Chapter 670

Xia Lei walked out of the Ahn estate and the seven members of the Zodiac team withdrew as well. E’er Demutu hadn’t been the only one to make his move just now. All of the seven members that Xia Lei had brought had played a part as well, otherwise it would have been impossible to knock out of all Ahn Geungan’s men. This operation hadn’t just allowed Xia Lei to experience the Zodiac team’s terrifying power, but it had also made him realise how his father, Xia Changhe was still alive with the FA Organisation and the CIA trying to kill him. It hadn’t happened by chance and it wasn’t luck either, but strength.

After exiting the Ahn estate, everyone including Xia Lei was wearing a mask, and had turned into someone else, with a different identity. His father, Xia Changhe, had taught Xia Lei mask techniques and it had came from the Zodiac team, so it had long since become something the Zodiac team always carried.

Qin Xiang stayed at the Ahn estate, and would help Ahn Geungan according to Ahn Geungan and Xia Lei’s agreement, to obtain Park Sukjin’s scandalous information. As soon as he got that information, Ahn Geungan could give Park Sukjin a deadly blow. This was the so-called free politics. The people the citizens elected weren’t completely clean or even upstanding.

An hour later, Xia Lei arrived at Park Taeyong’s old nest in Korea, a shabby old building in the slums of Seoul with only two floors. The first floor was the garage while the second floor was where people lived. There was also a basement, and it was now his command center while in Korea.

“We still have thirty hours.” In the basement, Xia Lei said, “In this period of time, we must find Gu Kewen and kill her. If we can’t complete this mission within thirty hours, we have to withdraw from Korea.”

If Xia Lei still didn’t appear in China in thirty hours, the German delegation would be at Thunder Horse Military Factory and Liu Zhennan wouldn’t be able to pretend any longer. For this operation, Xia Lei had even put Bureau 101 aside, not to mention Bureau ZN. They couldn’t know about this either. And if Ling Han knew that the “Xia Lei” in the subsidiary company was Liu Zhengnan, then he would be unable to explain where he had gone the last two days and what he had done.

He really wanted to get rid of Gu Kewen but if he still hadn’t accomplished this within thirty hours, he would have to withdraw. He had two goals coming to Korea: one, seal the deal with Ahn Geungan and two, get rid of Gu Kewen. Thus, if he was unable to wipe Gu Kewen out and had to withdraw from Korea, he would just have to accept it.

“Give me two more hours and I’ll find Gu Kewen,” said Amanda.

Her computer had been up and running, but it wasn’t so easy to find someone in such a big country like Korea.

“Let’s do something too,” said E’er Demutu.

Marcus used a crowbar to open a box.

There were wood chips and guns in the box — the XL2500 sniper and the Gust assault rifle. The dark gun bodies flashed with an icy cold light under the light.

Marcus whistled and grabbed a Gust assault rifle. “Boss, is this the most advanced Gust assault rifle? I’ve always wanted one. I told the old man but he just wouldn’t let me have one.”

“One Gust assault rifle and XL2500 sniper per person. In the future we will be the first to equip the most advanced weapons and equipment from Thunder Horse Military Factory.”

“Boss, can I have an armored tank too?” said Alessio laughingly.

Xia Lei shrugged. “You want the Italian traffic police to make trouble for you?” 

Everyone in the basement laughed.

While the Zodiac team members chatted and laughed, they prepared for battle, checking their guns, preparing ammunition and other equipment. Xia Lei had also gotten to know these people through their chatting and was beginning to grow attached to them. He wanted to lead this group, but he would have to become one of them first.

After two hours, Amanda suddenly said, “I found her.”

Xia Lei walked over and the Zodiac team members grew close as well.

Amanda had indeed found Gu Kewen. This should have been something happy, but no one laughed and no one spoke because Gu Kewen wasn’t in some hotel, but in the South Korean-US station, the United States Army Garrison Yongsan.

“There are about two thousand soldiers from the Eighth United States Army and seven hundred airforce soldiers. There are also two hundred marine corps special forces soldiers, about three thousand people in total,” came Amanda’s voice.

Xia Lei frowned. If Gu Kewen was in a hotel, then the operation to kill her wouldn’t be too difficult, but he never would have thought that Gu Kewen would hide in a South Korean-US station. Killing a highly ranked official in the CIA at a United States military base was easier said than done.

The members of the Zodiac team all looked at Xia Lei. Entering the United States Army Garrison Yongsan to kill Gu Kewen was undoubtedly a suicide mission but once Xia Lei made a decision, they would still go. Even though they had come from many different countries in the world, they valued the Zodiac team’s honor more than their own lives.

“Boss, if you want to kill Gu Kewen at the United States Army Garrison Yongsan, I can start formulating an action plan,” said Amanda.

“What plan do you have?” said Xia Lei.

“We can disguise ourselves as American soldiers since there’s a wide variety of ethnicities in America. We would need some fake credentials and then we can use those fake identities to get past Yongsan military base’s security system. We could get into the military base then,” said Amanda.

Xia Lei thought about it but shook his head. “It’s not hard to get in, but it’ll be difficult to not get seen through by other CIA special agents. Also we’re going to have to retreat somehow after killing Gu Kewen. Plus, Gu Kewen has the CIA and the FA Organisation on her side this time when coming to Korea.”

“Dark Mona is definitely in Korea,” said Yelena.

“Dark Mona is also in Korea? That’s great, we can kill both of them! The first person Father wanted dead was Dark Mona, so this is the best gift we can give to dad when he’s leaving the life of an outlaw,” said Alessio.

“I agree with Alessio,” said Bagu.

“Kill them, Boss,” said Park Taeyong.

All of these people were unafraid of death. Even if it was an American military base, it couldn’t stop their determination to execute the mission, but Xia Lei couldn’t let them die in vain. He was silent for a moment before he said, “Let me think.”

Xia Lei began thinking. His brain created numerous conjectures based on the information he had, even simulating the mission’s progress, until he reached the conjecture’s conclusion. However, to everyone else, he was only quietly considering the problem, nothing special.

“Can Boss do it?” Bagu asked softly. “Amanda has always been the one creating our action plans and she’s undoubtedly the smartest one of us all. Plus, she’s good at this.”

“I don’t know. I don’t understand Boss that well,” said Alessio.

“Yelena, you should understand Boss a lot. Won’t you say something?” Bagu asked Yelena.

“Be quiet.” Yelena lowered her voice. “Boss is a very smart person. Look at the weapons in your hands. He designed that. If he could design the most advanced weapon in the world, wouldn’t he be able to come up with a plan of action?”

The Zodiac team members all immediately shut up. They didn’t have an idea of how smart Xia Lei was but they knew how excellent the weapons they were holding were.

Just then, Xia Lei suddenly said, “Park Taeyong, give me a local cell phone. I want to make a call.”

Park Taeyong paused. “Boss, who do you want to call?”

“Just give it to me,” said Xia Lei. Then, he said to Amanda, “Get ready to do something for me.”

Amanda didn’t know what Xia Lei wanted her to do but she nodded. “No problem.”

Meanwhile, at the Seoul Yongsan military base.

Cold water trickled through the showerhead onto Gu Kewen’s head, going down her cheeks and gradually down her skin.

Ring ring ring, ring ring ring...

Her ringtone sounded from outside the door.

Gu Kewen immediately stopped what she was doing, but she didn’t answer the phone right away. She glanced angrily in the direction of outside the bathroom, trying to guess who was calling her now. There weren’t a lot of people who knew her phone number.

Ring ring ring, ring ring ring…

“Argh!” Gu Kewen turned the water off and wrapped herself in a towel, then walked out.

Her mobile phone was still ringing on the table.

Gu Kewen grabbed her phone and looked at the screen. It displayed a number that was from China but there were differences from those numbers of the big operator suppliers.

Gu Kewen answered her phone. “Hello? Who is it?”

A man’s voice came through the phone. “Gu Kewen, didn’t you say you wanted to meet me? Where are you?”

“It’s you!” Gu Kewen was shocked, and she suddenly walked out the door. As she walked, she said, “What? You wanted to meet me so badly?”

“We should make a break in the grudge between us. Say a time and place and I’ll come from China to meet with you.”

“You’re in China?” Gu Kewen opened the door.

There was another room behind the door, full of CIA special agents. There were fully armed battle personnel and technical staff keeping watch by computers.

“Of course I’m in China, where are you?”

“I’m in Japan,” said Gu kewen, while making gesturing to the CIA technical staff, signalling that they should track the phone number that she was on the line with now.

The CIA technical staff quickly entered work mode.

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