Chapter 64

You Have Guts

Too many things had happened in the span of a day. Xia Lei was still absent-minded when he went to Thunder Horse Workshop the next day.

Zhou Xiao-Hong made Xia Lei a cup of tea, a sweet smile on her face, “Have some tea, Big Brother Lei.”

The exposed neckline of her dirty cotton vest revealed a touch of delicate whiteness. Her round bum filled her blue work pants nicely and with the sunlight coming through the doors and windows, plus her rosy apple-face, her unique mountain-girl natural beauty entered naturally in Xia Lei’s vision and he couldn’t help but feel his mood improve. He smiled as he accepted the tea from her and thanked her.

“Big Brother Lei, I processed several parts for Nice Move Sports Equipment Company yesterday but…” Zhou Xiao-Hong looked a little nervous, “I ruined a lot of them. Y-You should deduct it from my pay.”

“It’s all right. Just take it as practice. Your workmanship will improve naturally with more practice,” said Xia Lei.

“How can that do? The materials cost money too. I had to scrap so many…”

Xia Lei smiled, “You’ll lose out in the future if you’re too honest. I said it’s fine so it’s fine. Would you listen to me?”

“I will, Big Brother Lei. I will listen to all that you say.” Zhou Xiao-Hong’s face turned red. She would get unexplainably nervous and shy whenever she spoke to Xia Lei.

“Work hard then. The days will get better.”

“Yes.” Zhou Xiao-Hong nodded energetically.

At that moment, Ma Xiao-An, Chen A-Jiao and the others walked in.

“Lei, the parts for Nice Moves Sports Equipment aren’t easy to process. We can’t do it without your support,” said Ma Xiao-An.

Chen A-Jiao spoke up too, “Yeah. Nice Moves Sports Equipment ordered so many. We don’t be able to finish the order without your help.”

“There’s no need to complete it. Nice Moves Sports Equipment Company doesn’t exist anymore,” said Xia Lei.

“Huh? What’s going on?” Ma Xiao-An was surprised.

The others also looked at Xia Lei in surprise, refusing to believe that it was true.

“CEO Liu of Nice Moves Sports Equipment has transferred ownership of her company to another person. The agreement she signed with us is meaningless now,” said Xia Lei.

“Then what do we do with the parts we’ve processed?” asked Ma Xiao-An.

“You guys don’t have to worry about this. You’ve worked hard for the past few days so you should have a good rest. I’ll give you all the day off today. Go have fun,” said Xia Lei.

Nobody spoke. A great business deal had gone up in smoke; they did not feel good.

“Who says the order from Nice Moves Sports Equipment is meaningless?” A female voice suddenly came from the door.

Xia Lei looked over and saw Lin Ya-Ru and Lin Bo-Wen. The Lin siblings were dressed in bright and neat clothing and they looked arrogant.

Ma Xiao-An and the others also looked at the Lin siblings but did not know who they were. However, they had heard Lin Ya-Ru say Nice Moves Sports Equipment’s order was not meaningless and smiles appeared on their faces.

Lin Ya-Ru’s gaze swept scornfully over everyone’s faces and stopped on Xia Lei, “I’m representing Nice Moves Sports Equipment. Liu Ying represented the company before and signed an agreement with you as well as put down a deposit of 500,000. Please follow the agreement and hand over the goods on time.”

Lin Bo-Wen spoke up too, “How many have you processed? Give them to us first and we’ll take them back.”

The honest Wang You-Fu replied, “A hundred plus.”

Lin Ya-Ru frowned, “Only a hundred plus? What’s this speed? We’ve already had the patent approved and we’re working overtime to produce the product. You’ve only done a hundred plus when we’ve already paid? This is too slow.”

“I will be the Deputy General Manager of Nice Moves Sports Equipment and I’ll be in charge of production and procurement. I’ll give you all a warning - I have very strict requirements. I will reject anything that is even a little bit unsatisfactory,” added Lin Bo-Wen.

“We do quality work. You can rest assured, Boss.” Zhou Xiao-Hong smiled cautiously, then added, “Please have a seat, Bosses. I’ll make tea for you.”

“There’s no need to make tea for these sort of people,” said Xia Lei.

Zhou Xiao-Hong froze. Ma Xiao-An and the others also exchanged looks, not understanding why Xia Lei would have such a cold attitude towards clients.

“Everyone, please leave. I’ll talk with them,” said Xia Lei.

“Okay, let’s go outside.” Ma Xiao-An understood Xia Lei the most and he could guess something from Xia Lei’s attitude.

The Thunder Horse Workshop employees left and just Xia Lei and the Lin siblings remained.

Lin Bo-Wen sneered, “There’s no helping you not liking us but business is business. You’ve signed an agreement with Nice Moves Sports Equipment and you have to abide by it, otherwise we can put forth an official complaint and your business will suffer.”

Lin Ya-Ru walked to Xia Lei’s desk and sat right across him without his consent. She looked steadily at him, her eyes full of contempt and provocation.

The Lin siblings were obviously here for two things. One was to ask for the processed parts for the automatic surfboard and get Thunder Horse Workshop to finish Liu Ying’s agreed order. The other was to ridicule and cause trouble for Xia Lei as ‘winners’.

Xia Lei knew that but he still affected a unperturbed attitude. He spoke mildly, “Have the two of you seen the agreement?”

“Would we be here if we hadn’t?” Lin Ya-Ru took out an agreement from her briefcase, then opened it to the page with signatures.

The page had Xia Lei and Liu Ying’s names and Nice Moves Sports Equipment Company’s official seal.

Xia Lei flicked his eyes over the page, “I don’t need to look to know what’s on the page. I signed this agreement with CEO Liu. You guys seized the company from her, so in the eyes of the law, you do have the right to ask me to honour this agreement. Having higher requirements for quality is also not wrong.”

“Humph. Good that you know.” Lin Bo-Wen sneered, “Wouldn’t it be better if you just accept it earlier?”

Xia Lei gave him a look, “When did dogs learn to speak the human language? This one even pretends that it’s the master. Don’t you think you’re laughable?”

“You-” Lin Bo-Wen’s face turned red in anger. He had come to ridicule Xia Lei and to make things difficult for him but did not expect that Xia Lei would look down on him.

Lin Ya-Ru spoke coldly, “Xia Lei, you’d better watch your words. Show some respect!”

“Okay, take this agreement and get out. Don’t appear before me again,” said Xia Lei.

Lin Ya-Ru pounded the table and shot to her feet, shouting as she came towards Xia Lei, “You took the money and you’re not delivering and you still dare to chase us out! Are you really so eager to stand accused in the dock?”

Xia Lei didn’t bat an eye, “Then can you represent Gu Ke-Wen?”

“Of course!” said Lin Ya-Ru, “I am now the CEO of Nice Moves Sports Equipment, overseeing all the work on Miss Gu’s behalf!”

“No wonder you siblings were so calculative when it came to Big Sister Liu. Fine. Since you can represent Gu Ke-Wen, you have the right to talk to me. I’ll cut to the chase - the agreement I signed with CEO Liu is a long-term agreement and it states that you have no basis to look for other suppliers to produce the parts unless Thunder Horse Workshop is unable to do the processing. If you want me to fulfil the terms of the agreement, I am going to fulfil all terms. This means you can only get the goods from me. If you go somewhere else and take so much as a screw from there I can and will want compensation,” said Xia Lei.

Lin Ya-Ru and Lin Bo-Wen could not help looking at each other and the siblings spoke to each other through their eyes.

“We have read through the contents of the agreement and we know what sort of agreement it is. However, we are here this time to make sure you finish up the order from the 500,000 deposit. You’ve accepted our company’s money so you have to give us the goods. This is perfectly justifiable.”

Xia Lei sneered, “I know what you’re thinking. Take the 500,000 worth of goods then abandon the agreement. I’m just a small fish trying to fulfil contractual obligations and you guys would definitely make trouble for me, then drag me to court. You have the money to get the best lawyers and Gu Ke-Wen is also able employ so many methods that it would be impossible for me to win the lawsuit. Do you think I am as foolish as you presume?”

Lin Bo-Wen pointed right at Xia Lei’s nose, “You, the one surnamed Xia. Do you intend to lose that 500,000?”

At that moment, Xia Lei’s mobile phone beeped with a message alert. He unlocked the phone screen and read the message.

The message was a system prompt from the bank. He had received a 5,000,000 deposit and the sender was Liu Ying.

For some unexplainable reason, tears appeared in the corners of Xia Lei’s eyes. Five million. This was not a small sum. Most people wouldn’t even be able to make for much money their whole lives. There was actually no need for Liu Ying to give him this money but she still did and she fulfilled her promise. Such a kindhearted and honest woman had her company and the product of her husband’s life’s work snatched from her by Gu Ke-Wen.

“Hello? I’m talking to you. Do you hear me?” Lin Bo-Wen spoke fiercely, “You punk. You’re still in the mood to play mobile phone games?”

Xia Lei didn’t seem to hear him. Liu Ying’s face appeared in his mind and a warm feeling enveloped his heart. As Lin Bo-Wen berated him, he opened his contacts page and was just about to call Liu Ying when he received a second message before he could dial.

The message was from Liu Ying: Lei, by the time you get this message I’d have left the bank and gone to the airport. Please forgive me for not saying goodbye. I’m afraid I’d cry. I don’t know why but when I’m with you I’d always be reminded of my husband. He was like you - kindhearted and straightforward, getting fully immersed in work… Sigh. I won’t talk about that. I thought of him again and it makes my heart hurt. I’m leaving this hurtful place. Remember to miss me and remember to call me. I hope to see you with your own wife and children the next time I meet you.

There’s one more thing I have to tell you. I’m sure someone will take the agreement we signed and use it to make trouble for you. Don’t worry, that agreement provides for the obligations and rights of both parties. If they come looking for you, you can use the agreement’s exclusive supplier clause. Other than that, I did not keep the receipt for the 500,000 that I’d deposited and I threw it in the bank’s rubbish bin. I trust you and I didn’t even think of keeping a receipt.

Don’t send me off. Goodbye.

When he finished reading the message, Xia Lei took a deep breath, then covered his face with both hands. He did not want Lin Bo-Wen and Lin Ya-Ru to see the tears he shed for Liu Ying. They were not fit to see him in this state.

“Hey, the one surnamed Xia, do you have the backing of the underworld or backing in the ministries?” Lin Ya-Ru lost her patience, “I’m telling you that you have to hand over the goods for the 500,000 on time or we’ll see you in court. When that time comes, I won’t stop at getting just that 500,000 worth of goods - I’ll get you to compensate the losses faced in our company’s production! You won’t be able to afford to pay us even if you pay with your family fortune!”

Xia Lei raised his head, “What 500,000?”

“The 500,000 Liu Ying transferred to you!” Lin Bo-Wen snapped, “This amount was taken out of the company’s finances and given to Liu Ying. What, are you going to renege on your debt?”

“Can you confirm that you gave the money to Liu Ying and she then gave it to me?” Xia Lei said, “I’ve never received any 500,000 yuan deposit. Do you have the receipt? Show me.”

“You motherf-cker!” Lin Bo-Wen cursed.

Xia Lei suddenly stood up and slapped Lin Bo-Wen’s face.

Pa! The slap rang out and Lin Bo-Wen staggered and nearly fell to the floor. A handprint appeared on his face, red and bruising.

Lin Ya-Ru seemed to be afraid that Xia Lei would hit her next. She quickly moved away and knocked over a chair, then fell to the ground with her legs spread open. She exposed a white thong and some foliage which was half-covered; it was very undignified.

“You dare hit me!” Lin Bo-Wen held his face and looked ready to explode.

Xia Lei spoke icily, “Next time you come here I’ll hit you every time I see you! Don’t think that you can do anything you’d like just because you work for Gu Ke-Wen. If you want to fight with me you can come at me any time. I’ll take you on!”

“Just you wait!” Lin Bo-Wen pointed straight at Xia Lei.

Lin Ya-Ru crawled to her feet, her face ashen and eyes like that of a venomous snake.

“Ya-Ru, let’s go. Someone will take care of him!” Lin Bo-Wen pulled Lin Ya-Ru by the hand.

Xia Lei snatched up the agreement on the table and hit Lin Ya-Ru in the face with it. “Take your agreement with you. Don’t think you can swindle me with this. I’m not afraid to tell you that I can outsource all the parts you need. I can also pass on your problems with the quality to other companies. I’m warning you, if you want a normal production you’d better not come and bother me. Get out!”

“You have guts. You have guts…” Lin Ya-Ru glared at Xia Lei and turned to leave. She did not look back.

The agreement fluttered to the floor. It was scrap paper now.

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