Chapter 655 - The Mysterious Package

“You guys have told me to sacrifice for the greater good time and time again, and I always have. I’ve never asked anything of you, but I will this time. You guys need to do what I ask before I agree.” 

That was what Xia Lei had told Tang Tianlong. He wanted Tang Tianlong to convey this message to his superiors — He wouldn’t be sacrificing for nothing this time! 

The request was actually very simple. All Xia Lei wanted was the return of his father, Xia Changhe!

Xia Lei had been fighting to make a name for himself in China’s powerful military industry, and build up merts with his efforts. He had never asked for anything. Now, Thunder Horse Military Factory had finally received thorough upgrades, and the Hellbound One-soldier Cannon was launched. Other advanced weapons and defense systems were slated to be released on the market too. The time was ripe for Xia Changhe to return. 

Sylvia’s appearance was, coincidentally, the key to pushing his request forward. If he missed this chance, it would be much more difficult to ask in the future. 

Xia Lei didn’t really care about how much money he earned, or how much fame he obtained. Having his father return and letting him live a normal life held much greater significance to him. 

However, Xia Lei first needed to find his father before he spoke of his request, and talk to him, but that was no simple feat. His father’s whereabouts had always been unknown to him. When his father wanted to see him, he would appear ー Xia Lei had not ever initiated a meeting with Xia Changhe. 

After helping Sylvia move into Annina’s room, Xia Lei deliberated over how to find his father. 

‘I need to talk to him. It would be terrible if he didn’t agree to, especially if the higher-ups already authorised my request. But there won’t be a next time if we miss this chance. I need to think of a way to persuade him if he isn’t willing to,’ thought Xia Lei. 

Sylvia opened up her suitcase to and took out a large envelope. She held it out to Xia Lei. “Annina wanted me to pass this to you, Mr Xia.”

Xia Lei opened the envelope to discover a pile of pictures. All of them were of Annina, and each one had to do with her and the castle. There were pictures of her standing in front of the grandiose castle, pictures of her swimming with a bikini on in the castle’s pool — the water was so clear that you could easily see its bottom. Pictures of her only wearing her undergarments, standing by the barbeque on the balcony with a mouthwatering medium-rare steak. Pictures of her lounging on her luxurious bed, with absolutely nothing on…

Annina had finally obtained her wish and she looked happy. It was enough that she was happy.

A small smile appeared in the corners of Xia Lei’s lips before he put the pictures away. 

“She really is blessed,” said Sylvia. Her azure eyes were envious. 

“You two became friends?” asked Xia Lei casually.

“We did. I lived at her place for a while before coming to Germany. She talked a lot about you,” said Sylvia. 

“What did she say?”

“Don’t worry.” Sylvia smiled. “She didn’t say a word about Thunder Horse Military Factory’s secrets. We just had a nice talk between women, about our relationships, and lifestyles. Well, she did share the love story that she had with you. As a woman, I have to admit that I’m pretty envious of her.”

“Rest soon. I still have something to do.” Xia Lei turned around and began to leave. 

“Mr Xia, will I have the pleasure of dining with you tonight?” said Sylvia all of a sudden.

Xia Lei paused, but didn’t look back. “Not today. Next time. I’d also like to remind you that our Special Forces soldiers are guarding this area, and you will be under surveillance the entire time you are here. Don’t do anything stupid.”

Sylvia quirked one corner of her lips in a smile. “I’m not a child.”

Xia Lei said nothing more; he left. 

How was he to find his father? The question took priority over everything else. He was in no mood to have a trivial chat with Sylvia.

Xia Lei left the villa and headed for the car park. 

“Brother!” Xia Xue came chasing after him with a package in hand. “Are you going out?”

Xia Lei recalled what Xia Xue had mentioned to him when he noticed the package. His left eye twitched, and he saw what was inside before his sister even handed it to him. 

Inside was a heap of Russian documents, and some pictures. Xia Lei wasn’t able to make out the specifics before Xia Xue arrived at his side. “You told me to bring this package, so I did. Take a look at its contents; they’re weird. I don’t understand Russian, or I’d know what all of this is.”

Xia Lei took the package. “Don’t leave the factory for the next few days. Tell Zhengnan and make sure he doesn’t casually stroll out either,” he said. 

“Did something happen?” Xia Xue became a little nervous. 

“It doesn’t matter. You just need to listen to me. And remember, I’m serious. This isn’t a joke. Don’t leave the factory,” said Xia Lei. 

“All right, I’ll call the school and ask them to let me take a few days off from classes,” said Xia Xue. 

“You can head back now. I’ll handle the package,” said Xia Lei. 

“Okay, I’ll be going then.” Xia Xue left. 

Xia Lei got into the driver’s seat of his Chevrolet Suburban and opened the package. He took out its contents.

The pictures were old, and were all related to a young man, who was ethnically Chinese. One picture showed the young man using an AK47 rifle to kill two Russian fighters. Another showed him training and wrestling. Several fit young men of similar age to him lay on the ground next to him, non-Chinese young men. Yet another showed the young man standing tall, saluting to a black flag. The flag had nothing on it. It was just pitch black. The rest of the pictures were different, and spoke of blood and ruthlessness. 

The pictures were all of Xia Chenghe in his youth!

Xia Lei proceeded to look through the documents. 

The documents in the package were all classified files from the FA Organisation. The contents of each of the files were different, but each one had to do with missions that Xia Changhe had completed in China. Just these documents alone were enough to have his father, Xia Changhe, sentenced to death by shooting ten times! 

Xia Xue didn’t know any German, and couldn’t even tell that it was her father in the pictures. This was not so strange. She was only an ordinary person, after all, and had no clue what the FA Organisation was. What Xia Lei could not understand was why this package full of FA Organisation classified files and pictures had been sent to Xia Xue.

‘This is obviously FA Organization’s style. But if they wanted to intimidate me, wouldn’t it be more efficient to just target me? Are they trying to say that Xia Xue is also one of their targets by sending the package to her?’ thought Xia Lei.

That seemed to be the only explanation. 

Xia Lei placed all of the contents back into the package and started his car. He left Thunder Horse Military Factory. 

Ring, ring, ring…

An unfamiliar number was calling. 

Xia Lei switched on his phone’s Bluetooth, and a woman’s voice came over the car’s audio system. 

“Long time no see, Xia Lei. You’ve been living a good life recently, haven’t you?”

It was Gu Kewen’s voice. Xia Lei would never forget it, even if she’d died and turned to ashes. 

Xia Lei gave a dry laugh. “I was wondering who it was. So it was you. You were the one who sent that package, right? If you want to threaten me with what’s inside, I’d advise you to not even think about it.”

“I did send it, but not to threaten you. I just thought you should see them. Those things should stay in your care too. They’re about your father after all.”

“How were you able to obtain classified files from the FA Organization?” Xia Lei was doubtful. 

“You want the answer? Then come look for me in Japan. I’ll tell you everything. The question is, do you dare to look for me?” There was challenge in Gu Kewen’s tone. 

Another woman appeared abruptly in Xia Lei’s mind. It was Dark Mona, the FA Organisation’s best assassin. She had used Gu Kewen as bait to attack him in Japan. Gu Kewen had died by Long Bing’s hand that night, but somehow came back from the dead. Dark Mona certainly had a hand in what was happening. 

“Heh. Now I get it. You’re probably taking the CIA’s salary, but sold your life to the FA.”

“You really know how to string together a story. You should be a screenwriter.”

“Is Dark Mona with you right now? Let me speak to her.”

“I don’t know who you’re talking about. But I do wonder what would happen if the information in that package mysteriously appeared in Shi Boren’s office...”

She said she wasn’t going to threaten him, but every word she spoke dripped with her intent to. 

“What do you want?”

“I can’t tell you over the phone. Let’s meet.”

“Fine. Time and place?”

“Wait for my call.” Gu Kewen hung up. 

“Meet?”  An icy smile appeared on Xia Lei’s lips. 

Whether it was the CIA or the FA Organisation, Xia Lei was always the target, so it was the same for Gu Kewen, no matter which side she took. His aim had not changed either — he was going to make Gu Kewen disappear from the face of this Earth! 

A rendezvous with Gu Kewen was inevitable, since he had this goal.

Beep, beep…

An electric moped suddenly rushed out from the side lane, and almost crashed into Xia Lei. A clumsy young girl was seated on it.

Xia Lei pulled over and popped his head out from his window. He asked in concern, “Are you okay?” 

The girl also stopped and turned to look at him. 

Then, Xia Lei discovered that he wasn’t talking to a little girl at all. She had a sizeable rear, and her chest was firm, round, and developed. She was well matured. Then, his gaze settled on her face, where he discovered that she was wearing a silicone mask. The woman was his father’s assistant, Yelena. 

No wonder Xia Lei hadn’t recognised her. In the past, Yelena used to show up on a motorcycle, and was quite showy in a black, skin-tight leather jacket. This time she appeared in a moped, of all things, and was dressed like a young girl. It was nothing like her usual style. 

Yelena only gave at Xia Lei a glance before she drove off.

She did not speak, and was not chewing gum either. It was obvious that she wanted him to follow her. Xia Lei started his car and followed her from afar. 

Yelena didn’t travel on the main road for long, and veered off into a rural lane about five minutes later. The lane was just large enough for Xia Lei to squeeze into, but oncoming traffic wouldn’t have any space to get past him. Farmland stretched beyond either side of the road, complete with farmers and their crops. 

Yelena didn’t stop, so Xia Lei was forced to continue down the dirt path. 

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