Chapter 634 - The Riemann Hypothesis

No language could describe or depict this process because the process was a miracle in itself.

However, Song Baicheng couldn’t see this miracle. He looked at Xia Lei, who didn’t move at all. The corners of his lips formed a sarcastic smile. “Mr Xia, you aren’t able to calculate it? It’s okay, you don’t have to force yourself. After all, this is a difficult math problem.”

At that moment, Xia Lei raised his head and glanced at Song Baicheng. “Don’t use your IQ to measure me. Thank you.”

“You…” Song Baicheng was annoyed.

Xia Lei suddenly picked up the pen to solve the problem. He was very quick.

Song Baicheng’s eyes widened in disbelief. He then unconsciously opened his mouth and was unable to close it.

This was not because of the speed Xia Lei was solving the problem, but rather the question itself.

This question was one of the seven hardest mathematical problems in the world, the Riemann hypothesis!

This mathematical problem was considered the peak of mathematics in the 20th century. It was also awarded by the Clay Institution of Mathematics as one of the seven hardest mathematical problems in the world. The mathematical problem was founded in 1869, but no one was able to solve it even after over a century had passed. The significance and difficulty of the problem were very obvious. But now, Xia Lei was solving an extremely difficult problem like he was solving what “1+1” was!

Before he came here, Song Baicheng still questioned the fact that Xia Lei’s IQ was 298. But now that he was standing in front of Xia Lei, he felt like he was just a kid who had just learned how to count. If Xia Lei was a tall tree, then he would just be a weed under the tall tree.

After ten minutes, Xia Lei handed the A4 paper to Song Baicheng with both sides filled with content.

Song Baicheng was still in shock.

“Okay, this problem is indeed a bit difficult, but it wasn’t as difficult as I expected it to be. I solved it, but I don’t think you can understand. You should take it and go ask a mathematician and let him tell you if I have calculated it correctly or not,” said Xia Lei.

Song Baicheng finally returned to his senses. He looked at Xia Lei strangely. “That… Mr Xia, could it be that you don’t know the origin of this problem?”

Xia Lei rolled his eyes at Song Baicheng. “I’m not a mathematician who studies mathematics. I work in the military. I’m good at machine processing and electrical engineering. Do you think that I’m ball-breakingly idle enough that I would go solve mathematical problems for fun?”

Song Baicheng moved his lips. He wanted to say something but didn’t say it.

“Okay, I’m going to work. You can leave.” Xia Lei turned around and entered the workshop.

The gate of the workshop automatically closed.

Song Baicheng stared blankly for quite a while before he turned to leave. He did not doubt that Xia Lei was the smartest person in the world now. The solution to the Riemann hypothesis in his hand was a piece of heavyweight evidence. With the evidence in his hand, he could now paint a perfect ending for his assignment.

After a short period of time, a Hongqi car drove out of the Thunder Horse Military Factory. It was headed in the direction of Jingdu district.

“Mr Z, he…”

“What happened?”

“He solved the Riemann hypothesis.”

“What is the Riemann hypothesis?” Mr Z’s voice came from the phone.

“It’s like this... Because of the information from Fan Fan’s report about Xia Lei’s IQ, I asked a mathematician to find a difficult math problem for me. The mathematician found the Riemann hypothesis. For almost two centuries, no one was able to solve it. But he… He only used ten minutes to solve it.” Song Baicheng’s voice sounded like he was sleepwalking.

The phone was silent for a while before Mr Z started speaking again. “Are you sure he had solved it correctly?”

“I’m 80% certain. When the mathematician handed me the problem, he had also given me some materials from other people who had attempted to solve the problem. I observed the process that Xia Lei had solved the problem, some of the content appeared to look identical. Of course, the final outcome will be judged by the mathematician.” 

“Let me have a look at the report that Fan Fan wrote, and the Riemann hypothesis that Xia Lei solved.”

“I’m on my way there. Mr Z, I will see you later.” Song Baicheng put down his phone and slammed his foot on the gas pedal. The Hongqi car galloped on the road.

Several hundred meters behind it, a motorcycle followed at a distance.

The rider on the motorcycle was the person who had solved the Riemann hypothesis, Xia Lei.

Where would Song Baicheng go after he left the Thunder Horse Military Factory? This was what Xia Lei wanted to know.

Although he had survived this crisis, he knew that this won’t be the end of it. As long as Bureau ZN exists, it will pose a threat to him. He must gather more information about Bureau ZN. He needed to know the location of Bureau Zn and what kind of people are in Bureau ZN. He can only beat his opponent if he knew more about them.

The motorcycle flew across the road.

Several hundred meters of distance was an absolute safe distance to follow. Even if Song Baicheng was even more cunning than a fox or if his anti-tracking ability was better than a special agent from Bureau 101, he would not be able to discover that someone was following him.

Not only did Xia Lei deliberately keep a few hundred meters of distance from Song Baicheng, but he also had a silicone mask on. His opponent wasn’t just Song Baicheng, but the entire Bureau ZN, so he had to be even more careful.

Ring ring ring…

Xia Lei’s phone suddenly rang while the motorcycle was speeding down the road.

Who would call him at this time?

Xia Lei took out his phone and looked at it, then answered the phone.

“Brother Lei, where did you go?” It was Fan Fan’s voice.

“I went out for a while because I have something to do. What’s the matter?” Xia Lei slowed down the speed of the motorcycle. He took control of the motorcycle with one hand and used his other hand to talk on the phone.

“I want to chat with you. I went to the workshop to find you, but you weren’t there.”

“Let’s chat when I return. I’m driving right now,” Xia Lei said.

“Okay, I will wait for you.” Fan Fan hung up the phone.

Xia Lei put away his phone. He thought, ‘What does she want to talk to me about at this time?’

Song Baicheng was indeed more cunning than a fox. Even though he didn’t discover anyone following him, he still maintained a high degree of vigilance and carried out a few anti-tracking methods. He drove around the area and circled the Jingdu district. He finally drove his car into a compound.

Xia Lei stopped his motorcycle three hundred meters away.

There was nothing out of the ordinary about the organisation’s compound. There were soldiers with firearms standing guard at the front gate. Behind the gate was a three-storey tall office building. The building looked like it was built in the ‘50s or the ‘60s and was very old. It looked like it had a green coat on, with Boston ivy covering the walls. The courtyard of the compound wasn’t very big, but it was full of plants. The plants were also very old. A lot of the trees were taller than the office building, just like a very big umbrella, shading the office building from above.

With the vines and the big trees, even a spy satellite would not be able to find this place.

Xia Lei’s gaze went to the sign above the big gate. “Jingdu City’s Meteorological Monitoring Center”.

With this kind of compound and the neglected-looking sign, even if residents passed through here every day, they wouldn’t give it a second look. They wouldn’t go in and ask what the weather would be like in the next few days.

If there was a warning flag about this place, then it would be the armed soldiers standing in front of the gate.

Was this the location of the mysterious Bureau ZN?

Xia Lei got off and began slowly pushing the motorcycle as he walked forward. His line of sight was locked on the old office building. He was getting closer and closer to it and his left eye twitched when he got to the front gate. The walls of the office building were like snowflakes in the sun as they quickly ‘melted’ and the space behind the walls became visible to his eyes.

It was an office scene with staff members and office equipment. The scene appeared to look very quiet and efficient. The equipment looked very advanced and wasn’t something an ordinary company or office would possess.

Xia Lei started from the third floor, then the second floor, and then finally the first floor. It look him only three minutes to completely examine the entire building with his X-ray vision. When he looked at the first floor, his line of sight had suddenly stopped at an office. It was like his head was ruthlessly hit by a mallet in that moment.

Song Baicheng was in that office. He stood perfectly straight in front of a person.

Xia Lei wasn’t unfamiliar with that person. He had a very deep friendship with that person.

That person was — Ling Han!

When Ling Han’s face entered his line of sight, every bit of information regarding that person popped into Xia Lei’s mind.

Ling Han had first appeared with the identity as a special assistant from the First Office. During his fight against Mu Jianfeng and Ye Kun, Ling Han had been a great help to him. During that period, he had regarded Ling Han as both his friend and elder brother. But now, everything had collapsed.

‘When I started to come in contact the ancient alloy, my father warned me that some group already had their eyes on me. Now it seems like the person that my father was talking about was probably Ling Han.’ Xia Lei’s heart was full of complicated feelings.

Who could he trust in this world?

Men didn’t care about loyalty because the weight of loyalty was too low. Women weren’t loyal and dependable because loyalty wasn’t attractive enough for them.

Majority of the people will be disgusted and disagree with this sentence, but this was the true portrayal of society.

However, compared to the pain that Liang Siyao and Shentu Tianyin had brought him, the pain he felt now was nothing.

Xia Lei’s eyes were locked on Ling Han and Song Baicheng’s lips. He read their lips to decipher what they were discussing while he slowly pushed his motorcycle forward.

“Mr Z, this is the research report, and the Riemann hypothesis Xia Lei solved.” Song Baicheng handed the document envelope to Ling Han

Ling Han opened it up and took out everything inside. He first looked at the Riemann hypothesis that Xia Lei had solved.

“Mr Z, on the way here, I took a picture of the Riemann hypothesis that Xia Lei solved and sent it to the mathematician who had helped me. He saw it and said…”

“What did he say?”

“He said this is a miracle in the world of mathematics. Xia Lei used the simplest method to solve the mathematical problem that no one was able to solve for nearly two hundred years. He also said that we should announce this matter to the world. This would allow our country’s mathematics community to hold its head high and obtain the highest degree of honour.”

“He is too short-sighted. Make him shut up.”

“I have already warned him. He won’t tell anyone else without our permission,” Song Baicheng said.

“No wonder he was able to achieve those accomplishments. His IQ is 298. But why do I feel like the answer isn’t this simple? Where is the problem?” Ling Han moved his gaze outside the window when he thought that aloud. He sighed.

At the same time, the soldier armed with rifles that are stationed outside the gate suddenly shouted at Xia Lei, who was slowly pushing his motorcycle forward. “What are you doing?”

Xia Lei withdrew his gaze and put a smile on his face. “Brothers, I’m sorry. My motorcycle suddenly died. It’s probably because of the ignition plug.”

“Stop looking around and leave!” said the soldier coldly.

“Okay, okay, I will leave right away.” Xia Lei sped up his footsteps.

He had been scolded by the soldiers, but he had gained a lot of information this time around.

He had found the headquarters of Bureau ZN

And he found out Mr Z’s identity.

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