Chapter 672

This poor district was separated from the flourishing Gangnam district by a six-lane highway. On one side there were the high-rise buildings and the colourful world of the rich. On the other side were low and short huts and pitted ground, electrical wires criss-crossing over them like spider webs. The six-line highway became the dividing line between heaven and hell. Now, this dividing line had been sealed off by the Korean police. There were no cars driving through except for police cars and the cars of the CIA field agents.

It was not only this six-lane highway — all the roads around the poor district were sealed. Anyone who wanted to enter the district would have to undergo the Korean police’s interrogation and inspection. Those who wish to exit the poor district would have to undergo even stricter interrogation and identity inspection.

Military helicopters flew through the sky from time to time. Their mission was to shoot any suspicious cars and provide firepower support for the combatants on the ground.

A large net had formed both on the ground and in the sky. It would be difficult for their target to escape.

A transport helicopter landed on the six-lane highway. Gu Kewen came out. She was under the protection of several Navy Marine Corps and special agents, and she entered the CIA fieldwork car. This car was contained equipment for receiving satellite monitoring signals and communication. Through these equipment, Gu Kewen could control the overall situation from inside the car. However, she was more concerned about keeping this field command vehicle far from the battlefield, and keeping herself safe.

A CIA technical staff turned on the monitor as soon as Gu Kewen entered the car. The video feed displayed on the monitor was being transmitted through a camera mounted on a tactical helmet, so it was somewhat shaky. In the shaking scene, 20 CIA field agents covered each other as they quickly trudged through a battered street and surrounded a small, old building.

This small building was where the CIA had tracked Xia Lei to earlier.

The voice of the CIA field agent captain leading the team came out of the communicator, “We are close to the target’s location. Awaiting orders.”

Gu Kewen picked up the communicator. She said coldly, “Capture everyone in the building! If anyone resists, kill him right there!”

“Roger.” The CIA field agent captain did a set of hand gestures.

“Xia Lei, if you are inside, you are dead.” A cold smile appeared at the corners of Gu Kewen’s mouth.

Would Xia Lei be inside that small building?

Gu Kewen really wanted to think that Xia Lei had not escaped, that he was still in that building. If that was the case, then she could easily fix the problem of Xia Lei. However, that was only what she hoped; she was still unsure about it. A smart and intelligent person like Xia Lei was even more sly than a fox, so would he stay in that building to wait for people to come capture him?

Bang bang bang!

Gu Kewen was still doubting if Xia Lei really was inside the building when the sound of gunfire came from inside the building. The CIA field agents surrounding the building immediately returned fire. There was a loud firing of guns. A hailstorm of bullets flew through the doors and windows and into the building. Glass, wood, and brick fragments flew all over the place.

“He really is inside!” Gu Kewen became very excited.

The CIA field agents surrounding the building stopped firing. The field agent who was guarding the front gate threw a grenade into the building. After the intense flash, he rushed in, followed closely by several CIA field agents.

The scene on the monitor was obscured by the smoke from the grenade, making it hard to see what was going on. Gu Kewen’s heart was in her throat, and she looked forward to seeing Xia Lei appear suddenly on the screen looking panicked and lost.

Unfortunately, this imagined scene did not happen.

More CIA field agents rushed into the building. They kicked open every door and searched every room.

Bang! The CIA field agent captain kicked open a door upstairs. A cat suddenly leaped up from the ground in a panic, leaping towards the window.

Pew pew pew…

The CIA field agent captain raised his gun instinctively and released a spray of bullets. The cat’s body was shot in midair, and the impact pushed its body out the window. Its blood splattered onto the walls, and on the shattered glass of the window, like cherry blossoms in the smoke, so beautiful that it was heartbreaking. 

The CIA field agent captain’s eyes stopped on a corner of the room. The camera mounted on his tactical helmet also transmitted what he saw to the field command vehicle.

A huge speaker appeared on the display screen. The speaker was on, and a piece of A4 paper was stuck to it. It was a message written in Chinese: The CIA is stupid! Gu Kewen is stupid!

Bang bang bang...

The sound of gunfire came from the speaker.

So the gunshots that got the CIA field agents to attack were actually just sounds coming from this speaker. 

Gu Kewen was not angry when she saw the line “Gu Kewen is stupid”. Instead, she laughed. “This guy. You have to test me to know if I am stupid, or not. Do you dare to come test me? Coward!”

A CIA technical staff suddenly said in excitement, “Boss! The signal that disappeared has reappeared!”

Gu Kewen drew close to the screen.

 A flashing red dot appeared on the technical staff’s computer. It was moving fast but its location was not in the poor district but its periphery. It was fleeing towards the flourishing Gangnam district.

“Boss, we should tell our military helicopters to pursue. He will not be able to escape,” said the CIA technical staff to Gu Kewen.

“Wait, let us be sure first.” As she talked, Gu Kewen adjusted a button to face the monitor.

Meanwhile, outside the poor district, inside a black Toyota MPV.

“Boss, Gu Kewen sent us the satellite location picture. The target has appeared again. He’s escaping to the Gangnam district!”

Dark Mona’s eyes moved to a special laptop computer screen. Sure enough, a flashing red dot was moving towards the Gangnam district at a speed. The small red dot represented Xia Lei, but through the video that Gu Kewen had sent through the pinhole camera of the CIA field agents’ movements, she now had doubts. This could be another one of Xia Lei’s tricks.

“Boss, Gu Kewen did not order the military helicopter to pursue him. She is buying time for us. What should we do?” asked a FA Organisation technical staff.

Dark Mona thought for a moment, then randomly picked two people. “You guys will follow, and observe. Do not act recklessly, even if you have confirmed that the target is Xia Lei. Report to me immediately.”

The two FA Organisation’s free agents stepped out of the car. They got on motorcycles and gave chase. The technical staff of the FA Organisation provided them with location support from inside the Toyota.

Two minutes later, two military helicopters flew towards the same place. On the ground, HMMWVs were heading to the Gangnam district. The Navy Marine Corps of the military base were carrying out the operation too.

Buying two minutes for the FA Organisation was the limit on what Gu Kewen could do for them.

Whether it was in the CIA field agent car or the FA organization’s Toyota MPV, in the scene provided by the US spy satellite, the red dot had stopped after running for a distance. 

When the red dot stopped, so did the two military helicopters in the sky.

Images from the FA organization’s agents equipment were transmitted to the special laptop computer controlled by the FA organization’s technical staff. A young Korean man with blonde hair was peeing by the roadside. Behind him was an old motorcycle. The military helicopters in the sky had obviously startled him, and caused most of the urine in his bladder to go onto his trousers.

“Put down your weapons!” yelled someone on the military helicopter with a megaphone.

“I… I don’t have a weapon!” yelled the blonde young man.

“Put your hands behind your head! Knees to the ground!”

“Assholes! Someone gave me money to drive this motorcycle… I don’t know anything!” The young blonde man suddenly broke into a run.


There was the sound of a shot. The young man had been shot down by a sniper, but the sniper did not kill him — he just shot his leg. 

A long line of HMMWVs also appeared at the scene.

The two FA Organisation free agents turned around.

Dark Mona slammed her fist on the car door in the Toyota MPV. There was a muffled “bang”. “Damn it! He played with us and the CIA! What exactly does he plan to do?”

This punch made her suddenly realise something, and she calmed down instantly.

She grabbed a communicator and said, “Leave immediately! He purposely lured you guys away!”

Her words passed to the micro-receiver hidden in Gu Kewen’s ear in a split second. Her reaction was very quick too, and she gave her order almost as soon as she heard Dark Mona. “Quick! Leave this place!”

But the body of the car shook before the driver could start the car.

Gu Kewen dove instinctively.

At that exact moment, a sniper bullet pierced through the car and into her buttocks. If she had been even a tenth of a second slower, the bullet would not have hit her ass, but the back of her head!

The intense pain hit, and Gu Kewen almost fainted. However, the hellish training in Siberia kicked in. She was still conscious, and her body still maintained the most basic, instinctive reaction. She rolled violently to the side as the pain came.

Ding! A series of sparks flew up from the car.

If she had reacted even a tiny bit slower, the sniper’s bullet would have ended her life!

This was a bulletproof car, yet it was still unable to stop the opponent’s attack. It was as if the opponent could see through the bulletproof steel plate and lock on to her exact location! What was scarier was that the sniper’s precision was uncanny, like he was firing a bullet first to penetrate the car’s bulletproof steel plate, and the next bullet to hit the target!

Who else in this world would be able to use the sniper so well?

It was none other than Xia Lei!

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