Chapter 642 - A Thoughtful Smile

The two Special Forces soldiers guarding the villa gates greeted Xia Lei, who nodded in return before entering the villa. However, he had only walked two steps before he turned back to ask the two soldiers guarding the door, "Did anybody else come here after I left?" 

The special force soldier replied, "There was a woman."

"A woman?" Xia Lei's heart thumped. "What's her name?" 

The Special Forces soldier answered, "I don't know who she was, but she had the authority to enter." 

"What did she look like?" Xia Lei asked again.

The soldier frowned. "Mr Xia, I'm sorry but I am not your subordinate and I do not have any obligation to answer your questions." 

Xia Lei shrugged and smiled. "Never mind then, thanks."

After entering the villa, Xia Lei went straight to Fan Fan's laboratory and stopped in front of the door. His left eye twitched and the inside of the laboratory suddenly appeared in his sight. However, what he saw inside made him freeze in shock.

The laboratory was a mess. Documents and official papers were scattered all over the floor. Fan Fan was collapsed on the laboratory floor, both eyes closed tightly and an eye-catching red bloodstain on her forehead.

There was no time to think — Xia Lei pushed the door open and charged in. He picked Fan Fan up in his arms and used a hand to strike her Renzhong acupressure point. 

"Ynng......" Fan Fan moaned and slowly woke up. Her vision was still blurry so she couldn't clearly see who it was holding her. She suddenly grew nervous, and reached out a hand to push Xia Lei away as she shouted, "No! Let go of me!"

"It's me, it's me, shh." Xia Lei covered her lips with his hand.

Fan Fan recognised him and relaxed. "Big Brother Lei, it's you. How wonderful, how wonderful, I thought that I would never see you again." 

Xia Lei held her slender waist. "Tell me, what happened?"

"A woman came here and said she wanted to view the research reports about you. I told her that all the research reports about you have already been handed over to Song Baicheng, but she didn't listen to me and went through everything in my laboratory. You can also see how everything here's been turned into a mess by her." 

"Those Special Forces soldiers didn't stop her?" Xia Lei asked.

Fan Fan shook her head. "One of them heard us quarreling and walked over to take a look, but left after she reprimanded him for a bit."

"What did she find here?"

Fan Fan's face suddenly turned dark as she stammered, "Big Brother Lei, I, I'm sorry... She snatched my phone and that copy of the original report I saved in my phone."

Xia Lei felt his heart sink as his mood became absolutely terrible. At this point, he could already guess who the woman was — it was Su Xiao. 

"Big Brother Lei, I'm sorry, I'm sorry..."

Xia Lei cut Fan Fan off. "Why hasn’t it been deleted?" 

Fan Fan avoided Xia Lei's eyes. "I've always been studying you, trying to find a way so you can get a woman pregnant. That data was very important for me and I had originally planned to delete it after I found a cure for you. But I didn't think that... that woman would come. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to." She stared at Xia Lei with wide eyes. "Can you forgive me?" 

"This incident wasn't your fault. I don’t blame you," said Xia Lei.

Fan Fan buried her head in Xia Lei's chest and her voice choked with sobs. "But I still blame myself... I'm really too useless... Sob..."

Xia Lei gently stroked her back as he comforted her. "Don't cry, I don't blame you. This isn't your fault." 

Fan Fan's delicate body trembled slightly, and her voice too. "Your body is a marvel. If it were to be known to them... I don't dare to think about what they'll do." 

"They?" Xia Lei’s heart thumped. "Who are the 'they' you're talking about?"

"They..." Fan Fan flushed as her voice trembled even more. "The ‘they’ I was referring to are Song Baicheng and the people behind him. Those are the people I mean."

"Don't be anxious. I'll deal with it. Let me help you take care of your wound." Xia Lei started to draw her attention elsewhere.

Fan Fan stared at Xia Lei lustfully. "Then how about I tell you about some good news?" 

"What good news?" Xia Lei couldn’t think of any good news that Fan Fan could tell him right now. The amount of bad news he had gotten recently was far too much.

Fan Fan moved to whisper in his ear, "I now have a way to let me carry your child." 

"Ah?" Xia Lei was stunned for a moment, then he said anxiously, "Hurry up and tell me how! What method is it?" 

“I discovered that your sperm release a type of toxin which kills competitor sperm. I’ve already started on an antidote to limit the toxins your sperm releases. You will have a chance of getting a woman pregnant this way.”

"Is it to be taken orally?"

"Nope, nope, it-it's useless even if you eat it. It's for m-myself... But it's not for eating, it's to be p-placed inside." 

"Placed where?"

"Aren't you in there right now?" 

Xia Lei then realised where she meant, and felt a bit embarrassed. “What’s your progress on that research?"

"I, I've just started. Just give me a bit of time and I'll definitely be able to look into it more—  Aanh..." 

"You must tell me once you're done researching it." 

"Of course, the first thing I'll, hnngh, do, is tell you."

Xia Lei didn't feel like wasting any more words and immersed himself in the task at hand. He was very clear about his own situation but he also believed in Fan Fan's abilities. After all, she was the best bioengineer in China. She had collected a lot of samples of him, so it wouldn't be impossible for her to develop an antidote for him. 

Perhaps AE Research Centre would also be able to do this, but in the past, whenever Liang Siyao collected samples from him, they would always die very quickly. By the time it reached the AE Research Centre, the bioengineers could only study the dead sperm cells. Thus, in this aspect, Fan Fan actually held a very big advantage over them. 

The chaotic scene fell calm. 

"Do you want a child?" Fragrant sweat dripped from Fan Fan as she whispered softly into Xia Lei's ear. 

"Of course I want one. If we have a child..."

Fan Fan suddenly climbed up from Xia Lei's embrace. "Why don't we leave future things for the future? Weren't you going to help me treat my wound? Let's go to my room. I have a first aid kit there."

Xia Lei watched Fan Fan pull up her white, lacy, lingerie, and her beautiful area disappeared from his sight. However, his thoughts were on something else. ‘Why did she avoid this question?’ 

If a woman wanted to give birth to a man’s child, then the thing that woman would want is a family and the status of a wife. But from Fan Fan's reaction just now, it seemed like she didn't have the slightest interest in these. 

"This place is a terrible mess. It'll take a long time to clean everything up." Fan Fan frowned. "That woman's really horrible." 

An idea suddenly flashed through Xia Lei's mind. His left eye twitched, activating his zoom-in vision. Small traces emerged piece by piece into his field of vision. His mind entered a calm, logical state, combing through all the traces and rebuilding them...

"What are you looking at?" Fan Fan asked. 

Xia Lei crawled up from the floor, with a faint smile on his lips. "Nothing. Let's go to your room." 

"Can you touch me less later?" Fan Fan's face turned red. "I'm afraid I won't be able to hold myself back again."

Xia Lei reached out and pinched her cheek. "You're a gluttonous little kitten, eh? No matter how much you eat, it'll never be enough." 

"Look, you're bullying me again. I'm already pitiful enough with this special constitution of mine, but you're still bullying me." 

"Let's go. I'll help you treat your wound." 

"Do you think I'm a bad woman with how lustful I am?" 

"How could that be? If you’re a bad woman, then there wouldn't be any bad women in the world." Xia Lei said as his eyes fell on the last, tiny traces in the room. At the same time, his mind was also reconstructing the scene through the traces of footprints and fingerprints he saw with his left eye's zoom-in vision. 

Almost in the blink of an eye, a 175 cm tall  woman weighing about 55 kg appeared in his mind... 

There was also Fan Fan. All of her movements in the laboratory left behind traces that could be seen with his vision, forming a vivid image of her in Xia Lei's mind.

Xia Lei's lips curved, and a thoughtful smile appeared on his face.

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