Chapter 660 - I Am Not Scared Even If It Was The Heavenly King!

Xia Lei placed the FA Organisation’s confidential files, and the large envelope with the pictures on the coffee table.

Shi Boren picked up the envelope. Tang Tianlong and Zhongzhen Wukui both picked up a file.

Xia Lei observed their expressions. He was more nervous than anyone there. Whether or not his father Xia Changhe could live a normal life, and enjoy the rest of his life in peace, lay in this decision. He could not make a single mistake.

Shi Boren, Tang Tianlong, and Zhongzhen Wukui exchanged files and looked through everything that Xia Lei brought. Nobody said a word during the entire process. Their expressions were stern and the atmosphere in the office became heavy and oppressive.

“You knew a long time ago, didn’t you?” Shi Boren asked Xia Lei the question with his eyes full of worry after looking through the last file.

Tang Tianlong only looked at Xia Lei. He had no expression and he did not say anything. He looked troubled.

Zhongzhen Wukui also looked at Xia Lei, his expression was cold and his eyes were stern. You could see a hint of anger in his eyes.

Xia Lei already had a clear idea of the situation just from the reaction of the three when they finished looking at the files and pictures. If there was anyone who would help him of the three, it would be Shi Boren. But, Shi Boren obviously could not make the decision.

“Yes, I knew.” After a bit of silence, Xia Lei finally admitted to it.

“Then why did you not tell me earlier?” asked Shi Boren.

Xia Lei gave a bitter laugh. “How could I tell you? He is my father. My father who had raised me. I am Bureau 101’s consultant. As a consultant, it means that I am supposed to arrest him but I am his son. As his son it means that I am supposed to protect him. I chose the latter because if I can even betray my own father, then am I, Xia Lei, still human anymore?”

Shi Boren sighed and stopped talking. He seemed to understand the way Xia Lei had chosen to deal with this matter.

At this moment, Zhongzhen Wukui suddenly slapped the file in his hand on the coffee table. He shouted angrily, “Xia Lei, how dare you!”

Xia Lei was surprised by him but he quickly calmed down. He said calmly, “I do have a lot of courage. Mr Zhongzhen, I just have this one condition. I want amnesty to keep my father safe.”

“You even dare to ask for that!” Zhongzhen Wukui became angrier. “Every nation has its laws. Everyone is equal under the law. It is true that you have contributed greatly to the country, and you are a genius that is hard to come by even in a hundred years. But, how can you use your achievements and your talent to request the country to show mercy to your father? Do you not know that your father committed a crime of treason? Not to mention how many people he had killed!”

Xia Lei said, “I know what he had done and I will not make excuses for him. I only want him to be all right.”

“Stubborn! You are very stubborn!” Zhongzhen Wukui slammed his hand on the coffee table. “If you do that, then importance does the law hold to you? There was never a lack of people who sacrificed their relatives for the greater good since ancient times. Why don’t you take those people as role models?”

Xia Lei’s eyes became cold. A raging fire had been lit in his heart. However, he did not let his rage get the better of him. His logical side was still there. This Zhongzhen Wukui was not someone who did not understand the balance of interests, nor was he someone who would disregard the larger picture. From the perspective of the country’s interests, it was clear that it would be better to fulfill his small request. If he arrested his father Xia Changhe, they would have punished his father and protect the dignity of the law but they would lose the submarine technology and even cause the Thunder Horse Group to change to manufacturing slippers and socks, and make the Thunder Horse Military Factory manufacture bicycles or something! But, even though Zhongzhen Wukui clearly knew the stakes of this matter, why was he still so unyielding? Why would he not just let go of his father Xia Changhe?

Shi Boren cleared his throat. “Mr Zhongzhen, about this... I think…”

Zhongzhen Wukui gave Shi Boren an icy look.

Shi Boren immediately shut his mouth.

“Xia Lei, you can have fame, you can have money,” Zhongzhen Wukui’s tone was cold and hard, “But about your father’s matter —  No. However, I can make sure that he will not die. Where is he right now?”

“Are you going to arrest him?” Xia Lei held the anger in his heart in check.

Zhongzhen Wukui said, “There are some things I need to confirm with him.”

Xia Lei suddenly thought to himself, ‘There is a big possibility that this Zhongzhen Wukui is the boss of the ZN Bureau. Then his target is me, the ancient alloy and AE’s secret. Compared to the ancient alloy and AE’s secret, Germany’s submarine technology is nothing. What he wants is a greater advantage! He wants my father because he wanted to use him as a point of breakthrough in my defence!’

“You can also have a title.” Zhongzhen Wukui added, “I can promise that you will get votes. Any position all across the country from city to province, you can pick one you like. With your talent and the political capital you currently have, your potential, your future, is limitless.”

Xia Lei stayed silent.

Zhongzhen Wukui continued, “What your father did was not your fault. Are there not also parents reporting on the sons in ordinary families? And are there not sons and daughters reporting on their parents who defied the law? The law is the law. If everyone can ignore it would the world not be chaotic?”

Tang Tianlong’s lips moved. “Xia Lei, think carefully about it.”

Xia Lei suddenly laughed. “So I guess this negotiation has fallen through?”

Zhongzhen Wukui’s face turned cold. “I have said so much. Do you still not understand?”

“Fuck,” cursed Xia Lei.

“What did you say!” Zhongzhen Wukui stood up abruptly. How dare a civilian look down on him!

Xia Lei suddenly slapped his palm on the table and abruptly stood up. He glared at Zhongzhen Wukui and said furiously, “I said — FUCK!”

“You—” Zhongzhen Wukui raised a finger at Xia Lei, too angry to say anything.

Tang Tianlong and Shi Boren were shocked senseless by what  Xia Lei did.

Xia Lei scoffed. “I fought for the country. I risked life imprisonment and put my life on the line to go to Germany to learn their technology. I put my life on the line to go to Afghanistan and Japan for a mission, and there is also South Korea and Jerusalem. When I was licking my wounds in the middle of guns and bullets, what were you guys doing? Drinking tea or reading newspapers? You guys want to exchange my technology to get the Germans’ technology and you are hoping for me to betray my father? Fuck, are you guys still human? Are there humans who conduct themselves like you guys?”

Zhongzhen Wukui’s old face turned red, then purple.

“Oh, right, and who are you?” Xia Lei locked eyes with Zhongzhen Wukui. “What is your identity? How are you involved?”

“I am— “ Zhongzhen Wukui was so angry that he was shaking, but he still did not answer.

“You won’t tell me? Fine, then tell me, are you the overseer of this negotiation?”

“What if I am? And what if I am not?” Zhongzhen Wukui’s eyes were terrifyingly cold.

Xia Lei laughed flatly. “It is all very simple. If you are not the overseer, then why should I waste my time talking to you? If you are, then it is even easier. This negotiation is over.”

“Over? What do you intend to do?”

“I will not sell my technology to anyone. The Thunder Horse Military Factory will no longer manufacture any weapons. I will change to manufacturing socks and clothes,” said Xia Lei.

“Xia Lei! Do not forget that you still owe the bank more than 20 billion! Changing to manufacture socks and clothes? How are you going to pay back the loan?” said Zhongzhen Wukui coldly.

Xia Lei shrugged. He laughed and said, “20 billion? That is only in Chinese currency. I only need to build a sock manufacturing factory in Arabia or some other country and they will help me pay the loan. Or, I only need to make one Thunder Dragon intelligent lathe and there will be people willing to pay off the loan for me. To me, money is not a problem. As long as I want money there will be people in the world who will happily bring it to my door.”

This was the truth.

With his abilities, he only needed to move his “sock manufacturing” company overseas and there will be plenty of countries who would be willing to provide him the funds. But that was not even the easiest way. If he agreed to sell his Thunder Dragon intelligent lathe, there would be financial groups willing to help him pay off his loan in exchange for this world’s most advanced intelligent lathe!

To put it simply, he was a treasure in human form. His brain, and his two hands were worth an immeasurable wealth. He could destroy what he had built himself at anytime and then build it up again somewhere else.

For someone like him, what could you threaten him with?

“Ahem.” Shi Boren gave a dry cough. “Xia Lei, let’s talk amicably. Don’t be rash.” 

Tang Tianlong then added, “Yes, Xia Lei. Mr Zhongzhen is elderly. You have to watch your tone. Let’s sit down and talk. We have to discuss this, don’t we?” 

Zhongzhen Wukui sat down but Xia Lei remained standing.

“Continue the negotiation?” said Xia Lei. “Fine, but I want to know who is the overseer of the three of you.”

Shi Boren and Tang Tianlong’s eyes both moved to Zhongzhen Wukui.

Zhongzhen Wukui did not say a word.

Xia Lei laughed dryly. “No overseer? What is there to talk when there is no overseer? I am busy. You guys can keep talking. Do not look for me in the future either. We won’t have anything we would need to meet for. I do not believe that I cannot find a place in this big world that will accomodate us, father and son.”

“Little brat, you…” Shi Boren became anxious.

Xia Lei could not be bothered to talk any further. He gathered up the files and envelope on the table, and placed them in the briefcase. He turned to leave.

“It is me.” Zhongzhen Wukui finally admitted it. “Can you really not change your request?”

“I just have this one request, I will not change it. I want an amnesty, signed by the highest official. My father will not be prosecuted, nor will he be investigated by anyone, and you guys also cannot have people follow him. You guys give me what I want and I will give you guys what you want,” said Xia Lei.

“Will one signed by me not work?”

“No. I do not believe you.”

“All right, deal. Tomorrow, someone will deliver the amnesty to your hands. You’d better shape up.” Although Zhongzhen Wukui agreed, his tone was still cold.

Xia Lei said calmly, “I have a clear conscience of what I do. I can live up to my own conscience and I can live up to the country and its people. The Heavens will protect someone like me, so I do not need you to warn me of anything.”

“Well said. Goodbye, Mr Xia.” Zhongzhen Wukui stood up and walked out of Shi Boren’s office.

It was not until Zhongzhen Wukui had left than Shi Boren asked, “You brat, you must have been born in the year of the ox in your previous life. How can you yell at him like that?”

Xia Lei asked, “Who is this old man? Why hasn’t he retired at such an old age?”

Shi Boren was speechless.

Tang Tianlong sighed. “Xia Lei, although the negotiation was successful, you have also offended him. You’ll have to look for an opportunity to go apologise next time.”

“Fine.” Xia Lei agreed, but he would never apologise to Zhongzhen Wukui.

“Then I will make a move first. I still need to report back.” Tang Tianlong also left.

There was only Shi Boren and Xia Lei left in the office.

After hesitating for a moment, Shi Boren came to Xia Lei’s side. “Zhongzhen Wukui is ZN Bureau’s boss. Everything targeting you came from there. Now that you have offended Zhongzhen Wukui, you need to be careful.”

Xia Lei smiled. “Thanks, Boss Shi.”

Even though he had guessed Zhongzhen Wukui’s identity earlier, it held a different significance when it came from Shi Boren’s mouth.

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