As a predecessor, I’ll give you a word of advice. You must separate your public and private interests. The Alloy X Project is more important than anything else, and you better keep that in mind.”

“Thank you,” said Fan Fan indifferently.

Zongzheng Wukui disappeared at the doorway along with Ling Han and Song Baicheng.

Fan Fan breathed a long sigh and patted her big chest. “Ah, that was too scary. When Song Baicheng pointed his gun at my head, I was about to pee my paints.”

“It wasn’t that exaggerated, right?” Xia Lei was a bit speechless.

Fan Fan suddenly reached for his hand and brought it to the bottom of her skirt. “Won’t you know if you just touch it?”

That area was all wet, but Xia Lei was sure it wasn’t pee. His hand seemed to have touched electricity, and it stopped for a second before moving back.

“I didn’t trick you right?” Fan Fan looked completely serious.

Xia Lei was speechless.

“Do you know why the superiors made the decision this quickly?”

“Don’t keep me waiting, just say it.”

“Some dramatic changes appeared in the Korean general election. Ahn Geungan’s competitor, Park Sojin had a lot of scandals break out in the news and his support kept declining. Ahn Geungan suddenly went for it at the latter half of the election and increased his promotions and his campaigning efforts, so his support didn’t stop increasing. If nothing else happens, he’ll be the next Korean president.”

Xia Lei only laughed. He had already anticipated these results so he didn’t find it strange at all.

“I received a letter from Ahn Geungan. He was willing to change some of the policies and even though this matter wasn’t settled, his position in his letter was already very valuable.” This was why she had become the deputy bureau chief of Bureau ZN this quickly.

“Congratulations, you succeeded.”

“Without you I wouldn’t have become successful.” Fan Fan’s expression was heated. “You helped me with the Korean side and you helped me with Song Baicheng’s scandal. You basically helped me into the position of bureau chief. I owe you so much. Tell me how I should repay you.”

Xia Lei laughed. “Just don’t get me into any trouble.”

“I’ll definitely get you into trouble. You’ll definitely be the one to resolve all my troubles.”

Xia Lei was speechless.

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