Chapter 679

“Bro, have you heard? That German girl was raped.”

“Everyone’s talking about this now, so how could I not have heard? It’s a pity that an awesome German girl like her was defiled by a pig.”

“Yeah right. I daresay she’s the prettiest girl I’ve met just from the looks of her body and face. A girl like her should be given to our Director Xia to enjoy. How could she have gotten defiled by that pig surnamed Song?”

“That pig named Song sure had guts. He was so outrageously lustful but did he not think of the consequences?”

“Who told him to be a government official? Since he dared do it, he isn’t afraid of that German girl causing trouble. Let’s see, I bet this matter won’t come to anything and at the most, he’ll just have to pay up with some money.”

“If it’s like that, then it’s not fair.”

“Since when has this world been fair? Fairness has always been fought for with fists. Brother, learn a little more, you’re still young.”

“Come on, aren’t you just a few years older than me? What’re you bragging about?”

“Look, whose car is that?”

“It’s a Hongqi car with a red license plate. Do you still need to ask? A big leader must have come.”

A Hongqi car drove into Thunder Horse Military Factory amidst the workers’ discussion. It didn’t go to the office, instead heading straight for the office building.

The car door opened and Zongzheng Wukui got off. His skinny face was expressionless.

When Zongzheng Wukui got off the car, Ling Han and Song Baicheng walked out from the office building.

Song Baicheng’s face was full of shame. “Boss, sorry, I…”

Before Song Baicheng could finish his worlds, Zongzheng Wukui suddenly slapped him. A smack sounded and Song Baicheng staggered back, blood forming at the corners of his mouth. He covered his slapped face, not daring to utter another sound.

“Boss, he got into a trap so this isn’t all his fault. I’ve already talked to him and he will hand himself over to the authorities later,” said Ling Han.

“Yes yes, I will bear all the responsibility,” said Song Baicheng hurriedly.

“Hmph!” Zongzheng Wukui coldly hmphed. Already, he didn’t want to talk to Song Baicheng anymore.

“Boss, this was done by Xia Lei and Fan Fan. This matter. You have to get an idea for us.”

“Fan Fan? Hmph! Does she think her wings got longer? Even if she does have longer wings now, I’ll bring her to the ground.” Zongzheng Wukui coldly said, “And that Xia Lei. Now that he’s gotten himself into this, he won't have a chance at getting away. I want to show him what he can’t and can do!”

A cold smile formed on Ling Han’s lips. “He’s in his office and the Germans are also there.”

Zongzheng Wukui didn’t say anything more and left the office building directly.

The office was filled with a happy atmosphere.

“Today’s arrangements went according to plan. You guys can join any workshop.” Xia Lei’s face was all smiles.

“Mr. Xia, when are you planning to start developing the intelligent Thunder Dragon lathe for us?” asked Connell.

“I can’t be the judge of that. This is a business transaction so whenever you provide the submarine technology, I will give you everything you want on my end. Before then, the only thing I can do is wait for any notice,” said Xia Lei.

His meaning was very clear- this was to be a simple and direct transaction. As long as he didn’t have the German submarine technology, he wouldn’t give the Germans what they wanted.

Connell laughed. “Haha, Mr. Xia, don’t worry. Everything has already been prepared. As long as your end is ready, you can start the transaction at any time.”

“Then first let’s go look around the workshop and we can discuss when the transaction will be carried out. What do you think of that, Mr. Connell?” said Xia Lei.

“Of course that’s fine,” said Connell.

“I think there’s a problem.” Zongzheng Wukui suddenly appeared at the entrance of the office, with an angry face and a frightening cold expression.

Connell immediately frowned as he had just been interrupted. “And you are?”

“We don’t have to know each other.” Zongzheng Wukui was extremely rude.

Connell got the cold shoulder, and he was annoyed, but he was someone who could stand anger. He also knew that the old fellow in front of him knew his status, yet he didn’t give any face at all, so he probably wasn’t a normal person.

At this, Xia Lei said, “Mr. Connell, you can leave this to me and take a look at the workshop with your men. We can have a good chat later.”

“Then that’ll be all for now, Mr. Xia. Please go ahead.” Connell left along with several German technology workers. Since Zongzheng Wukui didn’t give him face, he didn’t care about giving Zongzheng Wukui any face either. When he left, he didn’t even glance at Zongzheng Wukui.

The moment the Germans left, Ling Han and Song Baicheng walked into the office.

“Please sit,” greeted Xia Lei with a smile. Then, he called, “Caiyue, bring three cups of tea over.”

Caiyue’s voice came from outside. “Yes, Director Xia. Coming right away.”

Zongzheng Wukui sat his butt down on the sofa. “Xia Lei, don’t try to be coy. You should know why we’ve come. Just spill it, I’m waiting for your explanation.”

Ling Han and Song Baicheng stood on the two sides of Zongzheng Wukui, both staring coldly at Xia Lei.

The people who came were ill-intentioned, so the office’s atmosphere immediately became tense.

Xia Lei stopped smiling, and indifferently said, “Executive Zongzheng, did you just come for an explanation? Could you give me a reminder of what this is about? What explanation are you looking for?”

Zongzheng Wukui suddenly slapped his hand on the small table and furiously said, “Xia Lei! Don’t play the fool in front of me! Do you really not know what I came here for?”

“Since you’re not saying, I really don't know.” Xia Lei shrugged. “Otherwise what would I need a reminder for?”

“Xia Lei!” Ling Han coldly said, “Watch your tone!”

Xia Lei didn’t speak anymore.

Qing Caiyue walked in, holding a tea tray with three cups of tea for Zongzheng Wukui, Ling Han and Song Baicheng, but when she saw the three of them getting angry at her Director Xia, she was immediately unhappy. Taking the tea tray, she turned to leave.

“What are you doing? Serve the tea before leaving,” called Song Baicheng.

Qing Caiyue turned around and looked at Song Baicheng. “If you want to drink tea, you can make it yourself!”

“You...shameless!” Song Baicheng got angry from feeling humiliated. It was fine if Xia Lei didn’t take him seriously but now even his secretary didn’t take him seriously!

“Caiyue, what’s going on?” asked Xia Lei.

“Director Xia, there’s no more tea leaves,” said Cai Yue.

“All right, all right. You can go ahead with your work then. We don’t need you here anymore.” Xia Lei waved his hand.

Qing Caiyue assented. She left, twisting her slender little waist and her perky butt. When she left, she couldn’t help but laugh. She thought Xia Lei would scold her but Xia Lei hadn’t.

Everyone had seen the three cups of tea that she had brought in, all giving off steam and emitting a fragrant scent, but she had actually taken the cups of tea back. With such a small matter, Zongzheng Wukui and the people next to him had seen through Xia Lei’s attitude- that he wasn’t afraid at all!

Zongzheng Wukui’s face became uglier. He thought he could resolve the problem with his status and force Xia Lei to give in, but he had never thought that Xia Lei wouldn’t attach any importance to him!

If Xia Lei didn’t even care about the bureau chief of Bureau ZN, how were they supposed to chat?

Zongzheng Wukui was silent for a moment before saying, “Xia Lei, what do you really want to do?”

Xia Lei only quietly sat on his office chair, without saying a word.

“You’re a business person without any official appointment, but you dared take over Bureau ZN’s personnel. I can’t help but admire your courage, but I still have to ask, ‘Do you not want your life anymore?’” Zongzheng Wukui’s tone was indifferent, but his words all hinted at threatening him.

“Are you threatening me now?” Xia Lei coldly laughed.

“Threaten you?” Zongzheng Wukui suddenly slapped the table and stood up. “You’re actually talking to me like that?!”

Xia Lei didn’t get angry, saying, “If you don’t want to talk to me then what did you come here for?”

“Impudent!” Song Baicheng suddenly walked towards Xia Lei.

Xia Lei got up from his office chair and suddenly hit his office table. With a smack, the entire office table violently shook, a crack appearing in the wooden table.

Originally, Song Baicheng was going to lecture Xia Lei but after Xia Lei’s slap, he immediately stopped in his steps. He had received wrestling training before so he wasn’t afraid of Lu Sheng but Lu Sheng and Xia Lei were clearly not on the same level. If he went up against Xia Lei, the person lying down would definitely be him and not Xia Lei.

“Xia Lei!” Ling Han couldn’t control his anger anymore either. “Stupid! Based on just your power, you thought you could replace me with Fan Fan? You’re daydreaming and digging your own grave!” 

“Oh no, why isn’t this table durable? How horrible, the purchasing agents must have gotten bribed. I’ll have to deduct their pay later.”

Ling Han was already so furious he couldn’t speak.

“You guys can leave. There’s no point in talking anymore.” Xia Lei said, “Even though I’m a businessman without an official appointment, I’m not someone who can be threatened. It’s fine if you want my life or my company. You can go do whatever you’re doing, so let’s just stop wasting time.”

Now he was asking them to leave.

Ling Han and Song Baicheng looked at Zongzheng Wukui, waiting for his orders.

After a moment, Zongzheng Wukui said, “Xia Lei, since you’ve already said this, before I leave I want to make something clear.”

“I’m listening,” said Xia Lei.

“Stop your dirty tricks immediately and stop the Germans from pursuing what happened last night. Also, Ling Han will continue to be in charge of the transaction between Thunder Horse Military Factory and the Germans. Finally, stop getting involved in Bureau ZN’s matters, otherwise things will get messy. I’ll only say this much, and whatever happens will be up to you,” said Zongzheng Wukui.

“Are you done?” Xia Lei said, “If you’re done then please leave. I won’t be seeing you off.”

But at this moment, Qing Caiyue’s voice came. “Director Xia, Miss Fan Fan came to find you. Do you want to see her?”

Xia Lei immediately felt a headache coming along.

Before Xia Lei could speak, Zongzheng Wukui sternly said, “Let her in!”

However, Qing Caiyue stood there unmoving. Even though Zongzheng Wukui was someone big who she couldn’t offend, Xia Lei was her boss. Here, she would only listen to Xia Lei’s commands and no one else’s.

Fan Fan came in herself without an invitation.

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