Chapter 673

The driver of the field command vehicle finally started the car and fled swiftly, heading towards the Gangman district.

As they fled, a sniper rifle bullet hit the car’s windshield, but it did not shatter the windshield. It only made cracks; the field command vehicle’s driver had narrowly escaped death.

The sniper stopped his attacks but no one knew where he was, even now.

Gu Kewen was struggling, crawling. She snatched up the communicator and bellowed, “It is him! He is in the Gangnam district!”

“He must be in the tall building near the poor district. Seal off all of the tall buildings within three kilometers of here immediately!” Gu Kewen quickly issued a more detailed command.

It was obvious that her having her buttock shot did not affect her brain.


The engine of the Toyota MPV parked outside the poor district started up and headed to the Gangnam district. However, before the driver could even drive 100 meters, a bullet went through the front window pane and lodged itself into the driver’s forehead. Control of the Toyota MPV was lost, and it veered off the road, slamming into a tree by the road.

Bam! The Toyota MPV came to a stop. The people in the car were thrown forward; it was chaos.

Amongst the chaos, Dark Mona suddenly hugged one of her subordinates and crashed to the floor of the car, between the seats. Almost at the same instant, a bullet flew in from outside the car. The car shook. Glass cracked. Blood spurted. The narrow interior of the car limited movement, so the people inside had nowhere to dodge. They were not even able to see who attacked them as bullets were planted into their bodies, one by one.

But this was just the start. More bullets rained down on the car. The defenseless Toyota MPV was punctured and hundreds of bullet holes appeared in it, turning the people in the car into sieves. Blood gushed out from the various wounds on their bodies and flowed out of the gap in the car door, and through the bullet holes in the car. It was a dreadful sight.

It was not just the Toyota MPV up front — the two Toyota SUVs and the few motorcycles behind them were not spared either. The bullets had come from both sides of the road and torn up the FA Organisation’s men and vehicles.

The ambush had only lasted for half a minute from start to end, and the people of the FA Organisation had yet to return a single bullet.

200 meters away, on a rooftop, six gunmen put away their guns.

These six people were members of the Zodiac team. The ones who shot and killed the driver of the Toyota MPV were Amanda, Alessio, Baqu, E’er Demutu, Marcus and Yelena. They had used the Gust assault rifle to shoot the cars and killed off all the people of the FA Organisation in the cars in their rampage. Five Gust assault rifles with a range of two kilometers, almost zero recoil, and powerful firepower made the ambush extremely easy.

“Wow.” Marcus stroked the Gust assault rifle in his hand, smiling. He liked it very much. “I have used almost all the different kinds of rifles in this world but I have never seen any that are as powerful and easy to use as this.”

Amanda said, “You should try the XL2500 sniper rifle that Boss made. I promise, there is no better sniper rifle than it in this world.”

“Stop talking about guns. We should retreat,” said Yelena. “Boss should be done with his work over there too.”

“I wonder if that bitch Dark Mona was killed,” said Amanda.

“She should not be able to live,” said E’er Demutu said. “We had six guns. Those cars were all beat up — Dark Mona would not be able to escape.”

“It would be nice if we could go see it,” said Amanda.

“We can’t. The Korean police are almost here. Let’s go,” said Yelena.

She just finished her sentence when the sound of police sirens wailed in the distance.

At the same time, Park Taeyong’s voice came from the communicator, “I and boss are already on the way to the retreat point. You guys should get going too. We have to leave.”

The six members of the Zodiac team smiled at each other and quickly left the building top.

A police car stopped by the road. The two policemen inside the car stepped out, carrying guns as they moved carefully toward the FA Organisation’s car.

A policeman spoke into his walkie-talkie, “There was a gun battle here. Unknown people were killed! Oh my god… So many people!”

A policeman opened the door of the Toyota MPV and a dead body tumbled out. It was a white man, sturdily built, with a weight of approximately 100 KG. His body was covered with at least 20 bullet holes. He could be nothing but dead.

“There is one alive!” said the policeman in surprise.

Right then, a black man lying in the aisle of the car suddenly was flipped over, and he fell next to the car door.

The policeman who had opened the car door pointed his gun at the black man, but realised that he was not alive. On his head was a wine-glass sized bloody hole. A big, peculiarly-shaped gun appeared in front of him. Then, he saw a woman still lying in the aisle. She was covered with blood, as if she had just crawled out from the blood pools of Hell.



Before the policeman could finish his sentence, his head disappeared. The rest of his body flew backwards and slammed onto the ground.

The policeman who was reporting to headquarters hurriedly raised his gun, prepared to shoot, but he was no match for the woman. He had just started to make the movement to raise his arm when his opponent’s hand swung. A combat knife flew towards his heart in an instant and pierced his chest viciously.

“Urgh…” The policeman spat blood, then collapsed to the ground, face-first.

The woman put down her big, peculiarly-shaped gun. From her mouth came the words, “Xia Lei, Xia Lei… Fuck you!”

She was Dark Mona.

She had developed the Earthworm Plan with Xia Changhe as the target, using the FA Organisation’s secret files to lure Xia Lei out, then carry out the operation. Xia Lei had come but her men had all died on top of her not capturing him. If not for her quick reaction, grabbing a subordinate in time and using his body to shield against the Gust assault rifles’ attack, she would be in hell right now!

Was there any plan which was a greater failure than the Earthworm Plan?

When she thought of the danger she’d been in, Dark Mona felt the rage build. She was going to fuck Xia Changhe up, and torture him in front of Xia Lei!

Dark Mona got into the police car and swiftly drove off, leaving the scene.

Meanwhile, a CIA field command car stopped at the roadside. A transport helicopter descended. Some military base medics hopped down. They carried a stretcher, and they ran to the field command car with first aid tools.

The driver opened the car door and Gu Kewen staggered as she fell out. Luckily, the driver was right in front of her and caught her. Her face was pale and her sexy buttocks were covered with blood.

“There will not be a next time, there will not be a next time…” Gu Kewen repeated this over and over. She was very weak but her eyes were scarily cold.

This was the CIA Fish Fork plan. It had the same result as the Earthworm Plan — a bitter defeat!

But what infuriated Dark Mona and Gu Kewen the most and what they could not accept, was that Xia Lei had led them by the nose from start to finish, and even until the end they had not seen him appear!

Xia Lei finally showed up, but he was on a country road far from Seoul.

As Park Taeyong drive, he asked, “Boss, did you kill Gu Kewen?”

Xia Lei did not answer. His mind wandered back to the scene when he was sniping at Gu Kewen. Back then, his position was 3,000 meters away from Gu Kewen, and he used the XL2500 sniper rifle he had personally modified, with a range of 3,400 meters. He had seen Gu Kewen’s butt shot, but only that bullet had got her. She had dodged all the rest of the shots.

If he did not have to stay at such a far distance, the probability that he could kill Gu Kewen would be increased by more than 50%. However, if he was too close, there would be no time for him to retreat after he shot. Once he got surrounded, there would not only the CIA field agents, but also the military base’s Navy Marine Corps’ and Special Forces soldiers. That would put him in an extremely dangerous situation!


Xia Lei recovered from his thoughts. “Half and half, I think. I am not sure I got rid of her but I did hit her. If I got a major blood vessel and caudal vertebra, she might even die.”

“Caudal vertebra? You hit her buttocks?”

“Yeah, I had planned to blast her head but she dodged it.” Xia Lei’s eyebrows knotted. “The CIA’s field command car is not like a normal car. I used the armor-piercing shell, but even with that, I had to use two to pierce the car’s body. When my first bullet hit the car, Gu Kewen was already on alert.”

Park Taeyong’s jaw dropped, and his face filled with shock. He was stunned for a long while before he finally said, “Boss, You… That was a bulletproof car in motion! How can you hit the same place twice? And you even shot Gu Kewen in her butt?!”

A distance of 3,000 meters — it would be very difficult even if it was a stationary target because this was no longer just simple shooting, not to mention hitting a moving vehicle. There would be many factors that would need to be considered, such as wind direction and wind speed, air resistance, and the bullet’s flying speed and energy consumption and so on. How did he do it with so many things to consider and calculate? He had even performed it so extremely well!

This was, of course, because of Xia Lei’s brain. This little bit of calculation was the same as elementary mathematics to him; there was no difficulty at all.

But Xia Lei would not explain it to Park Taeyong. He only smiled. “Get driving. Don’t let Amanda and the others wait too long.”

Park Taeyong shrugged and muttered to himself, “I heard that you are the world’s best sniper but I did not believe it then. Now, though… I think you are the king of the sniper world. There is no one who can surpass you.”

Xia Lei only listened; he did not interrupt.

The Hyundai MPV drove towards the seaside.

From that time, there were still 10 hours of the two-day deadline which Xia Lei had asked for. There was enough time to make his retreat.

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