Chapter 676

Thunder Horse Military Factory held a grand banquet., and the company’s arts team were very energetic, dancing and singing. The atmosphere was very lively. Qing Caiyue also gave a dance performance on stage. She danced a fairly unique peacock dance of an ethnic minority dance. As she danced, her body seemed so soft that it was as if she were boneless. Her body bent and folded in a lithe and graceful manner.

Xia Lei toasted the German delegation again and again with the fine wine and fine spirit of the evening. The only ones he did not toast were Ling Han and Song Baicheng. However, this did not affect Ling Han and Song Baicheng. The two of them were still rather lively at the table, and they drank quite a bit of wine with the members of the German delegation. Xia Lei saw their actions and was quietly glad about it.

The banquet came to an end, and Ling Han and Song Baicheng returned to their respective rooms in drunk states.

“Harlow, Mr Song.”

Song Baicheng heard a female voice just as he was about to open the door. He turned his head and saw Sylvia.

Song Baicheng paused, then smiled. “Ah, Miss Sylvia. Do you need something?”

Sylvia shook her head to indicate that she did not understand him. She moved closer and handed her mobile phone to Song Baicheng.

Song Baicheng read the translated German text on the phone screen: My bathroom is not working. There is no hot water. Can I use your bathroom?

This sort of strange situation actually existed?

Song Baicheng smiled. “Not a problem. Please, come in.” He did not care if Sylvia understood him or not, and opened the door for her right away.

Sylvia went through the door and suddenly stumbled. She fell towards the floor, but Song Baicheng quickly reached out and put his arms around her slender waist.

Sylvia struggled in a fake way and said in German, “Can you please let go of me? Don’t do this, don’t do this.”

Song Baicheng did not understand German. Under the influence of alcohol, he took the opportunity to hug Sylvia tighter. Sylvia had been coming into contact with him recently, whether intentionally or by coincidence. He was not stupid; he could already tell that she was interested in him. Now that Sylvia had taken the initiative to come to his room, how could he not eat meat that jumped into his mouth?

He had a fragrant, soft female in his arms, a blonde someone who desired contact but was coyly saying no. Lust sprang in Song Baicheng. He held Sylvia tight and moved her towards the bed. 

“Don’t! You can’t do this. I am a German technician. You cannot treat me like this,” said Sylvia in German.

Song Baicheng chuckled. “What are you saying, babe?”

Rip! There was a tearing sound and the skin-tight tank top Sylvia was wearing was torn open, revealing a large area of snow-white breasts.

“Ah, so you like it like this.” Song Baicheng became eager for action.

“Help! Help!” shouted Sylvia, but her voice was not very loud.

Song Baicheng covered Sylvia’s mouth. “Don’t be so loud, baby. You don’t want to be discovered either, right?”

Sylvia nodded and stopped shouting.

Song Baicheng relaxed his hand over Sylvia’s mouth. His eyes were glinting as he looked at her.

Rip! Sylvia’s short skirt was also torn open.

“No more tearing – I’ll do the rest!” Song Baicheng couldn’t control himself any longer. He threw himself on Sylvia, and they fell on the bed.

But right at this moment, a BANG came from the doorway. Someone had kicked the door open. A person appeared in the doorway – it was the Thunder Horse Military Factory’s chief of the security department, Lu Sheng.

Song Baicheng was surprised but he quickly calmed himself down. He turned and looked at Lu Sheng and hollered, “Asshole! What do you want? Get out!”

“Help! He wants to rape me!” said Sylvia in German.

Lu Sheng strode into the room without a word. He grabbed Song Baicheng by the collar and pried him off of Sylvia.

Song Baicheng was so ashamed that he grew angry, and slapped Lu Sheng in the face.

The sound of a slap rang out. Song Baicheng had moved quickly and Lu Sheng was unable to dodge. Lu Sheng paused, and abruptly let a punch fly at Song Baicheng. Song Baicheng retreated half a step and raised his arms to block it. He was a ZN Bureau field agent after all, and was no less skilled than the Bureau 101 special agents, so he was not the least bit afraid of going up against a brawny guy like Lu Sheng. 

While the two men fought, Sylvia got up from the bed where Song Baicheng had pushed her down, and ran out. The moment she exited the door, she started screaming at the top of her lungs on the balcony, “Help, help! I’m being sexually assaulted  — Rape!”

Sylvia’s voice tore through the darkness and rang out in the night.

There were several German members of the delegation in the building who had just come back from the banquet and had yet to go to bed. Sylvia’s cries for help in German drew the Germans out of their rooms.

“Help! Help! Sexual Assault! He tried to rape me!” Sylvia shouted again.

Koen, who was on the same floor, came over to Sylvia. “What happened, Miss Sylvia?” asked Koen anxiously.

“Someone... Someone… Whuuh…” Sylvia cried as she spoke. “Someone wanted to rape me! Whuuh…”

“Who?” Koen was infuriated.

More Germans came over, and there were many with their fists clenched.

Just then, Song Baicheng finally came out from his room, having manged to shake Lu Sheng off. He did not understand German and he was not sure of what was going on, but he saw Sylvia wailing and abruptly understood. He tensed.

“It’s him! That’s the guy!” Sylvia suddenly pointed at Song Baicheng and said, “He was the one who brought me to his room, and, and… He tore my clothes open and pressed me on the bed to rape me… Whuuuh…”

Song Baicheng was flustered and he said, “Miss Sylvia, what are you saying? I didn’t do anything to you! You were a willing party.”

Koen understood Chinese. When he heard Song Baicheng’s denial and his claim that Sylvia was willing, he became angry right away. He pointed straight at Song Baicheng and cursed. “You asshole! She is the Rheinmetall AG’s machinist. Have you even looked at yourself? How could she like you? You shameless thug! Where is your supervisor? This matter is not over! You’ll take responsibility for this!”

Song Baicheng understood what Koen said and realised that he had fallen into a trap. He charged at Sylvia and said fiercely, “You stupid bitch! You dare to frame me!”

Lu Sheng abruptly cut between them and blocked Song Baicheng off.

“Fuck! How dare you humiliate Miss Sylvia in public!” A young German engineer kicked Song Baicheng’s buttocks while he was being held up by Lu Sheng.

Song Baicheng punched the German engineer’s face on reflex. The latter was no match for Song Baicheng and he staggered, then sank to the floor.

Everything became a great mess in an instant.

Downtairs, people gathered and started whispered discussions.

“You’re not calling your supervisor over? Ok, then we will call the police.” Koen’s tone was determined. “If the police cannot solve this either, then we will make a diplomatic protest!”

Song Baicheng was not scared of the police. A normal policeman would not be able to interfere with his matters. He begun to feel uncomfortable, however, once he heard Koen say “diplomatic protest”. Putting the matter of him and Sylvia aside, affecting the trade between Germany and China would be enough to get him into some serious trouble!

“Mr Koen, this is a misunderstanding.” Song Baicheng braced himself and tried to explain. “I swear, I did not violate Miss Sylvia. I am not stupid – why would I rape her?”

“I have proof!” said Sylvia.

“What proof do you have?” Ling Han’s voice suddenly came from the other side of the corridor. His voice was filled with rage.

The chaos quieted at Ling Han’s appearance.

Song Baicheng breathed a sigh of relief. “Mr Ling, you came just in time. They…”

Ling Han glared at Song Baicheng and Song Baicheng shut his mouth immediately.

“Mr Ling, you came just in time. Your subordinate tried to assault Miss Sylvia. How do you plan to take care of this matter?” Koen was not familiar with Ling Han so he did not show him any courtesy.

Ling Han replied, “I will not be partial. If he really did it, we will go by the book in taking care of this matter.” He then looked at Sylvia, and said coldly, “Miss Sylvia, you said that Song Baicheng tried to rape you. Do you have proof?”

The German interpreter who had come with Ling Han translated his words.

Sylvia pointed at herself and said with a wronged expression, “Is this not proof? Is this not enough to prove what he had done?”

The German interpreter translated Sylvia’s words.

“You ripped it yourself!” said Song Baicheng angrily.

“Shut up!” barked Ling Han.

Song Baicheng shut his mouth again. He understood that Ling Han’s anger towards him was actually him defending him.

“Miss Sylvia, this must be a misunderstanding,” said Ling Han. “You said Song Baicheng tore your clothing, but he said you tore it yourself. I will look into this, but I promise you that you will receive compensation.”

“Oh my god, rape is a serious crime all around the world! You want to solve this with money?!” Koen was fairly unhappy.

“I did not say that. I said that I will investigate and handle it from there after I have clear findings,” said Ling Han. He decided to handle the matter calmly, and try to reduce the severity of the problem. This matter would be settled as it was when they paid Sylvia a sum of money in compensation.

But at that moment, Xia Lei’s voice rang out. “What happened? What are you guys doing here?”

All gazes moved to Xia Lei.

Xia Lei was wearing a pair of dark red embroidered shorts, and a white tank top. On his feet were a pair of foam slippers. He looked nothing like a director of the Thunder Horse Military Factory, but like some sort of street vendor.

However, even though he was dressed like a street vendor, he had a very unique presence which easily held them all still!

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