Chapter 662 - I Shall Do As You Bid

Xia Lei told Fan Fan all the details of the negotiation. She was silent for quite a while after he was done telling her. 

“Your father is actually a free agent of the FA Organisation? He…” Fan Fan started to say something, and stopped. 

Xia Lei just looked quietly at Fan Fan and said nothing. He knew what to say and what not to say. 

“You already knew about this?” asked Fan Fan. She wanted to ask more than this, of course, but she buried the rest of the questions she had in her heart. 

“I know some of it, but I only knew about these recently. He’s my father, whatever the case is. How can I, as a son, stand by and do nothing when my father is in difficulty?” Xia Lei then asked, “Do you support me?” 

Fan Fan gave a laugh. “When I am pregnant with your child in the future, he will be my child’s grandfather. Do you think I will support you, or not?” 

Xia Lei slid his hand over Fan Fan’s abdomen and gently fondled her soft breasts. If it’s a son, I’ll name him Xia Fan. If it’s a daughter, I’ll name her… Hm, also Xia Fan.” 

“Ugh, what kind of father are you? How can you have the same name for a boy and a girl? Can you be any lazier?” Fan Fan rolled her eyes at Xia Lei. “I’m not going to pin any hopes on you for this. I’ve thought of names for children already. If we have a boy, he will be named Xia Bufan, and Xia Sifan if it’s a girl. Don’t these names sound good?” 

The names still had “Xia” and “Fan” in them, but they had a different feeling to them with the addition of one more word in the names. 

“Xia Bufan? The boy’s name sounds good,” said Xia Lei with a laugh. “But the girl’s name… Xia Sifan… Sifan… Are you calling her a celestial? Only celestials have that sort of name.” 

“That’s right. Our daughter will be as beautiful as a celestial.” Fan Fan said rather haughtily, “Whether it’s a boy or a girl, I hope that the child can carry my genes of beauty, and your genes for superior intellect. Our child will be the most outstanding child on Earth.” 

But Xia Lei was thinking about the anti-antidote. Fan Fan had not used the antidote during their rigorous activity earlier, so it was plain to see that she had not yet managed to create the correct antidote. This was not strange, because she might be the nation’s best bioengineer, but her speed at conducting experiments was much slower than his super brain’s simulations. However, for the sake of safety, he would have to carry some anti-antidote on him the next time he was alone with her. 

“What do you think, Lei?”  

“It’s great, of course. But it’ll be nicer if we had a pigeon pair. You picked such nice names. Won’t it be a waste if you didn’t get to use both names?” 

“Hehehe…” Fan Fan giggled merrily, and her body seemed to grow soft in Xia Lei’s arms. She was putty in his hands. 

“Let’s talk about you.” Xia Lei changed the topic to official business.


“Right,” said Xia Lei. “I offended Zhongzhen Wukui over my father’s matter. People like him hold their pride above all else, and I can’t guarantee that he won’t get revenge on me. I don’t want to have to only fight back when he hits me with something one day. I don’t want to be vulnerable, so I have to do something.” 

Fan Fan grew nervous. “What are you planning on doing? He’s not a person you can just provoke.” 

“I didn’t lose my sense of reason. By ‘fight back’, I mean I’ll fight back through you.” 

“Me? What can I do for you?” 

“Go be the Chief of ZN Bureau. I’ll have less trouble when you’re Chief. Tell me, what can be done to remove him from office? What can be done to put you in office?” 

“You came for this purpose?” 

“You mean you don’t want to be the ZN Bureau Chief?” 

“I wouldn’t have done that if I didn’t want to. I’m still regretting it now. But there is no use even thinking about it. The selection of talent for ZN Bureau, and the promotion in ranks have its own rules. It’s not what you imagine it to be.” 

“What sort of rules?” This was Xia Lei’s first time hearing Fan Fan speak of ZN Bureau’s inner workings, and he was full of curiosity. 

“In ZN Bureau, a person who wants to get promoted must have results. Other than results, smarts are a must.” 


“Yep, smarts,” said Fan Fan. “ZN Bureau is a brainy department, you know that. It exists to make suggestions to the top brass, the elite, and solve troublesome problems.” 

“Troublesome problems? Problems in which sector?” 

“In all sectors. International relations, trade confrontations, science advancements and so on. Why else do you think a person like me is in ZN Bureau?” said Fan Fan. “Don’t think that Ling Han is just a guy who’s good at scheming things. He is also good at handling international disputes. Several proposals of his have been adopted. Compared to his list of achievements, my standing is much weaker. That was why I got quite anxious the last time when he made some plans which involved you. If he had managed to take over your Thunder Horse Military Factory, he would have sealed his position as the next Chief of ZN Bureau. I would have stood no chance at all.” 

“So if you have better results than him, what will happen?” 

“It will depend on how much better my results are compared to his. If it’s just a little bit, then I pose no threat to him. If I do exceptionally well, my chances of becoming the next Chief are very high. Besides, I have my advantages too, and that’s my grandfather. He is the deal of the Academy of Science.” 

“Speak plainly. What can I do to help you win the seat of Chief of ZN Bureau?” 

Fan Fan smiled wryly. “My speciality is bioengineering, and your specialty is machining and manufacturing. What can we do when we work together? My biggest hope lies in the Alloy X Project. If I make contributions which are significant, it would be enough for me to become Chief. However, the Alloy X Project has come to a standstill, and I’m fast losing confidence. Can’t you help me overcome the obstacle that is the Alloy X Project?” 

“Is there anything else other than the Alloy X Project?” said Xia Lei. “Let’s not think about whether I can do it or not. Just tell me what needs to be done.” 

Fan Fan thought for a bit. “South Korea has been making some moves recently, and the free trade zone agreements we’ve had are now in question. The Americans are creating trouble, and we cannot do anything about it. If I can come up with a solution for this, then my results sheet will look much better.” 

Xia Lei abruptly remembered Ahn Suhyeong’s father, Ahn Geungan. He had a hold on Ahn Geungan’s weakness. 

“There’s no use even thinking of it. Ling Han has already submitted three proposals, but not one of them was feasible. The two of us are not experts in politics either, so what method can we use to solve this troublesome problem? Stop thinking about it. Go talk with my grandfather. He wants to approach the Alloy X Project from the materials science angle. Go advise him against it. His desire to come into direct contact with the ancient alloy is growing stronger and stronger, and I can’t seem to warn him against it.” Fan Fan removed herself from Xia Lei’s embrace. She walked over to the water dispenser and picked up her white underwear, then turned her back to him and put it on. 

The little white underwear disappeared under her black skirt, but the image of her full, round buttocks remained in Xia Lei’s mind, pale, soft as cream, and beyond description.

Fan Fan adjusted her short skirt after putting her underwear on again. She looked back to see that Xia Lei was still spacing out on the carpet, like he was pondering the troublesome problem.

“You’re not really thinking of getting me to solve this problem, are you?” Fan Fan laughed. “Stop thinking about it. It’s useless. We’d best think about the Alloy X Project. This one’s more realistic.” 

Xia Lei suddenly said, “The elections for South Korea will be held in October, right?” 

“Yeah. It’s going to start in two weeks.” 

“And Ahn Geungan is one of the candidates?” asked Xia Lei. 

“Yes, but he doesn’t have much support. If no accidents occur, his rival Park Sukjin will be South Korea’s next president. This is troublesome for us, because some of the policies she’s proposing is not good for us.” 

“How about this…” A small smile appeared in the corners of Xia Lei’s lips. “Can you go around Zhongzhen Wukui and take on this mission?”

“You really want me to take this mission? Are you kidding? I don’t even understand Korean! What am I supposed to do?” 

“You don’t have to worry about that. You just have to bypass Zhongzhen Wukui and sign on for this mission. I’ll do the rest for you.” 

“You?” Fan Fan looked disbelievingly at Xia Lei. 

Xia Lei got off the floor. “I’ll tell you honestly that I have Ahn Geungan’s weakness. I can reach an agreement with him.” 

“Huh?” Fan Fan was shocked. 

“Oh, and not just this mission. You’ve got to get the one involving the trade with Germany too. I want you to be in charge.” 

“Me? In charge? Isn’t the deal with Germany done? Plus, according to what I’ve heard, Zhongzhen Wukui has already made preparations for Ling Han to be in charge of it. When the time comes, Ling Han will be stationed at Thunder Horse Military Factory.” 

Xia Lei scoffed. “This proves that Zhongzhen Wukui is on Ling Han’s side and is trying to give him a boost. This matter isn’t for Ling Han to be in charge just because he wants it, right?” 

“You’ve already reached an agreement with Zhongzhen Wukui. Are you going to destroy the personnel arrangements he’s made too? You’ll really anger him then, and it won’t matter if you agree to it or not. Ling Han has Zhongzhen Wukui’s support, and he his no pushover either. Would he be willing to let such an opportunity slip through his fingers?” 

Xia Lei gave a laugh. “I have indeed reached an agreement with Zhongzhen Wukui, and it’s true that it won’t be easy to stop him from getting Ling Han to be in charge. However, this matter doesn’t need me to do the asking. The Germans can do it. Don’t forget that the Germans want our technology. How can they not fulfil this request of mine if I make it?” 

Fan Fan then understood, and she smiled too.

It was true. Xia Lei did not have to personally get involved and go up against Zhongzhen Wukui and Ling Han. He just had to have a word with the Germans, and make some little suggestions, and they would do as he asked. If the Germans were dissatisfied with Ling Han, and requested a change of supervisor, could the higher-ups not agree to it? 

“Settle the problem with the Korean government, and get the submarine technology of the Germans. Are these two things enough for you to get the position of Chief of ZN Bureau?” 

“Of course.” Fan Fan drew close to Xia Lei. “Don’t move.” 

Xia Lei looked at her quizzically. 

Fan Fan reached out and put her hand on his zipper, then pulled upwards gently. “You’re going to meet with my grandfather soon. You don’t want him to know that you fucked his granddaughter, right?” 

Xia Lei was a little embarrassed. “I was talking about official business with you.” 

Fan Fan giggled. “I shall do as you bid. I will give you a report you’ll be satisfied with tomorrow morning, My Lord.” 

Xia Lei was speechless. 

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