Chapter 615 - Special Constitution

The Yongle Store of hundreds of years past had been a desolate place. There had not been any villages or towns. The Emperor Yongle, Zhu Di, used to station troops here, which later led to the legend of the Yongle treasure. After several hundred years, this place had developed into a small town, and the legend of the Yongle treasure had stemmed from this little town, handed down from generation to generation.

A pink Volkswagen Beetle came to the front of a supermarket in Yongle Store Town. Xia Lei entered the supermarket and bought two flashlights, and two bottles of water. Then, Fan Fan drove the Beetle out of the small town, speeding towards the eastern side of town.

There was a reservoir in the east side of the town and there were hills on both sides of the reservoir. Those hills weren’t very high, and looked like a hilly landform.

“That reservoir was made after the country was founded. It’s called the United Reservoir. The first treasure location is in the hills next to the reservoir. Back when the reservoir was founded, Princess Yongmei’s tomb actually wasn’t discovered,” explained Fan Fan as she described the situation to Xia Lei.

“You went in with your grandfather before, so have you seen everything?” asked Xia Lei casually.

“No, it’s very big. Some places have not been excavated yet. Plus, because it's very close to the reservoir, some places had water seepage so the archeologists didn’t dare excavate those areas,” said Fan Fan.

“How big is it, specifically?”

“You saw the video. It looks just like an underground palace. It’s very big. You’ll see when we get there.”

“Oh, true. We’ll see what state it is in when we go in.” Xia Lei laughed and then changed the topic. “Oh right, Fan Fan, how are you going to study me? Can you tell me your plans?”

Fan Fan’s cheeks reddened again for some reason, and she avoided Xia Lei’s eyes. “Um… Do you really want to know?”

“Of course. I’m your research target but I’m not your little white mouse. I have the right to know what you’re planning,” said Xia Lei.

“All right, then I’ll tell you.” Fan Fan said, “First would be the basics which includes your weight, height, doing a blood test, cell slicing, and so on. Hospitals will actually also have these examinations done, but I will do them more thoroughly and more precisely. After the basics would be the experiment part. I will do some system testing, focusing on your brain and your organs abilities and record the related data. Finally, I will do some research based on the data and then decide on the next step after that.”

Xia Lei maintained a smile on the outside but he was already screaming internally about the trouble he’d run into. He wasn’t that worried about the first part that Fan Fan had mentioned because he had done those tests at the hospital in the past, and there hadn’t been any problems. However, the systems testing focusing on the brain and organ abilities would be troublesome. He knew well how strong his brain and organs were. Fan Fan was also the best bioengineering expert in the country. If she did these tests, she might find out that his body had already evolved to the degree that far exceeded the normal person… What should he do?

“I know no one is willing to be a white mouse, but this… This is for the Alloy X Project, and for the country. I know you can understand. I will do my best, and also do my best to accommodate you too.” Fan Fan peeked at Xia Lei from the corner of her eye.

“Haha, thanks.” Xia Lei continued maintaining a faint smile.

But internally, Xia Lei was full of complicated feelings.

The reason why he hadn’t rejected the whole thing up until now was because personal reasons, on top of the fact that he wanted to protect Shentu Tianyin. There were two reasons. The first was that he also wanted to know the stage to which his body had already evolved, and what the mysterious energy hidden inside his body was. The second reason why he couldn’t refuse was because the moment he refused, the high-upss might take back the ancient alloy and bronze book, and he could be barred from participating in the research later. However, he couldn’t lose these things if he wanted to solve the secret of the ancient alloy and AE!

Life always held these moments of helplessness, where you had to force yourself to do something even if you clearly don’t want to do.

The pink Beetle climbed up the mountain and stopped on a dike on the reservoir. Fan Fan got out of the car and brought Xia Lei to a muddy path along the dike that led deeper into the mountain forest.

The mountain roads were very muddy, probably due to some rain last night. A whole lot of yellow mud stuck to the soles of their shoes the moment they stepped in it. It was better for Xia Lei since he was wearing flat-bottomed leather shoes, but Fan Fan was wearing a pair of high heels. The heels of her shoes were instantly embedded into the mud of the soil, and she had to exert a lot of strength before she could pull it out. She didn’t manage to walk very far before it got too difficult for her to manage. Noticeable sweat stains appeared under her arms and around her collar.

“Why don’t I help you over?” said Xia Lei.

“There’s no need, no need. I’m fine.” Fan Fan refused politely but her feet slid and her entire body fell towards the mud just as she finished speaking.

Xia Lei took a step forward and reached a hand out to catch Fan Fan’s small, slender waist. He helped her up in the nick of time. Fan Fan’s waist was fine and soft, and he could feel her exquisitely smooth skin  through the shirt material. It felt like he was touching the best quality satin.

His strong arm and handsome, yet sunny face up close, along with his masculine smell affected Fan Fan somewhat. Her cheeks suddenly blushed red. She shut her eyes behind her black rimmed spectacles, and didn’t open them. She didn’t dare look at Xia Lei’s expression. Xia Lei’s eyes were just like those of a hunter, while she was just the little bunny in the hunter’s sights.

Xia Lei didn’t care if Fan Fan agreed, or not. He took her waist with one hand and held her legs with the other, holding her in his arms in an instant.

“Big Brother Lei, you…” Fan Fan was very nervous. “What are you doing?”

Xia Lei said, “You can’t walk like this. I’ll carry you for a bit and put you down when the road gets better.”

“This is not good, not good…” Fan Fan subconsciously struggled for a moment, but Xia Lei didn’t let go of her. She gradually quieted and stopped struggling as Xia Lei walked on. However, her face was already completely red and her eyes were tightly closed. She did not dare to look at Xia Lei. She begun trembling slightly too. 

This reaction did not escape Xia Lei’s notice. He felt her reaction was a little weird and even a little abnormal. Under normal circumstances, even if it was a shy woman, she wouldn’t be this nervous, right?

“Fan Fan, are you nervous?” Xia Lei laughed as he said, “I’m not a bad guy. You don’t need to be so nervous.”

“No, no…” Even though she said she wasn’t, Fan Fan’s voice was trembling. “I’m not. I’m not nervous, it’s just, just…”

“Just what?”

“My, my constitution is a little special. I, I’m a v,very sensitive woman.” Fan Fan’s snowy neck had also reddened and her tender skin seemed to have a layer of rouge.

Special constitution and a very very sensitive woman?

Xia Lei had never come across this, nor had he even heard of this before. However, he believed Fan Fan’s explanation because he saw her body’s fluctuations when she spoke. Traces of redness from excitement appeared on her cheeks, neck, and her thighs. As for him, he was already an experienced man. He knew what those red marks on a woman implied.

This really was quite awkward. He had only carried her for a bit because the road was hard to walk on, but she had basically reached a higher realm of pleasure.

“That’s.. uh, any treatment for it?” asked Xia Lei casually.

“Th,there’s no way to treat it. This is natural.” Even Fan Fan’s eyelashes were trembling, and her breathing came in hurried pants.

“When did you discover this?”

“D,don’t talk to me anymore. I… Hnngh!” Fan Fan suddenly gave a shudder.

Xia Lei felt rather in danger himself.

He was carrying her for a short amount of time with the intention of helping her out, but her reaction was as if she just had sex with him and had climaxed. This really made him at a loss for words.

The muddy section of road was finally done with. After going through a patch of forest, the muddy road under his feet changed into a path laid with flagstones, and was very dry and clean. The stone path wasn’t that long, and there was a crude tent set up in the distance, with guards standing duty. That place was probably the first treasure location.

The excavation of the first treasure location should have happened two years ago but there were still police officers standing guard and protecting the area today. It wasn’t difficult to guess that Princess Yongmei’s tomb still had unexplored areas due to the importance the superiors attributed to it.

Xia Lei put Fan Fan down. “Is it this place?”

“Yes, it’s here.” Fan Fan let out a deep breath. Her face and neck were red. Up till now, she hadn’t dared to look into Xia Lei’s eyes.

“Let’s go over.” Xia Lei didn’t need Fan Fan to lead him anymore. He walked in front.

“Wait, I… I...” Fan Fan called out to Xia Lei to stop, but hesitated.

Xia Lei looked at her curiously. “What do you want to do?”

Fan Fan bit her lip. “I, I need to relieve myself. Help, help me watch for other people, all right?”

Xia Lei was speechless.

Fan Fan half ran off the path and into the forest before Xia Lei could respond.

Xia Lei smiled wryly and stood there waiting for her. A strange thought popped into his head. Since she was in that much of a hurry, she probably didn’t just have to pee, right?

While he was waiting, another thought suddenly popped into Xia Lei’s head. A plan which could help him through this crisis was slowly formed.

‘Her constitution is very special. During the process of her study of me, if I exploit that, I can probably cause her to make a mistake and maybe even have her follow my wishes…’ A faint smile appeared in the corners of Xia Lei’s mouth.

Fan Fan walked out from the forest. As she walked, she straightened out her short skirt. She seemed a little better. Her face and neck were already clear of those obvious red marks.

“Let’s go.“ Fan Fan hung her head as she walked.

“Yep, let’s go.” Xia Lei walked shoulder to shoulder with her. “Oh right, Fan Fan, how come I haven’t heard you talk about your boyfriend?”

“Huh? You... Why are you asking about this?”

“Nothing, just asking.”

“He, he should be working in America now, I think.”

“Working in America? Wouldn’t it be very hard to see each other?”

“We haven’t seen each other for almost ten years.”

“You haven’t seen your boyfriend in ten years?” Xia Lei couldn’t believe it.

“I dated once in my first year of highschool. He went to America later and we didn’t contact each other after that,” said Fan Fan.

Xia Lei was speechless.

This Fan Fan didn’t just have a special constitution but a special line of thought, like she had inherited it from Fan Yiming.

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