Chapter 648 - Earthworm Plan

With the loan issue settled, Thunder Horse Military Factory’s troubles were gone, and everything was back on track. The equipment from Russia and Ukraine, as well as the relevant technical staff had steadily trickled over to Thunder Horse Military Factory. The relevant upgraded engineering and technology reformation advanced intensely and urgently. The production workshops for cannons, tanks, and defense systems were quickly being built. At this rate, a formidable military factory would quickly rise steeply from level ground, towering over Asian soil as it looked down upon the entire world!

Without the disturbances of the outside world, Xia Lei put most of his energy into making the second generation intelligent Thunder Dragon lathe. His remaining energy was put into developing an antidote. His brain had already come up with a solution. It wouldn’t be hard to manufacture an antidote to the poison that suppressed sperm, but it would be hard to find the various bio-materials and drugs, and he couldn’t let Fan Fan find out…

There were actually two reasons why he couldn’t let Fan Fan know. One, naturally, was the correct antidote itself, while the other was the reverse antidote, to control the antidote.

Fan Fan wanted to have his child, and she would have called it a miracle. But would he give it to her just because she wanted one? Of course not. As long as Fan Fan researched the correct antidote, this would prove useful for his reverse antidote. The woman who would have his child, or what the bioengineers call a ‘wonder child’ would have to be a woman whom he chose and loved dearly.

In this period of time, Jiang Ruyi had come to Jingdu for study and she stayed in Thunder Horse Military Factory for a week. Xia Lei didn’t have time to go to Haizhu to accompany her, and she came to Jingdu so that she could accompany him every night. Jiang Ruyi clearly knew what role she played by Xia Lei’s side so she didn’t insist on having anything. As long as Xia Lei could accompany her sometimes, she was satisfied. This week had been very happy one for her.

A week later, Jiang Ruyi left Jingdu and Xia Lei became busy again.

Without any disturbance from the outer world, the second generation intelligent Thunder Dragon lathe progressed quickly.

Two months later.

Many cars had parked at Thunder Horse Military Factory early in the morning. There were vehicles from the government, from the military, and from the media, including the China CATV news interview van. They had all come to Thunder Horse Military Factory for one purpose — the birth of the second generation intelligent Thunder Dragon lathe and the completion of the Thunder Horse Military Factory’s artillery assembly line.

These two things could be combined as one, to mark the promotion of the quality of the Chinese arms manufacturing!

Inside the second generation Thunder Dragon intelligent lathe workshop, the female anchor for CATV faced the camera as she smiled and reported impassionately, “To everyone watching, right now, I am broadcasting live from Thunder Horse Military Factory. This factory is under the banner of the Thunder Horse Group. Behind me is Thunder Horse Military Factory’s newest generation Thunder Dragon intelligent lathe as everyone can see. It’s a biggie, and it almost weighs 1000 tons. It is the most advanced comprehensive lathe in the world and represents a leaping promotion in our country’s manufacturing and military factory industry. It is the pride of our country and the pride of us citizens…”

In the past, when CATV broadcast this type of news, they often wouldn’t say the company name, typically using “some company”, or “some production base” instead. But today, the female anchor for CATV spoke directly about Thunder Horse Military Factory without concealing anything, only because she was proud and confident. She didn't need to say 'some product' or how it compared to the same product in the West or the weapon's function. Instead, she was using the term "most advanced"!

Thunder Horse Military Factory never needed to be mysterious because it was formidable, the most advanced, and very confident. CATV chose to report on the second generation Thunder Dragon intelligent lathe and the birth of the artillery assembly line with a clear purpose — to give the world a signal that Chinese manufacturing and military factory industry was not as reliant on imports as it had been in the past. It had already risen to prominence!

"Ha! The Americans probably can't sit still now." Shi Boren's voice was very loud in the crowd of people watching. "With the changing of the times, we no longer need to look at the Americans’ faces. Blockading us? Dream on!"

The military figures in the same field chatted and laughed, and all of them seemed proud and elated. 

There were also some unhappy people, namely Mu Jianfeng and Ye Kun, who were leaders in the same military factory field. From ancient times, people selling flour would dislike people selling lime. Now, Thunder Horse Military Factory had risen to prominence, with a menacing eye on the international ammunition market. Could they be happy?

"That fellow really doesn't appreciate other people's kindness." Ye Kun was watching Xia Lei who was getting interviewed by the CATV female anchor, his expression like that of a poisonous snake. "He isn't even a part of the system, so what's the point of making such a big contribution? Glory? How much money will glory get you? For glory, he became our enemy. I think he's just a complete idiot! Can he defeat all of us? Humph!"

"Kun." Mu Jianfeng sighed. "Don't make yourself seem like a resentful woman. Things have already gotten to this point and we can't do anything about it already so accept reality."

"Teacher, can you accept reality?"

"Even if I couldn't, what then?" Mu Jianfeng's gaze fell on Yu Shanhe, who was further away, and a cold smile crept onto his face. "Even Mr Yu couldn't suppress Xia Lei so what could you and I do?"

"Couldn't we think of another way?"

"I'd advise you to give up on those thoughts. Don't forget, that rascal has a hold on our weakness."

On another side, Ling Han and Fan Fan had run into each other. The two of them looked each other in the eye for a full minute before speaking.

"I didn't think that this would be the outcome." Ling Han forced a laugh. "We've worked all for nothing, revealing our identities only to get nothing in return."

Contrarily, Fan Fan was very relaxed. She indifferently said, "Xia Lei isn't a simple man. He isn't that easy to suppress, but this is fine too. In any case, Thunder Horse Military Factory's technologies all belong to our country."

"You don't have any losses. Xia Lei doesn't even pick up my calls anymore but you can still go to his company every now and then." Ling Han's eyes tried to feel her out. "You and him… You two aren’t serious, are you?"

Fan Fan arched an eyebrow. "Don't speak out of turn. I only came to Thunder Horse Military Factory for the Alloy X Project. Xia Lei and I only have a collaborative relationship. We can't even be considered friends. In the beginning, I hid next to Xia Lei under the orders of the old director. Xia Lei already knows my identity and purpose so he's very guarded against me and basically doesn't even talk to me."

"How's the Alloy X Project going?" Ling Han changed the subject.

"It hasn't made headway yet."

"Has it not made headway or do you not want to tell me?"

"What do you mean? I'm telling you…"

At this moment, an old person appeared in front of her and she abruptly closed her mouth.

Ling Han sensed something and looked over. Upon seeing that old person, his expression immediately became reverent and serious.

The old person passed between Fan Fan and Ling Han without speaking.

Fan Fan and Ling Han exchanged glances, and walked away without chatting further.

The old person hadn't walked far before he stopped, and quietly watched Xia Lei getting interviewed from within the crowd. He was expressionless but his eyes were very special, like the stars in the deep night, glistening with a chilly dim light…


Tokyo, Japan.

In a hotel room, Gu Kewen sat on the sofa watching television. The television program she was watching was broadcasting the Chinese CATV news. The dignified, pretty female anchor and the handsome, cheerful Xia Lei made one feel this was an entertainment channel's anchor interviewing a celebrity who had just gotten popular and not an anchor interviewing a boss of a military industrial company. 

"Mr Xia, congratulations on receiving international attention and support. Before the program ends, can you talk about how you're feeling?"

"My feelings? Hehe." Xia Lei laughed sincerely. "I am very happy."

"You're already an idol to many young people. Can you tell them about your experiences in the struggle for success?"

"My experiences? Hehe, that would take a whole day. But let me just say a few simple words. Young people like us need to first establish a proper goal and then fight hard for that goal. Don't worry about how much sweat or hard work it'll be. As long as you do it, you will get results."

"Well said, Mr Xia. Do you have a goal right now?"

"Yes, of course. My goal is to make Thunder Horse Military Factory into the best military factory group internationally. I would like to issue a challenge to all the established military factories out there —  I want to seize the whole market!"

"Thank you, Mr. Xia, I hope you succeed!"

The interview ended.

"Hypocrite!" Gu Kewen took off her slippers and threw them at the television.

The room door suddenly opened, and a tall cleaning lady pushed a cleaning trolley into the hotel room. After the cleaning lady closed the door, Gu Kewen suddenly got up from the sofa and respectfully said, "Miss Mona, you… Why have you come?"

Mona took a document envelope from the cleaning trolley box and casually tossed it at Gu Kewen.

Gu Kewen caught it with both hands.

"Open it and take a look," said Mona flatly.

Gu Kewen opened the document envelope.

There was a document inside. "Earthworm Plan" was written in English on the cover page.

"Earthworm plan?" Gu Kewen couldn't help reading it out loud. She was full of uncertainty.

"Xia Lei fled to China the last time, after the Germany operation failed. Whether it's the CIA or our FA Organisation, it's a forbidden area to both and an inappropriate place to take action. However, the superiors have become impatient. Even if it's China, we have to take action now."

“Are you asking me to return to China in secret?”

“Don’t come to that conclusion so soon. This isn’t an action plan for you alone. Take a look first.” Mona’s voice was very cold, completely emotionless.

Gu Kewen opened the “Earthworm Plan” and a cold smile soon formed on her lips… 

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