Chapter 630 - The First Direct Confrontation

The mysterious ZN Bureau had brought a crisis to Xia Lei. He had actually foreseen this crisis but it had come earlier than expected. Xia Lei had been fighting alone before Song Baicheng had come, but now he had a battle companion — Fan Fan.

The next day, in the laboratory on the first floor of the villa.

“Mr Xia, thank you for your cooperation. We’ll end here today. I will come find you when I need your assistance,” said Fan Fan expressionlessly.

Xia Lei pulled off the electrical lines of the instrument stuck to his skin and nimbly put on his clothes, then left the laboratory. He didn’t say a word to Fan Fan throughout the entire process.

Of course, this was all a show for Song Baicheng. After Song Baicheng arrived at the laboratory, he installed a surveillance camera so he could observe Fan Fan’s work.

Song Baicheng and Fan Yiming came over after Xia Lei left Fan Fan’s laboratory.

Fan Fan was organizing Xia Lei’s body information that she had just collected. She only glanced up when Song Baicheng and Fan Yiming came in, before continuing her work.

“Mr Song, Xia Lei is a very intelligent person. See, the moment you came, he became very cooperative,” said Fan Yiming.

“Indeed, he is a very smart person, but don’t you think he’s too smart?” Song Baicheng walked over to Fan Fan’s workstation as he spoke and moved his head closer to watch her work.

Fan Fan stopped working. “Mr Song, you’re disturbing my work. If you don’t need anything, then please leave.” 

Song Baicheng wrinkled his brow. Fan Fan’s attitude made him feel a little uncomfortable but he wasn’t angry. He laughed. “All right. You’re the most outstanding talent within the field of biotechnology in the country, so I will believe in your working ability. I’ve only come to check on your working conditions. Oh, let me ask you a question in the meantime. Can you settle this within a week?”

“If I can’t do this, then there’s probably no one in the country who can. One week isn’t an issue. I will give you a research report that pleases you in a week.”

“All right, you can get back to work.” Song Baicheng turned to leave.

Fan Yiming then said, “Fan Fan, how could you talk to Mr Song with that attitude?”

Fan Fan glanced at Fan Yiming. “Is my attitude wrong in any way? I’m a research worker so I’m only responsible for my work. I don’t need to curry favor with someone from an unknown origin.” 

“You…” Fan Yiming was a little angry but he didn’t know what to say. He, too, left.

In the hallway, Song Baicheng said, “Elder Fan, you don’t need to bother about attitude. I’m not one of the officials who thinks their pride is more important than anything else. What I want is results. Fan Fan is the most excellent bioengineering scientist in the country, and I believe in her capabilities. This is enough.”

Fan Yiming sighed softly. “Ah, it’s all because of me and her parents spoiling her. This child doesn’t know how to speak and her ability to handle affairs for other people is rather weak.”

“Forget about it, we won’t talk about this. I want to go take a look in Xia Lei’s workshop. Do you want to come along, Elder Fan?”

“All right. Let’s go take a look around Xia Lei’s workplace. I really want to see how he works,” said Fan Yiming.

At the moment Fan Yiming and Song Baicheng were leaving the villa, in the laboratory, Fan Fan looked at the numbers on the apparatus in shock. Her expression was as though she was watching a cat who had grown wings and could fly.

However, this expression only lasted for a few moments, in no more than a few blinks she recovered her original state, quiet and focused, in standard working mode.

Yet her heart was full of raging waves that rolled around. ‘Under the induced stimulation, the frequency of the Y waves in his brain exceeded 300 HZ. This was practically tenfold the normal person! And this was in response to weak induced stimulation. If he was extremely focused on something, or fighting, how strong would his brain waves be… Incredible. What kind of a brain does he actually have?!’

She suddenly thought of Xia Lei calculating the difficult chemistry question in the Academy of Science. At that time, Xia Lei had calmly and unhurriedly stood in front of the blackboard, his pen flying. He wrote out the answer without pause, even for the parts that required the assistance of a calculator. His calculating speed was astonishing. Now that she thought back to it, this wasn’t a coincidence. If Xia Lei didn’t have such an extraordinary brain, how could he have this degree or capability!

She even thought of all the success Xia Lei had had. He had manufactured the XL2500 sniper rifle, the Gust assault rifle, and even the Thunder Dragon intelligent lathe. He could even process an ultra-precise part that no one else in the world could currently process...

Fan Fan spaced out for a long while. ‘Could it be that the person I’ve fallen in love with is someone with a super brain? No, no that name doesn’t fit. I should be describing him as a strong and capable Superman. Wait, strong and capable Superman? Bah, what am I even thinking about? He’s my boyfriend… Even though we can’t make our relationship public right now… I should do something for him,’ thought Fan Fan.

Her thoughts were just as special as her constitution, but her actions weren’t ambiguous at all. She worked the apparatus proficiently and changed the abnormal data on it.

She did not know, however, that Xia Lei was spying on her every action.

As soon as she altered the data, Xia Lei retracted his X-ray vision from behind the villa and ran nimbly to the new workshop from a greenery he was hiding in.

Xia Lei returned to the new workshop, but Song Baicheng and Fan Yiming had not arrived yet.

Xia Lei smiled as the scene of Fan Fan altering the data appeared in his mind.

When he went through the test where he focused on his brain and faced Fan Fan and the apparatus’s conducting stimulation, he could have controlled his thoughts and made his brain’s reaction not as intense but he didn’t do that. He wanted to let her see something real and then observe her reaction.

If Fan Fan didn’t alter the data from the test, then his Pretty Boy scheme would have been a failure and he’d have to be careful in the future. But based on Fan Fan’s reactions, his scheme had been a success, and a considerable one at that. This also increased his confidence that he would pass the present crisis as originally planned, because his options had increased once he gained Fan Fan’s help.

On the other hand, he had another goal and that was to let Fan Fan interact with his extraordinary brain appropriately. She liked men with high IQ and thus he would benefit and take another step in conquering her affections. As long as he made her heart completely dedicated to him, she would wholly dedicate herself to helping him with whatever he needed.

Love would make a woman become blind, and this was what he wanted.

Just then, Fan Yiming’s voice came from the speaker system. “Mr Xia, are you in there? If it’s possible, we would like to come in and take a look.”

Xia Lei casually picked up a cleaning rag soaked with oil and wiped it over his body and hands before opening the door.

“I’m so sorry to disturb your work, Mr Xia,” greeted Song Baicheng politely.

“It’s fine, please come in,” said Xia Lei.

Fan Yiming and Song Baicheng entered the new workshop and the door closed automatically.

“Mr Xia, your measures to keep this area secure is pretty good,” said Song Baicheng.

“Mr Song, if you weren’t Elder Fan’s student, I would’ve never let you enter. Do you know what you’re doing here? Let me tell you, I’m creating the second generation Thunder Dragon intelligent lathe. It will surpass the past generation’s Thunder Dragon intelligent lathe. If it comes out, it will become an internationally unrivalled, super comprehensive intelligent lathe. It won’t just upgrade our Thunder Horse Military Factory’s production capabilities and manufacturing standards, it will even become a great trump card for our country,” said Xia Lei.

“Mr Xia, you’re extraordinary indeed.” Fan Yiming sighed as he said, “Even though I am a researcher of materials science, I know the gap between our country’s manufacturing industry and that of the West. You’ve erased this gap and even got ahead of the West’s manufacturing. Your XL2500 sniper rifle, the Gust assault rifle and the Thunder Dragon intelligent lathe have been enough to convince me of my inferiority.”

Xia Lei laughed. “Elder Fan, you’re being too polite.” 

“I’m not being too polite. All the success you have achieved far exceeds what I have ever accomplished in my lifetime, not to mention the scientist scum who only knows how to do research while cheating funds. You’re part of the group that gets things done. Everything you have has brought true benefits to this country,” said Fan Yiming.

Xia Lei glanced at Song Baicheng’s expression out of the corner of his eye.

Song Baicheng’s face didn’t change distinctly in the least. He heard Fan Yiming’s praise for him, but was completely indifferent.

Xia Lei felt a little uncomfortable but he didn’t show it on the outside. He laughingly said, “Hehe, Elder Fan, not everyone approves of my work and achievements. Some people drink milk while thinking of how beef tastes. Perhaps they’re already thinking about slaughtering cows to eat the meat inside.”

Song Baicheng’s expression finally changed as he watched Xia Lei. “Mr Xia, what do you mean by this?” he said softly.

“Nothing much, I’m just a little regretful,” said Xia Lei.

“Some regrets should not be voiced, because regret has no power on its own. It can’t change anything,” said Song Baicheng.

Xia Lei gave a laugh. “Mr Song’s opinion is truly unique with a reason of its own. However, I’m not some indecisive or melancholic weakling. I’ll only do what I’m willing to do. No one can force me to do something I’m not willing to do.”

“Mr Xia, you’re certainly a very powerful person. Your capabilities have already surpassed everyone I know, but you’re still human. Your strength has its limits. Let me ask you something rather presumptuously. In front of an unconditionally powerful external force, can you still not be forced to do what you’re not willing to do?” A hint of provocation arose in Song Baicheng’s eyes. 

Xia Lei shrugged lightly. “Mr Song, then do you think someone like me has to act by watching other people’s expressions? I think everything comes to a certain point. I’m very tolerant of some people and matters but my endurance has its limits.”

“If some person or matter overstepped your limitations, what would you do?”

“Hehe. I’d probably have a lot of choices. Immigrating could be one of them. I believe that it isn’t that hard to find someplace that suits me in the world from the United Arab Emirates, Argentina, Russia, Sweden, Canada, or someplace. As long as I reveal my reputation, they’ll probably get people to contact me. After all, I have too many things that they can only dream of.”

Song Baicheng had been smiling but the smile on his face disappeared once he heard Xia Lei mention immigrating.

Indeed, for an extreme talent like Xia Lei, as long as he wanted to immigrate there wouldn’t be a country unwilling to take him in. Not all countries were allies with America. Some had been willing to offer political asylum to Edward Snowden, so of course there would be countries willing to accept Xia Lei. Plus, the technologies which Xia Lei created made his worth ten thousand times that of Edward Snowden.

“Hehe, you guys have gotten a little bit too off topic.” Fan Yiming seemed to smell gunpowder between the two people and hurriedly came to the rescue. “Mr Xia, you can get busy with what you need to do. We came here only to look around, so you don’t need to take time out to accompany us.”

“Okay, that’s fine. You guys can look around as you please. I have to start working.” Xia Lei walked towards the site where they were assembling and installing the second generation Thunder Dragon intelligent lathe.

This could be considered his first direct confrontation with Song Baicheng from the ZN Bureau and he had gained a small victory!

Crossing the limits of my tolerance?

That’s fine, I’ll make you guys lose everything you have!

This was what Xia Lei had hinted to Song Baicheng!

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