Chapter 628 - Person from ZN Bureau

“Director Xia, are you in there?” asked the person outside.

Only then was there movement in the frozen scene.

“It’s all because of you!” said Fan Fan as she bit her cherry lips and climbed carefully off of Xia Lei.

Xia Lei got up from the floor as well. A circle of black oil was on his butt, but that wasn’t the most embarrassing place on his body. The most awkward area was between his legs, where a very stiff member saluted the sky.

Fan Fan’s eyes peeked at his member from the corner of her eyes. Her wide eyes made her seem like a person who had found a sweet juicy sugar cane after wandering around the desert.

Xia Lei stood, and sighed to himself. Having a woman of a special constitution was really interesting. She was like the grass in the wintertime. Nothing would happen when she was on her own, but she would burst into flames the moment you gave her a little fire.

“Still looking? You’re such a bully,” said Fan Fan with a red face.

Xia Lei laughed awkwardly and didn’t know what to say.

Xia Lei opened the door after Fan Fan tidied herself up.

A Thunder Horse Military Factory security guard captain stood in the workshop entrance.

“What is it?” Xia Lei had just been disturbed in his happy moment, but he wasn’t angry.

The security guard captain said, “Director Xia, there’s someone at the door who says he’s here to see you but he won’t tell us his identity or his name. Chief Lu isn’t here either so I came over to ask you, Director Xia.”

“All right, I got it. You can go over first and take him to my office. I’ll be right there,” said Xia Lei.

“Yes, Director Xia.” The security guard captain left.

 “Could it be my grandfather?” said Fan Fan.

“Is your grandfather coming?” replied Xia Lei.

“I told you before that my grandfather is coming too. He said that this would be advantageous for the Alloy X Project research," said Fan Fan

Of course Xia Lei knew about this. He secretly rejoiced that he had settled Fan Fan. If he hadn’t just settled Fan Fan and Fan Yiming had come, he wouldn’t have a chance to deal with her. However, he still felt a little uneasy because what he did wasn’t actually enough. He still needed to work harder and settle Fan Fan completely before Fan Yiming found out.

“I’ll go take a look. You can wait here,” said Xia Lei.

However, Fan Fan wanted to go as well. “I want to take a look too.”

“All right, let’s go together.”

“Wait up.” Fan Fan suddenly reached for Xia Lei’s trousers.

Xia Lei subconsciously took a step back and somewhat anxiously said, “What are you doing? We’re outside.”

Fan Fan blushed. “Your fly is open. I’ll help you pull it up.”

Xia Lei was speechless.

He didn’t know when his zipper had opened but he knew that Fan Fan had definitely pulled it down. He really wouldn’t have expected that a female scientist, who seemed pure and innocent, was instead cold on the outside but passionate on the inside.

When they arrived at the office, Xia Lei saw Fan Yiming and another stranger. He was about 30 to 40 years old with an average build, and also looked very ordinary. However, his eyes gave one a very deep impression. They were like those of an eagle, sharp and unfathomable.

‘Who is this?’ thought Xia Lei to himself. ‘Why did this person come here with Fan Yiming?’

At this moment, Fan Yiming laughingly said, “Mr Xia, let me introduce you to someone. This is my student. His name is Song Baicheng. Oh, he can be considered to be in the same trade, and he has a high level of mastery in the materials science field.” 

When Fan Yiming introduced Song Baicheng, Xia Lei glanced at Fan Fan from the corner of his eye and discovered that Fan Fan was staring at Song Baicheng.

Fan Fan’s reaction roused Xia Lei’s suspicions. ‘If this Song Baicheng was actually Fan Yiming’s student, Fan Fan would definitely recognise him, and she wouldn’t stare at him like this, right? She didn’t even greet him. If he isn’t Fan Yiming’s student, then why would Fan Yiming say he was? Could this Song Baicheng be… from the ZN Bureau?’

“Hehe.” Song Baicheng walked up and took the initiative to shake Xia Lei’s hand. He wore a fawning smile on his face as he said, “Mr Xia, it is wonderful to meet you after hearing so much about you. Nice meeting you, nice meeting you.”

Even though Xia Lei had already begun to be suspicious of this Song Baicheng’s identity, he remained calm on the outside. He shook Song Baicheng’s hand and said with a laugh, “Mr Song is too polite. I respect scientists like you the most. Nice to meet you!”

Fan Yiming said, “Mr Xia, I’m planning to stay for several days. I’ve come to assist Fan Fan in her work and to move the Alloy X Project forward. What do you think?”

“Elder Fan, of course this won’t be a problem. You can stay here as long as you’d like,” said Xia Lei. He spoke pleasantries.

Fan Yiming added, “Baicheng would also like to stay. He is my assistant. This should be fine, right?”

Xia Lei laughed. “Of course that’s not a problem. I will get some people to arrange for a place for you to stay.”

Song Baicheng said, “You don’t need to make any special arrangements. Elder Fan and I can just live in the villa and you can just give us any two rooms.”

This Song Baicheng knew about the villa even though it was the first time he’d come. He’d clearly come prepared. The probability that he was someone from the ZN Bureau had already exceeded 50%.

Fan Yiming followed with, “Yes yes. We can just live in the villa. I heard Fan Fan mention that your laboratory is also there so that’d be good for work if we stayed there.”

“No problem, you guys can stay there. Come with me, I’ll take you there,” said Xia Lei.

Xia Lei led Fan Yiming, Song Baicheng and Fan Fan to the villa. He arranged rooms for Fan Yiming and Song Baicheng, and Fan Yiming suggested they go to Xia Lei’s laboratory to take a look, so Xia Lei led everyone to his laboratory to look around.

“I really want to see that metal,” said Song Baicheng as he stared at the safe.

“If you would really like to take a look, Mr Song, I can take it out and show it to you,” said Xia Lei with a smile.

Song Baicheng clearly seemed quite tempted, he made an opposite decision in the next moment. “Never mind. I heard this type of metal is very dangerous and only Mr Xia can touch it to date. I’ll wait for a better opportunity to take a look.”

They left the underground laboratory, and Song Baicheng suggested they go look around Fan Fan’s laboratory.

Fan Fan brought Song Baicheng and Fan Yiming to her laboratory, but before they entered, Xia Lei said, “You guys can go. I won’t be going. I have to go to the workshop. Thunder Horse Military Factory is being upgraded. I really don’t have enough time. If you need anything, you can just call me.”

“Mr Xia, you can go do what you need to do. We’ll call you if we need anything,” said Fan Yiming.

Fan Fan glanced at Xia Lei, and her expression was rather complicated. She clearly hadn’t shaken off her earlier experience yet. If it hadn’t been for her grandfather and this Song Baicheng coming to Thunder Horse Military Factory, and the security guard knocking on the door, she didn’t know what would’ve happened between them next. She didn’t know why, but instead of being afraid of herself and Xia Lei getting to that point, she was looking forward to it.

“Fan Fan, go and bring your grandfather and Mr Song around,” said Xia Lei.

“Okay, see you later,” said Fan Fan with a faint smile.

See you later? Was this a hint?

Xia Lei smiled and left.

Xia Lei didn’t go straight towards the new workshop when he exited the villa. Instead, he took out his phone and pretended to call someone while standing downstairs. His left eye locked on to Fan Fan’s laboratory and then he awakened his X-ray ability.

Fan Fan’s laboratory was on the first floor. Xia Lei, at the villa’s entrance, only needed to look through one wall to what was going on in the laboratory.

In the laboratory, Song Baicheng was looking at the file that Fan Fan had created on her laptop while she talked to Fan Yiming next to him.

Xia Lei used his lip-reading skill to decipher Fan Yiming and Fan Fan’s conversation.

“Grandfather, Mr Song isn’t your student. Why did you say that? ” asked Fan Fan.

“Mr Song is… Don’t ask about something you shouldn’t ask about, and just do your job well,” replied Fan Yiming.

Fan Fan pouted. “Big Brother Lei doesn’t like it when I treat him like a lab mouse, and I don’t know who wants us to do this. I can’t explain it to him either. This isn’t fair to him. He’s a hero of our country. He isn’t an experimental lab mouse.”

“This is something big for all of humanity. No one can stop it,” said Fan Yiming. “I believe Xia Lei will understand.”

At this moment, Song Baicheng finished reading Fan Fan’s document. He turned to face Fan Fan with a mildly annoyed expression. “There’s only this much? There isn’t anything about the key parts.”

“I, I already began doing that.” Fan Fan seemed a little nervous.

“Was Xia Lei unwilling?” asked Song Baicheng.

“No, he’s always been very cooperative with me. But...he’s too busy,” said Fan Fan.

Song Baicheng looked at Fan Yiming. “Elder Fan, this is very important. We can’t have anymore delays. I want to have a complete understanding of Xia Lei’s body in a week. Can you do that? If you guys can’t do that, I will replace you with new people.”

“We can do it,” said Fan Yiming.

Fan Fan looked as if she was about to say something, but Fan Yiming touched her elbow to tell her not to.

Song Baicheng said, “In this week, I will help you complete your job. If Xia Lei rejects it, I will pressure him. If he cooperates, I won’t do anything and I’ll wait for you to produce results. Do you have any questions?”

“No,” said Fan Yiming.

“I don’t have questions either.” Fan Fan replied quickly, but she was frowning slightly.

Xia Lei stopped using his X-ray vision. This Song Baicheng was from the ZN Bureau, 100%!

He understood completely why Fan Fan would frown because she knew he objected to her research. It wasn’t actually difficult to see that Fan Fan’s heart sided with him though she worked for ZN Bureau. If she didn’t, she wouldn’t have lied to Song Baicheng and Fan Yiming and tell them he was very cooperative.

‘I bully her so much and she is still willing to help me. She’s so nice to me, yet I’m thinking of ways to get her in bed and accomplish my goals… I really am a thug!’ Xia Lei shook his head and laughed  bitterly, feeling guilty.

But he still needed to do what he had to do!

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