Chapter 669

The main guy hadn’t even arrived yet but his subordinates had knocked all of Ahn Geungan's people out. Indeed, this was very excessive but Ahn Geungan also felt a deep fear other than his anger.

Ahn Geungan couldn't believe that Xia Lei was already this strong. Whether he believed it or not, though, his men were all lying on the floor, motionless. He could imagine that he probably would have already turned into a corpse if Xia Lei had wanted his life.

The main door opened and a young person slowly walked in.

Ahn Geungan's gaze immediately locked onto the young man, his eyes flashing with hate. Even if this youth turned to ash, he would recognise him because this was Xia Lei, the person who had killed his son.

Before he had come to Korea, Xia Lei had worn a mask because he didn't want anyone in Korea seeing his face. This wasn’t because he didn’t want to show off all of the military force he had, but to smoothly finish his negotiations with Ahn Geungan.

“Mr Ahn. We meet again.” Xia Lei walked to Ahn Geungan with a faint smile on his face, as if they were old friends who were meeting up.

“What’s all this?” Ahn Geungan climbed up from the floor, anger filling his face. “What do you want?”

“Mr Ahn, rest assured, I was only ensuring my own safety. I wouldn’t want to give you money only to have you placing murderers lying in wait for my life,” said Xia Lei softly.

“You don’t trust me? Then why do you still want to work with me?” said Ahn Geungan angrily.

“For my personal interests. People can do anything for their own interests, right?”

“Hmph, you went overboard this time!”

“Don’t bother about these little matters anymore. I brought you everything you need. 100 million USD isn’t a small sum, but you’re not even going to thank me or welcome me?” said Xia Lei calmly.

Ahn Geungan actually wanted to say, “Go to hell”, but he couldn’t say something like that. After his short venting, his mood had also stabilised. A smile also appeared on his face. “All right, please sit in the living room.”

E’er Demutu and Yelena stayed in the living room entrance. Xia Lei was the only one who followed Ahn Geungan in.

Ahn Geungan was about to ask why the thief hadn’t come in when he discovered that another woman had appeared in the living room.

This woman was very young, tall, with a slender build, jet-black hair and a delicate and pretty face. She was wearing a skintight miniskirt that wrapped around her butt sexily. The only flaw was her somewhat flat chest that made one feel that she hadn’t fully matured yet.

The woman was hugging a flower vase. When Ahn Geungan and Xia Lei walked in, she put it down and turned around to look at Ahn Geungan and Xia Lei.

“You…” Ahn Geungan’s face was full of suspicion and wariness.

“She’s the thief you were looking for, Qin Wu,” said Xia Lei with a smile.

“Qin Wu?” said Ahn Geungan. “This is a man’s name. I know the thief you have is a man, but you brought me a woman.”

“Mr Ahn, do you want to touch me?” asked the woman suddenly.

The moment she asked this, Ahn Geungan paled immediately. He heard a man’s voice.

This “woman” was Qin Xiang. “Qin Wu” was the fake name Xia Lei had given him to protect him.

“I’ve brought the person and the money. We can begin now,” said Xia Lei.

“Give me the money, leave your person here, and you can leave,” said Ahn Geungan.

Xia Lei paused and suddenly laughed. “Mr Ahn, are you joking with me right now or treating me like a fool?”

“Then how do you want to make the deal?” Ahn Geungan coldly laughed and said, “Could it be that you want me to sign and seal an agreement?”

“100 million USD isn’t a small sum. Since I’m giving you this much money, won’t you give me any collateral? Qin Wu is my good brother and he’s now helping you. Shouldn’t you give me a guarantee?” said Xia Lei.

“What do you want? What kind of guarantee?”

“I prepared this in advance for you.” Xia Lei opened the briefcase in his hand and took out a thick stack of documents.

Ahn Geungan gave a flat laugh. “You really did prepare everything. What document do you want me to sign?”

“Shinyeok Group has some assets in China. My accountant evaluated it before, and they’re worth about 600 million yuan. If converted, that’d be around 100 million USD. You can give them to me as collateral so that I don’t have to worry that you’ll just take my money. This would be very fair, right?”

“I see you’re still joking. Shinyeok Group’s assets in China are worth two billion yuan, and if converted that’d come to 300 million USD. You’re only giving me 100 million USD and you actually still want me to put Shinyeok Group’s assets up for collateral?”

“Mr Ahn, if you gave a pawn shop a watch that was worth a thousand, would the pawn shop give you a thousand? I want collateral. I don’t really want your assets. Once the election ends and you’re the president of Korea, who would be monitoring your bank account? You can give me my money back at any time, and I can return the collateral to you. I won’t even take interest, so what else do you want?” said Xia Lei.

“You should learn to be content and tactful at the same time. We didn’t come all the way here for your money. If you keep setting up obstacles, then I won’t help you,” said Qin Xiang.

Ahn Geungan hesitated for a moment before finally nodding. “All right, I’ll sign it. I’ll put Shinyeok Group’s assets in China up for collateral and afterwards, I’ll return the 100 million USD to you and you’ll return my assets to me. Let me take a look at what you have.”

Xia Lei gave Ahn Geungan the stack of documents.

Ahn Geungan sat on the sofa and flipped through it. After ten minutes, he held up a paper about something unrelated to assets collateral and asked sternly, “What is this?”

That was the commitment letter that Xia Lei had written especially for Ahn Geungan. The document had a few things that Xia Lei wanted Ahn Geungan to do and those things were also things that Fan Fan needed to resolve.

Ahn Geungan suddenly and resolutely slammed the commitment letter onto the small table. “You help me a little and I actually have to do so much for you?! You’re too much!”

“Some of those things don’t even need to be completed after you become president. You’re the national head of the South Korean Grand national party. You can use your strength in the South Korean Grand national party to settle these things now. You don’t need to wait until after you’re a president. If you’re smart, you’d sign a commitment letter with me now and not later. I can also promise you that as long as you resolve these problems, I won’t coerce you in the future. I’ll return everything I have as well,” said Xia Lei.

“Do you think I’d trust you?” Ahn Geungan glared icily at him.

Xia Lei laughed. “I see you still haven’t understood how things work. Am I begging you for a deal right now? You have complete freedom to refuse, but think about it. The moment you reject me, everything I have will appear on your opponent’s table. I believe your opponent wouldn’t hesitate to make it all public, right? When that happens, you won’t just lose your qualifications to run for president, you’d also lose your control over the South Korean Grand national party and you’d even have to be under lock and key, and live in prison for the rest of your life. I have everything on you, and you actually still want to negotiate terms with me?” 

Ahn Geungan was hesitant. He knew that he didn’t have another choice but he was truly afraid of trusting Xia Lei.

“Forget about it. Let’s go.” Xia Lei waved and turned to leave while saying, “Go send all of those things to Park Sukjin later. I think some people would be better off in prison for a while.”

“No problem,” said Qin Xiang.

“Wait!” Ahn Geungan gritted his teeth and said, “I’ll sign it!”

Xia Lei turned around and said with a laugh, See, that wasn’t difficult, was it? Just hurry up and sign it, no need to make it an unhappy occasion.” 

Ahn Geungan took out a Parker pen and quickly finished signing the assets collateral documents. When he was about to sign the commitment letter, Xia Lei called out to him to stay his hand.

“Wait,” said Xia Lei. “Read the commitment letter to me in Korean.”

Ahn Geungan looked at Xia Lei and saw that Xia Lei was holding a mobile phone. The camera was on. He suddenly realised something and immediately became angry. “You’re actually recording this too?!”

“It’s only for an extra guarantee. Don’t worry, after you do the things on the commitment letter, I’ll give this phone to you and I promise I won’t copy it,” said Xia Lei.

Would he make a copy of it? He didn’t even know the answer to that question.

The moment Ahn Geungan became the Korean president, the Korean army and secret service would all listen to his orders. If Ahn Geungan were to get revenge from Xia Lei then, that’d be an extremely easy feat, because he could just mobilise Korea’s most elite special forces unit and the most elite secret service agents to accomplish that. But if he still had something that could send Ahn Geungan to prison, would Ahn Geungan still act blindly without thinking?

He was lying when he said he wouldn’t copy it.

Ahn Geungan knew this too but he didn’t have a choice. He braced himself and read the contents of the commitment letter in Korean, then signed it.

Xia Lei put the assets collateral document and the commitment letter away and then extended a hand to Ahn Geungan. He smiled and said, “Mr President. Let’s work well together.”

Ahn Geungan didn’t even extend his hand. He only looked coldly at Xia Lei. “I’ll honour my commitment so you better honour yours as well, or I’ll take you down with me.”

“Actually, there’s a very simple way to resolve the problems between us and that’s to become friends and not enemies. I never betray my friends, whether that’s been in the past or future. If we’re friends and we collaborate together, we both get benefits. But if you want to take revenge on me, then you can just come at me. You saw what just happened as well. It’d actually be very easy for me to kill you.”

“You killed my son but you still want to be friends with me?”

“Won’t you have another one? Even if your wife is unable to give birth, aren’t other women fine? Current technology is so advanced. If you want a son, there shouldn’t be a problem right? If it isn’t convenient in Korea, you can come to China and I’ll help you settle this.” Xia Lei put on an earnest and caring look. “What type of woman do you like?”

Ahn Geungan couldn’t speak. He suddenly realised that if he had a destined nemesis, then this Chinese fellow had to be it!

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