Chapter 622 - Full Upgrade of Thunder Horse

Thunder Horse Military Factory went into full upgrade mode under Xia Lei’s machinations. The new land, new factory area, new workshops, and supporting facilities went straight to the construction phase. On the other end, all the needed pieces of equipment were in the stage of being purchased. The purchasing agents of the Thunder Horse Military Factory flew to Russia and Ukraine to inspect and place orders in order to add to the tank and artillery production line.

The pieces of equipment purchased from Russia and  Ukraine obviously could not rival Rheinmetall AG’s, but the purchased equipment would be upgraded by Xia Lei later. Rheinmetall AG could not compare to the equipment upgraded by him. This was his plan. To build the artillery, tank, and defense system’s production line at the fastest speed possible.

In Xia Lei's plan, the most important component was obviously a more powerful composite intelligent lathe. He would do another upgrade on the Thunder Dragon intelligent lathe’s foundation to improve the new lathe’s performance. The new lathe was two times bigger and heavier than the Thunder Dragon intelligent lathe. Its overall performance was also twofold better than the Thunder Dragon intelligent lathe.

Xia Lei named it "Thunder Dragon Intelligent Lathe Second Generation." It played a role similar to a heart in the new production system.

Xia Lei began building the Thunder Dragon intelligent lathe Second Generation the moment the Thunder Horse Military Factory’s upgrade plan started.

Fan Fan did not force him to cooperate with her to do any research either. She did not even ask him to go to the Academy of Science. Her response was no surprise to Xia Lei. The Thunder Dragon intelligent lathe was already the most advanced intelligent lathe in the world. What he was doing now was creating the Thunder Dragon intelligent lathe second generation, which was more powerful and more advanced than the Thunder Dragon intelligent lathe. This was a treasure that could not be bought with money. The military would most likely interfere, even if the people of the ZN Bureau wanted to quickly finish their business.

And so, in front of the Thunder Horse Military Factory's full upgrade and the Thunder Dragon intelligent lathe Second Generation, other things would have to be pushed aside.

But Xia Lei knew that that was only delaying the problem; he hadn't truly escaped trouble. Once the Thunder Horse Military Factory finished its upgrade and the Thunder Dragon intelligent lathe second generation was complete, all of his troubles would come back.

During this period of time, Xia Lei was rooted inside the new workshop every day, working on the Thunder Dragon intelligent lathe second generation. Qin Xiang would also appear in the workshop daily to bring him information.

"It seems that she is afraid of eating spicy food. Even if there is only one piece of pepper she would pick it out." At midnight, Qin Xiang came to the new workshop that was "nurturing" the Thunder Dragon intelligent lathe second generation to bring him information that he had collected before Xia Lei finished work.

Xia Lei wiped the sweat on his face with a towel. He turned to Qin Xiang and said in a gloomy voice, "Yesterday you said that she has a weak stomach and went to the bathroom six times. Today, you tell me that she can't eat spicy food. I say, buddy, is this the full extent of your information collecting abilities?"

Qin Xiang rolled his eyes at Xia Lei. "You’re in the factory, and she’s in the factory. The place is only so big. What kind of information can I find? How about you go collect information and I'll help you create the lathe."

Xia Lei was speechless.

Qin Xiang giggled. "Never mind, I won't leave you hanging. I followed her for a week. It wasn't until today that I finally got the chance to put a listening device on her. Before I came here, she called her grandfather Fan Yiming and described some things about your situation and her job to him."

“What did she say?"

“The part about you, hehe... She said that your body is the most perfect body she has ever seen. Could it be that you showed her your body?” Qin Xiang’s eyes surveyed Xia Lei’s body.

Xia Lei felt a bit awkward. "Stop messing around. Get to the point."

“All right. Other than your body, there was also your daily habits such as the foods you like to eat, and the things you are sensitive to. You can tell that she is always observing you very carefully.”

“How did she describe her job to Fan Yiming?”

Qin Xiang replied, “This part was very easy. She said she created a file and something like a 3D image, I don’t quite understand. Other than that, she also mentioned today that she needed equipment and urged Fan Yiming to deliver it to her.”

Xia Lei's heart sank. Fan Fan asking for equipment from Fan Yiming meant that she wanted to set up her laboratory here. If that was the case, that means that she could still continue her research even during the time he was upgrading the Thunder Horse Military Factory.

What would come would always come — there was no hiding from it.

"Is there more?"

"Yes." Qin Xiang smiled. "You said you wanted to take her down but from what I’ve observed during this period of time, I found that it will be very difficult."

Xia Lei wrinkled his brows. "What did you find?"

"I realized that whether men or women, she will feel disgusted no matter who touches her. She reacts very strongly too. This evening, Liu Zhengnan accidentally touched her in the elevator. She glared at him and almost bit off his head. Later, I represented women and purposefully touched her real quick, she almost bit at me too."

"You can not represent women, okay?" Xia Lei laughed.

"Hmph! I’m not talking to you anymore!” Qin Xiang seemed angry as he turned and left.

Xia Lei stood alone in the new workshop in a daze. He kept going over what Qin Xiang had said about Fan Fan in his head. ‘Liu Zhengnan is also a handsome man. You can say that he is the type that most women would like. No matter what kind of woman he accidentally touches, they wouldn’t dislike it, would they? But, not only did I touched her, I even hugged her. She did not dislike it but had that exaggerated reaction. Could it be that I’m an exception? She doesn’t dislike it when I touch her? Or could it be some other reason?’

Even the Heavens wouldn't know the answer to this. Xia Lei’s superior brain could calculate difficult and complex problems but he could not solve this simple question.

Xia Lei stayed for a while in the new workshop, then left. He passed the old factory area and was ready to head to the villa when Lu Sheng ran over from the main gate.

"Director Xia!" Lu Sheng called from afar, "Please wait."

Xia Lei stopped in his tracks. When he turned to look at Lu Sheng, he found that there was a container truck parked outside the main gate.

"Director Xia, there is a car outside, he said it came to deliver something to Miss Fan. I asked him what it is, and he said it is research equipment." Lu Sheng continued, "I don't understand the situation so I came over to ask you."

Qin Xiang had just said that Fan Fan asked Fan Yiming for equipment and the equipment was here. The equipment had probably been in that container truck long ago. It might even have been parked near the town, ready to be delivered at any time.

"Let that vehicle in," said Xia Lei.

"There's one more thing." Lu Sheng looked around and then lowered his voice, "Do you not know?"


"Siyao is back," said Lu Sheng.

Xia Lei stood stunned for a moment. He’d never expected Lu Sheng to say this. He knew about Liang Siyao coming back a week ago, and Long Bing had told him herself but he didn't know the exact date. Now, Lu Sheng was telling him that Liang Siyao had come back and he didn't know. This situation was really a surprise to him.

“She just gave me a call telling me to go to Haizhu to visit Master.” Lu Sheng continued, “So I want to take a week off and make a visit to Haizhu. The old master came back but I have yet to visit him. I feel that I must go, or I won’t feel comfortable about it."

"Okay, you can go. Spend some time with him. If a week is not enough you can extend it yourself," said Xia Lei.

"How can that do?"

"If I said it is fine, then it is fine," said Xia Lei. "Also, help me bring a gift to Master on this trip of yours and ask after his health on my behalf."

Lu Sheng laughed and said, "No problem. Then I'll pack tonight then head back to Haizhu the next morning."

"Go on, go on."

But Lu Sheng didn't leave. He asked, "Don't you have anything to say to Siyao? She asked me about your situation over the phone and I told her you were fine. I also told her that you and Shengtu Tianyin divorced."

"I… Never mind. I'll tell her when I see her," said Xia Lei. Liang Siyao came back, so that must mean that Shi Boren accepted her conditions. She would be a member of Bureau 101 in the future, and they would have many chances to meet.

"Then I'm leaving." Lu Sheng left.

Ring ring ring, ring ring ring…

Xia Lei's phone rang right after Lu Sheng left.

Xia Lei took out his phone and took a look. The number was the one used by Liang Siyao back when she had been in China the last time, and he was very familiar with it. He couldn't help but smile. He was just wondering why Liang Siyao hadn't contacted him even though she had came back and now she was calling now.

Xia Lei answered. His lips moved, but he didn't say anything.

"I came back." Liang Siyao's voice came from the phone.

Her voice… so familiar, so intimate. Her voice immediately took Xia Lei's mind back to the time when they were love.

"Came back, huh…" Xia Lei quirked his lips, "It's good that you came back. Appreciate this chance. Don't make any more mistakes."

"I made a mistake once and lost my dearest person. I won't make the same mistake again,” said Liang Siyao.

Xia Lei knew what she was talking about. "Then you… When are you going to report to Bureau 101?"

"Tomorrow." Liang Siyao continued, "I just talked with Shi Boren today. I will go to Bureau 101 tomorrow. Will you come too?"

Xia Lei thought for a moment. "I'll come. Let's see each other at Bureau 101 tomorrow."

"Um, don't you have anything to say to me?"

Xia Lei’s lips moved. "Nn…"

"Big Brother Lei!" Fan Fan came running over all of a sudden. "Can you get the workers to help me take out the merchandise?"

Fan Fan's voice was very loud, and it passed through the phone and into Liang Siyao's ear.

"Who is that?" Liang Siyao's voice was full of suspicion.

"Fan Fan," said Xia Lei. "From the Academy of Science. Well, let's end it here, see you tomorrow."

"All right. I want to have a good talk with you tomorrow."

"Yeah." Xia Lei hung up. Fan Fan was running toward him. Two big rabbits ran under the white pure cotton t-shirt, bouncing, up and down, right and left, each cuter and more energetic than the other. A pair of denim shorts hugged her full curves and her exposed long white legs. She was like a live painting, spreading an air of youth and sexiness.

Fan Fan stopped in front of Xia Lei. The two big rabbits on her chest jiggled, then stilled. She wore a bright smile on her face. "Big Brother Lei, call the workers, quick. I have already received permission, the workers can move my equipment to the villa."

She could even get this kind of clearance.

Xia Lei smiled. "All right, I'll go call the workers right away." As he spoke, he suddenly moved his hand and patted Fan Fan on the waist.

"What are you doing?" Fan Fan immediately became nervous and her face turned red. There was a hint of embarrassment and anger in her eyes.

Xia Lei pretended to blow on his hand. "Nothing. A mosquito. I only helped you kill a mosquito."

Fan Fan was speechless.

She has a fear of contact with people. This was a kind of mental disorder, but it was exactly this disorder that Xia Lei wanted to destroy, little by little.

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