Chapter 671

“You said you wanted to see me. What do you want?” Gu Kewen laughed coldly. “Do you really want to kill me that badly?”

“Why should I kill you? I only want my father’s things back.” The man’s voice on the phone said, “Give me a price.”

“You will not be able to afford the price.”

“Who knows.”

“Then tell me — What can you give me?”

“You will not want money since you have no need for money. How about this, I think the Americans are also interested in my Thunder Dragon intelligent lathe. I am willing to exchange a Thunder Dragon intelligent lathe for it.”

Gu Kewen was tempted. The Thunder Dragon intelligent lathe was the Thunder Horse Military Factory’s core. The Germans were racking their brains to get it, so how could the Americans not be interested? If she could get a Thunder Dragon intelligent lathe, then her position in the CIA would be better than it was now, for sure.

“How is it? Willing to do this deal with me?”

“Your Thunder Dragon intelligent lathe weighs several tens of tons right? Xia Lei, how do you plan on giving it to me?” Gu Kewen was not bedazzled by the tempting conditions.

Right then, a member of the CIA technical staff starting gesturing to Gu Kewen. One of them even mouthed to her, “The target is in Seoul, South Korea!”

This target was, of course, Xia Lei.

Gu Kewen had thought it was strange. The number that called was not a number of the three major operators of China, but the caller ID identified the location as China. Now it seemed that not only was Xia Lei in South Korea, he even deliberately changed the number display!

Xia Lei’s voice came from the phone again, “Do you think I am lying to you? Then you are wrong. I’m showing a lot of sincerity this time. Since I had mentioned it, then I will have a solution.”

“All right, give me a half a day to consider it.” Gu Kewen said that and hung up.

The CIA agents stared at Gu Kewen, waiting for her orders.

Gu Kewen’s eyes moved to a monitor. On the monitor was a satellite map with a flashing red dot. The red dot represented Xia Lei.

Just then, the red spot disappeared.

“What is going on?’ Gu Kewen felt anxious.

A CIA technical staff said, “Maybe the target took out the phone battery. But it is okay, we’ve already got his location. We are ready to take action at anytime.”

“Then what are you waiting for? Get going right now!” Gu Kewen gave her order and turned to walk toward into the room.

A CIA technical staff immediately picked up a CIA internal department communicator and relayed Gu Kewen’s order.

The rest of the people quickly walked toward the doorway. But before the person in front could open the door, Gu Kewen’s voice rang out from behind them.

“Hold it!”

“Boss, is there anything else you need?” asked a field agent.

“Something’s not right,” said Gu Kewen.

“Not right?” The agent who had asked her a question thought about it. “Boss, what is not right?”

Gu Kewen moved her lips as if to say something, but changed her mind. “Never mind, take our people to search that area. Notify the Korean police to help seal off the area. I will be right there. If anything happens, report it to me.”

The agents left the room.

Gu Kewen closed the door. She took a satellite phone from her briefcase and dialled a number.

“He came.” When the call connected, Gu Kewen said, “He is in Korea. He just called me. My men tracked his number and located the area he is in.”

A woman’s voice came from the satellite phone. “Where is he?”

“He is in the slums.”

“How did you handle it?”

“My men are on the move. They will search that area. They will ask for the Korean police’s cooperation to help them arrest him.”

“Are you leading the group yourself?”

Gu Kewen was silent for a bit before she said, “No. I originally planned to lead the group myself but I felt that something is not right.”

“What did you feel was not right?”

“I cannot pinpoint exactly what it is,” said Gu Kewen. “But, Xia Lei is an extremely intelligent person. So many from the CIA died and they still were not able to capture him, so would he come up to our doors for us to catch him? He messed with the caller ID but left an obvious flaw. The number was a South Korean phone number. I could tell from a glance. Would he make such a basic mistake?”

“So you are saying that he deliberately exposed his location to lure you in to capture him?”

“Yes. I caused him to divorce with Shentu Tianyin and I sent him the FA Organisation secret files. He must really want my life right now.”

“That means he must be at that place,” said the woman.

“What do you plan to do?”

“Prepare to leave the military base. I will come pick you up.” The woman said that, then hung up without giving Gu Kewen any time to consider it. It was an order.

Gu Kewen threw the satellite telephone on the bed and spat, “Bitch! Don’t think that I do not know what you are thinking. Since Xia Lei wants to kill me, he will not appear so long as I do not appear either. You are picking me up so that I could be the bait to lure Xia Lei to show up! I, Gu Kewen, am not someone who you can just order around!”

The person she called bitch was none other than the FA Organisation’s ace killer, Dark Mona. She could curse at her all she wanted right here, but in front of Dark Mona, she would be a model example of obedience.

One had to be humble when trapped in an inferior position. Dark Mona controlled her everything, including her life. She had no choice but to obey her command. However, she believed that she would not stay like this forever. Once she had the ability, she would have Dark Mona’s life!

Gu Kewen yanked the towel off her body and walked to a telephone. She picked up the phone, dialled a short set of numbers and said, “Colonel Ryan, I am the CIA’s supervisor of Asia, Gu Kewen. My security number is gkw95989. I want to activate the Fish Fork Plan. Please carry it out immediately.”

A man’s voice came over the phone. “The passcode to activate the mission is?”


“Miss Gu Kewen, the passcode is correct. My men will await your orders.”

Gu Kewen ordered, “Immediately assemble all of the Marine Corps fighters in the military base. Bring weapons, ammunition, and communicators, listen to my orders. I will give you four minutes.”

Gu Kewen finished the call, got changed and left the room. She made a call on the satellite telephone as she walked. “Damn it! Someone informed the headquarters. The headquarters have activated the Fish Fork Plan. That is a plan targeting Xia Lei. The entire military base’s Navy Marine Corps will all be dispatched. I’ve been appointed as the operational commander. I will have to take those fucking Navy Marine Corps with me to capture Xia Lei.”

“Give me his precise location and keep me updated on the progress,” said Dark Mona.

“I understand. Don’t worry. Even if I catch Xia Lei, he is yours. I promise.” Gu Kewen said that and hung up.

In the village beside the military base, a tall woman put down the phone in her hand. She was Dark Mona, the person who had been talking on the phone with Gu Kewen.

Dark Mona raised the telescope in her hands and looked at the gate to the military base. Although there were no movements there yet, there was already the sound of sirens ringing from the inside. The Navy Marine Corps were assembling.

A man with golden hair appeared behind Dark Mona. “Boss, we have recieved the screenshot of the satellite location that Gu Kewen sent. Xia Lei is in one of Seoul’s poor neighborhoods. The terrain there is very complicated. The people of the CIA are on the way there. The Korean police had started to seal the area off in advance. If Xia Lei is over there, it would be hard for him to escape. What should we do?”

Dark Mona did not answer. She continued to gaze in the direction of the military base. Just then, a HMMWV drove out of the gate. Behind it was a long line of HMMWVs. Each HMMWV was paired with a heavy machine gun, and five fully armed Navy Marine Corps soldiers.

There was a deafening roaring sound and a few military helicopters and transport helicopters lifted off, heading towards the west of Seoul.

Dark Mona raised her head. She soon saw Gu Kewen in one of those military helicopters. It was only a glimpse, because that military helicopter had flown far away in another blink of an eye.

A cold smile appeared at the corners of Dark Mona’s mouth. She said to herself, “You do not want to be the bait? But you were always the bait. You want to break away from me? You will not, unless you’re dead.”

The man with the golden hair said, “Boss, the CIA and the Navy Marine Corps have started moving. We…”

Dark Mona cut him off. “Tell our men to get ready. The Earthworm Plan’s begun.”

“Yes ma’am,” replied the golden-haired man. He turned to enter a farmyard.

It was very quiet inside the yard. There was only a cat lying there, enjoying the sun. But after the golden-haired man whistled, the doors of a few rooms suddenly all opened at once. One by one, the agents of the FA Organisation came out. Almost all of them was carrying a military canvas bag. In the bags were nothing other than weapon ammunition. Although there were not many of them assembled here, only 20, they were all elites who could each take on 10 men on his own! Their combat power combined was entirely enough to have a formidable battle with all of the Navy Marine Corps stationed at the military base!

Dark Mona appeared in the doorway of the yard. She waved her hand, and everyone followed her out.

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